Twenty-Fifth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

  • Posted on: 20 March 2017
  • By: thecollective

The Technological Institute of Advanced Studies in Monterrey, better known as Tec de Monterrey, is in mourning. This past Sunday in a robbery attempt, the Vice-Rector of that house of study, Luis Arturo Torres García was murdered in the city of Chihuahua.

The northern state of Chihuahua is in itself a place of extreme violence, where murders with all sorts of motives are counted by the dozens. In fact, this past weekend, the whole state alone recorded up to 20 murders.

Northern society is corroded by violence, criminality is looked upon as just another job, it’s ridiculously easy to acquire a gun on the street, death roams about in the public plazas and in places least expected.

We are a reflection of that society. We are the perverse face of all civilization. Urban and rural darkness in its most realist expression has birthed us. We have grown up on the battle field where blood coagulates on the asphalt, and where shells are festooned all around with little notice.

We are the cruel reality of the modern era. But we are also a reflection of our nomadic ancestors who roamed on these paths barefoot under the burning sun of the desert. We are the disobedience toward the colonizers and the violent response to them. We are the coyote and the deer, the buzzard and the thorns of the mesquite, the biznaga flower and the marble mountains, the cold that burns in winter and the oppressive sun of summer. We are the windstorms, we are Wild Nature and we act like her.

We have no desire to collaborate with this system. We don’t want to be one more alienated person in this farce civilization. We express our disgust toward the alien, the artificial, and if we use technology, it is only to claim responsibility for our actions. Only that, we do not belong to any “movement” nor do we want to be “coherent” with certain political doctrines.

The extreme defense of Wild Nature demands blood, wounds, terror, and death. It is for this reason that by this letter we claim full responsibility for the murder of Luis Arturo Torres García last Sunday, February 26th. This man so devoted to his disgusting Catholic belief was leaving Santa Fe Church when we intercepted and killed him. We had to take his wife’s purse so she would not call the police. The act was interpreted as a robbery, but we clarify its real intention by this letter.

Torres, a professional par excellence, Vice-Rector of Tec de Monterrey, with a degree in computer systems and candidate for a doctorate from the University of Cantabria in Spain, no longer lives. We killed him with one shot from a high caliber pistol.

With this attack, we the Desert Band make our presence known in Chihuahua as one more group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS).

You thought that the Eco-Extremist Mafia was going to stop expanding? We’ve already managed to extend our net to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Within Mexico, we are in Mexico City, Mexico State, Jalisco, and Coahuila. The rest of the states were not the exception, don’t be surprised if an ITS group comes to a place near or far from you…

We are certain that this society and the Chihuahuan authorities don’t have a clue that this international terrorist group is now in its capital. We encourage them to read up a bit on us so that they know what they’re facing.

A police van has been sent, they are seeking suspects for the attack among the adjacent neighborhoods, harassing people, looking for a snitch they can pay off. By this letter we state that we know that you’re out to get us, the attack that we carried out was a severe hit to public opinion and to the wealthy people of Tec. But fuck you if you think you’ll find us. You’re gonna have to snatch the biggest dumbass you can find, because we’re far away already, fucking assholes.

Maybe to the police of Mexico, who are on the ITS case, this can sound really familiar. Only one shot to the head against a recognized professional? Sounds like the attack on Méndez Salinas in 2011 in Morelos, don’t you think?

Look and keep looking bitches, you know that all who work in the incubators of progress, in this case Tec, are a potential target.

In addition, ITS has already struck this house of studies; on April 19th, 2016, when a bomb exploded on the Tec de Monterrey Campus in Mexico City. On February 3rd of the same year explosives were detonated in the Atizapán campus and in the so-called “Tec Suits.” The most notable attack was on August 8th, 2011 when a package bomb wounded Armando Herrera Corral and Alejandro Aceves Lopez. You should know that this nightmare is not over, and even five years after that act, you’re still in our sights, even outside the center of the country.

Another death for the annals of ITS. We’ve already said that there will be more murders and we are following through with this!

With the pavement still stained with blood.

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Chihuahua
-Desert Band


in this link that you provided as well as various videos promoting ITS you can find a video of neo-nazi Varg Vikernes and another one of his band! I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

And what???

