TOTW: Solidarity across borders

  • Posted on: 28 August 2017
  • By: thecollective

Rojava, Palestine, Chiapas - all of these are household names among leftists as beacons of struggle against oppression by the dispossessed of the world. Though frameworks like “anti-imperialism” and “anti-colonialism” may be more prevalent among socialists, these and other struggles have continued to attract the interest and support of anarchists in Europe, the US and elsewhere as well. Whether driven by the desire to help people resisting oppression by malevolent forces in this world or the chance to help build something which looks like anarchy in our lifetime, anarchists performing international solidarity are carrying on a tradition that’s lived as long as the idea itself.

Yet if a concept of “international solidarity” forms a common point between anarchists and a broader left, so too do many of the troubling aspects that come with it. The role of the partisan seems to lend itself to a degree of idealism, even among those who claim to engage in “critical” support. There is also a risk that, as in many conflicts where anarchists engage with organizing and mainstream politics, we are participating with a degree of political naivete which ignores the larger forces at work around us and who stand to benefit from the world which we are helping to build.

What is your concept of “international solidarity”? How do you engage in it, or if you don’t, why?

(image: Sante Geronimo Caserio, an Italian anarchist, assassinates the president of France to avenge the executions of French anarchists Auguste Vaillant and Émile Henry)


Me and a motley crew I was running with at the time, we made a call-out for international solidarity, although we barely realized what we'd done. We weren't expecting much!

But dozens and dozens of anarchists from the states, many more from across so-called canada and hundreds more radicals showed up and threw down. Some even crossed the fucking oceans for it!

Easily the most beautiful experience of my young life and it changed me forever, turned my curiousity with the beautiful idea in to a devotion that I intend carry to my grave. I will never forget those people, all those total strangers with bright eyes... How can I repay you?!

Haven't you people get the memo!? Arab nationalist antisemites are not comparable in any way to the Zapatistas and even Rojava. PFLP have been bombing synagogues OUTSIDE of Israels. Because "them Zionist Jews". For fuck's sake, stop reading from brutish demagogues... no matter how Israel is violent and reckless against Palestinians, this doesn't justify the authoritarianism and closet racism of the dominant political organizations. A Jewish Israeli women was recently brutally murdered by a Palestinian crazy. And she was pregnant. That wacko did it to "release Palestinian prisoners". He did this to a women who was loving him and was sympathetic of the Palestinian struggle. Between that and ITS, I see very little difference.

Beyond that, it's pretty obvious that neither YPG/SDF or the Zapatistas want to create a Nation-State based on some dubious historical reading of postcolonial, mid-20th century history disguised as anti-imperialism. Anarchists have no more reason to support a Palestinian State than the State of Israel.

Go ask a Palestinian nationalist about his views on Hitler. Be ready to fall off your chair.

Hey look, it's the token troll from ADL.
Let's assume a few things, k?

1. Not all Palestinians are fans of Hitler.
2. The issue that often gets referred to as Zionism is actually just a slightly unusual take on good ol' fashioned colonialism.

My bedrock analysis when analyzing ANY military conflict is pretty simple: does one side have vastly greater firepower and funding? 9/10 times, that's the heart of the issue.

And what about the combined strenght of Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon and now Turkey?

And as if "Palestine" isn't equally a product of violent Euro imperialism. Suuure.

Sure it is but I can't help but notice you dodged the main point. Who has overwhelming fire superiority? How do the biggest guns claim to be the victim? Doesn't make sense and it never will.

"Who has overwhelming fire superiority?"

The combination of Iran's, Turkey's and Syria's firepower is by far bigger than that of Israel, and they are both Muslim-dominated States, save from maybe Syria which is more a authority figure worship.

So you must be a Zionist if you're going to pretend that Israel doesn't have the bomb and all of NATO behind it ..? These are very tired arguments, it's 2017. Why bother?

There is "solidarity means attack" in the way that 2008 meant, i.e. let this shit in Greece inspire you to wild out where you are. That's solid.

There's a "spread awareness" version. Which is fine.

There's actual travel to participate in struggles abroad, and sending money or other things. Most people don't do these things.

I think, let's say, a gay kiss-in at the Russian consulate in Montréal can be finefor locals. I don't know how much it helps any Russian gay tho.

...while at the same time promoting the Liberal government in that same old political dead angle.

I went becuz, 1) Nothing better to do, and 2) Gay.

Anyway, Trudo wasn't PM, and the peeps organizing it wouldn't have promoted him. You didn't know that, but you didn't know anything about it, so why'd you assume anything?

Unless like, You have a global analysis of the.meaning of all anti-Putin things. Duuuuuumb.

