Topic of the Week: Your Favorite Anarchist Media

  • Posted on: 14 November 2016
  • By: thecollective

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Anarchist Media Right Now?

We’ve had a topic of the week regarding the role of anarchist media in the past, but this week is focused on your personal favorite—a “Best of” compilation by you the commenters.

Books, pamphlets & zines, news articles, music, films, vlogs, podcasts, Surrealist paintings, Dadaist subway performers, subversive puppet shows, comics, pirate radio stations, etc…. The list of anarchist media is expansive and inexhaustible.

What is your current favorite piece of anarchist media? Was it produced recently? If it is older, what makes it so relevant or important to you today? Is it something you’ve known about for a while? If so has it been your favorite since you discovered it or did you warm up to it more over time? How did you discover it?

Do you have a different all-time favorite piece of anarchist media? Why has it had such a lasting impression over you? How does nostalgia affect your fondness for media you feel has been important in your life as an anarchist, and are you still able to enjoy (or have you moved beyond) that media today?

If there capitalist-driven or non-anarchist media that blows your favorite anarchist media out of the water? Are there ways that anarchists could achieve a higher level of quality in media without submitting to the more recuperative or exploitative aspects of capitalist-driven media?



SubMedia has been kicking ass.
ANews is about at the very bottom of my list.

Another vote for submedia here! I've been watching the stim and their crew hurling feces at the enemy and backslapping all the right people for like 7 or 8 years now. Tireless efforts, inspiring those for whom inspiration is often hard to come by. Passing around the water jug to people dying of thirst in the desert, you know?

I'm an individualist anarchist and my personal diary is the most awesome piece of media I create every day. It kicks more ass than any other anarchist media IMHO ;)

Enemies of Society

Insurrection News, It's Going Down, 325, Contra Info..anything besides @news really.

Infoshop News, Libcom and other sites that don't moderate as much as this one.

really? i never see ANY comments on the articles at infoshop news. i used to frequent that site years ago when there was a lively comment section.... am I missing where the discussions are at there?

It was a dig at the moderation here. This site was founded on not being excessive moderators like the two examples I gave. There has been attempts at conversations at Infoshop News in the later years, but they can't pick up steam because Chuck0 has to comment on everything that comes through and give his two cents on every idea and if he disagrees with you, he makes up reasons to delete your comments, like this site does.

Power corrupts

Personally, I like reading all the Facebook posts that come from Facebook groups on stuff. It makes me feel like I'm participating. I usually put a big heart next to the posts, that me!


I don't read its going down because it is just a bunch of angry liberals. Yeah, we get it, Obama wasn't so bad.

Or am I thinking of Vice magazine. Same difference.

If you can't see the editorial difference there, you might have a head injury. Vice got bought by newscorp ffs

Looks the same to me. Same people, same crap, boring. I'm sorry you like it. Vice is more fun because people smoke weed and make jokes, but basically the same politics.

It's the same except Vice is for-profit, commercial magazine run and largely staffed by phallocratic jerks who made a carreer out of profiting from the hype of radicalism and the counterculture. They have no single allegiance or positionning in anarchism whatsoever. They got their offices in expensive lofts and are paid by wealthy investors like Rupert Murdoch...

But beyond that, they're the same, yes... Don't ask me how tho.

I didn't say I like it, I said there's an editorial difference that's pretty plain to me. Vice still tends to reinforce most law-and-order narratives when covering dissent.

Lol at all the folx shitting on @news. Predictable. Still funny tho.

I mainly come here to enjoy the trolling, flame wars and emile. I don't care about stupid urgent crap like North Dakota or North Carolina or whatever state that is. My favorite person is that "pussy" fellow, but I also like the angry leftist that hates on Sir Einzige and The Biceps Critic or whatever name he uses now. We need to give that guy his own blog.

On behalf of all the angry leftists who ever did that, I accept in absentia!