Eco-extremism and nihilism is not a variant of left-wing humanitarism or antifascism.

Extremists are not interested in "fascism" "antifascism" "racism" "antiracism"


So now you've been challenged to a bout in suburban Portland. Meet them over a pothole. I'll be filming for Youtube don't worry.

What say you!?

Eco-extremism and nihilism is not a variant of left-wing humanitarism or antifascism."

But a variant of Evola's brand of fascism, or shall I say... eco-fascism?

They make Evola look like a fellowship gathering at your local Unitarian church but ok

by the way, the early days of Norvegian Black Metal scene are very inspiring

Tbh the only thing I don't like about dealing with their media is the black metal fixation. I get it, you're angry and stuff and you wanna destroy the human race. I know the feel but can you guys listen to something else pretty please? Black metal is not my cup of tea.

Wow that's a well organized, global spread of excellent counter-intelligence operations. Good job CIA.

Look, another conspiracy theory embracing anarchist. Good job CIA

Create spook pseudo-insurgent groups -à la CCC, Black September, and part of the Red Brigades- then insert them through the momentum already created by the more legit insurgent groups, and amalgamate them together. Then you got an intoxicated insurgency. FAI being forever hampered in the spread of their fight because they included contradictory authoritarian or racist elements among their ranks, such as archists, eco-fascist fanatics, Islamists, etc.

...I forgot to include Canadian RCPigs as examples of these spooks, as they are very relevant to this analysis.

There are no legitimate groups. More leftist fantasies about their own self importance. This isn't the 70s and you are just going to have to accept that people get violent from time to time without prompting from a government. What time is it again, motherfucker?

Time for you to wake up. Don't hit the snooze just because you want to sleep.

Okaaayyy.... wake up to what? That the entire radical insurgency was just a staged psy-op for the Illuminati to (finally) take over?

Most of these links are from insurgent anarchist sites, several that are publishing CCF/FAI stuff. So yeah nice try promoting them as riding on your false eco-extremist bandwagon.

It's clear that this atassa guy is a faker, right?

Just listen to his rantings on YT. There's no way he's actually hooked in with ITS.

No one claims that we are ;)

Would you then say that Atassa is therefore just a translation project?

These are not the droids you're looking for.

Otherwise maybe I should just email my SSN to the NSA (wait, they probably already know it). Never mind.

The NSA can't numerically categorize my wildness.

Everybody knows the 'we' is just little old you, so just knock it off already dude.

I have my elves too ;)

But yeah I do most of the work.

Nonsense. Our fission powered anarcho-bots will decimate wild nature elves with higher math and tranhumanist plasma blasts. Team C4SS officially challenges Team Atassa to a fire making challenge.

I dunno I am conflicted cuz on the one hand I am a tree hugger on the other having a nuclear warhead in my garage would be kinda sweet.

you should call your ecoextremist journal 'Edgelord' instead of Atassa, cos it kind of sums the whole project a lot more honestly.

*sums up

Truth in advertising is so 2016.

how long do you think you'll be able to resist the urge to post something about this thread on your facebook timeline?

too late

sucks hard when you tryin to be some lit af ecoextremist supporting edgelord but in reality your just another hyper-civilized schmuck whoring yourself on fedbooks for likes eh bruh?

Hate the game not the player.

Yeah I know heaps of players who hide in the woods making dem lit af only 20 views YT videos and releasing journals that have sold like 12 copies. Big payola in this edgelord ecoextemist bizo fo sho big homie, preach my man preach, school all dem lil homies on how they can make big bank writing dem dank ecoextremist apologia fo shizzle!

I just keep grindin until I get that big pay out.

This interaction has inspired me to change my ways. From now on I'm only going to post communiques about setting dumpsters on fire in the name of "MUH ANRKY" on IGD and how it's the coolest thing in the whole world to shut off pipelines on camera and get a jillion years in federal prison. Thanks for enlightening the ignorant.

Now you're just being mean.

Do you realize how much your move to the wilderness and stopping use of all the evils of technology will benefit wild nature? Quick! Shed your clothes, your house, your devices! Go Go!

Funny thing is that eventually ITS will get listed in Murica as a terrorist group and seeing as how you haven't exactly covered your tracks you will probably be the one doing a jillion years in federal prison for spreading terrorist propaganda...unless of course you agree to cooperate which is highly likely given your a family man who likes all the perks of hyper-civilization. You can thank me later for the heads-up compa.