Since when the fuck was it anarchist? C'mon... more like

Shit goes down hard in Charlottesville


Old man with a "Patriotes" flag gets brutalized in Quebec city. This fights white supremacy and helps Charlottesville antifa... how, exactly? LOL! Solidarity, maaaan! That shit was antifa-tarded.

And lets not even start with the stupid shit that went down in montreal. Fucking embarrassing.

trying to advance a bad argument.

lol wtv, don't you have a soviet communist bloc to march and pose with?

Anyone else notice there wasn't a reportback posted on counterinfo about that charlottesville solidarity demo?

It's because pretty much everyone involved was a fucking idiot and is probably ashamed of themselves. Hell, I wasn't even there that day and even I feel a kind of second-hand embarrassment.

I was a little embarrassed to go, I guess, tho I peaced out early. I went cuz friends were going, and I had some level of emotions about Charlottesville - which, to get back on topic, is a chill reason to do "international solidarity" in any sense, because you actually feel emotions for others in the distant context.

Anyway, yeah. It was not my cup of tea, because it ended up being a Maoist-led march, dominated by a Soviet aesthetic that is, in fact, particularly embarrassing for me. I didn't want some photo to get out of me in that crowd, and get back to someone I know at, like, work or in my family or something. And I think the whole optics of it is bad, in terms of, like, trying to triumph in the glorious struggle against fascism or something. Like, it's funny, cuz people are into that, larping the Soviet capture of Berlin or something (there was definitely a Reichstag flaghoisting equivalent at that demo), but obvs the larping actively negates or distracts from the possibility of achieving something actually analogous (even half- or quarter-analogous) to that incident.

But that said, lots of people involved were not idiots, and not embarrassed by their participation. Unless you define idiots as people who don't think like you.

Lol, oh man...

I had a good laugh when I heard somebody from this tiny soviet-anarchist-antifatard crowd ran ahead to block a car from crossing the front of the demo. You know... the struggle isn't "lost" because some car wants to move AROUND your stupid demo (pro-tip: "the struggle" is and has been for a long long time now, already lost. You're wasting your time and your very life, but hey, you do you). It's not a big fucking deal. In Greece, people let cars pass around burning dumpsters and shit like that all the time.

But here in MTL? No.

This random guy just wanted to gtfo, but some idiot placed himself against the hood of his car, as if he could out-muscle an engine (this, by the way, speaks volumes to leftists and their twisted, deep-seated psychological issues like low self-esteem, self-hatred, a secret desire to end their life, etc.). So now the crowd is beginning to catch up, and this dude's getting nervous so he inches forward SLOWLY just to try to get this fool to step to the side and now everyone starts screaming like crazy as if this moron is some PNW activist with his neck attached to a logging truck or some shit, lol!

Next thing you know, the crowd is all around the car, and now some antifa rolls up and just starts WAILING on vehicle-guy! Ahahaha! His windows are getting smashed up. Now, obviously, the dude in the car starts trying to peel the fuck away and our "street warrior" antifatard starts hanging off the drivers window, still trying to punch this guy. Like, his goddamn feet are off the ground and everything!

Now, the motherfucking cops, who saw all of this developing and playing out, roll their vehicles like a block down the way from the dude in the car and... honestly, it's probably the only reason why this guy didn't straight up floor it and kill people.

How does it feel to have been protected by the cops at a "anti-system" demo?

Personally, if it were me, I would've ran you all down like dogs. Fuck the police, lol.

Explain something to me: what does it mean to be in "solidarity" with Charlottesville? Were you actually fighting bonafide neo-nazis in the streets? Did they have a presence that day? No.

So how did this retarded soviet larp-parade actually, materially, logistically assist US antifa with their cause?

It didn't. Because your praxis is not radical. It is activism, pure and simple; tucked neatly within the realm of symbolism and ideology. Completely harmless to the system. Nice martyrdom, tho.

So to recap:

Y'all marched in a nice photogenic demo-parade with your maoist scum you're just SO IN LOVE WITH! (concentration camps -- bad! But gulags? -- double-plus good, comrade!) beat up some totally random person, put yourself completely at the mercy of somebody in a vehicle (again, I would've killed you); and got your ass rescued by the police.

I mean, what else is there to say? Wait! I know!


Not really, obviously. I heard a few stories after, and while most of them differ in some details from the one you told, a lot of that is obviously true or true enough. Obviously some people put a more pleasant spin on it tho. Whatever. As I said, I left early.

Anyway, #2, the struggle is dooooope a lot of the time, so either you just have really good video games/drugs/robotsex/meals/desserts you rich bastard, or you have less esteemed tastes like just being dicks to people on the internet you fucking david d'amoto gooch (bam! Probably the second. And maybe you're just a cop who gets a fun desk job for the day.

