TOTW: what local project would you start, or do you miss?

  • Posted on: 22 October 2017
  • By: thecollective

What kind of project do you most wish were happening in your area?
I find myself missing free skools (or schools, whatever). I am not going to try to do it by myself, but if there were two or three other people who were into it, I would definitely participate.
I like free skools because one of them had long term consequences that are important to me; they deconstruct a significant cultural paradigm (mainstream education)--or at least, they can, and they can be so flexible and variable.
What project would make you happiest if it started in your area, and why?



free military training minus arms and uniforms, in the park


"minus uniforms"

I thought that that black bloc-inspired casual clothing was already in that direction?

Community ride on Sunday afternoon. Reclaim the streets and parks. Advertised with flyers and word of mouth. Ride whatever you got. Get your wheels on. Like critical mass but disorganized and not just bikes.

Horticulture, music dance and mimicry, venting and martial arts, bartering market, compulsory laughing workshops.

Which hobby will you dabble in? Anarchism is just small is beautiful liberalism, right?

Hobbies ain't liberal ya fuckin idiot. Enjoy your Christian-in-essence revolution and/or nihilist despair pit.

So I'm gonna say... Free-to-access LAN parties (like when I was in high school, at the house of the kid with the most aloof parents), language exchanges (but like, everyone is an anarchist, and super cool), and nude outdoor recreation of all kinds: rugby, capture-the-flag, camping, picnics, swimming, gardening...

I miss having social centers which don't have safer spaces shit going on. Street play and kids' groups. Reading groups and education stuff.

LAN parties and naked sports sound super fun, but I can't miss when I never had. I think urban gardening might be a good way forward to combat poverty. I'd also like to see solidarity economy stuff starting up, and maybe mutual-aid insurance for people on low incomes (like, your benefits get cut or you lose your job, the mutual aid fund tides you over).

training in infiltration/exfiltration, improvised explosive devices, subversion, infrastructure demolition, and the art of making festive party hats.

Nothing of relevance here to mass collective direct action in a context of fast approaching protracted civil unrest in the fast declining United States. What a surprise. Weenies rule.

then add something relevant mr clever

Language exchanges and nude sports are 100% relevant to coming ruptures or whatever!

Subsistence projects increasing resilience of communities against the state are very relevant to protracted civil unrest. How do you think the Bolivian peasants managed to sustain blockades for six months back in the mid-2000s? What about the Panther breakfast programs? What about Mao's writings on improving agriculture and self-sufficiency in base areas? Hell, I've heard about urban farming projects in warzones in Syria - it gives people hope, as well as helping them not to starve. I've heard about the morale-boosting effects when one of the British soundsystem collectives went to Tuzla during the Bosnia war - people were literally partying in the streets, under siege.

PS: I'm not sure America's really on the verge of protracted civil unrest. A lot of the current conflict is easily contained by the two factions of the ruling elite (neocons dressed as alt-right, versus neoliberals dressed as identity politics).

PPS: well done moderators on finding a TOTW Emile can't hijack.

is along the lines of what interests me, of course minus all the political revolutionary nonsense. Anarchists cannot really oppose the state unless they are self-sufficient, rejecting money to the best of our abilities is probably the most difficult and radical thing that any of us can do in these post-modern soul-sucking times...

but any sort of therapy or fun is cool with me

has a thing about tearing up the concrete and planting gardens. community gardens are ok on their own, but on the torn up carcass of roads and sidewalks? so much better.
aside from all the toxins that would have to be remediated...

Tearing up sidewalks? WTF where will I walk? I don't give a fuck about cucumbers.

stepping on them. or watching someone eat them who does like them. many options.

also, no one's giving any shit to the excessively happy people in the pic? what has happened to anews?!?

Sidewalks are not the only horizontal ground level cement formations. There are plenty of old loading docks, parking lots, and foundations that have menaced the (sub)urban potential for too long. Cucumbers are the worst, we stand on the same side of the crack there. Have you tried pickled beets? People dig that shit (pun intended).

Toxins are real, and they have infiltrated every other basic necessity to to staying alive. Contamination is the new wild. Embrace it now before it's cool.

I wish there was a refractometer analysis for dummies group here. It could be called "RAD". Seriously tho- a community laboratory for water and soil testing (not Lowes PH b/s- but for shit like toluene and lead.)

I want to see a group build gallows for hanging cops amd politicians.

but i don't think murdering cops/politicians and growing cucumbers are mutually exclusive.

