TOTW: Natural Disasters

  • Posted on: 11 September 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Call me old fashion but I think that anarchism and DIY culture go hand-in-hand. I think that Common Ground, whatever it's faults (and of course there are many and they have been well documented), was the correct response to the reality that Katrina exposed. We are now being exposed to this same dramatic reality week after week. 8.2 earthquakes, multiple hurricanes this year, it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

With all the drama available to us in the political sphere, the latest spectacular call-out, or whatever sordid things will happen next week how can we settle down and focus on our need to prepare for, and perhaps even help other people out of, the end of the world. Maybe not four horsemen and a trumpet blowing but just in the past month we will see thousands of people who have nothing and need an infinite amount of help.

What responsibility do we have, as those who think this whole world needs a big reset, to those who have this head start? Should we head to the disasters over there or should we be preparing for the near-future ones that'll happen here? What are you doing with regard to natural disasters?



"Only two things to do in a black-out... get drunk... Um... One thing to do, I guess."

"God, I hate Finland... I need 100 beers."

A handful of snarky windbags may love to spend time telling everyone how clever they are and how stupid and misguided "Christian slave morality" is BUT it stands to reason that the anarchists whose desires include extending mutual aid are usually too busy to bother debating these shitheads.

As for Fred's cynicism about the psychological underpinnings of altruism, helping each other is something we've done since we were monkeys. It's a primordial instinct that gets passed through various trends in philosophy from one era to the next, as much a part of us as our impulses towards selfishness and violence.

... And it's easier and more effective with planning and networks, aka the dreaded ORGANIZATION. (Suck it nihilists)

The living space all life forms share is the primary organizing influence. Relations are all there are. Grouping and regrouping, all the while continually unfolding.

This belief in a fixed Organization (for life is already organized and organizing organically) created by humans and that their actions can only stem from being herded into a group mind is part of the problem.

New situations will unfold where such Organizations are caught off guard.

In our context they prevent us from using our intuition to rise to the occasion.

To the economic organizations, what gets labeled as externalities but all that lies outside of what counts as profit/growth?

For how long did gay people want to be viewed as human, but that was not an acceptible definition of human for official organizations? What about black slaves wanting to be freed? The organization determines that, until circumstance forces the organization to redefine the limits. How many people rising to the occasion get labeled 'eco-terrorists,' for simply using their intuition to try and restore balance and harmony? That doesn't count as Organization, so it is bad says the Organization bwlief.

We have a belief in Organizations that doesn't allow for organizing influences to intuitively shape our rising to the occasion, to restore balance and harmony. There's way too much Organization in this complex society. No thanks, Mr Chomsky's of the world. Let's actualize anarchic activity instead. Our natural responses (outside of Organizations) to disasters is a good current place to look.

There's a very paternalistic mindset that wants everyone to be an anarchist, but thinks that people can't be trusted with their own thoughts alone...

Hey look, another boring strawman hidden in a Gish gallop. Ask me what I mean if you're curious but don't be telling me what I'm saying you blathering fool.

meanwhile, it is still popular in Western culture to construct semantic narratives wherein things-in-themselves are portrayed as the source of organized relational dynamics rather than acknowledging that organized relational dynamics are the source of observed things; e.g. irma, katia and jose.

in the physical reality of our natural experience the inductive influence of the unfolding relational situation is in a natural primacy over intention-driven 'causally-determined' actions and results.

Western civilization and its deification of 'science' and 'reason' inverts this [imagines that man 'can' invert this] so that the inductive influence [the pull of natural needs] then 'becomes a bother' that 'disturbs' our first priority which is to determine the future as we desire it. if we have a 'big movement' building, where we feel like we 'are on a roll' to engineer a reset to the world, the last thing we want is a natural catastrophe wherein our carefully engineered 'new order' collapses in the anarchy of everyone helping everyone as the unpredicted, unfolding situation proceeds to dominate in its inductive actualizing, orchestrating and shaping of the relational social dynamic. this is enough to give the OCD movement organizers conniptions.