Anyway, finally, my position on gulags:

There are two types of COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY SCUM to be sent to the gulags:
#1) people who build, maintain, or advocate for gulags
#2) people who call Smoke of Montréal, first among equals, most anarchist of anarchists today or ever, an advocate of gulags


The struggle is "doooooope" because it's mainly a pleasant past time for upwardly mobile 20-somethings who like to bask in the spectacle of their own "radness" and assume they're much more of a threat to the system than they actually are. Anarchists are a joke. The fact is they aren't actually anywhere close to being subversive or dangerous enough for the state to take them seriously. Not enough for them to dedicate any real resources into stopping them, at any rate. I mean, why would they bother? Have you walked through St-Henri lately? It's actually way more gentrified now then ever before, relentless vandalism and "acts of war" notwithstanding. The absolute closest anyone's ever come to actually threatening that process for real were those apolitical kids a few months back who were indiscriminately beating and robbing people in the neighborhood, and even that fizzled out eventually.

Fact is: nothing can stop gentrification in st. Henri short of dropping a fucking nuclear bomb on that piece of shit, let alone posing a threat to the system in general.

I mean, seriously. What the fuck does "the struggle" even mean? Some busted windows? Paint? Some superglue in people's padlocks? ALERT! ALERT! The Insurrection has begun! LOL!

Now, excuse me. I have some delicious desserts to attend to.


You can ee in the hearts of men. You can state the outcome of all tales. Truly an ubermensch. Not talking shit on @news out of ressentiment at all, lol.

Anyway, I have lots of opinions sbout degentrification and antifa that would probably have you nodding in agreement with me, til you realize I actually still think those people are cooler than your david d'amato ass, haha.

Where did I implicitly or explicitly state that I don't have my own struggles with ressentiment? I wouldn't deny it for a second if someone asked me about it. Of course I got it, but that's nothing special. Anarchist politics (and I'm only merely a very recently recovering, disillusioned former anarchist) ...are nothing if not all shot to hell with ressentiment. Pretty much everyone in that milieu struggles with it to a certain extent, whether they admit it or not. You too, asshole. It's arguably more like an ideal you try to strive for instead of some state you just permanently exist in.

And if you wanna insist that you do? Good job, it must be nice to be a perfectly sane and mentally unscathed human.

Re: "you can state the outcome of all tales".

What a fucking idiotic statement. No reasonable human being in their right mind needs a goddamn crystal ball to tell you with 100% certainty that -- barring some kind of planetary apocalypse -- we're obviously never going to see the end of politics/authority/hierarchy/capitalism/statism/patriarchy/civilization, etc. BUT KEEP DROPPING THOSE BANNERS AND DRAGGING THOSE NEWSPAPER BOXES IN THE STREET, COMRADE! THE OLD WORLD IS BEHIND YOU!

We were born into these systems... and we're all gonna fucking die under these systems. The end, bitch.

But hey, for what it's worth, at least you got your @news celebrity status and get to think I'm less cool than all your Cantifa and degentrification buddies who also believe in the same kind of delusional echo chamber "magic wand" politics. At least there's that. Who said our situations can't come with at least /some/ solace?

David D'amato

Slight correction in the above^

***[being free of ressentiment]*** is arguably more like an ideal you try to strive for instead of some state you just permanently exist in.

or at least ones I can't really disprove.

I dunno, dude. When I stopped being Christian, I didn't piss on the Bible in front of my mom. When I stopped being an M-L, I didn't write a devastating critique and bust into the local five Marxists' meetings. I just moved on. That's what dealing with ressentiment looks like.

Of course I have had some greater difficulties with developing such a cool detached relationship to my family, and sometimes with ex-friends, whom I felt exploited me or abused me in some ways, about whom I remained hung up. I'm guessing that way about anarchism so you've got a bone to pick.

In which case... Fuck you. Anarchism probably has very little to do with your sordid history with it. Humans are shitty everywhere. Wherever you're going probably ain't different, tho I wish you the best so long as you get your former anarchist, possibly still david d'amato assface off @news.

LOL! My sordid history with anarchism/leftism has, in fact, everything to do with it's inherent structural features. Or do you imagine it's just a coincidence that it has such a high rate of turnover?

But don't worry, I'll stop plunging and twisting the knife in your precious mythology soon enough. For now I'm just having a laugh, engaging in catharsis and fucking with you but I'll stop as soon as I get bored and move on to something else.

That's a contradiction, to say "being free of ressentiment" is an ideal. It is a state of mind, of thinking, a type of consciousness divorced from self improvement, it seeks revengeful bitter recourse. It is unable to free itself, like a snail striving to free itself of its shell. Impossible.

