TOTW: What is our goal again?

  • Posted on: 19 November 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

This week has seen another round of doxing and hostile posturing in anarchist circles. I have to wonder "how do you think this is going to play out" when I see the "real world consequence" behavior of anarchists who wail about their own need for anonymity while taking other people through a parade of public hostility. When you push a stranger to the edge they will turn to violence, either interpersonal or meta-personal (the State).

I think that anon thinks that their hostility will end when they disappear their enemies, but turn the tables and ask the same question. If you were dissected in public would it make you go away (from the anarchist space)? Or would it harden your resolve because the worst has happened and you survived it?

Within our circles we know all types. We know who will run as soon as you go boo. We know who will grab a truncheon and probably hurt somebody. We know who will run to the cops...

But what is our goal again? Is our goal to win hair-splitting contests or is it to prepare for a war/battle/fight with our *true enemy*, which is the State and Capitalist Power, right?

Let's say we scare away all the bad people (as tremendously horrible, and yet similar to us, as they are!?), can we then start working on our shared goals or will the tactics, thinking used on, and victory over, peers lead us away from ever looking at larger, impossible goals? Is it fair to say (some, many, all) anarchists have sacrificed the fight for anarchy to instead have the more attainable and petty goals of making shitty people (and ourselves) feel bad?



A nondescript person shouts rhetorical questions (which sound a lot like exclamations) atop of a soapbox:

Leave Britney alone!


Anons of the world unite!

Stop lifting anon’s skirts revealing their non-anon naughty bits!

Anti-Doxx Action!

Anon’s Rights Activism!

This de-anonymizing is uncivil, it must be stopped!

Treat thy enemy like thoust’d like to be treated yourself!

Anarchists, as abstractions, should only fight other abstractions like The State and Capitalism!

Flesh and bone people who hate each other should not fight! Even less so by using the same means to cause harm to the person(s) who would use the same means to cause harm to them!

People should behave according to what makes sense to me and what seems in-line with my goals!

I just wish people would shoot at each other like they did in Barre, VT back in the day. So much hot air and threats and no real follow up. It's not surprising that the left anarchists have shifted their energy away from real fascists to perceived ones "from within." They couldn't do anything but throw one real punch at one nazi in the last two years. They need a small win to feel good again. Pretty soon it will shift from ITS, Atassa, LBC. It would be peak irony if more leftoid anarchists started a crusade against 325 and left insurrectos for being "crypto" or something.

Don't lump all anarchists in with the somewhat pathetic americans. Also, must we make another comment thread be about Atassa? I really don't think there isn't anything to be said that hasn't been already at this point.

Hmmm, missed a line. What i mean to say is that I think there is a deeper and more interesting conversation that can be had here than specifically this one piece of online gossip.

I agree that the drama is not interesting. Trust me and many other USian anarchists roll our eyes whenever Atassa drama resurfaces. But there are many big-mouths on social media, including the one who runs 325, that won't let it die. They want to keep kicking their ball cause it gives them attention and sadly they know how to manipulate others into joining their shit-storm. Most recently by getting LBC banned from the Seattle Bookfair. Luckily, none of the east coast irl anarchists i know know of or care about west coast drama. But I imagine that people like 325 will continue to scream and shout until they can whip up condemnations from every corner of the continent. Already they put a lot of energy into translating Spanish language stuff about ITS from anarchist scenes. IE importing Latin American scene drama into US scene drama lol.

A. 325 drama has nothing to do with attention.

B. 325 arn't burgers, they're european.

be careful what you wish for

if you think this is gonna end with doxxing you are mistaken. you are the idiots who fired the first salvos in this war by boosting / promoting a group who made serious threats against anarchists all the while claiming to be the 'non-sectarian' 'anarchist news'. might be worth reflecting on the fact that plenty of our comrades have long histories of making devices that actually fucking work and have had no problem mailing them to targets in other countries. something to ponder on the next time you check your mail for whatever hipster pseudo-intellectual wank-fest you and your lounge room nihilist buddies are currently masturbating over.

>you are the idiots who fired the first salvos in this war by boosting / promoting a group who made serious threats against anarchists all the while claiming to be the 'non-sectarian' 'anarchist news'.

Anews doesn't post ITS stuff. You don't know what you're talking about.

>as of making devices that actually fucking work and have had no problem mailing them to targets in other countries. something to ponder on the next time you check your mail for blah blah blah i think i lost IQ points reading this.

Soooo, threatening and attacking 'our comrades' is okay unless you or your friends do it? At least try to be consistent, please.

"Anews doesn't post ITS stuff. You don't know what you're talking about."

Yes and no... there's a slice of truth to this, as Anews has been posting plenty of their publications in the past. a plethora of repugnant crap written by completely different non-anarchists was also been posted here. Which is the part the commenter with a flaming butt doesn't appear to have noticed, or cared noticing.

Plain and simple. Anews doesn't have the guts to compete with War on Society news site.

>Yes and no... there's a slice of truth to this, as Anews has been posting plenty of their publications in the past.

ITS stuff was also posted on War on Society(pretty sure),325 and the rest of the contra-info sites. What sites did a few years ago in relation to ITS isn't what you're attempting to crucify anews for, is it?

> a plethora of repugnant crap written by completely different non-anarchists was also been posted here.

Should anarchists only read anarchists? You can see how this is nonsense and wold be very atypical of both contemporary and historical anarchists, yes?

I think you should give yourself the self respect to at least hold yourself to a higher standard, that is to not colour your opinions by what is in front of you, not what you want to believe.

Furthermore... I think NOT ENOUGH shit written by authoritarians has been posted on this site. Especially, like, academic texts from political science, sociology, essays by statesmen and economists, reports on policing strategies, etc.

How can we stand up or challenge State power if we don't know how power thinks and behave?

Last week's shit show of a TOTW has persuaded me that maybe using a pseudonym isn't the end of the world.

Interesting parallels, on a reichian level, between the jingoist emotional economy and the US anarcho social scene. It's a quirk of personal circumstance that decides whether a particular person will bellow about ITS or about the immigrant caravan. Both contingencies consist of white people panicking about brown people they will never meet from south of the US border, and both rely on an emotionalized, fear-based spectacle built around a theorized threat to idealized group identity.

I recently found that when intense life stuff happens, it becomes difficult to pretend that any of this scene drama matters at all. There are real things in the world to focus on.

