TOTW: Paranoia: the mind killer

  • Posted on: 3 April 2017
  • By: thecollective

Strong relationships are built on good communication. While the anarchist diaspora is not synonymous with insurrectionary culture its influence is felt clearly among any publicly self-identified parties. Regardless of lifestyle we, as anarchists, carry a certain weight among us. To evade this association is to ignore our edge as innovators. However, the deeper our connection with our anarchist principles the less relatable we become to those unfamiliar with the Beautiful Idea.

To form strong relationships with each other we need to share information. Yet, to discuss a full spectrum of topics demands a certain security culture. An important question becomes, how do we share information with each other without succumbing to paranoia? How do we appropriately practice safety while remaining open to new acquaintances?

When does discussing our lifestyles and our principles require an appropriate security culture, and when does worrying about such issues cross a line into paranoia? And when does calling out ‘paranoia’ obstruct genuine and reasonable concern about topics that are legitimately dangerous to discuss?



People who call out WILL call out. That's all in the shape of their shitty tribalist means to communicate with others, and also a counter-effect of their weakness of not dealing/talking with people directly when they got a problem with them.

They'll instead draw back in their circles with their close buddies, and "conspire"... not against power or the capitalists (you know they'll never really go against them), but against people who're actually less privileged than they are.

They enjoy gossiping, talking shit on others outside their perceived in-crowd.

They're socially over-insecure... but not really in regards to "cops and fascists". Just in regards to those they might be "triggered" by.

So basically you can avoid most of the paranoia by keeping away from these types, and those too closely-related to them.

Think of a fake-name/ number to use if you have security concerns & stick to it. " Anonymous' is just lazy & asking for trouble imho.

"nym" is the radical that stands for "name".

What you're referring to is "pseudonyms", that are here pretty much the same as being anonymous, unless you wanna make yourself some kind of reputation or social liability.

Even using a different pseudonym every time would be better than trying to navigate a sea of Anonymouses. Especially when a few of them shit-swarm you. So disorienting.

Srsly you haven't been "here" for long... or you're just playing fool. Anon commenters are usually nowhere near as shitposting as the regular pseudonymous ones.

Willow is on track to join the list of named shit-posters. If you find yourself repeatedly getting "swarmed" by anons and developing a persecution complex, (like ziggy, like emile, etc) then maybe just maybe … you reflect on why a lot of other anarchists seem to criticize your ideas and then 99% likely, you double down and assume it's because they just can't comprehend your special brand of genius.

Wow, pretty severe reactions to someone who hasn't been here long and is "on track" to being shunned by the herd of control freaks masquerading as Super Cool Anarchists (TM) at this site. lol

"A lot of other anarchists" = three or four trolls taking their ragey sexual frustrations out on the keyboard, I guess...

Hey look, he's doing that doubling-down thing anon mentioned...

Seriously tho dood, take the hint. Nobody but trolls uses pseudonyms. If you wanna join their ranks, go ahead, but don't say we didn't warn ya.

i beg to differ.

The first stumbling point here is that a lot of people who've never actually done much risk-taking always confuse the issue with them holding radical points of view. If I had a dollar for every windbag who's obsessed with cyber-security but barely ever jaywalks IRL .. and these people will talk and talk about which encryption apps to use and all things Wikileaks and Snowden-related but the fact is, they're irrelevant and nobody cares about them at all. Not the cops, not the NSA and certainly not me. Most of that nonsense is a mix of paranoia and a vastly inflated sense of self-importance.

The people who are actually taking risks however, need to manage them intelligently. There comes a point where you're theoretically taking the kinds of risks that make having casual, candid interactions with strangers not worth the risk. I've only been in that zone a few times in my life but mostly, I can assume that the pigs are occasionally scowling my way, aware of my political activities and consider me to be obnoxious but also not worth much effort because they have more important things to do.

That's with fairly regular, open anarchist organizing and a bit of a public profile as such. You assume a bit of light surveillance now and then, you don't say sketchy shit online or over the phone and it's all good. I can meet new people and be relatively direct about my position without giving them specific info. Should you choose to undertake something riskier, you adjust accordingly.

It's also worth remarking that I think it's impossible to shift rapidly from open, public organizing to really sketchy militant shit. You can't manage that risk so you shouldn't be doing it unless you really like prison food.

