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  • Posted on: 11 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Resonance Audio Distro

The Unquiet Dead Chapter 2. conflict and complicity: early Italian anarchists and fascists – By Anonymous – MP3ReadPrintTorrentArchiveYouTube

Chapter two of this multipart series discusses the rise of fascism in 1910s Italy, the historical and class factors that contributed to its rise, and its associated mythologies. It also describes the challenging and complex history of the Italian adventure in Fiume and the relationship of Marinetti’s Futurism to fascism.

The full text is available at; we will be posting recordings of other chapters in the future.


“Fascists and anarchists have been enemies for nearly a century… but that was not always the case. Before Italian fascism was clearly the horror it became, many anarchists converted to fascism, or found common cause with its followers; and fascism drew inspiration from anarchists for some of its more interesting early experiments. Anarchists and fascists reacted against the same material conditions, and had many shared negative goals in the short term, though deeply conflicting positive goals. A decade later, anarchists fought fascists in the Spanish Civil War, as we discuss in the next section, and have done so in many other places and times. How did things change? How could such bitter enemies have ever been complicit in each other’s development?”

“If the anarchists are not careful, their enemies will write their history”

—Gaetano Salvemini

“In a time of liberal governance, anarchists can confuse their rebellion against all authority with causes they would never support out of context. May we remain critical at all times, and never mistake our enemies for friends, or the enemy within as a source of revolutionary vigor. Complicity is not inevitable.”

Musical Interludes – La Boheme – Pavarotti




Can you link us to the first one?

Thank you! are you involved in ResonanceAudio? With your permision Ii'll upload them to a few servers just so they stay online in the future. is this okay?

I am not involved with Resonance Audio, but you can email them here: (I found the email on their website).

R., I think it’s nice if you to help, and that helps me feel better.

people are out there, be they anarchists, vegans, environmentalists, Christians, Muslims etc or combinations of such adjectives, it is path (trap) the zealous can be drawn into.

and what about the trap of cultivating an air of detached superiority online?

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