You and I come from different worlds. My whole existence has been "intense life stuff". Easy for Tom Petty to tell me I don't have to live like a refugee. Easy for you too?

>Interesting parallels, on a reichian level, between the jingoist emotional economy and the US anarcho social scene

Yes, and this particular variant of "emotional plague" seems very prevalent today across the spectrum. Far-right witch-hunts, leftist idpol, "centrist" COIN and anti-extremism. It's very much entangled with the configuration of emotions today (constant excessive stress and stimulation without release, attentive stress and short attention spans, loss of the reality-effect and resultant tendency to trust emotional reactions as *true*) and the configuration of media power. People are hypervigilant and looking for enemies and threats. Without time or energy to process information, people take signals ("triggers", "dogwhistles" and the like) as indicators of threats. They react in a kneejerk way to the perceived threat, and this can be manipulated by anyone who can manipulate the signifiers of threat. And it's not just big media or politicians who can do this - it's smaller-scale opinion leaders and well-funded propagandists. The London bookfair fiasco is a good case in point: nobody bothered to find out what happened before joining the pileup on the bookfair organisers, because other people had put out statements using threat buzzwords like "transphobic" and "terf". The organisers are not transphobic but nobody takes the time to double-check when the buzzword is used. The same thing's happening with LBC/Atassa/ITS - we're hearing phrases like "pro-ISIS" and "want to kill anarchists" like there's no tomorrow, and a complete blurring between the three groups (and sometimes particular individuals also). It's very similar to how people could put out fake news such as Pizzagate (Hillary Clinton running a pedo racket out of a pizza place) and get it to the point where someone actually shoots up the pizza place.

Some people seem to get invested in this fake stuff despite serious life issues, either because it's an outlet for energy that can't find an outlet in relation to life issues they feel powerless to affect, or because they're convinced by some bizarre logic that the spectacular witch-hunt is addressing the root cause of their personal problems (e.g. every personal problem is due to racist microaggression, and the way to stop racist microaggression is to ostracise anyone who has any contact with Nazis). But, it does seem to disappear when there's a huge active mobilisation to change the world (say, Tahrir Square, Nuit Debout), or there's a really big life-issue such as a natural disaster.

"I agree that the drama is not interesting. " ...then goes on to spout a whole bunch of DRAMA consisting of the usual LBC milieu's winning combination of gaslighting and half-baked turds masquerading as authoritative knowledge of the actual international anarchist movement that exists outside their USian pseudo-nihilist lounge room circle-jerks. But hey continue on- and don't forget to delete all those uncomfortable, dissenting comments to make it appear like people are actually buying your bullshit narrative.

>But hey continue on- and don't forget to delete all those uncomfortable, dissenting comments to make it appear like people are actually buying your bullshit narrative.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don't already know this; Your comments arn't being deleted for being 'dissenting', they're being deleted because they're arrogant bile filled hit pieces against someone you have a problem with that add absolutely nothing to any decent conversation. I look forward to this one getting delete also but you are free to try again (As opposed to actually stopping dissenting opinions which would mean banning your ass).

Honestly the bar for deletion is set much lower for people talking shit about lbc. Doubt its intentional, but its clear. But hey when have they not liked stirring the pot?

one of the many criteria we juggle when removing comments is an over-connection between projects that are different, and have significantly different people behind them. anews is not the same as lbc.
too many comments conflate them.

I figure this petty crap won't go away until somebody crashes the power grid... Oh how we'll miss it!

Anti-civ eco NIHILSTS want YOUR GRANDMA to DIIIE ...

I feel like the fiercest denunciations come most often in the heat of battle (which most of "us" are most certainly not in) and after we've lost and we turn inwards. The concerns about fascist creep, nihilism, and misanthropy via ITS etc. are at least a little silly in that they imagine there's something like an "anarchist movement" for these things to corrupt or threaten, or that there's any sort of struggle that could be undermined by their presence. It's an imagined community which exists in only the most fragile state but is given life through fighting enemies both real and imagined. So you have europeans and north americans who have no direct interaction with anything that looks like ITS (which is the case with pretty much everyone everywhere) absolutely losing their shit over some sporadic scene conflict half a world away. Anti-fascist militants are plagued by ambiguity in anarchist spaces - people listening to the wrong music and reading the wrong books that may lead them to become infected. The next flavor of criticism appears to be coming from red-and-black people against "climate pessimism" because it undermines their urgent struggle to build a movement to mediate catastrophic climate change. The fragility of our fights and the communities we form leads these militants to become all the more fervent in their critiques as they come from a place of weakness that wants to look like strength.

it plays out with thecollective members dead on a curb

Bullshit online posturing is bullshit. So fukin weak ...

be careful what you wish for

I'm wishing for about 3 minutes alone with you sweetheart :)

Worth mentioning that I'm completely unaffiliated with LBC, but I just decided I like ya and wanna chat!

my daddy said not to talk to strangers on the Internet

>it plays out with thecollective members dead on a curb

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

Perhaps we should go towards the trouble? Why fear confrontation?

i can think of 31 reasons

I've already posted a great book (UK) about infiltration of protest groups including anarchists. Nobody guessed who the cops were in their group which some having children by the infiltrators. For all any knows even this site could be a sham!!! I doubt it but I'm just sayin'. How many people have said :They didn't see it comin'? And that's the point. Look at Walter Bond, he did hid work alone and then he told his brother (I think it was his brother?) and bang...Walter goes to prison. Who 'wins'? The State of course. Given the level of intrusion in our lives and the wildfire spread of information via the net, only a fool would disclose their work to anyone else. The SDS in the book Undercover I recommend to Chisel know the true value of keeping one's silence. OK, so your work doesn't get the credit you may think you deserve, you're an unsong hero(ine); then you have to ask yourself why you do what do you: out of your values or for some other reason!

thecollective is probably involved with the police already, certainly in the bay area

but i'm sure folks like notnull would call the cops quicker than you can type grey poupon

on this thread, since the totw is PARTLY about how anarchists treat each other like shit.
so far, the hater consensus seems to be that their shit don't stink, and they have nothing to regret about doing any and all hateful things to their peers.
is there anything else they have to say, on this forum provided for them free of corporate and state oversight (as much as anything can be), where they can decide to be imaginative and playful, or mean, deceitful, and petty?
perhaps we should assume that all the violent messages are from cointelpro-style people who are more interested in divisions between anarchists than people disagreeing with each other but still able to acknowledge each other as concerned with many of the same things?

alert! alert! thecollective is whining for unity again!

obviously, mean, deceitful, and petty, doesn't preclude playful and imaginative ALL the time.
only 95% of the time.

excuse my bullshit percentage rhetorical device too. :D

Beyond a certain tipping point, the toxic vibe of a social space just becomes self-perpetuating. Those who want to relate to each other in an "imaginative and playful" way pull out, because it's distracting and feels bad to contend with "mean, deceitful and petty"-ness. This increases the concentration of toxicity which accelerates the exodus. Fortunately, those who pulled out did not all leave anarchism, just anews. Fortunately, anews comments have no relationship to the health or dysfunction of anarchists in general.

