Topic of the Week: Your 12 point program

  • Posted on: 8 May 2017
  • By: thecollective

What's your list of things that you think all anarchists either should do or already do? Are they concrete things or abstract? How often do you live up to your own list? What are the things that are crucial (like, if folks don't do them they're not anarchists)? Put another way, is your list mostly definitional or aspirational (remember, Ursula Le Guin says she's not good enough to be an anarchist). Is your list a response to current events or to your life thus far?



1. Me me me me
2. You and me
3. Yay, a group!
4. I don't like that guy, back to you and me!
5. New group!
6. Recuperated, back to just you and me!
7. Television (Game of Thrones), just you!
8. I'm back! You and me!
9. A new group!
10. Protest
11. Everyone arrested, except you and me!

I missed one.
12. Got pregnant, we done yo! Time to farm! You and me!

Just what I mean, a well developed sense of humor, excellent.

Deal breakers! (You're not a real anarchist if...)

1. Your political praxis consists entirely of rambling about your opinions on the internet, as if anyone gives a shit. They don't. You're nothing and don't matter sweetheart, sorry that somebody misled you. BUT the good news is you can start actually DOING things whenever you like.

2. You organize or do things that exist exclusively as the spectacle or appeals to power, aka activism. If only the state gave a fuck what the lunatic fringe thinks! We're the margins OF the margins of its vast pool of slaves and tax revenue, stop kidding yourself.

3. You don't have a functional analysis around power, oppression and identity. This is the bleeding edge of a social science, often misapplied and misunderstood but it's kind of the whole point, right? To understand who your enemies are and not contribute to making the world even shittier? ... Right? Presumably history isn't over and this process continues.

If you're just out for yourself and don't care about anyone else, there's plenty of better words for that than "anarchist". I prefer douchebag!

Great! Now you can use points 4-12 to explain what you would like to see people do now that you've stated what you don't want them to do. I anxiously await the results.

Don't want them to do? It doesn't really matter what I want people to do but I do have some criteria for claiming to be an anarchist.

The don'ts are relatively easy, the dos are a much bigger subject and I'm reluctant to be prescriptive like that Justin King guy. But I do the things that feel meaningful to me and try to support other friends and anarchists doing the same.

Anarchy is not contingent on political praxis. It is beyond elective positions and proposed solutions. Also identity and oppression is are spooks. Neither have concrete physical relational existence.

Says you ziggy, I say otherwise. One of us is definitely full of shit, perhaps we both are ;)

One needn't be an identity politician to know that oppression absolutely exists in physical relational reality. All you post modern academic types sound ever more pathetically out of touch. Saying oppression does not exist is like saying weather does not exist. Which I'm sure fits perfectly with your ability to only see vague abstractions.

I agree that Identity is a spook. All signifying subjectivities are
ways to dominate others and disguise the beauty of every-one's
uniqueness. Oppression ends up being a determination of who is the Oppressor and Whom is the
oppressed.( Any volunteers for a Role in these charades?) This is a form of role-playing (cf. Situationists), and by doing so degrades and in-authenticates the sense for our-selves to be autonomous, a priority for those of us on this site. We never bow down to the Other, nor concede
our essential worthiness as to any of our Attributes( Spinoza's term for the Singularities that we all existentially emanate). "Political Praxis" , as you highlight, is indeed a dead end, a circularity of the Same (disguised
as "Dialectical "Alternatives"). All "we" are , are flows and forces seeking movement, different pathways
and modes of expression in all manner of ways. This is where our true freedom emerges.
This is indeed "good enough".

Yes Yes Yes , the whole collective mass urban populations and the prison they willingly inhabit as either rulers , guards or slaves, these >identities< , and as you described the >roles< they play, is what the Anarcho-Nihilo-Hoboists are in opposition of, and most importantly, in the knowledge that the >condition of opposition< must also be one of indifference, since to be >actively opposed< in itself is a role within a binary political identity performance. We can surmise that the immortal bard, Shakespeare, alluded to the nature of the unconscious sublimation of identity roles with his eloquent statement >
---. All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts ----
The Renaissances' glittering theaters and the performances in that era were that society's' spectacle of their era, when identity was like a brand or tattoo marking one to a lifelong position within the established cultural-religious mold without any chance for individual autonomy, which is the Anarcho-Nihilo-Hoboist way of life.