Also, i think rope makers get enough business today, let's support carpenters that build guillotines

Seems like in NA that sort of stuff will remain in the fantasy fiction universe for a while. When a dude like Jason Bourque gets near-totally ignored by anarchists in the region or beyond, while some dudes become insurrecto mega-stars over a banner drop or get punched at a book fair to create scene drama about LBC, that says a lot of the actual levels of violence that anarchists really have in US and Canada, for the most part.

basically doing anything in the US of A is below some sort of an egotistical fantasy!

As the north american that I am I'm pretty dissapointed at the fact I have so few friends....and me and the few friends that I have ran out of fun social project ideas a long time ago. I really miss playing board games.

I used to live somewhere with a pretty vibrant free school and sometimes wish I had a clue how to start one where I am now. I’m not interested in arguing with insurrecto-trolls for whom nothing is ever militant enough and who are addicted to the logic of false choices...just interested in learning and teaching outside of authoritarian and capitalist frameworks. Knowledge is an important resource and like all resources should be distributed freely; who knows what uses it can be put to? And it’s a kind of project that can help dissolve some of that social isolation...unfortunately I am pretty isolated these days which is partly why I have no idea where to start putting something like that together.

Ditto here.

Would it be possible to create a freeschool online? Like, do it in a chatroom or on Second Life or VOIP. I'd be up for that.

a. put an ad in craigslist (or wherever)
b. talk to friends, respondents about teaching (or what class they'd like to take)
c. find a free place to gather once a week (park? cafe? empty lot?)
d. see what happens
it takes a while to build momentum, and there can be false starts like with any project. but it's not magic, it's just putting one foot in front of another until it works. maybe it's a study group until it becomes something else...
signed, thecollective member .4

a. craigslist is just awful. it's the (or wherever) that's getting to me. where ever indeed???
c. ditto for finding a random free place...meeting outdoors is getting impossible at this time of year and it will stay that way for about six months here...
d. i hear ya

Creative activity is the instruction and guidance where the teacher and pupil are within the same individual perception of environmental reality.

Yoooo, create an IRC channel and invite us!

Could you roughly describe the format of an IRC Free school e.g. who will teach, what subjects, how often and what is required? A friend and I are on IRC all the time so it's no big deal running a channel.

running a channel is nbd. neither is coming up with grandiose plans about how it will function. the hard part is showing up regularly. which channel would be a good starting point?

Cannot join ##antifa (Requires keyword)

i think it has to be done outside, winter jackets anyone? seriously

Nah I wanna do an IRL one

...i mean that's kinda my whole point of wanting to do this. virtual venues proliferate and the real ones are disappearing. i wanna get face to face with locals and learn and teach stuff and build relationships...

Or a few more years of do-nothingism.

mihjt it involve-constantly expropriatal squatting and endlessly ritualist parading and other spectaculair theatrics / sit-ins and "talking-circles" , dance parties in the streets with newspaper boxes and blazing barricades, hit-run/cat-mouse games, syndicalist productions, poetical soapboxing and orgies and guerrilla gardening and generalized social rioting with book fair tabling and free vegan food ? cause that would be some hella fun anarky, yo

I really miss the urban guerillas in my area. They used to blow up hydro electric stations and cruise missile factories, and kept the State in a state of fear.

Now it seems they only break windows and go to bookfairs.

You must be old if you were around for the Squamish 5* spoiler alert!!!

* there was only 5 of them

appreciate your local infoshop. it serves as a nexus for interaction, networking, friendships, and coordination for creating a radical culture of organized political action.

Good topic!

Agree with above posters. I'm learning and trying to get better at the subsistence part. free skools is a good idea also, have to look into that! General skill sharing is another good thing. Basic electronics, some chemistry...You know where I'm going with this...Heard from Italy about anarchist pharmacists, that sounds pretty cool as well.

I think it is important to figure out how to sustain things beyond a mere opposition. Like people who can take fewer risks, how can these be included? How about when we are getting older, or if we have kids and not so keen on street bashing?