Oh Chisel, that’s rich coming from someone who can hold a personal grudge for years and who is complicit in getting a few people disappeared from their former friends on social media and certain websites. But I guess that’s all fine since the grudges aren’t due to political posturing and don’t affect LBC sales...

hail chisel, holder of grudges! disappearer of insignificance! destroyer of worlds! and book seller…

That's not really the general-use context for dramatic words like "complicit". Complicit in deciding that some people suck and nobody wants to talk to them anymore?!

Who the fuck are these people chisel? Where'd you step in so much crazy bullshit?

"Hater", here. Openly misanthropic, too.

Guess what? My shit stinks like everyone elses. I have many, many regrets. I feel as though I've transformed into a demon, or a chullachaqui.

But you're not my peers.

Yes, the violent messages are in the vain of what chisel calls "cointelpro-style" attacks. But the critical point is far above her head. Do you know how to attack at all, much less in detail? No, you are conflict-avoiding, bubble-or-nest-inhabiting passive-aggressive types, so, you'd have no idea.

Unity, haha. Should be chisel/thecollectives new moniker. Do you intend to assimilate us all?

You lot are nothing but not-so-secular millenarian reformists.

Uncompromising amoral attack would confuse you. Only relinquish! Destruction is creative!

i am passive aggressive!!!
i will have to tell all the people who actually know me. they will be very amused.

talking about picking-which-fights-to-have and how-to-have-them is entirely different from not-fighting, but of course, we all choose the stories we tell ourselves about our motives and practices.
and perhaps you're correct and the critical point is far above my head. perhaps someone else here is worth explaining it to, though? try explaining it to them, and maybe i'll catch up at some point?
also, it's vein, not vain. funny error, though, i have to say...

Okay. Reply with your address and telly


Btw. "telly" is television not telephone.

say that i can be passive aggressive.
the rest of my post stands though!

Calm down, Zhachev. This is unhealthy.
Relinquish what? Making sense?

i'm a loose cannon, who fucking knows

you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, which is demonstrated effectively by every part of what you just said.

with anarchists like you who needs cops

thecollective logs user info and saves ips and photos...yall basically have files on people...if anything you and thecollective are the cops, lil bitch

>logs IPs and photos

What photos, retard? the comments section doesn't even have an img upload function. what nonsense is this?

If you're worried about IP loging then it's clear that you don't understand how the TCP/IP and the internet works. everything/logs IPs.

It's a fair point you make. However, Aragorn!, for one, likes to stir up vitriol too. He says so himself. Anarchism isn't any different from other spaces as we're dealing with people after all: highs and lows of people: best and worst times are typically spent with people. I don't trust this site. I don't trust the internet. I don't trust VPNs or Tor. I always assume that whatever I post anywhere online is for the world to see. The internet is killing off any trust there ever was. I am sure The State can access the details of whoever posts here at some point in the chain. Maybe the 'anonymous' postings doesn't work for anarchism as it encourages too much trolling? Maybe it's time to kick it into touch? Personally, I like reading the articles. Some of the commentary is useful and interesting but, let's be honest, most of the comments are drivel and I wouldn't miss it if ANews got rid of it. It's a difficult one. Maybe have it a topic of the week specifically related to ANews? If there is an overwhelming feeling to scrap it, then scrap it. Would there be trolls in an anarchist world where a person would face consequences for repeated trolling?

Lots of baseless paranoia to be potentially avoided here by LEARNING HOW IT WORKS FOR FUCKS SAKE

sure. i hold grudges sometimes. but the rest of your post makes no sense to me at all. i am not on social media ever (unless you call sites like anews social media, i guess?), and i can't remember ever disappearing anyone (how would one even do that?) and if your friends let you be disappeared, then perhaps they weren't really your friends? there's so much in your post! rich fodder... or perhaps, rich manure.
b: for the other folks who are explaining why it's hard to be interesting in online conversations, omfg, i totally get it. it's entirely possible that trying to engage online is not worth the trouble. and yet, here we are.
and it's very hard to cede the territory to the assholes.
and i continue to think that anarchists deserve to talk to each other. we deserve a space where we get to interact with the stories about and by us. to call bullshit and/or to say, yea!
ok "deserve" is a stupid fucking word. let's just say, i think it's important. so we continue.
and sometimes being stubborn (as the totw alludes to) is the strongest tool we have. obviously that can also bite us in the ass.
just sayin...
(rfa: i will read a poem about being a destroyer of worlds and disappearer of insignificance!)

edit: re trolls. trolls run the gamut, right? most of the time they're a fucking pain in the ass, but sometimes they have important, unpopular-but-relevant things to say. obviously, to many people, anews is the troll. so... yea, it's a hard call.

tactics each side threatens to use in 'outing' aka doxxing online. The cops who feel cheated by their bosses threaten to reveal the undercover branch and what it gets up to and that has indeed happened. The Branch threatens to out protesters as being this or that and to out cops as betrayers etc. The internet is too powerful a weapon and people literally destroy each other somewhat akin to the mass killings. Children cyber bullying for example leading to children committing suicide or self-harm. Is technology neutral?

Paper tiger weapon maybe! First, you need to throw yourself in to the koolaid punch bowl, confusing all this spectacle for reality.

or are you one of those strict-materialist kind of anarchists?

well I wouldn't have to be so strict if you weren't arguing that "dreams are a kind of reality" like you're carlos fukin castaneda up in this piece! :p

The whole "internet hurts people in real life" thing is dangerous and overplayed, it's usually connected to attempts to extend repression online and corrode the existence of virtual autonomous zones. Whether online actions have real-world effects or not, the extension of statist harm-policing online does more harm than good. And of course, it plays into suppression of the hacker movement and online actions which are basically harmless or beneficial. Since internet processes are transnational, this leads to tendencies towards *global statism* such as America trying to extradite people who have never been to the US (e.g. Kim Dotcom). The excuse is always, "well, the harm was done in America". A global empire is far too high a price to pay for the ability to respond to various indirect and economic harms. The EFF's Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace comes to mind as a counterpoint.