Books mainly, but best movie was Clockwork Orange showing the Ludovico Technique of brainwashing, so I'm wary of the visual/audio medium, its too open for the insertion of subliminal propaganda in ones own ontological investigations, the spanner in ones psychic process of settling into ones spacial non-binary existential realm. Everything created is only a model for entertainment, really serious anarch delving is by meditation only, it must be devoid of all the spectacular ' feelgood ' media influence. Thus @news comes in a close second due to the fact that a few of the other regulars are anti-binary thinkers.

reading "unruly equality" right now by andrew cornell and it pretty much kicks ass. i am finding it to be comforting given current circumstances to realize how far we have come tho.
i also completely adore the movie "rouge baisser." lil but commie for me but i believe holds the spirit i am drawn to.
i also liked what previous guy said about meditation. i think to improve the world we must begin at home and thus with ourselves.
i guess i just want my news to give me straight facts as tho that were even possible so i dont feel like i hav to translate but then isnt that part of living in society anyway.

Thanks, Bob Black and Hakim Bey praise meditation, abolishing work (wage slave variety) and commodity fetish would definitely prepare the grounds for an emergence of autonomous zones ideal for the exercise of meditation and the imaginative creation of utilities and sustenance in a spirit of harmony, but with some crusty edges so it never becomes or intends to become a smoothly running, sterile, homogenized and boring Utopia, the neo-liberal unattainable goal in other words.
And what history of NA anarchism would not include Bookchin's attack on lifestyle anarchism, the old leftist ideological class war vs the resurgence of individual ontology and DIY.
Stirner's book The Ego and his Own is a must read for any fledgling anarch.

"Modern Slavery" gets my vote for most substantive north american anarchist journal, followed by "My Own"..."The Match" is still a reliable source of anarchist humor and (some) intelligent analysis, despite Fred Woodworth's moralism...."the title of "It's Going Down" (both the website and the shoddilly-produced zine) undoubtedly refers to the quality of anarchist writing...the zine, in particular, sucks: sure, the 21st-century is a fucked up place, but complete silence would have been a more dignified option than this embarrassing, guilt-ridden garbage!

i look at Anews (out of loyalty) and IGD (to be trendy and read about actions that used to get posted here).

I also really value and appreciate Dialectical Delinquent. Funnily enough, I reached out for a friendly interview with an editor once and was rebuffed. They told me to "find my own project", which was thought-provoking at least. Still don't think I've found one

That's simply because I don't do interviews - never have; it's a kind of fetishism of individual-rebel celebrity status. You'd be most welcome to ask me questions about myself in private if you want - through emails, but I'm not into making a spectacle of myself - parading my not particularly interesting life in public.

C'mon sweetie, don't be shy, you can make a spectacle in front of me anytime honeybunch. Who needs a public when you have me, dictate over me babe!

Where do people go where they can discuss anarchism and the anarchist movement besides ANews??? That's the reason I still visit this site (even though i have to wade through emile et al to find the actual anarchist discussions), but i wish there was somewhere else, because the mods here have killed the discussion community here over time.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

There is no quick fixes but in order to actually start a new discussion forum in today's climate and have it pick up steam, it would help to have the backing of some sort of established media. The anti-politics forum worked out well because it was started by several magazines (Killing King Abacus, Willful Disobedience, Against Sleep and Nightmare) and attracted writers from other media to come by, AJODA being the biggest example, but also Green Anarchy. Mix in a few random academic types and a few random theorists without any real projects and you have a working forum. There is also the face-to-face connection, as many of the primary participants knew each other face to face.

What I'm saying is there isn't any good discussion forums at the moment. Most have become tightly controlled as anarchists have slowly insulated themselves from flame wars. It is kind of an interesting phenomenon considering most anarchists are supposed to be challenging hierarchies, but then uncritically enforce hierarchy, even developing a hatred of trolls instead of a hatred of excessive moderation.

However, to establish a user-friendly discussion forum that favors trolls, there has to be bait for noobs to come on in and start a conversation. The very basis of trolling is boredom with the same tired ass shit being repeated, same boring questions from people new to the bulletin, forum or whatever. Same stupid people saying the same crap all the time, over and over and moderation not responding to what appears to be a mix of stasis and decline in discussion by trying to find new ways to attract people.

It could very well be the frustrations that set in when the anarchs came, that established the constant daily trolling, which in turn causes more trolling because trolling is happening and its fun, then the moderators deleting comments and imposing bans with no conversation on the subject, no outline of what or how we are expected to behave, there is literally no rules here. No one knows what to expect, except through guessing from the constant comment deletions done. Thus the decline and the only conversations going on here are of interest to the anarchs.

Yeah, 2nd this. I'm one of the many people who spent quite a bit of time arguing with "anarchs" here.

