TOTW: The year past, the year ahead

  • Posted on: 1 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

The closing of one year and the opening of another provides an opportunity to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. This TOTW is a space for those reflections, both personal and general.

  • What did you do this year that you’re proud of? What did you start, what did you finish? What are you looking forward to doing in the new year?
  • What were some of your favorite comments on @news? What we some of your favorite stories? Did you have a favorite topic of the week?
  • What were some of this year’s biggest “stories” relating to anarchy? What was undercovered, either here or elsewhere? Is there anything you got tired of seeing?
  • What changed for the better? What changed for the worse? Where do you see that going in the new year and beyond?
  • Notable things you read, watched, played, listened to - both good and bad? What are you looking forward to this year?
  • Best meme of 2017?


which I couldn't care less about.

Good to know, chaps! This year I vowed to get laid at least once.

Weird, i decided this morning that this year i vow to not be a slag and remain celibate for the whole year. if you get to 2019 without suceeding, hmu!

Interesting... so there are people who walk this earth to whom sex just happens? It's not something they've been looking for through linguistic games or whatever. Like do you even ask for/verify consent or it just floods in your apartment because "it wants to"?

2017 really seemed to be the year of Antifa, and the Antifa mentality. There were lots of different protests and demonstrations across the country where Antifa showed up, and as a result got a lot of mainstream media news coverage. For many people "Antifa" became synonymous with "anarchist", and vice versa.

The Antifa mentality showed up in different places, most notably with the whole ITS/Atassa controversy and LBC. This is one of the places where calling people "Nazis" and then saying that they should be "de-platformed" was tossed around in a very offhand manner.

Related to this, 2017 was a year where It's Going Down and their allies (I'm looking at you Crimethinc) seemed to grow in size and importance, while the actual anarchy/anarchist aspects to their shtick seemed to diminish. A kind of militant leftist in-the-streets variant of anarchism was very fashionable this year.

At the same time, anarchism online, particularly on social media platforms, also grew this year. This resulted in more anarcho-capitalists, and even some Alt Right people, entering the fray by publicly calling themselves "anarchist". Also many different kinds of anarchist memes came out this year, ranging from Murray Bookchin memes, to Max Stirner memes, to "Anarchyball".

I personally say that all of this reflects poorly on anarchism and its future is quite bleak. Happy New Year everyone!

"Related to this, 2017 was a year where It's Going Down and their allies (I'm looking at you Crimethinc) seemed to grow in size and importance, while the actual anarchy/anarchist aspects to their shtick seemed to diminish. A kind of militant leftist in-the-streets variant of anarchism was very fashionable this year."

In the days before the internet, Love and Rage created an image of itself along these lines; plenty of slogans and street presence, and a fading of specifically anarchist content -- let alone analysis. It's sad that this is happening again, and with people who started out with much more promise than L&R...

In this year Ive seen folks from crimethinc do talks on anarchist views against democracy (which they published a book on), and talks on anarchism. Sure, a lot of the podcast and writings on the website meet your criticism, but thats a small part of what they've engaged in.

But either way, none of these have any much of editorial board. So if anything, its a reflection on how anarchists engage with these projects and im sure those involved in the projects would be interested in your critique if it weren't made in a posturing @news comment.

Happy New Year? Revenge is humorless, time to concentrate on enlightening the growing horde of these Ancaps you mention, some tweaking here, some education there, some projects such as urban community vegetable gardens and the development of the basis of a neo-capitalist common surplus profit depository system of commerce. Turn on the thinking cap instead of wallowing in self-imposed oppression,,,

nihilist that I am, I saw "instead of wallowing in self-imposed compassion."

Well that's what I sort of mean, I regard oppression as a self-imposed submission to authority, which is a child of empathy. But what school of nihilism do you embrace? I'm the 'force of nature' existentialist school, we're still capable of helping little old ladies across the street, if they reciprocate the favor in some way..,

So you'd prefer if anarchism stayed out of the streets, was less combative, didn't actively oppose the far-right and didn't appear to be spreading through social media? Yeah, that sounds great.

"So you'd prefer if anarchism stayed out of the streets, was less combative, didn't actively oppose the far-right and didn't appear to be spreading through social media?"

It's great that there's an anarchist/autonomist/antifa presence on the streets that's confronting the ascendant right and the centrist status quo; what I'm missing is a more intelligent (and available) critique of spectacular images of opposition, like the kind that sometimes used to come out of the CrimethInc. universe (this is why I say that they started out with more promise than L&R). That critical voice, one aimed at the reflexive need for the action! action! action! confrontation! confrontation! confrontation! of Activism has faded, to the detriment of a specifically anarchist presence and analysis in favor of a broadly oppositional front that allows Trotskyist, Maoist, and DSA parasites to glom onto "our" momentum. If anything, it is precisely this lack of discernment about the goals and strategies of various leftists (like their false anti-capitalism) that makes "our" presence on the street less combative. I fear that the excitement of the particular form of oppositional front activism celebrated uncritically by IGD and company, and the self-promotion of it on (a)social media, can only fall prey to the dilution of a specifically anarchist strategy.