Can be quite varied and interesting.
I prefer a different sensibility.
I/we emerge, and recede,
Indicate as to leaving traces, indications, with, counter-intuitive in-sights,
in connecting and collaborating with others; creating at times innovative
Concepts which can guide us to pass through autonomous zones of a multitude
Of becomings. We utilize tools to lure fellows into planes of immanence where,
Ryzomatically, we lay out diagrams of co-herance , movement and intensities .
No Identities here. No Program, No Telos, nor Identifications. S
Here and out there . No significations. Only signs . Productive, full of desire, full of
concoctions interspersed with disappearances and reappearances. No fixed or
Congealed Significations. Just signs, traces, and transformations.
So yes: no constricted identities, no oppositional sides. Instead lines of flight to every-where, no-where man. At anytime . Go ahead: Try to get a fix on. "Liberal";
Leftist, nihilist, intellectual; feel free to add more. Feel Better?

This is all pretty much exactly what most of your #1's I know would write in response to this.

Look bro, you don't have to have a functional anything to be an anarchist. Get off your high horse Hillary Clinton.

"Look bro, I don't need to learn about or understand the things I'm saying I am or do."

... We'll agree to disagree bro.

Talking up anarchism on the internet is probably the best & most ergonomic form of radical activism anyone can do today. Don't let any dopey American morons put you off doing this!

Wow Rat ... I'll chalk that up to you being an old fart who's out of touch. All these Facebook kids DO is talk about ideas, endlessly. At some point you have to move beyond dialogue and theory, that's why I used the word praxis.

Mixed in amongst your many non sequiturs are some brilliant statements,,,,,,bonum sequitur maximus!

Yeah, online discussion is the best form of radical activism. No wonder you actually embrace the name "professor rat". Professor = authoritarian system supporting know it all, rat = snitch. Please crawl back under the subway platform you came from.

1. Concentrate on single issue causes and build up a string of successes
2. Help out local unions.
3. Donate to the food bank.
4. Volunteer to fix potholes, clean gutters, pick up groceries for the elderly and so on.
5. Join a local civic group, like Kiwanis.
6. Participate in local area sports.
7. Treat your sexual partner nicely.
8. Adopt a black baby.
9. Arrange newspaper boxes along side streets.
10. Stay sober.
11. Communicate with local houses of worship.
12. Change with the community.

1. Agonize over the details of a troll-post full of meme jokes that only 1 in 50,000 people would understand.

2. Wonder if possible to shoot self twice in the head.

This year is the 20th anniversary of South Park and they have made an entire franchise out of these jokes, in essence. So...I'm not so sure. They were making adopt black baby jokes in the 90's

Yeah, @news trolling and being Matt Stone and Trey Parker is basically the exact same thing. Good point!

Anarcho-Nihilo-Hoboism's first and foremost tenet is to squat, how and where is a choice determined by the regional authoritarian powers that be. These 4 basic tactics are equivalent to a passport to the world.
1]-Carry no banner, insignia or alcoholic beverage thus avoiding censure and exclusion.
2]-Always have a smile on your face even if you colon is infested with a colony of 4 million breeding thread worms.
3]-Wear a baseball cap with the flag of the nation in which you are residing.
4]-Help the elderly everywhere you go.

Damn. I forgot that's what regular punk rock sounds like. Glad I listen to techno.

I'm an anartist intellectual and and cultuyre and and tonality are relational concepts, music is a a mirroor of the psychological conceptualization of emotional disharmony boo hoo hoo I'm a sensitive free anartist living with mommy oooo I'm anfartist,,,,,,Im boootyful my booty is full ooooo of arty farty shit,,,,

a response from lorraine and fredy perlman, published in 1989:

"1. we name the system;

2. we explain why the capitalist system needs wars of intervention to survive;

3. we point to the necessity of a revolutionary transfer of power in all capitalist institutions;

4. we discuss openly the road to power, including the shape of the alternative society we wish to build,

5. we build our independent forms of organization which can present our views."

The book goes on to write an unnumbered 12 point program:

"Unite with real friends against real enemies!

U.S. Get out of the colony, recognize the Party!

End fascist repression of the oppressed communities!

Free all political prisoners!

Support for liberation!

Free the leader and all political prisoners!

No more surtax!

Independence for the colony!

Solidarity with the conspiracy!

Learn from the people,

Serve the people,

Become one with the people!"

- fredy perlman in "The Manual for Revolutionary Leaders"
*About the above quotes: "Fredy and I compiled quotes from the writings of these New Leftists and the leaders they were trying to emulate. We arranged them in a logical sequence and presented them as a Manual for Revolutionary Leaders. Michael Velli was alleged to be the author of this text. The logic of power-seeking turned a statement by Hitler, Mussolini, Ho or Lenin into an appropriate conclusion to a paragraph begun by New Left militants writing in The Guardian, New Lell Notes or other journals.

