UK , London: ‘Tranarchism’ on Trial; Free the she-Wolf!

  • Posted on: 5 February 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

The British state stepped up its campaign against a trans anti-fascist squatter last week, charging her with battery, in connection to an alleged bust-up at a political gathering last year. Following the alleged incident she was tracked down, arrested by snatch-squad and subjected to two rounds of questioning.

A plea hearing will take place on 15th February, 10am, Westminster Magistrates Court.

The entire investigation against this comrade, and another two individuals who have evaded capture despite sustained efforts from pigs and journalists, has been called-for and abetted by TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists), against whom the crimes for which she is under investigation were allegedly comitted.

What’s more, TERFs have called another hate-fest on the day of the hearing, reinforcing their campaign of harassment, and demonstrating the carceral and statist basis of their gender-policing ideology.

In early January, a crowd of around 15 despicable types braved the cold outside a pig shop in support of our comrade while she underwent questioning. With slogans, banners and songs, we announced our disgust for TERFs, cops, and all the other custodians of the gendered prison against which we plot our lives of fugitivity and destruction. Just as our comrade gave no comment, we reaffirmed that we have nothing to say to the state either in pursuit of ‘justice’, or of ‘gender recognition’ from their bureaucratic machinery.

A callout was disseminated to the squat/autonomous scene at the time, accompanying a special issue of SLAP (Squatters of London Action Paper). To those anti authoritarians who have so far responded with silence and inaction, we invite you to reconsider in the light of the severity of the charges faced, and the prospect of an emboldened TERF presence at the hearing.

On the 15th February, and at any trial that may follow, as trans anarchists and their friends support each other in the face of state violence and transphobia, it is vital that others step up to lighten the burden and lessen the isolation.

Let us find each other again, or for the first time – on the streets, in the courtrooms, wherever – plotting, learning collective care, finding housing and healthcare outside of the deadly embrace of capitalism, the state and the individual.

From trans-exclusionary feminism, to the gender-neutral prison, let’s fight ‘identity’ and domestication, in all their forms,

See you on the 15th,

Some Angry Tranarchists

1/2/18 Act for free received by email:



Its almost like the terfs who want to use the state to police which bathroom trans women can use are supportive of the carceral system. Its a wonder why their other sympathizers at active distro consider themselves anarchists.

Problematic appeals to authority are something anyone can lapse in to. We all have to kill the cop in our head and develop alternatives and capacity for conflict.

This is the worst thing I've read in ages. It is massively fanciful and decries violence and authoritarianism while supporting acts of violence and authoritarian ideas. You couldn't make this shit up. Fucking morons wasting your youths on this pointless bullshit instead of working on becoming a better person within. If you want to improve society you start by improving yourselves. If trans women are so convinced that they're women that it is beyond debate then why do they need to resort to punching 60 year old ladies to get their point across? This is not the action of someone who is secure in their gender identity or right in the head. Why don't I get precious about being misgendered? If someone mistakes me for the wrong gender or calls me by the wrong pronoun I don't fucking care. I DON'T LET IT AFFECT ME. IT DOESN'T MATTER. If I need to use a changing room the point is I get changed and go to the fucking swimming pool. It is not an end in itself. I'm not going there to hang out in the changing rooms like some creep. If you need a service, get the fucking service and carry on - if men and women are basically the same and biological differences are not scientifically relevant to any societal debate any more like gender activists claim then you're disproving your own argument. Gender is dead and yet you need everyone to affirm your gender identity under threat of violence. You dipshits are so deluded that you don't even realise how backwards your ideas are but thankfully you do not speak for all trans people, who have proven themselves to be as rational and peaceful as any other group in society despite deranged, selfish psychopaths like yourselves. Good day.

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