Some elaborating needed. I totally agree with the fake anti-capitalism pretence you exposed, so is genuine anti-capitalism any better or productive of alleviating authority's grip? You criticize a lack of action and your adjectives moan with faded weary resignation. Have you no flashing ideas about creating alternatives for the innate libidinal cravings life seeks, idols which aren't commodities or cults of personality, but rather, aesthetic values which permeate clans or autonomous convergences, which still engage in the exchange of goods and services for a profit to the whole 100%? Is throwing spectacular bricks at shining bank windows really original and likely to attract the more intelligent anarchist?,.,

"Some elaborating needed."
The short answer to your queries is "no." See what a consistent nihilist I am?

Too much moralizing makes for a false nihilist, see what a consistent existentialist I am!

too much imputation of false positions makes for a false existentialist. troll harder, bro


you should ask crimethinc if theyd be interested in you writing a piece on that since its something you identified as lacking. Or you could just not do it and then criticize them for not having that content.

"Related to this, 2017 was a year where It's Going Down and their allies (I'm looking at you Crimethinc) seemed to grow in size and importance, while the actual anarchy/anarchist aspects to their shtick seemed to diminish. A kind of militant leftist in-the-streets variant of anarchism was very fashionable this year."

CrimethInc. published a book-length takedown of democracy this year, a more uncompromising approach to "politics" than we'd sen from them until recently. I understand why people on this website would be crying about them gaining traction outside these comment threads, but that's about your psychology, not your principles.

due to the erratic imbedding of comments, nobody knows which one you like, smoke...

Context has shadow in approval of boles,,,,, typically similar mo

I thought some of the best Crimethinc stuff was their anti-Bolshevik stuff. That never went up on IGD.......... jus sayin


Are you Joking?!? if anything, 2017 was the year that the fucking yanks turned antifa into a laughing stock in it's attempt at turning what wazs traditionally kicking skulls in into a mass protest movement. 2017 was the death blow of antifa.

some clarity. Please tell us what you achieved with the Brilliant Tech series because I'm baffled with the endless drifting shapeless nothingness of it? A lot of time went into that series but for what? I just don't get it. I hope to hear more from Rydra. I hope to hear more from vegans. It would be interesting if the Brilliant did a series on whether or not humans should use non-humans or not because I don't feel anarchists and post-leftists address this issue, perhaps an interview with Layla AbdelRahim? Are there any vegans in the collective?

Vegan is extremism, but by including cheese, eggs and worm protein, which is sustainable and a step off point which makes it easier for hard carnivores to beat their addiction. Some species may have to be culled humanely due to their overpopulation, and these source of meat can be the occasional 'luxury' ...

"Some species may have to be culled humanely due to their overpopulation, and these source of meat can be the occasional 'luxury' ..."

Youre still talking about non-human animals right?

Maybe deceased humans, depends on how desperate one is, if one is starving in a lifeboat or a basement in the ghetto,taste and hunger is subjective dood. Swift made a modest proposal that Irish babies be consumed who died during the Potato Famine to prevent the adult population following in their steps. Morality should make an exit when it comes to cuisine and the finer aesthetics of the palette.

saws photo of a banner on facecrack that said something like “this protest is shit. all i want is revenge.” sums up 2017 and represents fuel for 2018!

just found the photo again and it says “this march is shit. the future is shit. all i want is revenge”

imgur link? i don't use facebook and now i feel im missing out.. :(

2017 was a long year, for me personally, and for what it seems like a world not even teetering but falling off a cliff. Like a long pause grabbing onto a small ledge for just one brief moment and in those moments desperately tearing into what was left to stand on. I do not think 2018 will be the same and if the free fall doesn't start soon I would be extremely surprised. I look forward to it, 2017 brought likely the worst expansion of austerity capitalism the world has ever seen. The conditions pushed the saddest kind of centrism, and the above comment documenting the inanity of "left" anarchy growing is included here. Along with new political parties like that headed by Macron in France. Something that can only be described as screaming lalala with your ears covered in order to stay in denial.

The coming economic collapse will full stop halt austerity capitalism and the precariat economy. It will halt the raising of rents and food prices when the rich can't gamble with inner city development. Thank god the building of condos will stop and these fucking useless hipsters will turn into the soccer parents they have always been destined to be.

