From Toledo to Sac Town: A Benefit for Antifa Prisoner Eric Desouza in Oakland

  • Posted on: 22 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>In February of 2012, a riotous demonstration in Sacramento took place against the Golden State Skinheads and other white power groups that sent two police to the hospital and neo-nazis running for their cars behind riot police. Eric Desouza was one of those arrested.

On Saturday, August 4th at 8pm, gather at the Holdout, an anarchist space in Oakland for a benefit for Eric.

Speaking live will be an Anti-Racist Action organizer present during the Toledo riot and revolt in Ohio in 2005. There, a large black community rose up against the police and the National Socialist Movement (NSM), attacking and looting stores, police and city vehicles, and rioting for hours.

Organizers and militants from Oakland will address the crowd on ongoing campaigns against institutionalized racism such as the fight against foreclosures in the area.</td><td><img title="How does one campaign against an institution with no head or body?" src=""></td></tr><...

Also speaking will be bay area local legend Dee Allen, acclaimed revolutionary and poet. Dee will speak on fighting the Minutemen and BANA (Nazis posing as anarchists) in the bay area, as well as his experiences as an anarchist being locked away for taking action in the streets.

Free food will be served and all donations go towards helping Eric pay off his legal fees. Please come out and donate!

August 4th, 8pm, @ the Holdout in West Oakland.

Toledo Riots:

Clashes with Police and Nazis in Sacramento:


How can we donate if we can't come to the benefit?

The Holdout can only seat up to 49 people for events, so get there early!

Thanks for posting the links at the end. It's like you read my mind, gently uttering in my ear, "here, let me google that for you."

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