TFSRadio: Where To Now?: A CrimethInc. participant on significance of election and moving forward

  • Posted on: 13 November 2016
  • By: Bursts

Airs on WSFM-LP 103.3 in Asheville / streaming at AshevilleFM from 3am EST on November 14th, 2016, through November, 20th podcasting at Also airing this week on KOWA-LPFM in Olympia, WA, KWTF in Bodega Bay, CA, and WCRS-LP Columbus Community Radio 98.3 and 102.1 FM. Past episodes can be found at TheFinalStrawRadio.NoBlogs.Org and you can now subscribe to us via iTunes! You can email us at and you can send us mail at:

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This week we spoke with an autonomous participant in CrimethInc. about the work of that collective around elections, about their views on the recent election of Donald J. Trump as president of the U.S.A., voter turnout, anarchist perspectives on elections, democracy, and about building on-the-ground resistance to not only this new administration but the autonomous far right that's attempting to emerge more and more these days. More from CrimethInc., including their recent audio-zines and the ex-worker podcast can be found at
The callout for protests at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC can be found:

Former Political Prisoner Panel 2016 pt1
The Final Straw recently released the first half of the Former Political Prisoners Panel discussion from the 2016 North American Anarchist Black Cross conference in Denver as a podcast. That included introductions by former Black Liberation Army and Black Panther member Sekou Kombui who served 47 years in prison, former United Freedom Front militant Kazi Toure, former Earth Liberation Front member Daniel McGowan and anti-fascist activist John Tucker who was imprisoned as one of the Tinley Park 5. Check it out by visiting:

The Presidential Election
As of today, Sunday November 13th, it seems like there has been one thing on our minds since Tuesday. People have been expressing their rage at this election in many different ways around the US, the first four days saw protests ranging from less militant rallies to night marches, burning effigies, and highway shutdowns. Here in Asheville there were four days worth of protests, one of which rallied 150 people who blocked a major intersection in downtown for a good while and held its ground by the Vance Monument, built for the slaveowning KKK member Zebulon Vance who was one of Asheville's so called white founders.

Moving forward will look like a lot of different things, already we have seen at least three autonomously called for general strikes to occur around and on the inauguration on January 20th, and the amount of assemblies and strategy building infrastructure on the anarchist left is growing by leaps and bounds! If you are part of organizing and you do not see yourself represented elsewhere, please feel free to write to us at thefinalstrawradio( at) or to William personally at stormwater( at) with what you are doing, how it's going, what you hope to see come out of it, all that jazz. We will be happy to broadcast it, or not if you would prefer. Also, stay tuned to this and other audio projects for more ideas on how to engage.

Crushing Intolerance music this episode
In the last portion of the episode, we'll be hearing two tracks from the newest Crushing Intolerance compilation by The Black Metal Alliance, which is a collection of metal artists promoting equal rights for all life. This is comp #4. First off, here's Arete with Beneath The Pond. Arête is Melancholic Mountain Black Metal from the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Black Hills. Finally, this is Seeds In Barren Fields with The Epitaph of the Vain and the Forgotten. SIBF is a Swedish metal band. Money from the compilation Crushing Intolerance IV goes to Canadian and Swedish chapters of No One Is Illegal a migrant justice movement rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, ecological justice, Indigenous self-determination, anti-occupation & anti-oppressive communities. More on the comp at




Yikes some serious leftist feelings mixed in there....
We can't just end up being the stormtroopers for the liberal left. We have to resist in ways they can't just take advantage of for their own benefit.

Agreed about not being cannon fodder (stormtroopers is something else), but how do you mean that this is leftist feelings? I'm confused, it seems like they were saying we shouldn't work through any institutions, that we should be against democracy, stuff like that.

Whoa … you want to go somewhere at a specific time and assemble with lots of other people in the context of dangerous shifting political dynamics in the country? That's fucking leftist!
- North American Nihilist

It's the sum-total effect of years of this trendy egoist/nihilist bullshit. Anything that reacts to changes in the physical world or attempts to do anything in it, is "leftist". All attempts to actually do stuff are dismissed as "leftism". Don't be confused, scoff at this nonsense instead. Maybe wonder about the ratio of deliberate counter-insurgency versus simple defeatism.

Yeah, don't be discouraged by the like ten people who regularly comment on this site, they are hopeless reactionaries anyway, and they weren't never gonna do nothin in the first place. You can pretty safely ignore them. Thank goodness there are other places for discussion.

and i think it's okay
a diaper city of tactics

Burn your strawmen in the Black Rock Desert with arsty yuppie idiots please

I'm anarcho-nihilist and I think that's a good moment to be shitting high on the political establishment, but really just am apprehensive about anarchists taking part in the whole Democrat backlash, and asking wtf have they been doing the last 8 years or so. Was there even a similar outrage when Obama gave away hundreds of billions to the Wall Street banks that survived the subprime crisis as some kind of reward? Did any of you protest when NDAA was passed? When 5 billions was cut from the food stamps and instead sent to finance brutal neonazi gangs in Ukraine? Have you been to Standing Rock resisting Obama's Green Police and their armored trucks?

I just don't like how this fells hypocrite and rooted in false dichotomies.

(a reply to 12:54)

...and I do like the fact that the KKK and other racist gangs are being tactically when not physically attacked, instead of weak demos against "Trump". Neofascism needs to be attacked structurally. But be very careful how it is being done, since Trump is very likely to be using it as a rationale for enabling a new level of dictatorship. Think of the Reichstag fire.

seriously. final straw is pretty much the DNC on steroids. fucking leftist radio


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