Being anarchist doesn't mean you always win, it means sometimes you fight instead of always laying down and taking it. Historically anarchists have been successful at winning small battles but lack the power to topple nation states or even stop the continued colonization of the country. But I think the most valuable contribution anarchism has made to history is it's critique of society, civilization, capitalism and nation states and I think that's what we have to keep throwing up in their faces. Speak truth to power because we might be the only people who will.

I love how this shithead keyboard warrior casually cranks it up to "I would kill you all lol" and here's shadow, still politely engaging with him ...

I can serve the Supreme Soviet better by commenting on @news of course!

the struggle is dooooope

it is part of natural discourse for people to affirm or critique one another's comments. on what basis do you remove such affirmations? is it because 'you' yourselves do not support this or that comment? or is part of an alienation program to make it appear that there is no support for certain comments, or no support for the comments of certain people.

i am speaking of the affirmation by le way and my acknowledging of his affirmation, which you have deleted.

Existential Nihilists are the folk sitting by themselves in the corner at the party emile, I'm used to being deleted, it goes with the EN MO. Even EN theory ,,,,,,,;!

so some of them are getting removed. your thnks meant nothing without his post, so it was removed also.

My thanks for doing that!

Us internet people have an international communications system. We live in societies that depend on foreign production and international supply chains. The wars we're taxed to pay for are multinational and geopolitical. Then we become anarchists and our goals become hyper-local.

Something is missing in the thinking.

Presumably an anarchist airforce and navy.

I'm pretty sure "thinking locally" flows naturally from a rejection of representation. An anarchist can only impact their own immediate surroundings and relations ... Except maybe a as a skilled hacker?

If your anarchism is based on the rejection of representation (and I don't even know how to make sense of that without a qualifier, what kind of representation?) then yeah, that flows naturally ...I guess. But why would that be the basis? Are you saying that mutual aid is only good when it's local? I'm genuinely confused.

Let's scale this down. What about solidarity across state borders? What about city borders?

Presumably, anarchists aren't the ones defining where these borders should be... so what does it matter if the border is a city one, a state one, or a national one?

No ... Anarchism isn't "based on" a rejection of representation. Representation is simply a contradiction to an anarchist position, individualism, etc. This is why reform of existing society, pressuring the gov't to act on your behalf internationally, these things aren't an anarchist praxis. I'm not ruling them out either, just saying they're not very anarchist because you're relying on people you don't know to do something on your behalf.

The reason you have to focus on the local is a practical one. My politics is about me and my friends, then their friends, then maybe a larger local community but anything beyond that gets very abstract and arguably starts to run in to problems of authority and representation.

So anarchist international solidarity assumes that those anarchists have genuine relationships over vast distances, which is rare and requires resources for travel, etc

Here's a problem though. Friends move. Sometimes friends move far. Sometimes the precarity of your living situation causes you to move around a lot yourself, to maintain mostly long-distance relationships.

In some situations, it makes a lot of sense to focus on the local environment... especially if you and your friends have some sort of land that you can do something with. However, I think that the way capital pushes people around needs to be taken into serious consideration for long-term strategy.

Yeah sure, why would I argue that or have an issue with it? My point is that most of the anarchists I know are broke and isolated and wouldn't appeal to larger institutions except maybe to syphon funds from them, so the "hyperlocalism" as you say is understandable.

The ability to project mutual aid across vast distances is enviable and usually requires resources we don't always have.

That point makes perfect sense to me! I think what I want to get at is that there could be (and may be) a communications framework for the IF and/or WHEN of doing long-distance mutual aid... In some ways I think that it would be putting the cart before the horse for such a framework to exist without being used much; but, it could be the case that the lack of a framework discourages practices of long-distance mutual aid. Admittedly this isn't a novel idea.

No more armaments and chest beating cajoling, its so cliched, rather an aesthetic approach. We existentialist-nihilists are looking for a song to impact on the dualism mindset of Western thinking the way Slim Whitman's "Indian Love Call" impacted on the Martian one.

PS I came across an old vinyl "Nazi Marching Songs" and when I played it to friends I got lulz. If this music can stir a nation, I'm sure there is an anti-Nazi song. I might try playing it backwards,,,,,,

Aaaaaaaannnnddd,,,,,,,why don't all the antifa *French Horns Sounding* have a good look at the education of borders and protest about the teaching methods and the ideological saturated curriculum which is what produces these " factions of hatred ", of which they are a small facet of, embedded within the cultural context of their moral righteousness, when morality is in fact the border, the divider of passions and dreams, the maker of a mundane uniformity, a subtle totalitarianism?.

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