First, it was in good faith and then I just flamed them because they're beneath serious discussion and finally just the occasional quip like "thats super creepy, coming from an apologist for pedophilia". The moderator's positions seemed to be that I had to "prove allegations" against people or else my comments get deleted because I don't use a screen-name. The quote was something like "at least with ziggy, emile, etc, we know what to expect". Yeah … I face-palmed for awhile after I read that.

None of it made much sense, seemed to hinge on a semi-acknowledged bias against anon-posting (which is pretty fucking strange in the context of anews) and I gradually decided to spend less energy here because why bother?

Yes you are better off staying away and moralizing on some other site that's for sure. Good bye now.

Oh I'm not going anywhere. If your reading comprehension was a bit higher, you'd notice I said that I spend less energy debating with shithead trolls who are incapable of good-faith discussion. Just picking my battles these days, thats all ;)

Yeah, it makes no sense. They are the ones that control if we are anonymous or not, yet they choose to punish us for choosing to remain anonymous. This is some serious Yahweh management here. Weird, vague, hypocritical, imposed like an absolute authority, contradictory. There isn't much one can draw from how they manage this site except they seem to treat it like a chore they hate to do, yet are more than enthusiastic to do, like a hate they love. They probably should change hands in management again if they hate it so much.

The Brilliant is defiantly my favorite piece of @media right now. Really enjoy the new direction the show is headed in with dong more interviews with people.

If that show wasn't already a sausage party I'd sure volunteer for an interview, even if that means having my voiceprint recorded for DHS profiling, but it's such a drag that they're so Ancient Greece...

I'll reconsider when there's a better ratio of female participants.

omg wanna psychoanalyze their relationship?! imsodown.
or moreover who would you want to be on the show? like ideally.

For me, Black And Green Review is the best anarchist journal.Fifth Estate is still worth reading.AJODA is not what it used to be.There are some interesting items in Modern Slavery. The online The Anarchist Library is a diverse resource.I listen to Anarchy Radio every Tuesday evening.The Final Straw Radio has some interesting broadcasts.TheBrilliant is not always brilliant,but it is interesting.Crimethinc and IGD should not be ignored.I miss FREE RADICAL RADIO,but I think their podcasts are still available.I do not dismiss any of the various strains of anarchist theory or practice.No one has all the right answers and no one always asks the right questions.

great source for articles about ppl resisting and destroying atm machines etc. has a few interesting threads a week.

> has a few interesting threads a week.
It also has literal stalinists. I'm all for engaging in discussion outside of our bubbles, but I feel like half the people on leftypol are worse than the majority of people on here, and that's saying something.

I miss anokchan. T_T

Same here. Maybe something will come up in the future that is similar

Anarchy in the chans tends to become a haven for alt-right and paedophiles. The form factor is bad... in itself it paves way for authoritarianism, through a hampering to articulate discussion. Hence why you got right-wing or left-wing authoritarians.

Looks interesting.

Still too much red. People who can't think of a black flag without red remind me too much of /r/anarchism crypto-tankies...

FreeRadRadio!! I really miss bellamy and rydra both. Fifth Estate, The Ex Worker, The Final straw, and other of course a-news for the comedy show comments!

Magpies steampunk zine and stick figures

I think The Ex-Worker is the better balanced that remains focused on the question of what anarchism gets to be in today's world while addressing some critical issues of insurgent theory. While they are bordering on the Left they've kept the more egoist perspectives in sight, and also are well balanced sex-wise. Both TEW and TFS had issues of being robotic for a while, but they improved their styles with time, that benefited from the "competition" of FRR (that's been perhaps the best anarchist show in recent times, at least for a few months).

the comment section here and sometime thebrilliant even though it's not as brilliant as the name suggests.

I don't think anarchist media is what's been lacking over the recent years in NA. Their outreach and broadcast is another story, but what's been lacking significantly more was real-life communes and other projects.

yea word thats so tru what would you wanna see i guess i have some ideas.

Despite the tension between the two projects, IGD website for action/news, and The Brilliant podcast for discussion/history/cattiness. Occasionally Mask Magazine, crimethinc, 325, Conta Info, Insurrection news.

Anything new from Lucha No Feik as well.

What is mask magazine and don't you have to pay for it? Someone mentioned they were like an online subscription magazine.

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