Thousands of dollars worth of damage at anti-police demo — Oakland, CA

  • Posted on: 5 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Rupture</a>

A weekly Occupy Oakland anti-police march ended with thousands of dollars in damage Saturday night as vandals smashed windows and left behind spray-painted slogans on downtown Oakland buildings, police said.

No one was arrested, but investigators plan to use surveillance footage to identify the people who struck the City Center complex near 14th Street and Broadway.</td><td><img title="Fuckin' Quiznos gave me onions when I asked for none. Revenge!" src=""></t...
Authorities said they found four broken windows and spray paint damage in City Center, which includes Starbucks, Patelco Credit Union and Quiznos. More paint vandalism was reported on the Clorox and Wells Fargo buildings, police said.

In recent weeks the antipolice marches had been fairly peaceful so officials have scaled back the number of officers present and were not able to make arrests Saturday.

The vandals, some of whom wore masks, damaged or destroyed property and then returned to the crowd of marchers, police said.

Occupy protesters have been staging the weekly demonstrations since violent clashes with police in the winter.


then the form-of-life got hyphenated and was like whatever, BAM!!!!

all we do is march to work like robots for tempary thrills that give us the illusion of freedom. when all the goverment does is syphin the money into a the same place and suck the life out of us they say dont drink and then its friday time to get drunk i thought were not aloud to drink o thats why your violating my rights cus i have nothing else besides my prision call work and my sweet lover alchole and material goods just killk me before we destroy the world what? have we truly acoplished nothing greed and garbge

This is true, but are you drunk?

this is what should happen whenever cops try to de-escalate by staying out of the way and hoping we will just march around for a while and then go home.

if they give us an inch, take a mile. we still have a long way to go until freedom!

pretty much

Don't you realize that these actions only bring on MORE police repression against communities of color and women, and further marginalize progressive movements from the average citizen. All that you manarchists care about is enacting your male power fantasies not social justice.

I bet most the people who smashed those windows weren't even real activists. Real activists build alternatives, not destroy private property!!

So you're saying that activists are people who engage in some sort of vague semantic evasion that doesn't refer to anything concrete? They're not people who engage in activity?

Actually, that sounds about right.

+10 anarchy

I clearly remember watching video of females attempting to smash windows at whole foods back in december... don't make assumptions and judge entire groups based off of no evidence.

> females attempting to smash windows

Cop, 15 y/o or I've just been trolled.

Actually, both male and female were only "attempting". Them Whole Food windows be strong apparently.

It's the gluten-free glass.

I lol'd. I only come to @News for the jokes.

It's 100% Organic, Grass-Fed, Kosher, Vegan, Fair Trade and All Natural Imported from the wild jungles of Borneo.





When we moved on from there, I seriously overheard multiple conversations about how Whole Foods was the place to go in a zombie apocalypse.

Not sure if troll or completely serious.
Anyway, just in case you really believe that:
-All resistance brings repression. The solution is not to avoid resistance, but to fight against the repression and turn it to our advantage, rather than blaming people in revolt.
-There are no communities in capitalism. There is only more alienation.
-People currently produced as POC and women by white supremacy and patriarchy benefit much more from attacks on those systems than attempts to appease their masters.
-Attack does make marginalisation easier. But the alternative is being popular while doing nothing.
-We aren't progressives. We don't believe in progress. Progress it itself a racist ideology and an ideal with no basis in material reality. Progressives are our enemies as much as conservatives.
-We don't want to be average or citizens. We're interested in raising a sign to all those who want to escape their mass reproduction as obedient participants in the state and capitalism so that we can destroy both general structures.
-Manarchists is a vague, useless, somewhat essentialist term that locates sexism comfortably in a few peoples' bodies rather than recognising the way that it permeates and is created by most of society.
-We care about more than enacting our power fantasies, but becoming powerful is exactly what we're trying to achieve. To assert that empowerment is essentially male is sexist, and, in the case of actions like this, patently untrue. Plenty of people identified as women like the smashy.
-We don't want social justice because we know that justice is as much of a spook as progress and therefore requires an authority to realise it. Which we would never accept.
I got trolled. But then, I had nothing to loose.

" I got trolled. But then, I had nothing to loose."

Workers of the World Unite: We have nothing to lose but our spelling skills.