The purpose of this compilation was to criticize the direction of our contemporaries’ radical activity. We assumed that when the lust for power was shown to result inescapably from the development of the leftists’ mild-sounding starting principles, the goal of seeking state power would be discredited. It turned out that we were naive. An alarming number of readers missed the point and in the second printing of M. Velli’s Manual we listed the sources of the quotes. If readers were going to aspire to state power, we wanted them to identify correctly their successful predecessors.

- Lorraine Perlman"

in general:
1. accept the significant irrelevance of pro-revolutionary (or anarchist, whatever you like) efforts in most of humanities comings and goings
2. accept the significant irrelevance of pro-revolutionary efforts to the functioning of capital
3. accept that what effect anarchists and their conscious efforts do have on the world may be thrown into the social order and may make it stronger
4. accept that individual existence is the most significant area of reality you can place your hands on
5. it is important to not be alone, it is good to be open to strangers and kind to the elderly
6. accept: the position of the anarchist is deeply conditioned by THIS world
7. remember: the old faith of the anarchist in the ability of real human beings in running their own lives means to accept their wretchedness, warts and all
8. remember: the creation myth of progress
9. remember: humanity freed from state & capital must oppose productive mobilization
10. the left continues to be the most important obstacle to consider
11. the idea of anti-politics was worthwhile, take it up again and prevent its weaponization into further politics (of any stripe)
12. truly, when flags and banners and websites bludgeon one to "do something" it is better to do: nothing

1-12: there is no "doing nothing," there is no choice but involve oneself in whatever humble capacity one can

One - For starters I’d like to see a real living model of anarchism that people can see and relate to. (In a personal response to the world around me attempting to understand this stuff has been a sort of hobby of mine for the past few years. Maybe I’m just dense, but I have to confess that I’m as confused as ever). I think if people had something to point to in modern times then maybe these ideas could get further along. Everyday people know dogs from cats, but do they know what anarchism is? It’s got to be about that simple. I’ll be damned if could define it! One down, eleven to go.

in english, it is easy to speak of what things are doing without having to understand 'the doer'; e.g. 'it is raining'; i.e. but what is the nature of 'it'? 'Katrina is ravaging New Orleans', but what is the nature of 'Katrina'. 'Farmer John produces wheat', ... but what is the nature of 'farmer John'?.

Logical propositions are tautologies; i.e. the question of what produces wheat is answered by "farmer John".

"“The propositions of logic are tautologies (6.1), and hence say nothing (6.11). Any attempt to give content to logical propositions is misguided. That they are true shows itself in their structure, and this structure helps us to understand the formal properties of language and the world (6.12). We cannot express anything by means of logical propositions.” — Wittgenstein

'relations are all there is'. relational activities within the transforming relational continuum are targets for science-minded english speakers to put labels on and notionally infuse into these relational activities, 'independently-existing beings' [spooks] that are imagined as 'doers of deeds'. [Nietzsche's 'double error of grammar'].

Point #1,2,3, ...12; Get it out of your head that anarchists are 'doers of deeds'.

"I’d like to see a real living model of anarchism that people can see and relate to"

That's hands down what I've been feeling about it, lately. If it's no longer associable with a counterculture, even with queer having become stenuously integrationnist if not conservative, what is there left as tendency, beyond street hobos maybe, that could be claimed consistently as "anarchistic"... at least in the US and Canada?

While there's still a few punks, queer and even some hipsters that I could respects as pragmatic about their anarchist struggle, these tendencies no longer associate with it into practice and by default.

So where's anarchy? Those who train-hop, or live on an autonomous farming project?

Let's remember that it's not just about cultural practices that we deem anarchistic or are being tuned into something that's "anarchist"; but also about how they contribute to create a life-form, a mean of sustenance and even well-being, for those taking part in it.

They have nothing to do with each other. Living is simply activity, relating, becoming and belonging. Anarchism is part all the other elective/proposed political-economic born isms. Anarchism and anarchy are two different things.

Totally agree! Also emile's ideas concerning anarchy and the subtle interplay of language's foundational role in modelling living positive interplay between individuals and the environment they exist within, and the symbiotic relationship with the biosphere, in other words, the indigenous anarchy he often mentions and of course Sir E's -becoming and belonging paradigm. I can't see any other comments here worthy of replying to.