Identity politics will take a sharp turn to the center (as it has been this year) and slowly veer into the puritanical conservative territory it was always destined for. The higher education system in the USA will come under extreme pressure economically.

The Greek government will almost assuredly have to call an early election when the economy tanks. This will lead to conservatives taking power back and likely some unforeseen leftist party entering the government. Exarchia will be attacked violently (as has been promised for the past year or so) by the conservative opposition. It will be way too little to late and the aftermath will lead to the neighborhood scaring off a lot of the hipster artist types (thank god.) Athens itself will start becoming sort of a refuge for radicals that are getting persecuted at home with good and bad consequences. Specially considering western radicals proclivity to tell everyone else what to do.

I am interested in hearing some other predictions and revisiting this post to see how true they ended up. Or to keep chatting about them. I know Greece and the USA well. Any other perspectives?

I think the reign of egoist-nihilist discourse has peaked in its relevancy, somewhere in the muck of 2017, almost totally defined by reactive politics, which you describe as the "inanity of the left".

Nihilism has had its time in the sun, made its powerful critiques when it was conscious and paralyzed 2 whole generations with anxiety and social media when it wasn't. The self-aware nihilism was/is very useful for refining theory BUT the inability to do much of anything beyond a snarky commentary from the sidelines is unfortunately, a decadent self-indulgence, however insightful it may be.

As things get worse, the luxury of just sitting around, saying clever things about how stupid other people are will be available to fewer and fewer of us. I humbly suggest that anarchists develop additional skills beyond critique and avoid getting stuck in irrational opposition to anything that might be even slightly "leftist". Obviously, I'm not talking about getting played by liberals here but being alienated from literally everyone outside your personal circles is just way too convenient for social control.

The Stirnerian strand of radicalism is just starting and will if anything be a base point for a post 2025 conception of radical expression. Take the Stirner memes for instance, you could look at that as something akin to anarchism and punk in the 70s, there will be post chan adult development that mature into what those memes are pointing to. It may be an adult sea turtle percentage, but it will be something.

Idpol based anarchism on the other hand is going bye bye. The strugglosers will go the way of Love and Rage. Ironically Crimethinc was one of the few currents from the Gen X period that survived and it was largely because they were, initially, part of an entry level post-left continuum. Right now they are charting a Love And Rage course where they will die once the political noise that fuels the dies. The original Crimethinc was based on ideas and practices that tend to stick around throughout the ages.

When classical anarchism died in 1939-40 it was the classical lifestyleists who help their constitution the most. They ended up forming the bases for the post-45 Bohemian movements. I suspect the post-25 world will see similar developments. It's Going Down on the other hand is on the way to radical history's sewage.

It's neat how ziggy can pretend anyone gives a shit about stirner outside of this tiny little sandbox on @news. Cute!

It also happens with --------------- and ---------------- and ---------------- and ------------------ [censored by the A-news moderators]

My own interpretation of historically significant events which impacted on the Western direction in ideological belief systems place the date of the demise of classical anarchism as 1916-1917 following the battles at Somme, Verdun, Yppres, Russian front. The full force of the modern capitalist State shattered any dreams of a pastorial idyllic revolution, and Spain became the new syndicalist experiment in anarchist endeavour..`

Tends to confirm the Strauss - Howe theory of generational cycles repeating, Dada 1920s, Beat 40s, Hippies 60s, punk late 70s 80s, grunge -thrash 90s present, driven by youth, seems to be accelerating, what holds the future, unforseen exponential eruptions no one saw coming from the most unexpected demographic, leaving the activists dumbfounded and excluded, out of the corner of their,,,,minds,.,?hahappy times. Dada shall be called Haha,., dumb detrerministic bullshit.

The context of Dada, hippies and punk were, like, impossibly different. It's more like a long chain of cultural dissent that has spread through the Western world and evolved in response to conditions. But this chain hs gone really weak these days, and lacks a new social formation (and formulation) to give it a grip on reality, in a world where all the countercultures have got their essence sucked out by capitalist recuperation.

You Western materialists amaze me, anything to do with organic physiological and genetic characteristics is just written off as deterministic and capitalist propaganda. Correct about the long chain of responses to conditions, but don't you remember when you were a young idealist teenager, how you had dreams of solving all the world's problems? Didn't a passionate flame of rebellion burn in your heart? Didn't you go to school and learn maths and discover that population densities and baby booms coinciding with hardship created a hotbed of dissent and the formation of diverse youth movements which outwardly appeared unconnected, but actually were driven by the same hatred of authority. Oh no *sigh* don't tell me you are a class conscious plebe, oh noooo.,.

