Topic of the Week: Location

  • Posted on: 27 June 2016
  • By: thecollective

Location plays a key role in dictating the nature of our ideas and opinions, who our enemies or friends may be, if we're separated from or near family and relatives, if we have a connection over generations to a land-base and its resources or are maybe just vaguely familiar to our surroundings, along with plenty of other variables.

Not surprisingly, the flavor and forms that anarchism takes in the various cities, states, regions, countries, etc. changes drastically based on where you live. How does your perception of anarchism and/or the anarchists in your area relate to how you engage with anarchist thought or praxis? How does your perception of other locations affect that of yours locally? Do you feel a connection with other anarchists in your area more so than those living elsewhere? How does your location's historical relationship to anarchism (in the longer or shorter term) affect your current approach or perspective?

How much, if any, of what you do as an anarchist is dependent on the place you live, and why is that the case? How does traveling versus staying stationary affect any of this? How about moving? How is moving somewhere alone different when you move along with other people (e.g. intentionally to collaborate on projects)?

What is anarchism like where you live? Where do you think anarchist ideas or practices flourish? Are there places you are curious about visiting or moving to?



Newbie here WOW been reading some posts, like to go to East LA sounds awesome, full on Fantasy Warlord rad scene there by the sounds of it

It is the single most important question in the USA right now and probably the world. We need to be connected to neighborhoods and areas where our ideas are most fertile. And we need to act like these places are ours. That we are the obvious representation of these places. The anarchist movement is a side show, the question of anti authoritarian ideas amount everyday people where we live is what is important. Of course most anarchists are in the stone age diddling around in collectives in gentrifying neighborhoods they have no connection in.

A creative aesthetic lifestyle enables even a prisoner in a cell to attain a level of empowerment and control over authoritarians. So the location is irrelevant, our existence is in the few square centremetres located within our skulls.

fuck the cities, anarchy in the free open spaces of nature

Or in the free open spaces within your skull :/

Inner and outer are part of the same process.

Mind and body aren't separate things.

Your abstractions aren't useful. What a wonderful place, the internet: where we all project onto screens.

That doesn't necessarily negate what Anonymous (not verified)
Mon, 06/27/2016 - 18:10

Not trying to negate. The fragments make up the whole. The two are one.

yeah im in the bay
that shit is pretty cray
there used to be a protest out here every other day
now i mostly chill
but the bay is still fo'real
but i might roll on out of here if i can find a wheel

I've never been
To the bay
There must be
Only one
I've heard it's
How do you say
A lot of fun?

Where would you go
Where would you go
Surely all travel is
An empty show?
Haven't you read
These anons texts
The bay one day
Is not the same
As the next

Where I am
I won't give
the name
It's different
In ways
But the
The same

hello fellow poet,
thank you for replying.
if i go back to SoCal
will i still be gentrifying?

or if I go to Greece,
and I meet the insurrectos
will I be turned away,
when they ban me like asbestos?

Dear fellow poet
The pleasure's
All mine
I'm forever
You made

Give Greece
To the Ravens
And SoCal
To the chimps
Where to go
I'm afraid it's
Not so simps

I'd go to Rojava
But not sure
What I'd do
Really what I
Want is to take
An outdoor poo

With a view
Of the mountains
And a fresh
stream nearby
I wouldn't complain
If there's a chance
To get high

Disappear for awhile
One day say stop
Emerge from
The wild and
Gleefully kill
A few cops

I'm certainly
Not wise
Just don't get
Stuck in a rut
What connects you
To the system
There you should

anarchism is everywhere, most ppl are anarchists and they dont even know it, now as for the subculture that only exists in oakland

Self-identified anarchist culture & projects seem to flourish in the cities, those places with massive gentrification - no coincidence. Having moved out to a town of less than 5k residents, >2.5 hours to the closest Whole Foods, it's hard to not roll my eyes at my anarchist friends who moved or plan to move to those hip cities to live out their TAZs among other TAZers (tongue in cheek) no matter how many inspiring projects they then put up on the www to help those loners like me feel like we aren't alone.

I don't remember where I was reading about the edges of capital, but I like to think about that in regards to where I choose to practice. Obviously they are not a lines but gradients and the cities, as far as physical locations go, are one extreme end on the spectrum. This makes me want to cede them to the reformists. As for those anarchists who continue to cocreate the city, in the mind, that same extremity of capital is where we need a scene to have self-worth or drive. I cannot help but gag when I think about how much social capital compels the anarchist these days - it's an insidious plight, really, and I'm crying for these hos.

I do travel to get my kicks, to date sometimes, and to shake off the stickiness of the stagnancy all around us. And I am so grateful when like-minded folks travel through this town. Similarly, I fuck around with my neurotransmitters to make sure I'm not reaching to scenes/locations to fulfill my need for dopamine & serotonin. How often has one shitty accountability process served the same function as an agent as far as scene effectiveness goes? Take some hedgehog cactus flower essence, eat some stolen or hunted meat, take your internet job with you, and get out of the cities, hey? Or else do something that's actually interesting. I won't hold my breath.

there is meaningful work to be done most places. city or not find somewhere with people you have affinity with and build something. i think people get stuck in a mentality where they've honed their critical theorizing skills so well that every potential project has some imperfect flaw.... and they end up being really critical of everything, feeling emotionally defeated and doing nothing.

the desire to destroy or circumvent the state means there are a lot of concrete skills we need... work on honing those. i've made a lot of changes to my lifestyle- in some ways growing up is the worst--- no more squatting- (too chaotic for the kids), no more part time work- (working full time is exhausting. it kind of sucks...) but there are upsides- i have the resources now to nurture some long term projects and it feels good. everyone is depressed. that's just part of life. why else did we become anarchist besides to give our dark feelings a political context?

i have enough friends in prison to be reminded on the daily how fucking lucky i am to have some imperfect projects/collectives in my life. i would like to see the supportive/creative culture of experimenting back--- its been too long. i don't care what your perfect critique is unless you're also working on the issue. be selective about who you take criticism from... you'll feel better and do more.

Drop-out culture duds of the world, unite...

who can be none other than . . . KKKEEEAAATTTIIINNNGGG!

1) 95% of their time anarchists spend to build their life in the present system (studying, working, etc), 5% of their time they spend for anarchist activities that are mostly peaceful (podium discussions, protests, flyers, banners, books, etc...).
2) an anarchist can do something against the state even without others, activities against the ruling class can be done without to call them anarchist activities. we have daily problems interacting with the state and its departments and we can have daily small fights against them. I call it practical resistance, without ideology. are we anarchists or not, they humiliate us, exploit us, etc, we don't need anarchism to fight the ruling class. they do shit to us, we do shit to them, alone or together with others.
3) I am not interested for anarchists in the region where I am, they are not in the line with my needs, they can do what they want without me and I can do what I want without them.

This thing about location is that it is deceptively relative. Some places will have more anarchists relative to the population size, with more power relative to the rest of the local economy and government infrastructure. It may seem easier to "get more done" if you have 1000 anarchists in a big city than it is to have 20 in a small town, but that isn't necessarily the case. While it is easier to access people in a big city because ...there's a shitload more of them, it takes a lot to function "competitively" within the local power structures. However, isolation within small towns isn't necessarily effective unless anarchists can become a consequential force. There's no "right place" to reside.

Us fat weak subculture weenies sorts gotta stick together! Yeah! Where are all the subculture turds nearest my location -- we can hang out and sniff each other's dirty laundry together!


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