Impacts need to be put in context. With rare exceptions such as Stuxnet, online actions can't cause *direct physical* harm (this may change with future developments in drones however). Words can cause emotional distress but this depends on the "victim's" emotional state, and certain types of attacks can steal or destroy valuable data, but it's not (yet) possible to hit or kill someone over the internet. Today, everyone is on-edge because of general precarity and overexposure, so a small trigger which someone 50 years back would take in their stride, is enough to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. But it's important to realise that it's not just the straw that did it, it's the entire load on the camel. Someone who commits suicide or self-harms because of cyberbullying is likely depressed to begin with. In other cases, the "harm" involves a non-actionable threat (e.g. bomb threats) which is taken too seriously because the state is so securitised; or general incitement to do something which doesn't even pass the "clear and present danger" test. In other cases there's *indirect* harm because the internet can be used to coordinate offline actions, find information which is used offline, buy/sell/gift goods, or interfere with offline processes which have online elements. Sometimes this just indicates the dangerous extent to which "real-world" processes (say, health services or banks or national ID databases) are reliant on the internet. It's like a bank putting all the money in open boxes on the street and then complaining when people walk off with it. I'm still waiting for the entire Indian aadhaar database (with nearly every Indian's biometrics and personal details) to get leaked, and criminals all over the world to start walking around wearing fake fingerprints of random Indian people. It ought to destroy biometrics. It probably won't.

what is reported widely that, particularly children and young people often feel shit or much worse after spending time online, specifically females? Even many adults find it difficult to stay offline for any considerable amount of time, suffering side effects? Even those who devise platforms knowingly use manipulative psychology!

Our goal as anarchists is to break windows, then congratulate ourselves by writing about it.

That's basically it.

Did I miss anything?

I recall hearing there was once an anarchist boxing event. Instead of debating ideas they boxed. It was obviously playful and in good sport so maybe it wouldn’t work for the 325 faction.

It's obvious to me that the neo-liberal era zine scene anarchism is coming to an end. I would suggest what Makhno suggested in the lbc thread and simply plan some type of pan American gathering where some type of divorce settlement can be worked out. Those that want to leave anarchism and do the post/non-left wild thing can make their intentions clear, those who want to continue the redcom tradition vs those who want some type of market/organization agnostic new Proudhonian baseline anarchism that's fit for the emerging meme internet created world, those who want to go off in a post-left pure Stirnerian dialectical direction.

Let the gathering,discussion and divorces commence.

"I would suggest what Makhno suggested in the lbc thread and simply plan some type of pan American gathering where some type of divorce settlement can be worked out."

Yes. A movement of "anarchists", initiated by YOU, who would declare its divorce from the Left, yet would be fine with its ties with Alt Right shit lords.

Dream on, baby.

Perhaps divorces could be avoided but there is an inevitable reworking of discursive relationships to come. Ironically it's the chapo influenced left anarchists who are closer to the alt righters then the Stirnerians my friend. The SJW-IDPols have also indirectly aided their existence by their own discursive failings. Also of course I am not initiating this as I'm adding my name to somebody else's suggestion and he's not going to be the one who initiates it either.

It's pretty well-documented that idpol fuels the alt-right and vice-versa. See:

Basically, idpol expends a lot of its energies shaming and demeaning and projecting group-based threats/accusations towards members of "privileged" groups, and the predictable result of this is a defensive reaction which intensifies prejudice. The alt-right basically does the same in the opposite direction, so they feed into one another. It's all very predictable to someone who knows sociology of deviance 101 (labelling theory), though sadly even the sociology graduates seem to lack this nowadays.

IdPol. Just for a different set of IdPol categories.


Ugh. I don't get on here much. I don't care for the internet much. But I do write a few nihilist, anti-civ pieces. And live on the occupied land know as "america". All I really want to say is, the leftist anarchists who scream moral authority over groups like its, lbc Anews etc expose their insecurities the way social justice warriors do when nihilists of the "marginalized voices" category shit on victimhood and their ally politics. Has the "anarchist movement" in america gone total liberal? I mean last week some of yall fake-ass anti-authoritarians bragged about voting. How. Embarrassing. I'm not an academic. I barely graduated from high school. Everyone has fancy language to justify passive existence to the megamachine. What's wrong with destroying everything? What's wrong with killing in the name of anarchy? It's a shame to see 325 NoState trippin these days cus they were my shit. Far better than It's Going Down's leftist garbage. Maybe it's time for the cross hairs to focus on leftist projects and institutions as much as the state and capital. Besides, who wants to live in the "dictatorship of the proletariat"? Not me. Burn it all.

L'eau est la vie camp is a stunning example of this. Liberal, non-violent anarchism of ally politicians, operating under the guise of some righteous indigenous version of manifest destiny. Millenarian reformers all.

Yeah, as a "person of color", the whole indigenous right to condescending nationalism is something else I am sick of seeing "anarchists" tip-toe around without confrontation. Nothing worse than one system racing to replace an older one under the guise of "commune" or "anarchism".

Also, are there links to these call outs or doxxing? Who exactly is getting doxxed these days and is it really over its shit?

and linking to a dox is doxxing, obviously.

Globalize the rez!

"Maybe it's time for the cross hairs to focus on leftist projects" …

Yeah, that's already a thing? Do you even know where you're saying that? @news is the post-left, nihilist BB gun pewpewing at leftism alongside much older, larger weaponry. Older anarchists have had to argue with too many stupid hippies and marxists until they become disproportionately bitter towards another marginalized group, much like themselves!

This is coincidentally, also one of several things wrong with zhachev's brain.

Who is zhachev? And like I said before, I don't get online much. So no, I didn't know this site was nihilist post-left. Cool.

