Topic of the Week: Attacks and Organization

  • Posted on: 11 July 2016
  • By: thecollective

The past few weeks have had a few more headliners than usual when it comes to death by bullet. While police and soldiers are killing people consistently throughout the year, the other recent attacks happen less often. What is consistent for these other shootings is that despite differences in personal motivation, there really haven't been any organizations to claim them. They have been so-called lone wolves, taking action towards whatever targets they decide. Although some of this motivation can be oriented towards a political perspective, calling any of these actions political, in the sense of an attentat, doesn't seem to sit right in the mouth.

Meanwhile, when the police attack or are attacked, their formal organizational framework provides a network of opinion that is already attached to their activites. Before, during, and after significant police events, the police are able to spin up narratives to direct the meaning of said significant events. This is not entirely dependent upon their acceptance in the media. It is a capacity provided by being a recognized member in a group that takes up formal positions.

When it comes to anarchist praxis, what can we learn from this? In the ongoing debates about organization, insurrectionary "resonance" of actions, personal communiques, and all the rest, we could certainly take the present moment and apply its facts to our theories. What does it seem like the capacity for individual action is at this point? What does it seem like the benefits can be in claiming solidarity by one's actions, as the Orlando shooter supposedly had with ISIS? What about formal group membership, like the cops? Did the Dallas shooter's actions have resonance?

Let's discuss...



"The Denver shooter"? What are you referring to with that? This event?

Perhaps you meant to say "The Dallas shooter" instead?

The class-struggle anarchist will learn the lesson that its best to organize like the police with the strongest blue-collar unions in the world.
The ordinary anarchist might investigate netwar.
The collective might scribble another jumble of stupid questions.
Emile might denounce oppositions like ' Police" & " anarchists"
Lots of lessons could be learned here!

When your class struggle takes the form of what it's fighting against it becomes the thing itself. Duh.

One thing that I got from the dallas event is the benifit of being trained by the state is that (i.e. Joining the military) you can use that same traning to subverting it. The shooter likely learned useful armed combat tactics from joining and he did pretty good at taking out the ones that he got.

You make a very good point, the skills that are taught (building the robot for example) and the number of people who have them isn't small but there's a heavy price to get that training and I wonder how often that's actually done intentionally to subvert the state. The dallas event doesn't seem that way.

Unlikely to expect, tho as we've seen over the years some individuals happen to react in a way as to turn their guns against the State after being pushed to the brink. What's even less likely is to see dissident networks and groups within the chain of command, which probably takes every measure imaginable to prevent that from happening.

I also think it's a valuable perspective to see the military as some microcosmic inner core -and its most rigid core- of society. An ex-Armed Forces officer once told me that that's what it actually is... an inner backbone of society.

So are lone wolves the future of insurgency?

"So are lone wolves the future of insurgency?"

let's hope so! and about fucking time!

You make a very good point, the skills that are taught (building the robot as another example) and the number of people who have them isn't small but there's a heavy price to get that training and I wonder how often that's actually done intentionally to subvert the state. The dallas event doesn't seem that way.

Indeed, the combination of continuous war abroad, and with it, a discarded surplus of trained killers, along with a repressive domestic police force designed to reinforce racial and class lines, can lead to an explosive mix. Let's just hope there's more on our side than theirs.

I'm also somebody who acquired a bunch of free training, subsidized by the tax-base. Mostly cause I was desperately poor but in the back of my mind, it was a deliberate infiltration too. There was a lot of compromises and years of keeping my mouth shut when I wanted to scream and/or axe-murder everybody. I experienced some pretty weird psychosis where I'd slowly start identifying too much with the people around me and then they'd say/do something awful and I'd jolt back to reality, this happened dozens of times over many years.

Don't think I'd recommend it but now I do my best to disseminate the training to other like-minds and I've since realized that all this training was readily available to anyone anyway and "joining up" just immersed me in it and forced me to concentrate, as well as helping with my financial problems at the time.

One thing that's much more complex problem is a bunch of direct experience, using the training in high-stress, crisis situations. The difference between untrained and trained is a very small difference compared to the gap between trained and ice-cold veteran badass.

tl;dr Training is easy for anyone, acquiring real experience is harder

Don't know where else to put this. Re: this week's broadcast, the collective states that it will not appear at anews: "no anarchy in it."
Seems rather crazy to censor an anarcho-primitivist take on the news e.g. critique of technology seemingly unavailable elsewhere.

