underHILL Presents: The Anarchist Banker

  • Posted on: 3 April 2017
  • By: underHILL

underHILL is excited to share our latest design with you.

The second text in our Nihil zine series, the Anarchist Banker, is bringing some much needed humour to diy zine racks across collective houses in Montréal, and now you too can break up the monotony of insurrectionary attack and self care crowding up that twine.

Staging a conversation between two bankers over a business luncheon, Fernando Pessoa's short dialogue skewers individualism by drawing it out to a hilarious conclusion. We were stoked to stumble upon this text, and even happier to spend hours putting this together, because the text does two things well that merit attention and that we wish we saw more of.

1) It creatively and entertainingly engages anarchist ideas in a different format than the essay.
2) It takes the position it sets out to critique seriously, if not with a certain cruel humour.

That it was written in 1922, and we've seen few examples like it since, makes it feel all the more necessary.

Check it out, we have the pdf's up on the site: https://underhilldistro.tumblr.com




"Bitcoins are not free"

har har

Additionally, an Antminer is not very cheap neither.

UnderBUTT: "Anarcho-capitalism! Mon Amour! I love you so muchhhh!"




NO U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! x infinity.

ALL OF UUUUz like you know how 3 to the power of 3, or 3 cubed = 9, well I say UUUU to the power of infinity hahhahhhaaa yes, the hugest number in the known universe

Dear UnderHILL,

Stop. Please stop. Your project is the worst. It represents everything I loathe in contemporary anarchism. Please discontinue this garbage, or I'll have to bring this up to my local FNB/IWW chapters. I really don't want this escalation of dickrangan' behavior to continue and I really don't want to have to "call you out" (...no aftercare)... but I swear to god I will accountability process your fucking balls off if you don't hop off this runaway rang train right this now.

You've been warned, ranga.

Those fucking nihilists...

These stupid people do not understand that there are forms of freedom that cannot be realized without collective action.

If I am trapped under a car, and I cannot lift the car of myself, but a group of people can, I can only realize my own freedom with the help of the collective action of others. That is so simple and fundamental it's sad to see people who are so alienated they've forgotten that.

Freedom is a scaffold that we build together, and some climb higher on it than others based on their natural talents and inclinations. But we must build the scaffold together, we cannot build it alone.

Shriveled anarchism. Sad.

Couldn't agree more, Comrade! Double++ good! Vote Union! Solidarity forever!

As for these problematic underBUTT nihilist kids... They will be dealt with. A little stint in our joycamps (read: prisons) ought to set them straight.


Ok now, tool... The very fact of ackmowledging that there is such a thing as collectively created freedom mqkes one an anarcho-syndicalist.

So let's see... What if you're a another sad victim of US capitalism, who keeps seeing everything as bubble men individuals?

Look at this one. Doesn't have his own bubble.

I kno, righ? He don even bubble... the loser...



holy hogwash, batman!

the "collective" effort you describe (lifting a car) is - at least could (and imo should) be - a transitive, dynamic, contextual action that involves whoever chooses to engage, in that particular moment and not necessarily in any other moment. that is a bunch of individuals taking a direct action together. some stirnerites (whose ideological branch is seemingly the only exposure you have had to individualist tendencies in an anarchist context) might call that a "union of egoists", but i have no affinity with that term.

there are obviously (if one pays attention to the world around us) many forms of freedom. the form you refer to, i would call "collectivist freedom", where the entire collective has to agree on what that means, and strive for it in unity. hey, i have no problem with folks that choose to adopt that approach. as long as they stay the fuck away from me and don't be interpreting "freedom" for me! my freedom, which happens to be independent from that collective freedom you aspire to, is mine, the only thing it could possibly have to do with anyone else is a) if i choose to relate with another, and b) if my actions impact another. i have no issue with those who choose collectivist worldviews... as long as they don't impose themselves and their ideas on me.

With all that charm, who wouldn't stay the fuck away from you? ;)

1) everything you do is effected by and effects other people. there is no way to get out of that relationship. if you have about 10,000 hours, ask emile about it.

2) i would consider myself a post-left anarchist, and i don't ascribe to strinerite Ayn Rand-lite-ism. I did not argue everything must be a collectively decided action, I was merely saying that fuller forms of freedom can be realized when one is able to explore it in the context of a collective network of mutual aid and support.

A great example is that of the world class violin player. No matter how talented that player is, they need people to have built a scaffolding of support to provide the structural context in which the realization of that talent can take place. Someone must chop down a tree, make a violin out of the wood, compose music to learn with, the student must have access to teachers to teach lessons on reading music and playing, and they have free time to practice and get better.

My version of anarchism is about centering the human being and encouraging the full blossoming of human talents and desires. That involves collective as well as individual action, and it involves structural frameworks that make the freedom to fulfill one's desires possible to the greatest extent.

One of the greatest tragedies of capitalism is that there are no doubt some really brilliant, amazing, talented people stuck scraping to survive, without the opportunity to pursue their passions and desires and give the world their gifts of intellect, art, etc.... because capitalism provided them no support scaffolding to do so.

to add to #2) we are a social species. we die and go crazy in solitary confinement. we die as babies if we are not taken care of by our parents or other adults. to think we could find greater freedom outside of that context is to misunderstand what freedom is about, to confuse freedom with a deserted island. it is to turn the social death capitalism haunts us with upon ourselves, to see freedom in isolation. isolation is capitalism. isolation is death.

Scaffolding is construct. "World class " is construct. Passions and desires are sufficient enough in their own clan or regional tribe, internationality is a capitalist marketing gimmick."World " class is a childish egotistical desire, it is not the spiritualized individualism of Stirner.

individualism is a spook. stirner is a dead spook, get over it.

Unite and take o-ver ♫

Beautiful lyrics. Let's all sing along collectively while we lift cars off people and fix potholes. OMG people are so spontaneously kind, I'm surrounded by evolutionary collective tribal syndicalists.

Too bad someone taught you to read so you could post this.

damn collectivists.

"i taught myself to read through the power of my own will!"

Nice spooks, nerd.

tldr: individualism taken to its logical conclusion.

UnderHILL... I hate you. I hate you so much, in fact: it gives me energy.

When diving among a sea of cultural fascism made of a myriad of forms of privileges and their respective divides and inequities, is there any more unifying, energizing feeling than hate? Any better answer to the rampant, structural condescendence?

If the "alt-right" is gotten rid of, the hate will continue, perhaps move to new heights. That's what I've been trying to express in a post in the forum... love, when it happens, is being put in its place and won't be allowed to flourish beyond, while the hate just keeps going pandemic.

There is no love without hate. No love for someone you have never met. Prejudice is shit, but the hippies were wrong. Do not cut off half your emotions for PC bullshit. Valid hate, anger, etc should not be suppressed, all you will get is dishonesty and manipulation. Authoritarians feed on that.

-love and rage

Okay but why is hate more legit when it comes to prejudice? The appelistes were right (among their several wrongs) with the claim that we're living in a culture of suspicion, mass-spread suspicion, yet at interpersonal level.

I ain't for censoring myself against hate, and actually feel a lot of distrust and hate. It's just that I look at the wider scope of a world made of this shit, and see where it's leading... where it already is anyways, which is a totalitarian shithole full of dog-eat-dog, sub-capitalist mindset.

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