Western culture programmed humans abhor unpredictability where the unfolding situation is always taking the lead so that intention-driven actions must play second fiddle to the relational dynamics of the unfolding situation.

for some of us, 'anarchy', means what it means to indigenous aboriginal traditionalists; i.e. to acknowledge the natural primacy of the 'unfolding now'; i.e. the unfolding relational situation, over dividing ourselves into groups [sovereign states, political movements] whose aim is to engineer a self-interest driven desired future, and give the finger to nature and 'now'.

as nietzsche has pointed out, this is like restoring the dionysian artist (poet and musician) in us to its natural primacy over the apollonian engineer in us, but only after the latter has had us volunteer to put ourselves in a steel cage and commit to tightening a vice that our own testicles have dropped into. 'amor fati' does not include such apollonian compliance.

of course, as vygotsky says, the relation between spontaneous situation and structured intention is a nonduality, NOT a duality, ... like the storm in the flow; the tacit-relational is the mother of the explicit-structural, ... the former is the physically real and the latter is 'appearances'. our mistake is the give the latter a name and construct 'semantic realities' in which we give it a lead role, as if it were a 'real thing-in-itself', capable of authoring 'destruction' ['destruction and reconstruction' are 'being'- based artefacts of apollonian, dualist thinking. there is only dionysian, relational transformation in the physical reality of our actuall experience].

Exiniharchs just go with the flow if someone needs a hand we help them and to their excess food and blanketsand we'd expect the same in return or else we take it, to keep everyone happy, if you know what I mean. I helped a drowning kids once for free,,,,,,,, ;)

Maybe don't put a winky-face at the end of a statement about "helping kids" unless you're going for a Hakim Bey vibe? Don't believe me? Ask your pal ziggy!

Those type of innuendos are usually projected by people whose consciousness is centered in their genital regions and everything they perceive has a Freudian twist to it, like,,,,,say hello to your mom for me, that sort of oedipal fixation ;)

Hippy bullshit mixed with pop-psychology bullshit in your never-ending quest to sound clever to no-one ;)

Avant-garde was never "pop". But this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, though one COULD say that the NATURAL development of your intellect is a DISASTER,,,,,

The quest stands on the edge of a knife! Stray but a little ... I know, I know, I'm feeding it.

*cue grumpy moderator*
*rolls eyes*
This shit again?! Fuckin' losers...
*delete delete delete*

We suffered a direct hit from hurricane Irma with 140+ mph winds. Luckily the storm surge was less than predicted with about 1 foot of water in our garage. My phone worked through the storm but power is out with trees and power lines down. I have a lot of work to do cleaning up and taking care of my dad so I don't know how much extra work I will do for the community. I noticed a lot of people reclaiming the streets through pedestrian activity during the state of exception the morning after the storm. I'm typing on a phone and I'll come back to this thread if something interesting comes up.

I heard on St. Maartin armed gangs have taken over "the French half". Lots of stories of abuse of power, hoarding of supplies by gov't, etc. leading up to this. These features can only become more prominent during climate change under capitalism!

Im cleaning branches out of my yard and my neighbors cause he is nice and has fun bbqs. (A) (E) (V)

Self organization beyond the state on the neighborhood/city level is absolutely an anarchist practice and one that will go possibly further than most other anti authoritarian practice in speaking to our ideals. One of those things that you don't have to be an anarchist to even do. I don't think it has to be some sort of moral imperative, it's just practical.

Also, the level of criticism of Common Ground is totally uncalled for and generally lame.

do I qualify for help? All donations appreciated ;-)

only eco-extremism will save you.

eco extremists are in solidarity with natural disasters?

Solidarity with Harvey and Irma!

We believe in self-help ! We will send you to one of our factories to work for basic wage so that you can barely scrape a living for yourself but can be proud that you have made the next step into self-sufficiency and improvement while you watch reality TV and fill yourself with toxic food and substances and walk around without a smile on your face for the rest of your life ;)

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