Lucky for you white Manarchists you wont be on the receiving end of the repression that your actions bring about. It will be women, children, and POC that will feel the iron fist of the state while you manarchists cowards sit around in your cozy universities. You guys are so filled with hate and lack a connection with the spiritual.

shut up.

Or you address anything I actually wrote.
(Why do I let myself get trolled? It's so obvious but I'm still so filled with contempt.)

>You guys are so filled with hate and lack a connection with the spiritual.
Oh yes, don't stop. I love it when you talk that way.

so... the solution is to cower more?

Is this the Gloria Steinem CIA hotline?

No the solution is to be a female-bodied POC, preferably under 18. No one else is oppressed enough to take their life into their own hands. Although you know, this bloc of POC girls might bring down oppression upon disabled people who could be caught in the cross fire or be singled out by the cops. Maybe after the singularity we can just make BB robots that can resist the (now even more robotic) cops in a safety bubble where it will have no effect on any humans anywhere: this is the only responsible use of BB tactics...

I'm just gonna assume this is a troll.

IGTT 5/10. it's soooo 2009!


The only people who would throw newspaper boxes into the streets are manarchists enacting MALE POWER FANTASIES!! Check yourselves.

IGTT 6/10
it's soooo 2003 and 2011.

If you people think that these corporations are so evil, then start your own corporations and run them in an ethical way, don't destroy other peoples hard work. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

IGTT 11/10


Exactly! Prefigurative politics! Start and run a corporation the way they would be after a revolution!

You mean like PM Press?

Yo, I'm mean like PM Press / My girl kicked me out caught me wearing her dress

> "don't destroy other peoples hard work"

they destroy our life

They started it!

Alright, ok I finally did it... I formally registered MY VERY OWN CORPORATION!!! Now I need your cogent advice more than ever.

First: what product should I mass produce?

Second: how should I should i ethically extract raw materials from the earth in a manner cheap enough for me to be able to do it more every year?

Third: Once I have mass produced these products, created from the guts of the earth, presumably with the help of affordable (aka cheap) labour, all in an ethical fashion of course, then where the fuck do I sell this magical shit??? Hmmm, not the corporate stores that have their own distribution centers, not the non-existent local markets that wouldn't be able to handle all of the merchandise, hmmm... I know! When I've mass produced this glittering oppression-free product with my army of non-exploited cheap labourers (I give them back rubs while they work my machines), and transported it globally on my fleet of organically fed unicorns I will drive an electric car through the streets of major cities throwing sacks of this magic shit at passersby and maybe if they are sufficiently impressed by my beneficence they will throw back enough money for me to continue the process of making this stuff, hell I'll just let them take it for free.

That's some change I wish to see in the world. Maybe I'll see it happen if I ever drop acid again. Do people even think about this kind of shit when they say it?

Feeb-a-thons like this mean absolutely nothing to about 100% of the wage slave class in capitalist America. Underneath their balaklavas these "rioters" are psychologically loyal Americans who need to be entertained constantly, have short attention spans, and don't have the real commitment and backbone for sustained public action, in the real world, among real people, against commodity society and the bourgeois state. The people who do this are probably just rebelling against their parents.

what is it you're complaining about? That the window smashers of the world aren't prole enough?

I have a very short attention spam, it's true. So short I don't have the focus to bitch about all the manarchist comments. Power does not = man. This ridiculous binary of man/woman is getting old and frankly fucking annoying.

IGTT 7/10.

nice show. i lol'ed.

Dream-a-thons like this mean absolutely nothing to about from inbetween around 99% of the boring-ass-liberal class in anarchist America. Underneath their balaclavas these "rioters" are total fucking babes who generally have a really good taste in music, have sickass rain jackets, and would rather indulge in shit like their tumblrs, or cool french films, than indulge their martyr complex by attending some equally irrelevant protest. The Real World is incomparable to the Jersey Shore on numerous levels, and although it has had more seasons it severely lacks the high quality guido shenanigans and a dialect I will now be referring to as "proletaritalk." Snooki is the ultimate comrade

^the troletariat.

forgot to sign...


Hey I'm so totally fitting that description! Where do to sign in?

be waiting for your papers in the mail comrade.

Snooky rooolz!

Secret FAI comrade? Did she went to the 400 Colpi squat in Firenze? The answers in the next episode!

Solidarity action for Snooky!

It's just a window.