How exactly does a person become isolated beyond their circle of friends? It seems like you might need to make some friends that aren't activists. That said, I'd be interested in hearing what you think is going on in terms of left/liberalism that is worth indulging.

… I have plenty of friends, including some activists (who are usually weird and neurotic) but maybe your inability to relate to having a larger circle of acquaintances through a vaguely political context is exactly the kind of alienation I'm talking about? It's funny that you think I need your advice too, just because I'm describing something that baffles you. ;)

Time has passed and nihilism is just boring and easily critiqued. No matter how sophisticated people want to make nihilism it fails to be more than a critical view of the world. While we can look deeply into the whys and see that action usually results in failures that often work against the very goals we seek to accomplish, nihilism is not a force of power. It can't stop anything, it isn't something people that seek change can use. It is only useful after the fact. After action is done, nihilism is the reflection, exposing why failure was more probable than the dreams of success sought out. Insight can be acquired from this approach, but that's only if we live more than one moment where we participate in the struggles within society. What's at stake?

Post left anarchy is a better framing than nihilism for this reason. The total critique of everything might be interesting, but by being more specific and seeking a context, maximalist anarchy can still be achieved with a basis still in understand struggle, both its successes and failures, without delving into a rabbit hole filled with tangents that make critique central rather than part of an approach seeking some sort of shared freedom.

Yeah, nihilism is mostly an empirical reflection, useful in a clinical sense as a method and language to express the analysis of a social pathology, it crosses over into the Zen mode of detachment, which has uses in techniques of self-analysis, a must for anyone hoping to have a critical perspective on social values and cultural rituals and taboos, and their rules. Also there is a poetical branch which delves into juxtaposing words and phrases into new patterns of thinking about reality. to call it boring is flippant and innacurate,..

Oh lookie what we got here boyz, a nihilist fanboy. There isn't anything to nihilism. Just a bunch of losers talking shit about stuff. What's new? Haters will hate. Meanwhile the struggle continues. You can't have anarchy without anarchism and anarchism has a strong tradition of organization. Anarchy is order, as Proudon used to say.

Nihilism is all about being smarmy and boring. I bet not one nihilist watched the football games this past weekend, except to be ironic about shit. Meanwhile the rest of the country did and have yet another thing in common that they don't share with stupid nihilists. They are alien and amoral, so are prone to depression and psychopathy. Should've just watched the game. Football is also played with a FOOTBALL and not a soccerball. That is just stupid.

Uhh yeah, a football is thrown with the hand mostly, and a soccer ball is only kicked by the foot. Sums up left/right anarcho-Idpol muhrican ambiguities perfectly

Srsly I'm not following muhrican sarcasm any longer... Austrerity has put a pressure on it so that it became waaaaayyy to sophisticated, lol.

I got my Nembutal in the mail a few days ago, and am ready for non-existence. Can't believe that I made it to 2018, what a world of hell

World's not so hellish when you got a healthy dose of humor. If you struggle finding something to laugh at, then you can always just go on laughing at people's insanity/idiocy/automatism. I mean my life is filled with people who hate me, I may look too "macho" to them... or too triggering... or just too insane to my verbal communications issues. Deep down they know they're just a bunch of really sad clowns, who can be turned into something better. Like juggalos n shit.

in 2018. Homelessness is steadily being normalised and as the numbers grow, I wonder if this will provide the spark for some form of fight back? Indeed, face-to-face 'community' lives here.

Fight backs usually don't happen just because of misery and even oppression. How many times people rose up from the favelas?

As the other commenter noted, I'd expect to see anger from people who lose a little and not everything. If I were to theorize a positive "fight" and who would be leading that in the future it would be middle class and lower class people in the inner cities black/Latino/white etc. I see no hope at all from the middle class suburbs in the USA. Their social and political ideas are conservative and authoritarian until they prove otherwise.

Ferguson and similar uprisings showed us everything we need to know. And what is to come and in my opinion it is that simple.

Definitely NEVER from the bourgeoisie! Like squeezing blood from a stone, or a camel passing through the you know what?

It's interesting to see how punk still lives on mutated through grunge and into non-mediating ' identity is irrelevent ' thrash, the themes oscillate, from the Thatcher/Reagan to the Trump/alone? In all its forms authority provides the flavor and anti-art of its era.,.

thanks for posting, good read for sure. I've been sort of keeping track of this split in youth/art/music culture where techno and its various edm forms are becoming almost like an antithesis or maybe even *against* rebellious culture. While there are now some upsurgent music forms and even revivals of rock n roll generally. It seems like something maybe going on, specially outside the USA.

Maybe kids these days just don't see the point in fighting the system, too much pain and not enough gain.