Rather than an organizational approach(formal), how can we sustain a culture of resistance(informal)? Shit is fragmented and chaotic these days. And seeing the no platform stuff happening, perhaps a little more @ etiquette/tolerance/decent discourse?

why should we believe in 'reason'? i.e. why would we put reason into an unnatural primacy over intuition? just because that's the way science works?

what does it matter to us?

as Tolstoy and Nietzsche put it, science is hoodwinking us. Our experience-based intuition informs us that rebellion is inductively actualized by epigenetic influence, as when property-monopolizing landlords extort slave labours from peasants or when Euro-American colonizers continue to marginalize and humiliate middle east indigenous peoples to their 'going postal' point.

intuition informs us that rebellion (terrorism) is inductively actualized by epigenetic influence within an epigenetic-genetic nonduality. any colonized indigenous people will affirm this.

but guess what! science reduces nonduality to duality so that only 'genetic agency' remains and then 'rebels' become the source of 'rebellion' and 'storms' become the source of 'storming'.

science shuts down intuition, does it out of a job because how science oversimplifies reality.

intuition is what leonard cohen's 'everybody knows' is all about; i.e. everybody knows that old black joe's still pickin cotton for your ribbons and bows, everybody knows.

we can see joe pickin cotton and we can see Katrina heading for New Orleans, but that's just the 'genetic expression' side of the epigenetic-genetic nonduality.

inductive actualizing influence that is 'extortion' is the primary animator of rebellion and storming and our intuition knows it. but science isn't going to give intuition a chance. science reduces epigenetic-genetic nonduality to the genetic pole by measuring and framing things in absolute space so that what's left is nothing but 'independent things-in-themselves' as if with their own 'genetic agency'.

if you measure baseball batting averages and get a curve that goes up and down, it would seem to imply that the hitters are getting hotter and colder. but how do we know it's not (pitching/)fielding that is causing the ups and downs? hitting-fielding is a nonduality which means it is impossible to split them into two separate measurable parts. science only ever goes with what it can measure which is hitting.

intuition is what informs us about nondualities. if the mafia gets to the fielders, they can make mediocre hitters look real good, so good that the long-shot team beats the best in the league. science and reason are measurement based and they can't tell that something's amiss, but intuition can.

intuition deals with nonduality, science makes it disappear by measuring 'genetic expression' as if that's all she wrote [by imposing an absolute space measurement frame that is devoid of epigenetic influence, science's measuring habit depicts 'genetic agents' (rebels, storms) to be fully and solely responsible for their actions and deeds, as if there were no epigenetic inductive sourcing and no 'epigenetic-genetic nonduality.].

intuition understands nonduality and tells us that rebellion is epigenetically sourced [inductively actualized] by landlord monopolization of access to essential resources, and that 'rebels' are just a name give to members of the community through whom relational tensions, brewed by the landlords, are venting through.

dualist science tells us that rebellion is generated by rebels so that eliminating rebellion equates to eliminating rebels [landlords are implicated by nonduality which science uses its measurement technique to throw out.

this is where the society we live is at, ... putting science into an unnatural primacy over intuition.

this is where Tolstoy is at. he is telling us we're nuts to accept science's view of 'reality' which is not 'reality' at all; i.e. in the physical reality of our actual experience, epigenetic-genetic nonduality is our physically real actual experience.

nietzsche is telling us that reason gets rid of nonduality by a double error of grammar. we see a storming in the flow [storming-flow nonduality] and science measures all the attributes of the storming so as to impute 'being' or 'thing-in-itselfness' to the storming, and has the newly created noun-subject 'storm' inflect actions verbs (moving, growing larger and stronger, destroying, dissipating) giving the storming the 'appearance' of an independent, self-actualizing thing-in-itself.

science and reason not only legitimize the removal from consideration of 'epigenetic influence' and nonduality, it does intuition out of a job, since intuition informs us that the authoring source of storming and rebellion is not 'storms' and 'rebels'; i.e. they are just genetic expressions that are inductively actualized by epigenetic influence, such as landlord property-monopolization-based extortion.

everybody knows that 'extortion' (an epigenetic inductive actualizing influence) is the source of rebellion and that blaming it on 'rebels' is just science doing its usual scapegoating so as to simplify 'appearances' and generate 'economy of thought', but our society puts science in primacy over 'what everybody knows'.

a culture of resistance can form relations and associations wherein intuition is restored to its natural primacy over reason and science.

Miss when it was still good, miss the old archive that appears to be gone

click bait title. has nothing to do with pageantry :(

i miss stuff like the shadow puppet show put together by some folks from BASTARD and the long haul reading group. more creativity, less politics. wonder whatever happened to the burlesque show that was being put together by the anarchy-funkateers. awesome soundtrack to go with a great... plot.