Everytime I read a negative reaction to someone breaking a window as a political action, I think "it's just a window".

And everytime I read about a person defending breaking a window as a political action, I think "it's just a window".

I don't really see why so many people have such strong feelings about breaking a window. Breaking windows certainly doesn't meaningfully impact the flow of capital. They're relatively cheap to repair. $50-a couple hundred if it's nice. I just don't get the fervor over this particular political action. No one spend this much time criticizing/defending sit-ins, leafleting, sign-holding, boycotting, petitioning, blogging, whatever.

it's because it's a form of breaking the spell/spectacle or creating social rupture/a situation, even if only on an extremely small level. This isn't the ALF, it's not about the cost of a window. At least, I hope not.

I posted the "Feeb-a-thon" comment above. I've got nothing against breaking windows or doing damage to the police -- but context is everything. I've got something against a scene whose antics mean nothing, other than to self-indulgent scenesters, and shit like this adds up to nothing. It is not a "rupture" with anything. This is solely for your entertainment and not for anything bigger and better than that.

The same goes doubly for those retard anti-pig demos held every week, seen by an audience of no one since downtown Oaktown is as dead as Petra after 6pm every motherfucking night of the week. You guys haven't got the determination or staying power for anything more ambitious that venting. If I'm wrong, I'll be glad to see you prove it in acts.

You can start proving me wrong by burning some calories hanging posters for the next (supposed) general strike, scheduled for less than four weeks from now, and for which no public visible publicity has taken place.

Maybe if the stapler gets thrown at a window a few times, the window will break and more calories will be burned.

Criticism is welcome but don't fucking insult the people who call the FTP marches.

I'm serious. Fuck you.

whiners gonna whine. haters gonna hate. etc.

1) if it wasn't a rupture, it wouldn't be attacked by the police.
2)it all builds to something.
3)why don't you put up mayday stuff if you're so excited about leading the working class to a glorious mass movement based revolution? some of us know that's horseshit and we have to find each other and start rebelling and then it has the potential to grow into a mass movement, but it won't without people feeling the hope that comes from people fighting back. get it?

IGTT 0/10.

There's a difference between a "mass movement" and whatever it is that we want, but I still want EVERYONE to have the chance to be free of capitalism, and that's not going to happen without organization and credibility. And you know what happens when someone does this kind of pointless shit and it gets pinned on all Anarchists everywhere? We lose credibility in the eyes of potential allies and people who might have done some fucking research. You can live in this fantasy world where someone sees a broken window and suddenly gets infused with several volumes of obscure French post-modernist theory, but it doesn't fucking happen like that.

Thunderbolt enlightenment CAN happen, but that's not even the point. Maybe we do need to get our shit together on more levels, but we need to do it ourselves. Hoping that some administractivists will join the cause and make everything come together if we can just hold our destructive tendencies in check long enough to not scare them off while they complete our revolution for us is stupid. The goal should not be to bring more people into anarchism by changing what anarchism is, but to develop more capability within truly anarchist individuals. Be clear on which option you're advocating.

"I still want EVERYONE to have the chance to be free of capitalism, and that's not going to happen without organization and credibility"

organization comes out of people SELF-ORGANIZING once they want to get in on taking action because they see others doing it!!!
credibility comes from TAKING THOSE ACTIONS!!!

you want to organize activists, i want to organize lumpen proles and ex-cons. maybe that's the difference.

we just want different things. i think we should just be friends ok? it's not you, it's me.


What you want I highly doubt youre capable to do. Lets stay grounded in reality here. How do you plan to organize, educate and teach people who a great many, though maybe somewhere between the holy and the broken, probably do need some form of rehabilitation. Remember, people released from the prisons in libertarian Spain commited some of the worst atrocities of the civil war, many of them while calling themselves Anarchists. Im for prison abolition too, but I have a hard time believing that a bunch of murderers and rapists are going to be taking your lead anytime soon. Maybe their revolutionary vigor needs to be something that springs organically and is molded by education, not senseless rioting and or emo rock. I like a good riot too, but no one serving hard time in prison gives a fuck about you except for maybe, MAYBE a handful of neofascists.That, and how bout a time and a place. WE DONT ALWAYS HAVE E TO BE IN BLOC

"People released from the prisons in libertarian Spain commited some of the worst atrocities of the civil war, many of them while calling themselves Anarchists."
cite? source?
many of them were also the bravest and fiercest fighters against the fascists.

most people's consciousness transforms in the moment of revolt and revolution. that' just how it goes. because otherwise the fucking TV is on 24/7 and as soon as they're done at your super-cool teach-in people will immediately start drifting away from it towards more mainstream ideas. that's just what happens without a revolution to take away the re-productive power of capitalism to destroy all anti-capitalist tendencies in people.

plenty of people know the system is fucked. what they don't know is how to fight back against it, and that others will fight with them. that's what we must elucidate through open revolt.