PS I cant see any other comments here cos I have my head up my ass, oooo

Yes and no. To elaborate, and I don't mean to sound condescending, I used to have this same perception of anarchism, when I regarded it as a system of living, in other words a rigid ideological set of rules and ethics I had to pursue and obey. "a real living model of anarchism that people can see and relate to" is taking the path of obedience to a blue-print, "a real living model " is contradictory because a "model" resembles a statue, a materialistic static frozen representation far removed from "a real living model' from organic social relational dynamics. Not saying that in the context of artistic expression a statue can evoke and express deep emotional and cognitive ideas, such as Moore's, Duchamps and works like the outstretched hands, I'm not really into "Art" and artists as an identity per se, everyone is an artist, just to get that clear, which the trolls don't understand. Its just that these people, Moore, Duchamp etc couldn't care less about the trendy "arty-farty" types, they have grasped the essential nature of the engaging with and becoming part of the creative intersubjective web of living and expressing within the community.
If one train hops its out of neccesity I assume, though I knew this guy, PB actually, who did it as a kick, an ego-trip, he didn't have to really get to some place, he was no different to the trendy wine sipping arty farty types, but he looked like a hobo. And I've known autonomous hippyish farmers who first made a heap of cash in management jobs on large salaries and then became simple 'connected with the earth' green activists, strangly none of them ever got their hands dirty or calloused, some poor bastard would be paid basic wage by them. And then are the genuine folk doing all of these things, and one finally realizes it all comes down to personal consciousness and ones depth of empathy with our fellow being on earth, which is a nurtured quality, and one sees the terrible plight the world is in now, the what children are taught and how they are treated which will continue the cycle of anger and sadness and frustration and the hopelessness of the lost souls a billion times over, yet we love them because we know that once they were innocent, its so sad,,,,,,sorry,,,,, I went off at a tangent then,,,,,

I think I'm going to cry boo hoo hoo mommy boo hoo hoo I don't hav any balls boo hoo hoo

Oops "a materialistic static frozen representation far removed from "a real living model' from organic social relational dynamics." should be ---"a materialistic static frozen representation far removed from organic social relational dynamics."

Another typo "should be "Not saying that in the context of artistic expression a statue CAN'T evoke and express deep emotional and cognitive ideas, "

I make all these typos cos I jerk off to Mat Boner all day

... You're rambling for multiple paragraphs at a troll who clearly despises you.

No I'm not feeding the troll, except the one sentence about anartist troll, I just ignore it.

Anyway the collective usually delete the meaningless comments,,,,,

Some of them are humorous, as most TOTW comments tend to be.
1} Make people laugh

Its a noble pursuit

"Its a noble pursuit"

Yep! If most anarchist in NA would have managed to combine humor and anarchist critique I think we would have been way better off globally. But the "movement" has been dominated by wooden, humorless Protestant-like activist types and I think that's been wayyy detrimental to the spirit and energies of many anarchs.

"Its a noble pursuit"


Exactly what's been missing with the millenial anarchoids I've been seeing in my part of NA for a long while. Protestant-like superstiff chicks and nerds don't create the most vibrant energies around, but even them can improve their behavior and learn to laugh. What's life without laughs?

"Let's put a smile on this face!"

HaHaHaHa Yes and no having your head up your ass, I correct myself then, halfway up your ass

Hahahahah yeah a community is about sitting and laughing at ourselves and life in general, you know, the "Life of Brian" scene hanging on the cross, no kidding, I always look at the bright side of life, its the net for Christ's sake, how could anyone take something personal seriously, unless someone is trying to murder or rape you. Also the scene in that movie "Apocalypto", at the start, that sort mindset is such a refreshing way to build camaraderie and at the same time give advice to someone which transcends fixed rules and rigid moral codes. Classrooms out in the open-air practicing mutual skills and teaching trans-generationally the broad regional Weltanschauung.
1} Make people laugh
2]Develop and attain a sense of humor

I guess I thought it might be helpful (maybe for no one other than myself) to see how these ideas can become pragmatic - and possibly more appealing? OK, back to work :)

By avoiding an inheritance of the semantic traditions of the Western world, and because language precedes consciousness, yes, the Rojavan event, by its autonomous intuitive genesis, will take a different path away from the metastasis of a belief system and forge a new paradigm.

Thanks for the reply.....
It will be some time (I'm afraid) before I can define my points 2-12, lol....

Join Twitter, attack outspoken male anarchists in your neighborhood. Never confront them face to face due to agoraphobia and constant art school deadlines.