Solution: start your own burlesque troupe with shadow puppets and a sexy plot!

Yes and gender politics theater. And BDSM diy workshops in yuppie lofts. And trendy art spaces. And hipsters all over again.

hipsters are the worst!

good god i really fucking hate puppet shows. barf.

There's a lot of new material for puppet shows: antifa, alt-right, nihilists and eco-extremists, Trump and DPRK!

for real tho.

I loved a puppet show I saw in 2008, lol

Where the fuck's Emile got to this week?

"The idea of local projects is a semantic falsehood derived from a dualistic scientific worldview promoting the delusion of a separation between the local and the universal, when in fact from an intuitive point of view the entire universe is local to any one of its points and locality is an effect of the prejudices of the observer as shown by Mach..."

Last he told me was he's hanging out with Erasmus, Shakespeare and Heraclitus. You should see how they make fun of him. Long live physics!

my response, deleted by thecollective can be found here click here

I can't believe he took the bait. And with such an overlength triggered jouissance-outpouring as well. Must suck to not have noticed the word "local" in the title until he got trolled about it. LOL

Is the fish a local agent which decides to bite the worm and therefore falls for the bait? Or is the fish epigenetically pulled by the bait? I reckon Emile just got epigenetically pulled.

More a-political drop-out culture dud stuff, please. Also, more spiky fantasy role playing games tailored to the emotional needs of subjectively insurrectionary career S.S.I. beneficiaries.

October 1917/Barcelona 1936 LARPer spotted

Don’t you mean...weenies? You already dropped in the unmistakable keatingism ‘spiky’...

I miss hanging out with friends.

Occupy sucked a lot, in many ways, but I severely miss having a 24/7 spot that just drew everyone in.

We may not have killed capitalism, or the state, but we killed isolationism for a few good months.

yes! temporary autonomous zones are always great!

To relate to this habitat, to this place. Anywhere and Any, time.
To create new worlds as new peoples. Surreptitiously or right out in the open.
Pushing limits, pressing always to the horizon of the Outside. By oneself,
With friends, family, strangers, and comrades. No ideology, other than autonomy
and mutual aid. Like the Social Alliance developed by Bakunin. With the sensitivity
and sensibility of a Tolstoy. Riding the wind and the wave. Difference and the
Repetition of the eternal return. We are lucky to be living in “ in these times”.
The time of our lives. Intuitive capacity helps hone our emergence, and to cultivate
Our expressions ; to sense perspectives, viewpoints, opportunities with methods and manners that display our artisan sensability. A praxis of creativity, sensuality,
And determination; thrown into these worlds of ours ,our dwellings of security and belonging .And all with a smile, a laugh, a tear.
Happenings Everywhere and we are there-in, to boot.
Yes, not bad at all!

inb4 "anyone who mentions TAZ is a pedo"

The power of 'the word' is important in our projects. for example, if we 'name' the project team and 'fix its identity' and we 'name' the members of project team and give them 'fixed identity' assignments' and status, people tend to 'become their word-based definitions. when they tell you 'who they are', they may start by telling you 'what company they are with' and proceed to define themselves on the basis of the name-title of the job they are in and the status that that job holds in the organizational machinery.

people can get very serious and possessive about these word-based definitions so that this word-based 'fixity' subverts anarchistic organizing.. this is why there needs to be revival of a project like RA Wilson's to develop language that suspends the word-based imputing of 'being' that gets in the way of the naturally emerging, flexible organizational dynamic known as 'anarchy'.

to ge to the remainder of this comment, go to The power of 'the word' in our projects

So a spider is alienated from nature, because it only makes the same single web-design over and over and over?

in scientific reality, the observer focuses on the rebel and his actions as if that is 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth', even though the word rebel is a misnomer since 'rebellion' is inductively actualized by landlords that have monopoly control of the living space the quote-unquote 'rebel' shares inclusion with the landlord in.

intuitive reality acknowledges the epigenetic-genetic nonduality in rebellion; i.e. outside-inward (epigenetic) influence inductive actualizes genetic expression (rebellion, in this example).

the spider lives within a complex relational space that inductively orchestrates his 'genetic expression'. the nooks and crannies and patterns of insect movements inductively actualize, orchestrate and shape his web-building actions.