You're better off not knowing! And yeah, the site often is considered to have a "non-sectarian" editorial slant in that direction

Through the forest, down to your grave
Where the birds wait, and the tall grasses wave
They do not know you anymore, more, more, more

I've posted about doxxing before. I am seriously unhappy with anarchists doxxing/outing anarchists, because this helps the bigger enemy, the state, and it could easily escalate beyond the ITS feud. As I've said before, I don't think doxxing is always anti-anarchist, especially when it's used against corporate and state targets like Anonymous did in 2011 (leaking lists of police addresses, Huntington Life Science staff and shareholders, board members of companies and so on). I think outing homophobic public figures who are secretly gay is fair enough. I'm not against doxxing fascists, although I'm against doxxing fascists if the intent is to use the police or get them fired etc. (In my view, publishing the entire membership list of a legal fascist party is justified; outing a clearly disturbed individual who posts far-right rants in a country where this is a crime is not – the latter is helping the state more and harming fascism less than the former). This isn't a moral question but a question of tactics and a question of holding to a principled ethos based on desire. Helping stronger enemies against weaker enemies is generally bad tactics, and feeding into criminalisation promotes deep roots of oppression so as to suppress more superficial forms. Someone trying to build an anarchist world doesn't do things which undermine anarchic elements of the existing world or which makes an anarchist world harder to build.

Doxxing people involved in anonymous opposition movements even if they're imperfect or offensive to us, in my view is tactically utterly fucked and also sets a very bad precedent which others will copy and which is self-destructive. I don't think anyone would think it's an anarchist thing to do to help the cops identify criminals or to find all the people involved in a drug cartel and post their details online (though I remember Anonymous doing this once). I doubt anyone would call for anarchists to dox a group like November 17 or the Red Brigades even though they have horrible leftist politics and quite possibly hate anarchists. And I certainly hope the Anonymous campaign had nothing to do with the eventual shutdown of Freedom Hosting which (if so) was a massive own-goal. I'd add I'm not a misanthrope, I don't agree with the ITS perspective and especially targeting other anarchists, but I think it's an interesting perspective which needs to be heard, especially in light of all the mass killings going on and the failure of the eco movement to stop climate change... much the same way I think various idpol perspectives and Marxist perspectives need to be heard, even though I disagree a lot with the conclusions they reach. I'd also add that there's far more disgusting things being published by the average mainstream publisher (e.g. how-to guides for pigs; COIN bullshit), and they aren't getting hate campaigns or no-platforms for it (though I doubt they field at anarchist bookfairs), which makes me wonder about whether the attacks on LBC are in good faith. ITS have posted aggressive material directed at other anarchists (including dubious claims of responsibility for actual attacks), but this isn't exactly unusual and I can think of lots of cases historically where one anarchist group has called for other groups to be destroyed (especially leftists saying this about primmies), without anyone outing or snitching on anyone. Doxxing is an escalation from aggressive rhetoric which poses much greater dangers of real harm, and not just a tit-for-tat response.

However, I'd also add that, as far as I've seen, it's very rare for someone to come to real-world harm (other than distress arising from the doxxing itself or from resultant hate-mail or low-level nuisance) from being doxxed. Even in big cases like the Anonymous leaks and Gamergate, physical attacks were very rare. In principle someone who's doxxed can then be swatted, mail-bombed or even assassinated on their doorstep, but in practice there's a lot more people prepared to do (low-risk) doxxing than (high-risk) violent attacks. We all know Trump lives in the White House, it doesn't mean anyone's going to go there and shoot him. HOWEVER, if the person doxxed is involved in illegal activity or socially stigmatised, then doxxing carries a higher risk. And mostly, a risk of being victimised by forms of power anarchists oppose in general (police, courts, bosses/firing). In these cases, doxxing is dangerously close to snitching. Doxxing also aids the state by allowing names to be added to databases and profiling systems (no-fly, social credit, Schengen watchlist etc). And generally, the harder it is to add people (of any stripe) to these lists, the better it is for anarchists.

So, why is this happening?

First problem: anarchism has a weak spot regarding cybernetic power. This is the kind of power which is increasingly prominent today – and relies on incentives, deterrence, opportunity structures, blocked opportunities, “nudges”, and “feedback” for social control. Everyone is nodes in a computer-like system. Each node provides “feedback” to the surrounding nodes. “Feedback” is expected to lead to “behaviour change” (but usually doesn't). Anarchism isn't designed to oppose cybernetic power, it's designed to oppose centralised authoritarian power. Cybernetic power is often dispersed, diffuse. It doesn't necessarily have a central point. It can look very participatory and crowdsourced. It's often networked. It doesn't necessarily involve an identifiable “boss”. This means that it can be mistaken for anarchist power. It looks vaguely similar to diffuse sanctioning in indigenous groups, or social pressure in “scenes”.

Don't be mistaken. Cybernetic power isn't anarchist power. It's a conservative form of power which seeks to render the system self-sustaining. It's highly hostile to individual freedom, anonymity, and small-group or even large-group formations. It relies on everyone being transparent, surveilled, atomised, and correspondingly vulnerable to “nudges”. Like in “free” markets, the most powerful are often invisible. The power of the hivemind operates as if there are no powerholders. The same way everyone except the poorest has a little bit of power as a consumer, everyone but the most isolated has a little bit of cybernetic power to provide nudges, feedback, sanctions etc. But it's easy to identify who the main powerholders are. Those with greater power over information or greater ability to monopolise attention have greater cybernetic power. States, owners of social media and other opinion sites, and people with large sums of money to spend on “nudging” (such as Cambridge Analytica) hold more cybernetic power than anyone else. However, people have fallen under the illusion that everyone has cybernetic power and marginalised people can use cybernetic power to shift power at its most basic levels – for instance, to redress police brutality or large-scale social inequality. A lot of anarchists and other radicals have started aggressively using cybernetic power as a means to eliminate everything from racial slurs to corrupt politicians (even though there is very little evidence that it “works” even when the powerful use it). This weak spot spreads over into today's version of antifa and no-platforming (which I hasten to add is NOT what antifa was/is in Europe, or what no-platforming or heckling/event disruption were until very recently). Two of the problems it runs up against. 1) someone who's anonymous can't be cybernetically targeted until they're identified, 2) cybernetic action by radicals whose friends are radicals will impact mainly on other radicals.

Second problem: radical groups have for a long time relied on the “band”, “gang”, “sect”, “neo-tribe”, or “affinity” form of organisation, in which small groups of people form group fantasies and quasi-normative systems specific to the group in question. I'm currently working with a model where the band form is distinct from, and has different power-structures and conditions of success to, the dominant form of integrated authoritarian society. However, bands themselves can also be radical or reactionary, and more or less authoritarian. Conflict with “society” or with other bands is often a central “glue” for these kinds of groups. The band form gives considerable autonomy to groups. It partly neutralises normative pressure from the dominant system. But with each band or sect accountable only to itself, the relations among bands or sects become a point of potential conflict or weakness. At points of effective movement formation (like the 1999-2001 summit protests and the Greek revolt of 2008), different anarchist/radical bands tend to network within a loose structure where each band requires freedom of action, but there is a negative unity in a moment of struggle against the system/society.

