TOTW: creative holiday avoidance

  • Posted on: 25 December 2017
  • By: thecollective

Some of us don't do Christmas. Some of us have rejected holidays as obligatory time with Loved Ones(tm), etc, and just hide in our homes avoiding commercials and sappy music (or only listen to detourned sappy music, which can be awesome). Some of us just bare knuckle it every year, avoiding calls from our families as the year draws to a close, while others have clearly and decisively said “NO” and don't get harassed any more.
What is your most creative way to deal with this (and other) seasons of obligatory merrymaking and family time and saccharine eggnog, etc?
Give us hints? Or just tell us funny stories about things you've tried that worked or didn't.



I try to avoid the Holidays by working on them. Holiday pay can be 2.5 times the normal rate of pay! I know that this all involves being a damn cog in the capitalist machine, but at least it is a way to make money instead of just spending it on obligatory nonsense.

with one sentence...
i remember doing that too, when i had that kind of job. people could hate on your boss with you, while you made money, and avoided aggravating social interactions. more recently i've heard about co-workers having to socialize with each other during these days (different kind of job, obviously), but at least it's not family...

Those who would reject the ages old workerist tradition of Christmas and associated holidays are emblematic of the current fascist creep that has infected anarchist spaces.

to all the anarchists who refuse to work. Fuck those who do! Peace to all vegan prisoners.

To me anarchy was always the holidays the whole year around. Which implies doing everything that Xmas is a pretense Only workerist religious fanatics would remain at their jobs while everyone outside is just having lazy dayz. And also potlatchs and free-sharing the whole time, having fun in the snow and partying, partying, partying.

Fucking religious fanatics are as bad as their fascist antagonists.

Twice the pay, double the fall. lol

"Xmas is a pretense for."

Best wishes to everyone on @news and all the best for 2018 !

I'm so drunk right now, I can't feel my testicles.

I try to keep in mind that most of what I hate about Christmas has to do with its commodification... like much else in life. And its motifs are ugly as dick.

Way to get some money. Less work bigger salary. This year i got only one day to work so rest of the time i spent reading and writing. One zine and one article translation. Every year it's very productive time for me!


That has brought you closer to abolishing capitalism and its servitude to commodity?

the post you're responding to is answering a totw question (perhaps you'd be better to criticize the question -- which doesn't take on how to combat capitalism during the holidays?)...
what's your answer on how to avoid bullshit obligatory social time? maybe you could speak to how the question plays into an increasingly atomized and disconnected tendency that people usually associate with social media these days? so many interesting directions you could go in, really. how about you try even just one of them?
signed, thecollective .4

Well, saddly the situation is still that i ain't publishing, distributing and sharing the theory and praxis of our sweet anarchy only with holy spirit, need cash for it also. So the answer is yes! Again it has happened as shocking it might sound to you.


Tell that to your cousins, nephews, grandchildren... and even the comrades too! If they got brains to get what it's all about!!!!

(even engineers and electricians do, btw, but music theoricians got somewhat close)

Tonite I wrote it in the snow in front of a main water pumping station. This is LIT!

The experts that are electicians and engineers DON'T get the true nature of electricity. Only philosophers, hippies and some anarchists can.

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