scientific reality reduces the observer's view to things-in-themselves and 'what these things-in-themselves' do. the scientific-thinking rational moral judgements that are popular/predominant in Western society hold the spider and the rebel fully and solely causally responsible for their actions. this means that merit and reward or reproach and punishment can be cleanly attributed to a particular thing-in-itself, namely, the [conceptually invented] causal agent. scientific reality is a pseudo-reality wherein one trains oneself to see forms within a complex relational dynamic as independent causal agent that are the source of genetic expression [instead of acknowledging epigenetic inductive influence as the source].

intuitive reality, on the other hand, acknowledges that epigenetic influence inductively actualizes genetic expression.

there is sterility in the scientific view that sees spiders as independent 'things-in-themselves' that are fully and solely responsible for their own behaviour. in intuitive reality, "it takes a whole eco-community to raise a member such as a spider" [the bootstrap principle]. only in scientific reality does one make absurd generalizations like "the spider ... makes the same single web-design over and over and over "

how does scientific reality screw up like this?

it ignores inhabitant-habitat nonduality wherein epigenetic-influence inductively actualizes genetic expression.

scientific reality is a 'reduction to the genetic [generative] pole' where relational dynamics are reduced to semantic narratives featuring 'things-in-themselves' and 'what they do' as if in an absolute space and absolute time measuring/reference space.

semantically constructed scientific reality, such as the pseudo-reality you composed, alienates the spider from nature.

This is literally Emile

Given that God is infinite, and the universe is also infinite, given that genetic influence is a delusion in understanding what are actually epigenetic influences, given that things are not independent 'things in themselves', given that inhabitants are not really separate from habitats, given that intuitive reality is distinct from the dualistic scientific reality embedded in everyday language... what local projects do you miss?

Given that the spider's work is inductively actualised, given that the spider is not a thing-in-itself but is continuous with its environment, given that outward epigenetic influence actualises gentic expression, given that the spider lives in a complex relational space, given that the scientific way of thinking is inadequate to the intuitive reality, given that spiders are not responsible for web-building in a causal sense... nonetheless, many species of spider persistently make webs in exactly the same pattern (or as close as their environment allows)

For instance, orb web spiders always build webs in concentric circles with outer bridge lines, internal anchor lines and elastic capture threads connecting the spokes, coated with sticky droplets to capture prey. Web shape will vary slightly in line with how much space and thread are available, and what anchor points are chosen for the anchor lines – and in this sense the environment inductively actualises the web. Some spiders also decorate their webs for reasons which are unknown. But, there is a basic design to orb webs which is repeated each time a new web is made (which is sometimes daily). It's believed that orb web spiders have been building webs this shape for 100 million years!

Now, the fact that spiders make webs in a similar shape each time, does not really prove anything either way about genetic or epigenetic causality. The simple, Occam's Razor explanation is that the spider has a genetic predisposition to produce this shape of web regardless of environment. But, the evidence also fits an Emile-explanation that the environment epigenetically draws out the same kind of web from the spider each time, despite environmental variation. However, the point in this case is that epigenetic determinism or codeterminism is compatible with invariant activity. (The spider is just one example. Another is this: a gerbil will chew on items in its environment, whether it is in its natural habitat – a desert – or kept in a cage, or transferred to any other environment. A male hamster will attack another male hamster in close proximity, whether it's in the wild or in captivity. Domestic cats 'epigenetically actualise' their stalking ability, often by learning to stalk things such as balls of wool and cat toys. Hedgehogs roll into balls when threatened, whether they're facing foxes or cars. And on, and on...)

In Emile-land, a spider is an epigenetically actualised life-form within a complex relational space, which is inductively actualised into building its web by its habitat, consistent with a habitat-inhabitant nonduality. Nonetheless, the spider produces the same web design over and over. It is not thereby alienated from nature.

A gerbil is an epigenetically actualised life-form within a complex relational space, which is inductively actualised into chewing by its habitat, consistent with a habitat-inhabitant nonduality. Nonetheless, the gerbil chews things over and over. It is not thereby alienated from nature.

An anarchist is also an epigenetically actualised life-form within a complex relational space, which is inductively actualised into particular social and physical activities by its habitat, consistent with a habitat-inhabitant nonduality. (So, presumably, is a landlord, a pig, a Nazi, etc). Yet in Emile-land, an anarchist is alienating her/his/theirself from nature if they produce the same design over and over.

So, why is it alienation when an anarchist does it, but not when a spider does it?

I don't see any good reason why this would be the case.