But, you can not cage what is wild. . .

Burn the prisons!

Of course you can... The cops are doing that every god-given day of the week.

According to their own claims, ITS are undetainable. So that conviction is either a produce of their religious beliefs (of being protected by some... spiritual thing), or thr indication that they are cops, CIA or any other government agents that surely won't go to jail due to their positions.

Seeing as I have nothing to do with ITS that would be interesting but the Feds can have the blog and journal if they want... also we'll all be cellies since CCF/FAI is listed by the DOS as a terrorist organization. But thanks for your concern. Material support for terrorism is no joke.

Providing material support for designated "terror" orgs is a crime in the US I'm sure, but what are the illegalities of hosting/distributing information/communiques etc? I'm sure everyone here are fantastic lawyers. Asking for a friend. . .

The most pertinent case in this sense is the one of Tarek Mehanna, But it is arguable that the foundation of the government's case against him was built on his going to Yemen to try to join Al-Qaeda (but being unsuccessful). He also translated and disseminated their literature, but that was only part of the case. As one person summarized it:

"Second, in what many expected to be a key issue in the case, Mehanna claims that the jury lacked sufficient evidence to find that his translation activities were in coordination with al-Qaeda; however, the court finds that “the cluster of activities surrounding the defendant's Yemen trip supplied an independently sufficient evidentiary predicate for the convictions on the terrorism-related counts.” Thus, by finding that the conviction could rest solely on Mehanna’s trip to Yemen, the court avoids any deeper discussion of the interesting First Amendment questions that Peter Margulies and David Cole raised last year."

So considering that CCF-FAI communiques have been disseminated on this site and others, it's somewhat unlikely that, even if the organization in this post were to be placed on the DOS list of terrorist organizations (it hasn't to my knowledge), legal consequences would only occur if the hypothetical individuals take positive steps to materially support that organization in some sort of coordinated manner (i.e not independently advocating the ideas). Well, things could always change, and there are always risks of course. Then again, the only radicals in the Feds' sights now are people who've knocked over trash cans and taken pictures of themselves turning pipelines off. So that's which way the wind's blowing, but when it changes, sure, we might have to close up shop. When the party's over, it's over.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Much appreciated.

Long live the CCF/FAI!

What is a "errorist"!? Sounds like some happy loser or something...

I'm so glad Atassa absorbs the ire that would surely be directed at the immortal Jedi science of left market anarcho-transhumanism.

If this sort of architectural approach is the only way around Ontological Crises then it follows that any mind capable of doing science will be unfixed and mobile in value-space, tracing out a path in along its gradients and free to fall into any global attractors that might exist, like Wissner-Gross & Freer’s aforementioned maximizing degrees of freedom.

Join the market anarcho cyber revolution, bros!

When we win the challenge we may let you keep a tree or two for nostalgia. Of course it's up to the markets ultimately, but our cyber tree server farm hybrids will be equally nice to hug.

I might just join an Amish community, its the only sustainable system running other than some very remote and foreign indigenous societies, and its a place where feminists fear to go and where polygamy is permitted. I'll pretend to believe in God and if I learn some passages from the bible by rote I should be accepted as a devote believer. I've just grown so weary of the primitivist angst concerning technology and industrialism and the absurd extrapolations of the transhumanists., so I'm going retro anti-poltics.

Sounds like a plan. That way, you'll be able to act out your misogyny and authoritarian impulses.

Its not a PLAN, its a calling. To live among the Amish would be a less 'complicit to the capitalist overlord' existence than what the other 99.9 % of Westerners live with. And in a way they are far more autonomous and independent of the State than any other association in existence. I would come to love them and would only embrace polygamy in the most Platonic way, and as for authoritarian impulses, I would still observe my code of conduct and never tell someone to do something I cannot do myself. They would be excellent conversationalists, and when at prayers, rather than praying to God or Jesus I would secretly be praying to Stirner as Father and myself as his unique Son. I think I'll fit in very well.

And please do it pronto. Let's hope that'll make you finally grown up to be a maaan.

we should all propagate terrorist propaganda. jefferson would have wanted that.

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