It's Going Down 12 Points Between the Balls and the Asshole:
1. Build a popular base of support
2. Community Self Defense
3. Community Self Government
4. Mutual Aid and Communal Solidarity
5. Balance security culture and open mass organizing
6. Create network of communes or liberated neighborhoods
7. Use Rojava as an example
8. Get ordinary people involved in their own liberation
9. Train for self-defense
10. Find ways to feed the people
11. Check police abuses
12. Do what is necessary to get people’s attention and inspire them to believe that they can free themselves.

I like most of this except for the Rojava part, not that I'm opposed to analyzing the experiments going on there but it's a very specific set of social conditions and the constant leftist grandstanding about it sometimes feels contrived to me.

Seems like the minds of anarcho-leftists are completely imprevious to any consideration of context... According to them we can make '30s Spain happen in some over-developped NA big city, coz history classes and sociology are lame.

For the record you're responding to an "anarcho-leftist". I don't really identify as such but considering I get accused of it all the time, it's probably at least partially true. Or perhaps its more accurate to say, I've been straw-manned as one many, many times because I think being lumpenprole is pretty relevant to the rest of my analysis. So here's one leftist who DOES look at context ;)

Sure there's a world of differences between approaching the world through an ideological abstraction taken from authors, and interpreting one's conditions through theoretical abstractions based on a study of social realities (like when calling yourself "lumpen" when you live in the conditions of a lumpen).

Exactly. Never learned about class in no classroom, naw mean?!

Remembering everything and learning nothing -- the 1970's U.S. fringe left, Black Panther groupie division rides again...

Rev Left CAN'T fail, you right-winger!!! So why leanring from past mistakes and failures where they simply don't exist? Spanish Civil War is still on, brah! Wake up and ORGANIZE the workers! Anarchy is order.

Vote union.

Yep, I figured that out also, when he signed off with ---vote union---His basic conclusion was that anyone who didn't vote union was living in a fantasy world.

1. learn how shit authority/capitalism/hierarchy is. authority is shit but knowing about it is empowering
2. care about someone, maybe they are on the margins
3. the world is trying to kill them. The world is causing them untold suffering. The world is destroying their vast potential.
4. try not to drown in suffering while you try to grow and share life with the people you care about
5. fail
6. now you're no good at life in your old world and unable to take on the anarchist life fully
7. fail more deeply
8. fail with catastrophic consequences
9. try to allow yourself to hope that things won't get worse, but it's too scary and unrealistic
10. compromise yourself or they die. you used to think you wouldn't compromise for anything, but when it comes down to it, and there's a life and the decision is here and now, you choose the life
11. too busy trying not to let things get worse to do anything resembling 'praxis'
12. write this comment on

I feel this! It's tough to find any time to do more than survive, I've spent many years wrestling with this problem. One of the reasons I keep trying is because of my anger when I think about how it's deliberate. You're not supposed to have any time to fight back while wage-slaving. The hampster wheel is supposed to be a perfect continuum all the way to the grave and somewhere out there are smug, rich fucks who know this and laugh about it. Picturing this effigy gives me that extra little bit of motivation.

PS. I'm one of the only douchebags around here who drops the P word on the regular so you might be referring to my posts.

For centuries ' democrat' and ' democracy' were political swear-words. Now its the turn of ' anarchist' and ' anarchy'. Oh well. No good deed goes unpunished.

Now, as for playing semantic games under the dubious authority of some fringe scientists, its POLITICAL-ECONOMY not QUANTUM-GRAVITY!

Please stop spamming this NEWS site with crackpot nonsense. Tia.

"For centuries ' democrat' and ' democracy' were political swear-words."


1- Being gay.
2- Hanging out with a bunch of gays who like to wear black
3- maybe a mustache will do
4- do nothing else but occasional text editing/design, and rare broken windows or spraypaint, of course on easy target that never hit big pockets.
5- be a serial deadbeat, coz it makes you feel edgy n shit.
6- postering/graffiti in backstreets. Once or twice a year.
7- be an undercover cop or informant... But not to any benefit of anarchists.
8- brag about insurrecto shit you actually never did, or never will do
9- "praxis" what is that? lol
10- act and look like a total snitch, but pretend not being one and keep inventing a bunch of fluff to justify yourself and make believe you're anti-cop (just those in uniform).
11- Bookfair, bookfair, bookfair.

Your feelings sound hurt

That was actually an attempt at satire. But I always put some emotional intensity to it.

Funniest thing Ive read today - a Libcom thread on “Marxist Crisis Theory & the Falling Rate of Profit - Questions and Answers” has 57 comments.

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