It is entirely possible to support the entire Emile-epistemology and Emile-ontology, without rejecting repetitive practices, or indeed, any particular model of practice whatsoever.

you say;

“given that spiders are not responsible for web-building in a causal sense... nonetheless, many species of spider persistently make webs in exactly the same pattern (or as close as their environment allows)

in this sentence, you acknowledge, then immediately ignore, what i am saying.

the point in the first part of your sentence, which is acknowledging my statement refuting the causal model, means that semantic constructs that impute genetic (causal) agency to local forms is not valid since those local forms are secondary phenomena, the primary phenomenon is the confluence of relational influences comprising the epigenetic influence that inductively actualizes genetic expression.

this says that we cannot impute jumpstart generative/causal agency to a ‘form’ ['spider'] as if it were its own source of genetic agency. this is the whole problem of semantic reality construction that Nietzsche terms an ‘error of grammar’. however, you totally ignore this in the second part of your sentence which imputes jumpstart authorship to the 'spider'.

i.e. scientific reality derives from pulling apart a transforming relational continuum [the world given only once] by using noun-and-verb grammar to portray relational forms (e.g. spider) as a thing-in-itself (noun-subject) that is the notional local source of generative agency (noun inflecting action verb and implying result (predicate).

ok, as Mach says, this is convenient as it delivers ‘economy of thought’ which is the very basis of science. science is arranging our observations in a simple way, it is not addressing the physical reality of our actual experience. if it were, we wouldn’t have the great shortfall of the old newtonian science we keep using relative to the findings of modern physics [which affirm field-matter nonduality] which we haven’t yet incorporated in our semantic reality constructions.

in any case, you don’t actually acknowledge anything in your statement since you continue to use ‘spider’ as a noun-subject that inflects generative verbs to 'make your case'; “many species of spider consistently make” after you give lip-service acknowledgement to the assumption that epigenetic influence is primary. as Emerson says, we say the pear-tree makes pears but the pear tree is included in a vast ecosystemic complex that is engendering (inductively actualizing) the pear-tree.

likewise, "‘the spider makes a web’ and/or ‘the rebel kills a cop’ and/or ‘the child-soldier massacres the villagers’ are semantic constructs that implicitly equip 'spider', 'rebel' and 'child-soldier' with their own 'genetic agency' even though they are ‘relational forms in the transforming relational continuum’ wherein ‘field’ [epigenetic influence] is in a natural primacy over ‘matter’ [matter is genetic expression, a secondary phenomenon that attracts the attention of an observer].

in the relational understanding of indigenous people, it is essential to acknowledge the difference between the individual and his actions since he is a vent for energy releases from relational tensions engendered in the relational dynamics of the community he is included in. if things are out of balance in the community, the tensions will vent through individuals by virtue of their situation. indigenous peoples live in intuitive reality that understands inhabitant-habitat nonduality whereas Western religions and Western science understand the human as a 'being' that is 'independent' of the habitat and any 'others', and endowed with 'free will'.

you go so far, in your comment, as to portray the spider as a ‘rational being’ which is what scientific reality routinely does with plants and cells; i.e. you say;

“Some spiders also decorate their webs for reasons which are unknown”

whose ‘reasons’ would these be? are we sure that there must be some ‘reasons’ for every action? maybe it is 'ourselves' who come up with these 'reasons' and then transplant them into plants, cells, 'selfish genes', etc.

once scientific reality splits out relational forms and makes them into notional independent things-in-themselves, then it has to equip the independent thing with some internal animating engines to get it moving again [since it got rid of the animating services of epigenetic influence]. ‘rational purpose’ is the ‘fix’ that we have to ‘equip’ the notional ‘independent being’ with after having ‘split out’ an inherently inseparable ‘relational form' from the flow and used semantic contrivance to reduce the form to a thing-in-itself, by way of what Nietzsche calls a ‘double error of grammar’.

“The slime mold Physarum polycephalum is a single cell without a brain, yet it can make surprisingly complicated decisions. In this animated video short, watch as a slime mold navigates through a maze and solves a civil engineering problem.” — Nova

scientists were able to point to 'the brain' and 'neuroscience' and 'the CNS' as the home of 'rational purpose', the new animator of the now-independent human 'being' but when it comes to simpler organisms like plants, we don't have stuff like 'brains' to point to and say, ... yes, this is the seat of animation of the 'independent plant being' which explains its actions without any dependency on the habitat it is included in.

