TOTW: May Day and other memories

  • Posted on: 1 May 2017
  • By: thecollective

This May Day, we are taking a look at the remembrance of things past. Anarchist commemorations, celebrations, and events that have garnered an annual follow-up or situations that may.

How was your May Day? Did you call in sick to work? Participate in building the general strike? Support striking workers in a march? How do we remember and celebrate as anarchists? What are you remembering? What are you celebrating?

Are there other anarchist commemorations throughout the year that you have a strong connection with?

An incomplete list of anarchist remembrances throughout the year:

- December 6th (Greece – Alexis Grigorpoulos)
- March 29th (Chile – Day of the Young Combatant)
- December 31st (International - prison noise demos)
- June 11th (International - Long-term support for anarchist prisoners)

What else?

Please feel free to share some May Day related personal experiences and report backs here that might not make it to the general news feed; or tales from prior years and what made it a memorable experience.

Happy May Day and beyond from thecollective



The anarchist PR project, Agency is doing a nice job of keeping track of a bunch of May Day related stories from around the world here:

Being now an agnostic anarchist, and also due to a major presence of RCP red heading the march, I had to abstain from participating in this ritual that's been for so long vastly dominated by the Left Unity paradigm.

As I stood by watching a peaceful procession of so-called anticaps escorted on all sides by the pigs, I imagined a world whre this May Day thing just doeen't exist, or at least not as such a lame circle to start the summer.

In other news, I attended a neat street party/potlatch that blocked a major commercial street for about an hour. There was a band of music students playing some very fine jazz, and if there would have been more musicians and other performers, I guess the party could have lasted for quite a while...

The whole thing was completely anarchistic and clandestine, organized by a buncha nice, non-pretentious young students from the downtown campus, and it made a lotta passersbies cheer and some even got into the dance, including some (restaurant barman?) who was really into the dances.

Too bad it didn't turn full-on mardi gras (but who knows what's next?), but hey that even never pretended being anything else than what it wanted to be, namely a wild party that's resisting the flows of cars for a while, and it succeeded at that.

I find it noteworthy that all of the usual insurrecto-anarcho elites in town, save but a few, were nowhere to be seen. Which is kinda good since neither the RCP was there, and the cops took a long time to even show up!

Got pics if you'd like, as it did happen.

Btw that clandestine street party was a few days back, not today. And yeah I forgot to put my pen name above...

Mid April occurs just before Mayday - its a useful mnemonic

Seattle was weak this year, although there was a kick ass bloc party outside the youth jail.

The fascists have it out for anarchists now that Trump is elected. They will come for us first. No one will speak up. Next they will come for another minority group. No one will speak up.

We shall see how far this goes.

On May day In San Jose, I had a bit of a meltdown when I discovered that not only had the Democrats/Police co-opted our march, but that several Anarchist, socialist, Indigenous organizations/groups were blindly marching lock in step with the police. I was decrying this. You, the anarchists flying the purple and black flags, tried to console me and said something to me. If you can please respond to this message by reposting what you had said to me we can try to reconnect. Sorry I was too disgusted to stick around and be led by the nose by a bunch of cops.

Now listen here, all anarchists obey a law of some kind, like driving on the correct side of the road. Sheesh, the cops were trying to save their lives so that they weren't run over by a schizoid fascist.
I slept with an anarchist cop once, they're OK.

Any real anarchist is politically nihilist or at least relativistic, which means that they be following laws only out of strategic necessity, and according to their own will and rationality.

Like I usually don't give a fuck about cycling against traffic, as long as it ain't too much a busy street.
I'd say I'm often biking really fast and dangerously, with some acrobatics, just because it gives me the kicks... it's fun and crazy direct anarchy on two wheels. But also I think because a bike accident is 50x times less lethal than a car accident can be. Obviously I ain't full nihilist enough to be driving a car full speed against the traffic on an highway.. but who in his-her right mind would do that, or why!? Oh yeah... Perhaps the ITS would. But they're also not anarchists, only sociopathic maniacs.

SO no, having a level of awareness of the consequences of my actions and acting responsively has nothing to do with following laws. It's a pretty universal propension unrelated to any specific legal context.

Wow Bikeboy, are you a circus cyclist in the clown costume? You've obviously never HAD a bike accident, a REAL bike accident, like an engine-powered bike hitting a car at 80 km per hour " bike accident?" Anecdotally, a couple of cops scrapped me off the road once when I had a REAL bike accident, and you know what tough-guy, I love them YEAH, I freakin' love them. By the way, you are correct, there is no legal context at the centre of the big tent arena covered in sawdust, none at all !!!

Who're you to be riding engine-assisted bikes... a cripple? Of course I meant bicycles, human-powerred bikes! I ain't no circus freak but I'm a kinda freak with some sort of costume that doean't fit too much within the dominant subcultures.

And yeah I've been having some serious accidents from contact with cars. Didja know these oil pollution machines are the biggest cause of deaths globally, outside of murderous regimes?

Malaria is, oh wait, you meant in developed countries, riiiiiiiiiiight, where life is a circus and being a green radical activist is just another type of narcissistic exhibitionism?

dawg. "Life" appears to be existing mostly just in developping countries, where it is swept under the concrete or at best enclosed within walls, or car-bubbles.

You are a poet Sir/Madam/Other vertebrate!

...I used to be.
Now I'm leading the trolletariat,
like a rising sun,
to greater ends.

Your haiku had
my intellect salivating
Like the brilliant phlegm
of a genius ape
Hanging in the rain forest

I really don't give a flying fuck about this highly-externalized anticapitalism the radleft are displaying. All what matters to me at the moment is that soemewhere someplace there's a bunch of people in some in-crowd having a lot of fun in a sex orgy, or just making love, and on the other side of the social equation line there's me and others who're isolated by these groups, living a misery life of rejection and suspicion of the other.

So... May Day? Anticaps?

Sure, but what about pirates?

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