What? You didn't know we have to be in bloc AT ALL TIMES for total success? Cause that's totally what everyone here is advocating...

"I still want EVERYONE to have the chance to be free of capitalism, and that's not going to happen without organization and credibility"

No I think what you meant to say is "that's not going to happen." Everyone currently in the world now, free from capitalism? You speak as if all said people even have the remotest desire of such a thing, yet you speak on there behalf and heroically tell us how you want to free EVERYONE in attempt to minimize what others have actually done. This whole "make the world anarchist" stuff really needs to be thrown out, it's messianic and it diverts us from achievable goals. We are anarchists, it's not our job to MAKE anarchists.

No shit. But the blocs actions in November were impressive. But this: Very not revolutionary. I support the action, but its just you expressing anger. I dont even see this as having anything to do with anarchism. But between the bloc and French theory the difference in paradigms is broken down between reality and you in a cult like mentallity. The fact that someone actually wrote an article for this takes my breath away. I actually support the action, but not every broken window demands its own fucking report. Youre calling attention to something you call revolutionary, and I call shit I do when Im drunk. I dont even think its the action that warrents disrepute so much as the vapid narcissism that we feel the need to tell the world,. Large scale rioting:timeless. But thats a movement of people, not you and your friends.

This shit gets rehashed over and over again. Vandalism? Not big enough! Communique? Not clear enough! Yeah and I wish the failed general strike in WI was bringing capitalism to its knees. Just because you want it bigger and better and are annoyed by that fact that its not doesn't mean people have to listen to you. Also, the folks at social rupture are going to keep writing, so get the fuck over it. You want a mass movement of 'large scale rioting'? Well have fun working on that, as for me I see shit that I can do with my friends as things which are physically possible, although your converting people to anarchists and starting some 'large scale' riot sounds great, let me know when you pull that off bud. Just gonna float this idea, but I don't think the action in this article is what's holding the 'large scale' riots up.

I see what you're saying, but the police attack shit all the time, you don't have to do something revolutionary to get the police to attack you. Shit, the police attacks are also part of the damn spectacle and have been for years.

my desire to smash and destroy has nothing and should have nothing to do with "resonance", "public acceptance", "visibility", "context", or "audience" if it is to be meaningful at all and not drift into abstraction immediately. this shit is for us, and fuck you, and fuck all your friends, and fuck the public. we'll smash you all given the opportunity, those who demand "appropriate action" and "staying power". you are right, this is solely for our entertainment, and it feels great. your life of fetishizing mass demos of middle class scum has no appeal, and we feel sorry that your life is so meaningless and boring

It goes back to that liberal notion of representation. Like Hedges the other commenter thinks we need to represent someone or at least try to appeal to them, but as Hedges aptly said "The black bloc anarchists represent no one but themselves." Some people, @s included, will never grasp this and will always look for representational interpretations.

The idea that breaking windows at a protest is somehow outside of the spectacle is a bit silly. All kinds of crime are integrated into the spectacle, I'm not sure why this one is so special.

Well, I'm of the opinion that smashing a window removes the arbitrary division between living and reality (or, to make emile happy, doer and deed).

It's because of the concept of the bloc. If you weren't wearing masks, it wouldn't even be an issue. We promote this like a revolutionary tactic, and it's great, the symbolism and everything, but if you weren't in bloc while you were doing this, would it carry the same charge for you? Well, it probably wouldn't for them either. And the message wouldn't get obscured, which now sadly it does. The tactics aren't he issue the gimmicks are the issue, or at least what people perceive to be a gimmick. No one gives a shit about broken windows, broken windows done by ninja, very very bad.