"what's that you say, ... where does the equipment for rational decision-making reside within the brainless, CNS-lacking organism? you say you don't know but you say you know its in there somewhere since how else could an independent thing-in-itself behave so intelligently without it?" ["it can't be epigenetically actualized could it, ... no, ... that would be impossible."]

how far out on a limb without any physically-real support does science have to go to ‘preserve’ a ‘convenient’ and ‘thought-economizing’, but radically inadequate dualist, being-based model?

your statement similarly implies that the behaviour of a notional ‘independent ‘being’ thing-in-itself’ such as 'a spider' is driven by rational purpose. science uses such anthropomorphisms based on the scientific image of the human ‘being’ [independent with free will] to ‘fix’ its splitting things into separate ‘things-in-themselves’.

So does this mean that Emile is alienated from the web?

Wishlist: a non-commercial social space with a computer lab, public washing machines, gym equipment, a "tool library," public meeting space, a "free store," community garden, equipment for audio-projects, equipment to press and distro books, a lending library, screens and projectors for movies, comfortable space for childcare, wellness/health cabinets with supplies, tincture and oil presses, seed banks, bike kitchen, pressure-cookers for putting-up food, ...

Also, some sort of network for in-home doula, wellness, and elder care. And some sort of "tour of info-shops and land-projects caravan" to plug into.

Also, I once saw a skill-share directory (a list of participants, skills, and contact information) produced by a STL circle that I thought was clever.

LOVE this questing.

Also please have a space where to build big stupid protest puppets for the next counter-summit!

"Petty bourgie Leftist bureaucrat" whooo!? You mean them Capitalists? Anyways you want my contacts with the Zapatistas, text me on MSN!

There's some interest in puppets further up the thread. I'm hearing that the anti-globalization movement really hurt you. Did it hurt you to realize that you were pissing on a fire while circle-jerking through tear-gass? Bless your angsty, earnest heart. At least you learned to straw-man with vigor.

Occupying one of those mega-churches. They have tons of space, toilets, and kitchens.

There's a project in Italy where they're giving people castles for free (have to "develop" it though). Britain has a "sleep in a ruined church project (but it costs money). Russia is actually giving away free land in Siberia (not as bad as it sounds).

In Britain (and I'm guessing Europe and America), there are seriously hundreds of actual listed buildings (like old churches) which they can't pull down but they can't afford to/don't want to maintain either - so they're just letting them collapse from neglect (basically same as ISIS demolishing shit but the neoliberal way). I'm sure some of them are squattable, and some of them are buyable. This was how things like Findhorn started.

Hums... castles are somewhat rare in North America, lol, but the few historical fortifications are well-preserved for tourist purposes, unlike in Europe where it's filled with rather cool remnants of past wars and monarchies that nobody cares much about. But thanks for the info about Italy, that answers my question about my witnessing of middle-class people having diner with friends in a really neat Medieval tower in Tuscany (I ended up camping nearby on their olive orchard). No, it didn't had to be some Illuminati satanist cult or whatever. ;-P

There's been an interesting attempt at doing something with an important Cold War era military complex in Quebec but that something wasn't very anarchistic, and neither was supported by an active-enough collective or community of people to achieve anything, beyond a few rave parties. Which in itself is kinda revealing on the difficulties of starting a countryside occupation somewhere in the vast distances of Canada and parts of the US. Or right in eastern Montreal while we're at it...

Can there be enough of this combination of cohesion, intention and commitment for stuff like this to be created? Will we always depend on a some externally-driven momentum like Occupy or Elsipogtog to be making people go down the path of anarcho commune?

I read that Longo Mai in France (that I ain't a big fan of, but is a rather interesting movement to study even only from the outside) had first started out a coffee shop discussion between buddies, but that was right after May '68. I wonder if heavy moments of rupture are what's really just needed.

Christiania was an abandoned military base as well.

Yeah. More drop-out culture stuff is, like, binky an' shit.

Drop out of what?

Drop out of engagement with the larger world outside of a torpid and juvenile subculture, is what.

which, I mean, sort of necessitates something cool amongst ourselves.

Like, both nudism/free love and music/squatting, for instance, were very important to anarchist scenes' at certain points in their history. Because they offered something that were less easily accessed elsewhere. Obviously all this shit can be recuperated eventually, but in the context of it otherwise not existing in a place, it can provide something that is actually worth defending.

Obviously things can become too subculturally, internally focused. But that danger isn't a titanium argument against it. For me, it's really a challenge to just do better.

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