"Life is best in idleness and comfort; intelligence and sensitivity are characteristic of a subject position squeezed from sunshine and soft clothing like red juice from a pomegranate. Revolution is the actualisation of human beings as the object of their subjectivity, it is not religious martyrdom minus the religion. If the walls are not made of paper, don’t punch them, if the bars are not made of chocolate, don’t eat them. If you cannot win, refuse the fight." Monsieur Dupont

Don't resist, but rather navigate through the toxic authoritarian obstacle course which is this modern world.,.

Metallurgy as well, I cast molten lead into jig heads and make handmade fishing lures to sell at the market. I was also a drywall finisher, we spread a viscous material called joint compound so I understand fluid dynamics. There's a time and place for everything and the old projects of the left are cool whenever possible. I watched a video of a social center run by communists in Italy that was so seductive, they were organized and had it together. It's the sex in your violence that keeps the petty authoritarians at bay, they are so banal.

Yes, Gel... prostitution's so hot when it's for the Revolution. Just like anti-anarchist violence used by those same Italian communists. Anything goes for the Rev... Selling drugs... Taking over global finance capital... Running black trade of body organs with the Chinese... Using child sex slaves... As long as it gets you hype and leverage over the workers. As long as it works.

"The Greek word kubernèsis means “the act of piloting a vessel,” and in the figurative sense, the “act of directing, governing.” In his 1981–1982 classes, Foucault insisted on working out the meaning of this category of “piloting” in the Greek and Roman world, suggesting that it could have a more contemporary scope to it: “the idea of piloting as an art, as a theoretical and practical technology necessary for existence, is an idea that I think is rather important and may eventually merit a closer analysis; one can see at least three types of technology regularly attached to this ‘piloting’ idea: first of all medicine; second of all, political government; third of all self-direction and self-government. These three activities (healing, directing others, and governing oneself) are quite regularly attached to this image of piloting in Greek, Hellenic and Roman literature. And I think that this ‘piloting’ image also paints a good picture of a kind of knowledge and practice that the Greeks and Romans had a certain affinity for, for which they attempted to establish a tekhnè (an art, a planned system of practices connected to general principles, notions, and concepts): the Prince, insofar as he must govern others, govern himself, heal the ills of the city, the ills of the citizens, and his own ills; he who governs himself as if he were governing a city, by healing his own ills; the doctor who must give his advice not only about the ills of the body but about the ills of individuals’ souls. And so you see you have here a whole pack of ideas in the minds of the Greeks and Romans that have to do I think with one and the same kind of knowledge, the same type of activity, the same type of conjectural understanding. And I think that one could dig up the whole history of that metaphor practically all the way up to the 16th century, when a whole new art of governing, centered around Reasons of State, would split apart — in a radical way — self government/medicine/government of others — not without this image of ‘piloting,’ as you well know, remaining linked to this activity, that activity which we call the activity of government.” The Cybernetic Hypothesis

Ya have to come, sonny. This is where we're going. [Unfolds a multi-panel scenic postcard] Paradise! Two thousand miles from here. Fresh water. Plenty of sunshine. Nothing to do but breed! [Gives a knowing wink]

My photo made it up there, neat.

I think among even my more normie anarchist friends, the type who get excited about Bookchin memes and new communiques from RAM and that anarchist militia in Rojava with the acronym i refuse to remember, ive seen a shift towards at least a "blacker" anarchism or at least a more searing criticism of left unity/LARPing. I've got a lot of left anarchist friends into Desert and i even saw a Black Rose member pick up a copy of Atassa from my friends' table at the Boston anarchist bookfair a few months back. My own table sold a decent number of copies of Desert and i even sold my single copy of the unabomber manifesto, lol.

As much as it is "psyops" or the spectacle attempting to recuperate, the Manhunt: Manifesto series about the Unabomber portrayed Uncle Ted's ideas in a pretty sympathetic light and that format of mass culture might do more to spread his ideas than negate them. Even the attempt at the end of the series to humanize his victims and make him seem a little off kilter seemed to fall flat imo in face of the rest of the series showing him and his profiler basically being very articulate and insightful in criticizing technology.

The technology series on The Brilliant was excellent imo, especially Elani's episode. I really liked the nuance, one portrayed also in Atassa, that rejecting technology wholesale is pretty moralist and useless. If we can hack a dam or upload a virus to steal wealth from a bank, why not?

