TOTW: I'm in Labor!

  • Posted on: 2 September 2018
  • By: SUDS

Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country.

Let those words sink in for a moment.

Today, in neighborhoods across the country everyone but the labor force will have the day off. The smell of cheap meat will blanket the gentrified neighborhoods that look like someone got a degree in copy-and-paste.

In a book titled "The Organization Man," published in 1956, we are introduced to a labor attitude that has completely dissolved today. We see a person who lets their individuality and personal life become dominated by the organization they work for. In it we find the roots of the myth that a janitor can one one day become the CEO.

During the Great Rail Road Strike of 1877 approximately 100 union members were murdered while standing up against militias, police, and soldiers. This is hardly the only example of the labor movement putting the lives of its members on the line.

Today however, you won't be seeing any union-members negotiating with their lives, and it seems unlikely there will ever be a rebirth.

I apologize to the propagandist still shouting that we should seize the means of production for what I am about to say because I fear that I might be threatening their job.

Yet, without stable living conditions, or job security, community organizing is a forgotten dream. If we are cold and hungry the foundation of long-term relationship building in a single town will fade from memory as we are forced to move from place to place. Thus, trust built face to face is becoming an increasingly rare commodity.

Would the threat of losing your job or house be too much to face? What if you were forced to skip town and rebuild your relationships, like the Organization Man, from the ground up?

Is a solitary labor of love enough, or will you need something--or someone--more?



In before the intellectuals and nihilists!! Ooooommmmmmggggggooooood, gimme gimme gimme, i need meat meat cheap meat and balloons and paper streamers to feed the frenzied workerist puppet slave I have become.

This is a seriously incoherent little rant, bereft of connected ideas.

Also, commas and hyphens: how do they work?

What separates me as anarchist from any workerist chump:

Everyday to me should be Labor Day, Shabbat, Christmas, Earth Day and why not Halloween too. But let's also analyze why do these bullshit holidays exist, and more precisely how they differ, or were outsourced from the more traditional holidays rooted in working on the land.

The bottom line with any leftist normie's studipity is how they reproduce the good ol Protestant morality that not only we should live for work, more than working to live, but that even hard work is a basic condition to live. Virginia settlers, unlike the New England Protestants, got rich and famous out of making others work, but also due to the fact that tobacco is an easily-grown and harvested plant under the right conditions. It produces so much... Just collect the dead leaves and flower petals and you get some fine smoking tobacco out of it. And pick up oldest bottom leaves and that'll make the plant grow more leaves.

But for a lesser terrible example than Virginia, there's the natives of northern Turtle Island, who lived well just by collecting naturally-grown fruits and doing huntiing work that was more like a game than a job... and involved more waiting and tricking, liek when fishing. There are records from early French settlers, reporting on how the nomadic tribes were seeing the hard farming work of the Iroquois as pointless waste of efforts. To them they were similar to workerists.

Working hard is its own self-maintained system. You work hard for sophisticated, compartmented processes that require working hard to be productive through it, to make it profitable. But you also get owned in the process as the ways to get rich out of it require less hard work and more "cun" and social skills, knowing and understanding the games of power dynamics. This ain't a society where brave workers get rich, but wily rats like Trump do. Eventually any industrial production process becomes exploitable by the few. That's roughly what happened in Medieval Europe, putting aside the religious profits element that also playued a central role.

The most important part here is how workerists haven't yet realized how life is short and fragile. That the recovery agencies won't be going after you for your debts when you're dead, lol. But they'll also have a really hard time tracking you down when you live off-the-grid, like as a nomad; tho if you stay within the confines of working for the rent and bills, well you'll remained their captive. They you end up just helping to reproduce the same old system. Big bravo, normie.

Blow up your life as a hard-working, law-abiding citizen... it just makes you more compromised and weaker, day by day. Your only future as a sheep is a boot stomping your face, over and over.

"Local Mtl maoist comrades, silence the fuck out of this troll at once!!!"'ll have to wait a bit for this. ;-)

I hate people who use the word plebe.

They can't help their ignorance and stupidity, and they ARE lovable, BUT THEY ARE STILL FUCKING PLEBES, PEASANTS, SHEEP, DUPES, you name it!

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