Strong relationships. There was a zine that floated around for a bit after the toronto g20 called confidence courage connection trust -- it was about trying to learn better lessons from the experience of infiltration than of closing up and not engaging new people. One important thing is that if someone is talking to you about security culture, it's because they want to get to know you better -- and if you're talking to someone about security culture, it's not to seem like a tough guy, it's becuase you respect someone and want to find shared practices. Getting into the habit of actually knowing each other, building trust, escalating slowly, being clear about our desires, having detailed political conversations to develop our ideas and affinities, connecting more deeply than as anarchy colleagues.

There was a line in that zine that you defeat fear with accurate information and you fight repression by refusing isolation. Just googled around some but i don't think its online

Shit, in right after emile and buried in a text wall...

Thanks for clarifying. My eyesight & spelling aren't the best so I used 'nyms'.
I thought this site was in the process of moving away from the dodgy 'anonymous' pandering anyway?
Perhaps I was misinformed.
Nyms provide a continuous 'voice' to one person that is part of having a conversation. Btw, the editorial 'we' ( the collective) is not an optimal voice for an anarchist site, is it?
Nyms are not exactly the same as anonymous as has been kindly pointed out. They provide security-culture sufficient for most reasonably intelligent anarchist activists. Of course, as another nym says, it pays to be very careful if you're mixing your armchair activism with outdoor stuff.
They kill people based on metadata.
Yrs in security-culture ( Don't ask - don't tell. " Need-to-Know" etc)
Professor rat aka Matthew Stephen Taylor
Unit 8. 59 Baynton st, Kyneton, Vic, Au 3444

Many activists and leftist revaddicts all have a degree of hero worship going on in their heads, it goes well with being kewl and hip, it gives their shallow emotional perception some sort of connection to the community they feel it is their duty to serve, but with a naive, negative and over the top idealism pushed along with a high caffeine intake,,,jeez, this person could have been a billionaire, a leader of humble workers, a politician, but you know, he took the Thales path, part of the binary gameplay, rich/poor, doer/dreamer,,,,,or shit, he's so overtaken with delusions of grandeur that he thinks he's Muhica's version of one of Che Guevara's (mi)lieutenants, or sheeee,it, I saw him back down from a fight at the bar last night with a redneck skinhead kid half his size, this guy is daaaagerous, he needs encryption urgently,,,,

Hate that I gotta bring this up again, but pseudonyms bring with them a lot of inherent security concerns. While there's not much we can do about NSA-type surveillance, the current setup makes it all but impossible for the likes of trolls, security firms and fascists to piece together our identities. Start using pseudonyms and anyone who can master a few google search tricks has the ability to piece together, over time, a pretty good idea of who we all are. Now, I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I don't care to have people calling up our schools, employers, parole officers or local news stations with quotes from the last comments we made about ITS communiques... It doesn't even matter if they have the right person (cuz we all know Reddit detectives always get the right person...), there's a tremendous risk here, and if anything the amount of doxxing has doubled since the last time this shit came up.

I'm an amateur profiler, I sometimes freelance out, let peeps and friends know what's going down with someone, all from body language and their comments. I studied a helluva lot of psych texts and have some occalades behind my belt, I can say now, that no one who frequents this site is of any concern at all, infact, the most vehement and aggressive commenters who speak most about encryption and secrecy are totally meak and officious types engaged in social charity, about 30% are idle bored adolescents, 40% are anal-leftists, 10% are burnt-out hippies or junkies, 5% upper-addicts and alcoholics, AND 55% surprisingly are workerists for capitalists HAHA, 10% college educated, and their are 2 megalomaniacal narcissists who probably raise an eyebrow and a wry "this person is a deranged genius" thought, otherwise just a politicized version of Facebook or Twitter.

and 100% of you right now is a statistics junkie for industrial civilization........

Nope, I'm a concerned psychologist who realized that profiling was actually a medieval skill, a pre-industrial method of determining character before data banks and credit ratings existed. Its a very handy skill to navigate the shoals and reefs of social dysfunction. Back then it was called physiognomy, so its not all about statistics, although 76.7 % of muggings would not have occured if one had the ability to tell whether the person asking for a light for their cigarette was actually holding a cigarette and had that particular desperate whining pleeding sound in their voice caused by nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

And you interests in profiling commenters on a politically-subversive website are...?

He's certainly channeling the windy douche of the ivory tower convincingly!

Nyms add some risk, I grant that. However, so does operating a tower-of-Babel. Our collective credibility suffers more, I suggest, if we don't use nyms - or numbers, if you prefer - but its your site - your rules.