Anyways, to wrap up, i think that technology will become an increasing focus for both anarchists and the general public. Anarchist discourse in my spheres is pretty dominated by industrial civilization, technology, etc. with all sorts of positions displayed, the transhumanists and syndicalists being very pro mass technology, the post-left/anti-civ being very critical or abstinent, and the others, ancoms, mutualists, etc., being split and many beginning to see technology at the very least as another parameter for "oppression."

meme culture has really spread a lot of criticisms of technology and anxiety people have over it. the most recent meme i saw was something like a tweet saying: "the FBI been watching me through my front camera cry all of 2017 and they never once asked if i was ok, leaving toxic people behind in 2018"

and again, as much as i hate/am critical of mass culture, i think the popularity of Black Mirror, which i have not seen yet, among the normies is also an entrypoint for criticism of technology. one of the premises for a newer episode was "would you put a GPS tracker in your baby?"

i was actually very impressed by the response to my table this year at the boston anarchist bookfair. i got a few dirty stares from the dyed in the wool red anarchists, but i had a lot of positive response from people who were brand new to anarchism or who never even heard of it before and it seems they were more interested in the green aspect of it than any of the "build people power" groups there. No doubt this is due to the pressing issues of living in the Anthrocene.

in short 2018 is likely to contain more floods, famines, geo-engineering scams, fires, terrorist attacks, etc. 2018 will be the year my generation (i'm early 30s) gives up on "the future." As far as i have seen not many people are planning to have a lifelong career, a house, to be debt free, or have a family.

if we want to be Nechayaven about it we can exploit these anxieties about the living in the days of diminishing prospects and the drawn out senescence of civilization.

Personally my own Big Project i hope to start is some sorta semi-nomadic barbarian horde that lives off the bloated corpse of this leviathan. i have no hope of changing the world. i just wanna get free and feral with a crew

Definitely in general agreement. I think one of the reasons the Anews haters have really went berserk in 2017 was due to it's broad position becoming a lot more obvious and agreed with. In turn among us, this will likely present a lot more opportunity than challenges in the future. Honestly hats off to A! having to deal with all the shit the past couple years. It seems as though it has really paid off in terms of recognition of LBC and an ideological trend that will likely be quite important down the road.

I hope 2018 brings big critiques of the outrage industrial complex. That uprisings in the USA truly frighten comfortable society and maybe anarchists forge a way to wield power without the movement.

Sounds good, singing to the slaves, I'll recite poetry to the roaming hordes,.,

2017 the year of the anarcho outlaw.

2018 will be the year anarchists tactically join the Democrats to facilitate Red/Black unity and reverse the fascist creep. Unfortunately it will also be the year I get seventeen shades of shite kicked out of me at a bookfair and it will also be the year I run afoul of the callout brigade for past indiscretions. In 2018 I will also continue to exploit photographic imagery of my son via public Facebook posts in order to generate 'likes' and fawning comments, unfortunately this will lead to my son initiating a lawsuit against me in 2036.

it would appear to be so... binary, oh so binary. with a table of contents at
is my take on this dangerous and sometimes deadly year, one I did not expect to see the end of.

From the intense pre-J20 building to four days of action that took the wind out of Trumps's sails (all J20 footage previously published by others), to a whole year of resistance. The big liberal marches, the showdowns with fascists, the climatic Battle of Charlottesville, and the bite the liberals took out of Trump's agenda are all in there. Video ends with the victory rally after the first six J20 defendants were acquitted on all charges by a jury, and closes with the same flaming Trump effigy and same "We Salute You" music it opened with.

The famous J20 punch, Richard Spencer chased away from his so-called "anti-war" protest on April 8, and the embarassing failure of Spencer's crew to even reach Lafayette Park on Dec 3 are all in there.

freedom is a state of mind.' 'Oh really?' I said. 'Of course' said the individualist. I just thought of those people whom have war forced on them, for example, and smiled: 'They're not victims for they are free!' In 2018, I shall be telling everyone that their freedom is their state of mind, job done.

continuing rise of veganism. Finally, the mainstream message that's morally acceptable to use non-humans is seriously being challenged. Just goes to show that a passionate minority of people can make a difference: that peaceful education can work despite the so-called environmentalists.

is beginning to be challenged in the niche debate areas in regards to how generally applicable it is, the physiological problems that can come about as well as the presumed value hierarchies of life(what about plants). It seems that either way you look at it come type of suffering and predation is inevitable in life. This isn't to say there might not be a place for some of the values.

plants and animals are different. that doesn't mean hierarchy it simply means different. plants get their life source from the elements, animals have to eat plants to get that life source. you don't have to hurt or kill plants to eat them. in fact most edible plants thrive and reproduce with the help of animals who eat parts of them and then plant and fertilize their seeds when they shit. humans are not carnivores. we don't need to eat meat. we have the ability to make ethical choices and can we can chose to do the least harm. besides being torturous and murderous to life loving animals, meat consumption will never be sustainable. of course, modern agriculture is not either, but permaculture is and could be practiced on a large scale whereas eating meat can never be. as far as health, vegan in itself is not a diet, you still have to make healthy choices about what you consume and listen to your body. but a healthy vegan diet is undoubtedly possible and quite easy and inexpensive.