Is it possible that anarchy radio has been drifting out of touch for awhile now? Not that this place is a shining beacon on a hill or anything but still!

our relations with one another and the habitat can take on various patterns. by cross-comparing these relational patterns, we can glean insights and understanding. this is an approach to understanding by way of relational coherency. the popular 'orthodox' alternative is 'purificationism' which involves the separation of 'noise' from 'signal'. the failure of purificationism is that one must have an advance knowledge of the message which one is going to receive, in order to discriminate between signal and noise. The relational communications theory of Dennis Gabor (Nobel prize for holography), avoids signal-noise discrimination dependent (purificationist) message extraction by using relational coherency to 'image messages'. the relational medium 'IS' the message.

thecollective editing approach tends towards purificationism (discriminating signal and noise and thus assuming that one knows what is in a message before one has fully received and interpreted it).

the allegation of censorship is ludicrous. @news isn't under any obligation to anarchy radio or jz or anyone else to post stories or links on the newsfeed. not posting it is not the same as making it unavailable. get over it.

I'm not disagreeing with you, I never read the guy and never listened to the radio show either, but I always see it on here followed by tons of argumentative comments like 'those HG groups were so not delayed return yo.' which makes me wonder why all of a sudden it's not anarchy or @news worthy. They obviously can do whatever, but why all of a sudden, intriguing no? To be clear, Im happy as long as emile's comments aren't deleted.

Sorry to hear that about your happiness. I, on the other hand, only enjoy emile's posts where he's crying about how his shit got deleted and he doesn't get to hijack every discussion with his pedantic, repetitive bullshit.

emiles not actually hijacking anything, it's simply the crumbling away of our western noun logical abstraction semantic reality due to weight of incoherent externalities. But you knew that already right? @news!

Emile is the Morpheus of semantic reality.

Note the condescension here, underscored by use of the adjective “ludicrous” and the terse directive to “get over it.” The writer glibly assumes that censorship means making material unavailable at all. Since Anarchy Radio is otherwise available, the refusal of @news to post it this week is not censorship. What could be more obvious? Get over it, indeed.

Like most condescension at @news, though, this is unwarranted. The writer is obviously—and critically—unaware of the indispensable website Censored News, devoted to indigenous resistance. Items published there are technically not censored, in the sense this defender of @news uses the term, because they appear at all.

So why call it Censored News? Because it's news generally dismissed or disregarded. I doubt the publisher calls it Censored News because they imagine there is any “obligation” for it to be published, and only failure to meet that obligation qualifies as censorship.

Here condescension would be better directed at @news for not posting a particularly hard-hitting segment of Anarchy Radio, which began with fury at police brutality and ended with fury at state-sanctioned animal slaughter. What @news calls “no anarchy” sure seems like unmistakable anarchy to this listener.

Zerzan does not make important ideas uninteresting, to say the least. The more distance @news puts between them and him, the less interesting they are.

For society based on play!
For economy based on the gift!
For order without authority!

I strongly believe that sometimes, Manchurian candidates (mind controlled individuals) are used in these types of events. After all, the Orlando shooter did have "meetings" with the 1 or more of the triple letter agencies prior to that event...
Just saying...

You mean entrapment?

I don't know what you could mean by mind control. No known forms have had 100% success rates. Here i am including propagandizing, and the belief in democracies that adherents are immune to being propagandized. "The american way of life." A mythological notion. If you mean mk ultra type projects---didn't those by and large yield mentally fucked people, or unrealiable results (including recent kubark torture)?

The vulnerable among us are continually humiliated until they bite back. I am not justifying extreme biting. But those humiliating then say, "see they're close biters all along!" And we continue to humiliate...

But most of the hoi polloi will revert to extreme biting, like rabid dogs in a feeding frenzy the mob descends upon those deemed to be outcasts etc etc. Individuals or en masse, the basic psychological drive is still the same, only reified or intensified, but its origin is a mutual acceptance between inner and outer influences.

Beneath all of your reifications ("masses") and abstractions what are you trying to say?

I live in a failed midwestern town of 400-600,000. Though i have lived in an area where semi-auto gunshots weren't far away, most of the time people are not biting in an extreme way, and certainly not en masse.

You're not even getting at why people bite back in the first place. Negative causality. Responses to underlying tensions. Will we punish the bites or rebalance the underlying tensions?

Just abstracting people as 'mass' indicates to me your level of discomfort in relating to one another more than anything else.

No 1 was just countering the idea that individual brainwashing was a singular condition which the previous poster was trying to make and 1 replied that there was a wider demographic, being the whole human race, "the masse" with its innate tendency to succumb to the herd mentality when under threat and in a stste of uncontrollable panic, that's all.

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