This is a great topic for discussion, but the concept of "security culture" is really stupid...a good "security culture" only comes from being realistic about threats. The fact that there is still talk about security culture shows that no one really knows a good direction for actions to make the human mind less miserable.

Dicourse about security culture has all to do with realistic assessements of threats... You're the one brain-farting idealist bullshit with your claim at intellectual supremacy.

Ooooh Nooooo!!! I think this bee which just flew in the basement ventilation duct IS A MINIATURE SURVEILANCE DRONE *gasp* Ooooh nooo I'd been watching porn and this,,,oohhh I think its my mom operating the drone, it hovered infront of the screen and rotated 180 degrees and tilted down as if to film my crotch, aaarrgh daaaamn, she knows what I do down here, *gasp* , its hovering in the corner, its filmed my hard-on, MY MOMS SEEN MY HARD-ON NOOOOOOOOO, *sob*. Ohhh Goddd, pleeease drone be a CIA drone, pleeeease, or an FBI drone, maybe my subscription to Red Cart has me on their list, yeeees, oh God, maybe mom hasn't seen my hard-on, for once I love the CIA AND FBI,,,,,,,,,,,*sigh*

OOOOH SHEEEIT!!! Mom just slid a message under the basement door,,,,,it read *gasp* ,,,,,,,

Rebelll just told me behind seven proxies that your mom is likely to be the "secret service". Therefore she must be assassinated, or else you must turn into a punk, and leave the suburb for the nearest sucultural urban hotspot. But the punk subcultures is also filled with secret service, especially the nice young chicks craving for you at the concert. They wanna corrupt you, so you must turn GAY which equates to be a TRUE ANARCHIST.

WHAA, MY MOM'S SECRET SERVICE?? YIKES !! I'm getting out of here and heading to Portland, fix myself some pot-holes and hang out in gay bars, she'll never track me down,,,,,,

Beware the Pothole Fillers Front riddled with secret service already! I once went to the beach with Rebelll and he was telling me to not leave the laptop in my bag on the beach when I'm off swimming, as the secret service is also on the beaches... watching and waiting to get people's laptops. What... there's just petty thieves? NO. Paid agents of the CIA!

I actually don't mind it, a good first step away from this world would be non state infrastructure. As long as you don't fetishize it and prefigure it into life then it can serve as an example of putting an end to one of the 5 big modern monopolies(infrastructure)

Paranoia bothers me less than it used to, probably due to the emotional blunting effect of the neuroleptic that is being used on me. I've seen psychiatric wards described as paranoiac-machines, and I think the description fits civilization as well. I've experienced the world as a Nazi/scientologist prison full of dopplegangers and lizard people, and I'm not eager to return to that, but if you ignore the lunatic specifix I think some of the grievances were valid.

there is no such thing as paranoia, some people are more careful, some are less careful, although paranoia can be misused by spies to keep anarchist groups small and closed. swiss anarchists are totally open, german, danish and swedish are paranoid, suspicious about every new person. they even follow you the whole week if you visit their open, public meeting. if you see them they follow you, you can think they are spies, they follow you, you don't follow them, so, it is clear who spy whom.
so, I believe those who realize security culture in copenhagen concretely, yes, they are working for the secret service, they keep militants away from the others and make propaganda to scare people from you. so, they are 100% under control of spies.

People are only paranoid in places which have goons or heavy thugs, who are not present in Switzerland, because there is no working-class in that country, only the bourgeoisie and upwards, no ingrained bitterness or ressentiment in that country to fuel spy mentality and opposition.

Rebellll is being the reification of a quite efficient joke I invented a long while back...

"Paranoia? There's no paranoia it's really just a conspiracy by the secret service to make you believe you're paranoid!"

Rebellll, You can get sunglasses with small rear-view mirrors in the corners, or you can go hi-tech and rig up a rear viewing camera attachment to your cell phone, then you wont be looking over your shoulder every 30 seconds, which would also be a magnet for any other people like even off duty police or altruistic citizens, who all have an eye for "suspicious looking people", meaning, people who look over their shoulder every 30 seconds. Just some advice if you choose to go that way ;)

The logical solution to paranoia in a practically unlimited netspace is hive-off and create a site where ALL comments are anonymized, ALL the time.

Be all the crypto-anarchist you can be.

I still don't get your distinction between pseudonymous and anonymous on this site... Even if "professor rat" may be known IRL by some people, I don't know who you are, so to me you're the same as some other anon.

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