Three Stirner Pieces, on Immediatism podcast

Listener feedback has shaped what is being read on Immediatism, lately. These two pamphlets and a book chapter each add something original to discussions around Stirner's ideas and works. "Mutual Utilization: Relationship and Revolt in Max Stirner," by Massimo Passamani, is focused on interpersonal relationships as theorized in Stirner, and the connection to a revolutionary stance. Alejandro deAcosta penned the next piece -- the introduction to "Max Stirner's Political Spectrography." Finally, six episodes called "The Phenomenological 'Conjuring Trick'" come out of a book chapter, "Apparition of the Inapparent," in Derrida's "Spectres of Marx."

Mutual Utilization, Massimo Passamani, from Enemy Combatant Publications

Introduction to Max Stirner's Political Spectrography, Alejandro deAcosta, from Spectral Emissions

The Phenomenological "Conjuring Trick," Jacques Derrida, from the Routledge book Spectres of Marx
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