In other periods, however, band-on-band conflict sometimes replaces band vs society conflict and weakens the band-form overall. There's a few versions of this. Firstly, different types of anarchists have always been prone to intergroup conflict. Secondly, anarchists are often sharply antagonistic (and vice-versa) with other types of radical bands such as Trotskyites and Maoists. These groups also tend to be divided into mutually hostile sects (e.g. different brands of Trotskyites). Thirdly, fascist and other grassroots right-wing groups often also use the band form, and are in an extremely hostile relationship to anarchists and radicals in general. Again, fascists (and apolitical criminal gangs, and religious sects, etc) are also prone to internecine band feuds. This kind of conflict isn't always a bad thing. Fascists and some other bands are a real threat to anarchists. Group-on-group conflict can itself become part of how the band sustains itself. But the difficulty is, there is also a structural conflict between the band/network form and the integrated society form. And cybernetic power provides a line of recuperation for bands. I think we are seeing a pattern today where the appeal of cybernetic power is leading bands to adopt cybernetic methods against rival bands, and where this undermines the strength of the band-form in general.

There's also the distinct possibility that this stuff is being used for COIN. One of the standard tactics in COINTELPRO was turning groups against one another. Fake letters from members of one group denouncing another, incitements to violence, infiltrators encouraging hostility. And since we're dealing with anonymous groups, it's very hard to know whether this is going on. We know Russian trolls were doing something like this in 2016 – creating accounts which ramped up tension on both sides of a controversial issue, so as to destabilise American politics and possibly to get Trump elected (though that's less clear).

- and then @critic arrived and built a beautiful dome of reasoned clarity to shelter under! I fell in to a peaceful sleep, listening to them ramble on, all sensibly.

I agree. You went deep on this. Wow. You’re smart.

Sorry you got doxxed bro, sorry you provided a forum for sociopathic ITS celebration of femecide more though. Don't be an asshole with no sense of common humanity and maybe your lack of compassion wouldn't get reflected back to you in the form of mala suerte and fucking social consequences. Arrogant Aragorn, remember when this site posted that communique calling for the assasination of an anarchist comrade? Yeah, me too...

100% agree with you on doxing. In Athens beside the drama and issues and shit that is always needing to be dealt with of all kinds I couldn't even imagine if another anarchist was doxxed by an anarchist. It isn't even in the realm of acceptable. Really in all of Europe apart from maybe the UK.

I dunno where you're going here... There seems to be good and bad about anarchism in the UK, but if you take for instance Netherlands and Germany, where anarchist-on-anarchist call outs are a *norm*, and also in Exarkhia (not Athens), I've seen and even been the target of this same collective bullying or doxxing, I can tell you that's a deluded notion you got. Exarkhia has become a pretty suspicious little bubble world within Athens, and I don't it changed much to what it was 2-3 years back, unless you show me that all of those Reds connected to West Euro tankies have got kicked out. Was pretty brutal to be hearing a defense of Adolf Hitler coming from those old-school Palestinian socialist zealots, too, people who're allowed to not just have their base of operations but also to poster their propaganda in an area that's supposedly an anarchist neighborhood.

So some kids from palestine were really mad at the jews?

Hitler was an inside job

There's a difference between calling someone out and doxxing an anarchist in full view of the state. Again I have never seen this although I wouldn't be super surprised if it happened in Germany. And yes, the UK is not that impressive lately. If your view of Exarchia is 2 years deep than you would not realize it's changed multiple times in the past 20 years. I find it to be a place that chews up and spits out moralists fairly well even for it's faults.

That's not to say that the current issues aren't daunting.

What I was saying is that for sure, a lot of what anarchism is in the UK is abhorrent LibCom crap and several of the UK "radicals" I've seen abroad were despicable creatures with really long fingers (tho maybe not as brutally bad as French "radicals"). BUT you also had a huge new above-ground squatting movement in/around London lately, and that's been a surprising new development in an ultra-policed, super-gentrified hellhole like the UK.

As for Exarkhia... when Reds get kicked out as much as the North African mafia has been, I'll start to believe again. Then there'll be the smaller yet significant issues of machism and meat-consumption...

That does sound positive with London, hopefully it keeps up.

>). BUT you also had a huge new above-ground squatting movement in/around London lately, and that's been a surprising new development in an ultra-policed, super-gentrified hellhole like the UK.

False. the squat scene is more dead than i've ever seen it.

You think the DARPA/DOD/CIA project that is the Internet is a virtual autonomous zone?

Some of us anarchisiticish types don't want the anarchist utopia. Some are against the "world-builders"

Whomever the dude with the anger issue is:

1. You need to get some help.

2. You clearly know English as a native speaker so you're from one of two places. Don't act like such a bad ass on the internet.

3. I know USA based anarchists are dumb as a bag of rocks most of the time but they should take these responses in and consider what their goofy ass witch hunts are predicated by.

4. Get help.

Maybe it's not a anger issue

Maybe it's a civilization issue

Maybe it's a homo sapiens issue

Those aren't mutually exclusive.

telling someone as angry as zhachev to stop being angry about what they're angry about is like setting an atom bomb of on a camp fire

Is anyone surprised "anarchists" are doing the work for the police by "doxxing" and calling it "praxis"

red-anarchists are the most authoritarian anyway, especially in the United States, just a bunch of cowards who praise the humanitarian services by the liberalised-Antifa

these reds and social anarchists continue to appeal to the police to arrest their "enemies" whine and cry when the police don't protect them, are the first to act tough on the internet but when it comes down to it submit and crumble to the police during "counter parades" then write an article how they are "winning"

they are the first to yell 'bash the fash' yet run away from fights, the first to yell "we are ungovernable" and go to the voting booth because of "humanity"

these moralists, American "anarchists" are Liberals with more edgy vocabulary

also, you American anarchists who yell for some utopic version of "egalitarianism" are the first ones to be anti-indigenous, and continue to use us for your political woke points

I love and agree with every single bit of this. Please write a longer version of this for a zine? Not being sarcastic. I live on this place called "america" and see all this red anarchist shit and it's fucking pathetic.

nice false narrative building here. 325 are 'red anarchists'? LMFAO. and so are anarhija, attaque, act for freedom now and the many other websites that have translated the 325 posts about ITS into their own languages? you guys spend so much time getting high on your own farts that you really start to believe your own bullshit.