I wrote that having been in a bloc where windows were broken. It sure as hell didn't feel like the spectacle was broken. The idea that wearing masks suddenly makes it impossible to be a part of the spectacle is a little naive. Maybe a bunch of people dressed up like furries could do it, but at this point people in masks breaking things at protests are expected and nothing new and exciting for anyone but the whining liberals.

then up the ante. build barricades and defend them from cops instead of marching around.

take over an office building.

there are tons of ways to do black bloc that breaks the spectacle, and if no one is inspired by windows being smashed where you are, time to up your game.

No one is inspired by window-smashing ANYWHERE, and yet it keeps happening!

this is so not true you moron. get out of your activist ghetto.

Obviously the spectacle isn't irreparably broken until ruins are made of our social relationship, as well as the structure which orients and is shaped by such relationships. Things that one is not supposed to do, acting improperly, refusing identity, refusing to be made visible, is not a priori included in the spectacle, but obviously everything can be included in in image. The persistence of the ritual of breaking things as a foundation and base behavior that takes place during these events could make possible the spread of much more than a few broken windows. This is the idea.

Well...there seem to be Anarchists on this page that agree. I think it's not whiny liberals so much as people looking to make a statement. I think the reason we keep to the bloc is out of fear, I don't think we believe we can do what we want and aren't ready to face reality. I don't have a problem with rioting, I love it. I don't have a problem with broken windows, so long as we don't post stupid inane shit like this having to tell the world about it. I think the masks and the bullshit are just compensation, so we don't have to look over our shoulders and realize that it's just us standing there.

It reinforces positive and negatives. The above being negative, the positive is the sense of comradery amongst us, the strength to go into situations that might present themselves as being harmful to us, and our friends. But I once saw a woman bring her 9 year old son to a demonstration, if he wasn't wearing bloc, I feel, we shouldn't be wearing bloc. The child was the only thing that made the situation real, other than the police who curb stomped someone in a parking lot. But because we were in bloc, at the Law and Disorder conference two weeks later the only thing anyone talked about, who wasn't involved, were the masks. Mind you, these are people who when you talk to them, agree with us, and are essentially Anarchists who are just alienated from the culture, and see a lot of it as a gimmick. That's all anyone talks about. I'm sick of it. Fighters and workers in Spain, didn't wear bloc. They didn't care that the fascists would take them into a field and execute them later, because they had the integrity to stand as men and women as opposed to us, who hide in our cult.

People take each other at face value. I know you, so we're comrades, I know your character. Most people are just going to see it as a gimmick. A bandana around the face is one thing, the whole black bloc is a joke though. No one takes it seriously. The youtube videos with the crappy hardcore and the overweight kids in black bloc and sneakers, it's ridiculous. If we're Anarchists, lets have the balls to go stand as such, and not some bullshit phalanx of out of shape Americans trying to look like ninjas. I know the character of the bloc, I know the intentions, I know that Chris Hedges is an overgeneralizing asshole who didn't do a fuck all worth of research before he wrote his article, but the stupid fucking gimmicky fucking bullshit opens us up to such criticisms. On top of which at it's worst, which is about half of the time, at most, he is right. We are lazy, destructive, narcissistic, and not really helping the causes we purport to support. When you show up in Wisconsin in bloc, dumb move. Day of rage in London, thousands of middle aged, underpaid, disenfranchised men and women with families, and there are 7 emo rockers in bloc looking confused while breaking windows, DUMB MOVE. Until we stop with the bloc, we're just going to be, what essentially we're acting as...a cult. Not people who adhere to an ideology and want to change the fabric of society, but a cult. Just a cult. A cult of predominantly white lower middle class people. We're Anarchists, we have 150 years of struggle, grace, and moral righteousness on our side. If it puts a damper on security culture so be it, that's the sacrifice we have to make. Either you're in or you're not. If you're in, you have to take the mask off and make it a full time thing, not something you do here and there, which is what the bloc represents...we're SCARED!!!

And a protest shouldn't be a spectacle. It's not. People get hurt. We're trying to change society...completely, not turn the streets of American Cities into a fucking Rainblow gathering. Less emo rocker shit, more civil rights movement struggles. If people in Alabama were in bloc, they probably wouldn't 'have scared the shit out of the power structure they way they had. I didn't see the Panthers in bloc, and they REALLY scared the shit out society. Ghandi was a self identified Anarchist looking to set up a democracy in India, but genuinely adhered to Anarchism. MUCH more revolutionary than us, no black bloc. We have to stop this. It might be a little late now in the middle of a huge social protest movement, but when this is over, we need to reach a consensus, organize this, put down some basic fundamental values, figuring out we have some nerve, or are just a gimmick being one of them.

