TOTW: Enforcing Social Norms

What are good anarchist responses to people you share spaces with with behaviors you don't like, opinions you disagree with, or principles you don't share?

If you haven't heard, yesterday at the Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair someone stole every copy of Atassa from Little Black Cart. Later in the evening it was discovered that someone pepper-sprayed the inside of Aragorn's tent. Is this an example of a good anarchist response?

Last month a well-known anarchist group 'doxed' an online persona solely for 'getting involved with the US-based "The Society Dispatch" Facebook group blog' (i.e., for associating with eco-extremism). Unfortunately they thoroughly doxed the wrong person, posting the personal identifying information of a completely unrelated person including multiple photos of their children (with tiny black boxes covering their eyes and nose and thus totally hiding their identity).* Is this a good example of what anarchists do when they don't agree with someone?

These are only two recent examples that obviously illustrate cliquishness and covert exertion of authority based on in-groups and social capital. I don't mean to suggest that anarchists have some sacred duty to never attack other anarchists; rather I mean to suggest that anarchists have no good answer for how to establish desirable social norms without covertly replicating the same patterns of authority and group-think they claim out loud to reject.

So what are some better alternatives for how to respond to people we just don't like?

* special thanks to anon 05/13 20:54 for pointing this out.

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