>nice false narrative building here. 325 are 'red anarchists'
Nowhere does it say that, you fucking mong.

> you guys spend so much time getting high on your own farts that you really start to believe your own bullshit.
Fartbong troll, drink bleach and die. Nobody wants you here.

the fartbong went viral and is no longer associated with any single troll ;)

happy 420 bro

My previous comment under the article concerning anonymity appears to have been deleted (It's still in Google's search cache though and now in the Wayback Machine). Unsure why-- maybe it was the state under the guise of an anarchist news site, a la honeypot-- but in any case...

"But what is our goal again? Is our goal to win hair-splitting contests or is it to prepare for a war/battle/fight with our 'true enemy', which is the State and Capitalist Power, right?"

For me, one goal is to help create a society independent of the state and get as many people and groups to join as possible. In these regards, the idea of minimizing 'wars/battles/fights' and not subverting one's own cause(s) would seem to be part of the strategy.
That writ and WRT the above, I'm wondering if anonymity actually does more to help the state than anarchists, such as if less anarchists can find each other in the dark. Life can seem counterintuitive sometimes.

"Alan Atkisson (interviewer): How has permaculture been received? What do reviewers say about your books, for example?

Bill Mollison: The first time I saw a review of one of my permaculture books was three years after I first started writing on it. The review started with, 'Permaculture Two is a seditious book.' And I said, 'At last someone understands what permaculture’s about.' We have to rethink how we’re going to live on this earth — stop talking about the fact that we’ve got to have agriculture, we’ve got to have exports, because all that is the death of us. Permaculture challenges what we’re doing and thinking — and to that extent it’s sedition.

People question me coming through the American frontier these days. They ask, 'What’s your occupation?' I say, 'I’m just a simple gardener.' And that is deeply seditious. If you’re a simple person today, and want to live simply, that is awfully seditious. And to advise people to live simply is more seditious still.

You see, the worst thing about permaculture is that it’s extremely successful, but it has no center, and no hierarchy.

Alan: So that’s worst from whose perspective?

Bill: Anybody that wants to extinguish it. It’s something with a million heads. It’s a way of thinking which is already loose, and you can’t put a way of thinking back in the box.

Alan: Is it an anarchist movement?

Bill: ...You won’t get cooperation out of a hierarchical system. You get enforced directions from the top, and nothing I know of can run like that. I think the world would function extremely well with millions of little cooperative groups, all in relation to each other."

The state doesn't necessarily have to see you as an anarchist. The state is just a concept, a system, and/or a religion. People, such as who uphold the state currently, can change their minds, especially perhaps if they see what anarchy can offer and who is offering it.

Wow, alot of Irishy sounding names, did you know there are 38 types of potatoes in Peru, and Ireland only had one, thus the famine.

MacIntyre is Scottish; Caelan is Irish. Unsure about Mollison, but in any case, sure, diversity is great, maybe like the corn in Peru, too, yes?
Famine has happened in many places around the world and in many time periods, sometimes apparently not precisely because there was little food per se, but because of surrounding sociopolitical issues.

"During the Famine, Ireland produced enough food, flax, and wool to feed and clothe double its nine million people. When Ireland had experienced a famine in 1782–83, ports were closed to keep Irish-grown food in Ireland to feed the Irish. Local food prices promptly dropped. Merchants lobbied against the export ban, but Grattan's Parliament, exercising the short lived powers within the Constitution of 1782, overrode their protests. There was no such export ban in the 1840s. Some historians have argued that in this sense the famine was artificial, caused by the British government's choice not to stop exports." ~ Wikipedia

Here's some relevant Indian for you:

The collapse of the New Left coincided with the exhaustion of the less well-publicised Sarvodaya (welfare of all) movement for nonviolent revolution in India, led by Vinoba Bhave and Jayaprakash Narayan (1902-1979), which had sought through voluntary villagisation of land to realise Gandhi's dream of an India of village republics. The implication of Sarvodaya for the subject of this book is brought out by the statement of Jayaprakash Narayan: 'In a Sarvodaya world society the present nation states have no place.' " ~ Geoffrey Ostergaard, 'Resisting The Nation State'

Vandana Shiva is inspiring too.

You're new here, so just a warning, don't mention Gandhi, he is loathed by some of the nihilists at this site, and you may find yourself criticized severely by them. That also goes for other Indian guru type of people. Just letting you know what to expect. Have a nice peaceful day.

Gandhi is loathed by anyone who knows anything about him.

Smug upper-caste privileged narcissist with a lust for young naked servant girls.!

Ghandi was a racist and antisemite manipulator. Read more on his flop in South Africa and how he advocated racial separatism over there.

Are anarchists against "Indian guru types"? Hey, why not against your mom's cousin or the whole 49ers as well!? But seriously Krishnamurti was a very fine, brilliant dude and maybe the most underrated anarchist of the 20th century. He rejected the Theosophy Society as they were about to make him their global Messiah, then he went on developing the eco-sustainable farming paradigm in the southwest U.S., decades before the hippies.

I also include Mandela and all other politicians who have the people who were enslaved under the rule weeping in the street when told about their demise. I just cannot fathom why the slaves and servants of caesars, kings presidents or celebrities weep over them, please someone tell me, am I missing something? I find myself instead celebrating, is the the sign of a true nihilist? I know the difference between a wise man and a psychopath, are these weeping multitudes sheep, or am I a cold detached nihilist ? :p

I imagine you've heard of the expression regarding throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
I think that sort of case could be made about someone who may be loathed but whose idea or ideas might still have validity.
It seems a bit related to the concept of using an ad hom in place of a rational argument.

" may find yourself criticized severely by them..." ~ Anon

'...yourself criticized...'

My immediately-preceding comment was meant for 'Anonymous Thu, 11/22/2018 - 14:20'

Caelan, You really ARE new here, otherwise you would have recognized Anonymous Thu, 11/22/2018-14:20 -as none other than the most criticized ad hominem spewing fascist troll on this site, Le Fool nee Way.

I still live in Olympia.

I have a sob story. Many in fact. All concerning anarchists. I played my part, they played theirs. I am stuck in this town for reasons I won't go into, but I have to stay here. I genuinely still care about the beautiful idea, but am unable to find others. I think I still have a lot to add to the anarchist project, but am forced to act alone or from a distance. #sad

There is no collective anarchist project, only individual anarchy, but I am still listening and interested to hear your story, if willing to share...