"I think the reason we keep to the bloc is out of fear, I don't think we believe we can do what we want and aren't ready to face reality."

Depends what we want. If what we want is anarchist world, then no of course we're not capable of achieving that. How being anonymous in a riot constitutes a break from reality is an absolute mystery to me. A lot of what you say is true and I think people should avoid doing blocs at leftist functions where it's not appropriate, but the main point I get from this is: show your face. Well you first bro, I don't think we need to go into why people do it, but yeah if you don't want to then don't. Trying to pressure other people into compromising their anonymity during actions by telling them they are part of a 'cult' if they don't is really irresponsible and cop-like.

Actually if you want to talk about splitting with reality lets talk about comparing the current anarchist 'movement' in the US with the civil rights movement and Ghandi. Repeat after me: We are NOT blacks fighting for equal rights or Indians fighting for a state. The obviousness of this and the difference of our goals and contexts should make it obvious why the comparisons are a moot point. And did you actually argue we shouldn't BB because kids might see? Heavens no. Maybe the bloc has largely served its purpose by now, I tend to think that most protest-oriented actions have, but the reasons you give are fallacious moralizing.

If you aren't 'scared' of showing your face in protests/riots congrats, have fun with the consequences. If you have some new tactical ideas, great share them. If you just have more caricatures and mockery laden with weak ass suggestions about how we should be like some historical movements which were not anarchist and have little to do with us: save it, I can go to Chris Hedges for that shit.

Hey, you're another one of those guys with the psychic powers to know "what people perceive." Not even specific people by the sounds of it, all people! Wow, you're really cool bro. With you dictating the will of the people to us as you read their minds we can never go wrong. Thank you shit sticks.

Actually, people think it's just narcissism. And they're probably right.

middle class people looking to justify to themselves why they won't fight back think that. yes, it's true.

If it's "only on an extremely small level" then it might be a rupture, but it's not productive, so who fucking cares what it's called? Cathartic outbursts that die in isolation are pointless. If you want to let off some steam, buy a punching bag.

Catharsis is not pointless. It's something we all need. Yes, breaking a window is just a moment, it's not the true thing, but so what? It's still better than nothing. A punching bag has nowhere near the same effect.


Depends on what you do with it, I guess.

Dude you have obviously never purchased a nice window.

For instance there is a fancy restaurant where I live that has a huge street level window that can fold up like an accordion; it's made of 20 or so big rectangles and it runs basically the entire length of the building. I'm sure replacing it would cost many thousands of dollars and I would Really not say no to letting the owners find that out, but there are never any riots where I live.... :(

One man. One Mission. One Restaurant.


Most of these posters got Stockholm Syndrome --- sorry 'bout yer luck there, buddy

Maybe I missed some stuff, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I was at this march and the only smashy I saw was the windows of a bail bond office (which was tight). Hella graffiti though.

I hate the bonds people. Fuckem for not getting ppl out free, for keeping ppl away from their loved ones, for being rich as fuck, etc. However... they are the people who get people out even if bail is hundreds of thousands of dollars which tends to happen a lot here. Call me whatever slew of names you'd like but unfortunately we need them. Somethin to think about.

no fuck them. they are profiteers off people's misery. if they didn't exist, the bond system would never have been able to start setting such HUGE bonds in the first place, because they have to be set at a level that there is a reasonable expectation of paying it. and if the bail bondsmen weren't there, that level would be much lower.

profiteers of misery. fuck them 1000x.

There was more smashy after the police charged the crowd, apparently.

ya wanna link to the news articles plz??

It actually wasn't the credit union, it was the stock exchange/loan building that got smashed.

god people seriously need to write communiques after shit like that and talk about what was smashed and why.

there is a lot of new people since Occupy, and they need to be spoon fed or they won't get it. and not just people in the Bay, but people all over the US who hear about this shit.

keep it in mind please oak-town!!!

Break more shit and then the revolution happens.

break shit and don't let it get fixed or let the cops protect it from getting more broken.

basically take and hold autonomous territory.

For how long? That's kind of our problem, what with the whole small numbers and no resources thing... sexiness..mmmmmmm social rupture!

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