Two comrades are imprisoned in Poland

  • Posted on: 29 October 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

submitted via e-mail

On 19 October our two comrades were arrested because of a court sentence given to them for taking part in anarchist protest against European Economic Congress (EEC) 2015 which was held in Katowice.

Our friends where sentenced to community services because of the crime called “infringement of privacy”. They were protesting in empty abandoned tenement house which was city property. They wanted to protest against the inherent contradiction between empty property and homelessness and to show injustice of savage capitalism.

Arrest is a consequence of avoiding these community services. One of activists went to prison for 2 months till 15 of December. He is kept in prison in Tarnowskie Góry (Silesian region). From the very
beginning he started a hunger strike, because they don't provide the possibility of vegan food. The administration refused to get him warm clothes; the cell is not heated and he has no jacket. According to official rules, the prison keeps 50% of all money income. Anyway, director of this penal facility doesn't allow him to use prison shop, or to buy food for him during dates with visitors.

About the other detainee we have no information. Police didn’t want to inform anybody about his situation, because of formal causes (administration refuse to allow him time with relatives, because he
doesn't remember the exact address of their residence). That is why we don't know the condition of his imprisonment

We support our friends. Law considers community services as an opportunity to strengthen the society, but in our opinion it is only another way to force people to do something and to exclude them form economic debates. Our comrades are trying to show that self organizing and radical actions can do much more for society than community services.

Police were intruding on their relatives in their work places, and in their houses. They tried to get any information about locations of our anarchist friends. Police threatened families by telling lies about
prolongation of sentences or by telling a notorious lie that one of our comrade is sentenced because of stalking.

We sympathize with the arrested activists. Today each one of us is a stalker of business elites, European commissioners, prime ministers and heads of international corporations who are debating every year during EEC behind the closed doors. They are making decisions on the future of the society and it is the society who bears the burden of their decisions.

By protesting against EEC we wanted to show that it is not the elites but the people who should decide about the future – workers, local societies who need to self-organize for their common good.

We want to stress that the arrested comrades are not victims – they are resistant and we support their decision of rejecting to perform punitive community services.



So where did this news come from? cos I know the comrades in Poland and they wouldn't send anything to this site. So I am wondering where you stole it from and why you are not crediting the source?

this post was submitted to our e-mail by someone who apparently felt it belonged here - i've updated the post to clarify this, but rest assured it wasn't "stolen" from anyone

it is great that you are spreading the news about the comrades in Poland. solidarity!

what the hell is wrong with expressing solidarity by posting a txt? you're acting like a sectarian jerk, who "wouldn't send anything to this site" - and then accusing ANEWS of stealing the article. WOW, that's almost a new record for "I'm a ton of fun to be around and my praxis is 110% better than yours comrade".

good fucking riddance to all of this bullshit. thank you ANEWS for continuing to share texts of anarchists who have found themselves in trouble around the world. love and solidarity.

omg contra info is "stealing" it too!!!! how dare anarchist counter-info sites not uphold the sacred commandments of full crediting and content attribution?! how are the auteurs of said content going to build any social capital without it?! it's an epidemic! (

solidarity with the comrades in Poland!
big ups to ANEWS comrades for spreading the word about the comrades in Poland!

TIL that solidarity letters have copyright and can be "stolen".

Good job, cop. Very funny, as usual.

The word "comrade" should be struck off the lexicon for assuming the existence of the false Marxist concept of there being a shared comraderie of common revolutionary values by its members which is not collaborated by anarchists. It is a course word used to entice recruitment for the purposes of manipulation and indoctrination.

There's a lot of old 19th and 20th century language that has to go. Comrade is one, pig is another.

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