14:05 There is no individual anarchy, only collective anarchist projects. If one person is not free, no one is free.

I would just say to the anarchists who can tell who I am, to the ones who attacked my apartment with buckets of paint, who sent me death threats, who surrounded me in a black bloc and punched and shoved me out of a demonstration, who tried to run me out of town and started an insane rumor mill to isolate me, I see you writing those long-winded, hypocritical criticisms of EE for violently attacking anarchists. I could doxx you too, but I'm not a hypocrite.

True anarchy isn't chaos.

to have conversations with again?

anarchist politics and the spookish philosophy that underlies it are still an amazing barrel of laughs

I can only have a meaningful conversation with a Stirnerian now, all others have become ephemeral ghosts without substantial sovereignty!

"At present, many thousands of organisations, affinities, tribes, bioregions, and spiritual and non-government organisations aspire to such beneficial ends; in every continent, a majority of people-- the ethical majority-- want peace; a clean and forested earth; a cessation to torture, malnutrition, and oppression; and a right to work towards these ends. It would take very little additional organisation for these groups to meet together, count their numbers, and recognise each other’s rights. There are, for instance, far less paid-up or active members of political parties or oppressive societies now than there are organic gardeners whose life works seek peace and plenty. As groups discuss, and accept, the minimal ethic... they can quickly proceed to recognise each other...” ~ Bill Mollison

"There are a number of steps that need to be taken to successfully reapply the wisdom of the tribe:

1 ) Individuals must re-establish a sense of deep connection and bondedness to the whole (in this case the planet)... and it is fortunately already occurring. It is especially important that people build direct human connections around the globe. Since the nation-states are today's bullies, we can not rebuild the peace of the tribe unless we build a global community that stands independent of these nations, as William Ellis argues so well in the Summer 1983 issue of IN CONTEXT. It is also essential that these connections be 'real', based on meaningful ties of economics and common personal interest, and not just a technique for peace.

2) Our societies need to decentralize to remove crucial pressure points. We need to replace brittle systems of hierarchical power with resilient systems of 'network semi-dependence.' " ~ Robert Gilman

Since it is not for us to create a plan for the future that will hold for all time, all the more surely what we contemporaries have to do is the uncompromising critical evaluation of all that exists, uncompromising in the sense that our criticism fears neither its own results nor the conflict with the powers that be.

Oh puh leaze. You and your sycophants can revise recent history all you want. First left anarchists are "obsessed" with fascists now they are "ignoring" them bc ppl also have the capacity to isolate and expose shitbags of other (not wholly unrelated) varieties.

Lol @ person who thinks spencer getting punched was only strike on fash in past 2 years. You're either oblivious or trolling.

Your corny whataboutism and edgelord shit isnt entertaining any more. There will be no amicable resolution your world will continue to get smaller and more hostile because you had years to do the right thing (ooo morality omg got em spook) and doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on a bunch of fair weather extremists who are fraying.

I'm laughing so hard rn.

"if only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. but, the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being, and who is willing to destroy a piece of their own heart?"
none if us are as 'pure' as we demand others to be. we all struggle with prejudices and contrdictions. there is no easy way to have accountability and independence. the reason our enemies have been so successful is they are willing to overlook imperfections and focus on a goal. i am no fan of keith preston, but i'm afraid his approach is going to become more and more attractive if we keep fighting amongst ourselves. and it is hard to argue with some of the tactics he promotes. i represent only me, but my interests is in us all, and our liberation, rather it's a personal liberation, or as a group.

*whether it's a personal liberation, or as a group.

because current anarchist culture is just an off-shoot of a society that is obsessed with Mediation and Art. Anarchists used to be criminals and self-sufficient communities (think bonnot gang and spain) but now it's all just about propaghanda, and the current anarchists are genius rhetoricians but don't really seem to be doing anything.

Communities founded on more interesting activities and straightforward goals will kill the identity politicians overnight.

It's more socio-geographical than a matter of diachrony... Some more informal anarchists in other parts of the world do still live in clandestine, criminalistic means. The intense, perhaps sometimes overrated fear of repression in US and Canada pressures people against pursuing these practices for long. In a way, they don't wanna live under a PRE-CONCEIVED constant threat of arrests and surveillance, but on the other hand their activism already exposes them to this. Hence, they'll seek comfort and security within the confines of Law and property, then make babies, then... oops what is that? Liberals!

I'm looking for someone who might know how to setup a user-mapping feature for Permaea (the version at the Altervista site).
I will attempt it myself in any case and Wordpress seems easy enough.

Previous reply meant for 'Nihilist Sat, 11/24/2018 - 05:30'

"we have to engage with these ideas"

*engages in the way we engage with enemies*

"no... not like that... let's not get distracted engaging with these ideas..."

welcome to the infinite circles of hell, grab a cigarette and coffee because it isn't going to go away

The University/middle class is killing anarchism, American liberals/identity politics are killing it, fear of punishment/repression combined with a feeling of isolation/the reality of atomization is preventing individual/collective risk... also a hell of a lot of anarchists no longer have a visceral hatred of the social order... a large number just want...fully automated, space age, luxury communism...or the world as we know it minus bad people...

I don't hear, read, feel the visceral hatred, even this site is a jolly ho ho ho sort of anarchist space. Where is that gut-felt hatred... that is the fuel, the energy that provides the means to achieve the ends. The state has that visceral hatred of us and that provides it with the motivation for keeping you where you are right now.

But fear not! Fortunately, the spirit of anarchy doesn't need the soft, whiny, bewildered children of late stage techno-capitalism! It has all the apocalyptic horrors of the near future to animate it once again! You say you're sick of waiting? Well it won't be much longer now!

trust me, i KNOW visceral hatred. That's why jolly ho-ho anarchist spaces aren't so terrible either, expressing visceral hatred in the face of an enemy will almost certainly lead to imprisonment/death/an-even-worse-form-of-social-isolation if you can't keep it under check. Jolly-ho-ho milquetoast good times are like a safehouse where anarchists can snuggle and fuck away from the prying eyes of The Social Order.

*shoots self in the head*

edit: it appears that the unclear and manic post i was responding to was taken down, so ill do the same and edit my response to the now non-post.

Despite all my hostility to this forum it does at times give me childish giggles! cheers!

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