Also you can also say that herbivores thrive when other herbivores have been killed by predation. There is evidence that plants actually feel the act of being eaten and consumed. There's also the fact that veganism does not scale to all dietary needs, sorry but the facts point to this(parasympathetic dominants for instance). There's simply an evolutionary match to meat eating. This doesn't make it right or wrong either way these are if/then facts to consider. Beyond pieing her I haven't seen vegans give a give a coherent response to lierre Keith's arguments.

Unfortunately there is no metaethical system that exists in nature. These are subjective sentimentalist value judgements. I like that humans can play a role in making lives easier for animals on certain levels(the recent video of a moose being dug out of deep snow for instance), but the fact is the web of life is involves some form of inescapable sentient pain which includes plants.

For the record I want industrialized meat production to end, but something more paleolithic or even pre-industrial is still a legitimate sustainable option in my book. Especially when you compare it to contemporary industrial veganism which does leave a collateral killing footprint.

This post is the-logical-conclusion type of comment. Why not say 'The world would be better off if there was no humans or say 500,000 humans. Industrial veganism would mean the death of animal USE. It would mean there would be space to replant trees and plants. It would mean there has been a global change in attitudes regarding domination of others which is very important. From industrial veganism, other forms of domination can be more effectively challenged and may be dismantled quicker!? Vegan permaculture could instigate community living for example.

reply to 00:29: just to be clear, i come at this from a bio-centric viewpoint. so yes, herbivores do thrive with predators. wolves are carnivores and need to eat meat. but humans are not carnivores and we don’t need to eat meat, we made a choice and it has to do with domination, not need. i also believe that plants are sentient (again, just different), but as i said you don’t need to hurt or kill plants to eat them. everyone says they want industrial meat production to end (while they go right on supporting it) but small scale organic meat farming is even more environmentally damaging to scale and we have destroyed the forests, so without a massive die off of humans a paleolithic or pre-industrial method of meat consumption will never be sustainable. and it will always be cruel.

i agree that there is no way to be completely cruelty free in our actions but as i said, we have the ability to make ethical choices for ourselves and each other (plant and animals included) and can choose to do the least harm. and since you keep bringing up hierarchy how to you place a value on the animals you use (eat pigs, love dogs, etc)?

as far as keith’s book of sad and angry misinformation, it has been thoroughly and credibly de-bunked years ago. this old site is a good place to start (and there is a ton of stuff out there), but seriously, that book is laughably terrible.

And it's not a question of evolutionary matched nutrition. Meat is has obviously become an evolutionary match for various humans. Some humans can do the vegan thing, but some definitely cannot.

The thing about consuming animals is we are still joining a whole bunch of other species in doing so. I very much sympathize with the underlying vegan values of non species hierarchy, but trying to literalize that value in a terrestrial physical context simply doesn't work on a general level.

Keith from what I have seen is on the non-civilized continuum. That link mentioned how she isn't interested in peak oil for instance whereas the interview listened of her recently she most certainly was.

Surely, you believe the unnecessary use of sentient beings is morally abhorrent? We may be omnivores, we may not be. I don't believe that people NEED flesh in order to live and even if this was true, we're talking very very few people which still doesn't make the UNNECESSARY USE of sentient beings acceptable.

i thought folks had finally gotten past that stupid, moralistic dogma regarding other people's life choices (in this case, their food consumption choices).

of course industrial agriculture is a huge part of (what i see as) the problems of modern human life. that means both plants and animals (the processed shit most vegans eat is just as dependent on industrial agriculture as the commercial meat they abhor). if (more) people lived a smaller, more localized and self-sufficient existence, the moralistic food nazis would have to focus their vitriol elsewhere. which they no doubt would, of course.

get over your fucking moralism and focus on creating the life YOU want. forcing that life down the throats of others flies in the face of anarchy.

not sure how you read moralistic dogma or vitriol into what i wrote (actually i do, it's called projection), i was simply responding to a comment with some facts as i see them. none of the responses really addressed my comments so i will stop trying to keep the discussion going. i am not a missionary for anything but if folks want to discuss or debate i am up for it. obviously, people can think and do what they want (so your life choices are safe!), but knee jerk hostility, misrepresentation and name calling flies in the face of anarchy.

there is predation. If you care so much about plants, then don't feed them to the non-humans that are then eaten! Also, plants, so far as we know, are not sentient. Funny, how people start caring about plants all if a sudden! "Quick! The house is on fire, save the potted plants." Many anarchists claim to be critical thinkers. However, they don't have any moral reasons for using non-humans when there really is no need to. Most people simply like to wind vegans up on purpose.

Vegans will try and relate to the mainstream and are finally making inroads in the face of being needlessly ridiculed. Anarchists, on the other hand, refuse to do so for fear of being misrepresented. Vegans and anarchists could work together if only both would realise they have many similarities. Both are opposed to needless domination.

That's funny, I'm surrounded by ex-vegan anarchists who eventually realized they were tilting at windmills.

no you're not. no need to lie.

Swear to the flying spaghetti monsters, there's at least 4 of them in my circles! That's enough to call myself surrounded haha
Usually, it was "reconnecting to the land" green-and-black type theory that wore them down. Maybe throw in a bit of implied racism by being like, "seriously? You're going to tell indigenous folks not to hunt?"

Dont really care about thos back and forth about veganism or understand why it's even come up, but imo those are some dumb arguments that wore your friends down and made them stop being vegan

I'm pretty sure you're just a troll, or perhaps the cartoonishly sanctimonious vegan position can't manage to seem sincere in 2018 online? I brought it up because somebody was like "vegans and anarchists could work together" and I was like - half the vegans I know are anarchists …

In 2017 we continued to grow on the internet especially on social media. Our corporate merger with Crimethinc and SubMedia resulted in thousands of new online converts to the movement which saw a 75% upward growth of Resistance © meme production as well as a 64% upward growth of new Resistance © twitter accounts and Facebook groups and pages.

Unfortunately in 2017 we encountered some hostility towards the Resistance © from those who stubbornly refused to choose sides and get organized. Despite numerous diplomatic overtures from us the LBC / Anarchist News / Atassa cartel rejected our proposal to be a part of our corporate anarchist merger and stubbornly continued to do their projects on their own selfish terms without any anarchist corporate collective oversight let alone any comrade mentoring much to their own detriment and our gain.

In 2018 our anarchist corporate merger will continue expanding as we apply pressure to smaller online collectives and projects so that they see the wisdom of surrendering their individual identities and becoming part of our burgeoning online Resistance ©. Those that refuse to be assimilated will be eradicated via tactical hit-pieces written by our anarchist corporate operatives Alexander Reid Ross, William Gillis, Scotty Campbell and our newest recruit Dr. Bones. These tactical hit-pieces will be spread virally throughout our extensive social media networks to inflict maximum damage upon all who question the Resistance ©.

2018 will be another year of unified online struggle against the fascist regime and we will continue fighting alongside our Maoist, Black Nationalist and Islamic Fundamentalist comrades whilst simultaneously sharpening our social media identity / personality cult discourse in order to win over hordes of new online converts.

This is funny but we all know LBC crew are already experts at sabotaging themselves

Wait, does it mean that IGD was a Disney corporate venture all along?

More like "You're Going Down!" lol

Scotty doesn't know!

I’ve started a lot of things / projects this year. I’ve come up with so many ideas for media projects / publications and the like. I’m looking forward to seeing at least one of my ideas come to fruition. Some of the drama-dust of my personal life has settled down, so I suppose there will be less of a headwind for such matters. I’m not sure if I want to do (at least start with) audio, video, blog, print, visual. I’m a bit scattered, so my habitual dabbling has left me with sketches and rough drafts. I’ll need to… commit!

Habitually visiting and engaging here only recently, but my favorite TOTW were the ones on books and local projects. (Conceptual Limitations is up there as well and I’d like to explore more thinking on paradigms). My favorite comments have come from @critic, Fauvenoir, and Shoes (where is Shoes, btw?). Shout-out for critical thinking, straightforward sharing, being funny, and/or demonstrating warmth.

But really are you okay!? I just hope you're doing fine with those habits. ;-)

Also be careful that pseudonymous commenters like me are just very limited facades of them selves. They call me an "artist", a "clown" (...which sounds more like an accurate compliment to me), but no matter the identities thrown at my face, nobody in this miserable scene KNOWS me, has seen me live, knows how I spend my days, etc. Fact's a fact.

We're all strangers to ourselves, and others.

We're all representations, figures. Serving the purpose of giving our selves meaning. We exist only through words.

The only way to become somebodies to another is by living together. But that's not going to happen any time soon over the nets.

Catch you with my death bag! You may think I've gone insane but I promise you: I will kill again.

Through thre darkness of future past, the magician longs to see.

i think you still have lightning in you
what a site! what a sound!

Reverse Shoe-Gazing
toward y'all
Oh, me? I'm not let down
I'm floored
The ways in witch you craft
You bet!
I'm A.B.C. gum
for you
So attached.

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