Update on Amelia Nicol

  • Posted on: 28 May 2011
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://denverabc.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/update-on-amelia-nicol-anti-po... ABC (blog)</a>

Amelia Nicol had her first court date on Monday May 16th in Denver County Court. At this court date, her lawyer made a formal appearance. Amelia declined to have her charges publicly read in court. But as of the date of this writing, the charges she is being held under continue to include several major felonies, including two counts of attempted murder of a police officer, a single count of pocession of an explosive device, a single count of arson, and criminal destruction of property.

The judge declined a any hearing on reducing her bond, instead scheduling bond arguments for June 9. Her bond remains at $50,000.</td><td><img title="Amelia seems like a total badass who has a great head on her shoulders." src="files/pictures/2011/nicol-amelia.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

Denver Anarchist Black Cross has been in contact with Amelia. She has made it clear that she does not want to be bonded out, that she does not want the state or any associated body to profit from her imprisonment. She has but one clear demand: her immediate release without charge.

She has asked that any money being collected for support be directed to Denver ABC to help pay for phone calls and sending her stamps, envelopes, and paper. She does not want any more money placed in her commissary as she does not want to purchase any items from the jail. She does not want any more money being given to those that now hold her in a cage.

In the coming weeks leading up to her next court date, Denver ABC will be organizing a massive letter writing and phone call campaign directed at the Denver District Attorney, demanding that Amelia’s charges be immediately dropped.

Here are some concrete ways you can support Amelia and also support the ongoing struggle against police terror in Denver:

1) Write to Amelia! Send her letters, cards, photos, jokes, stories, etc…
Letters may be addressed to:
Amelia Nicole CD# 0000762401
Denver County Jail
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201
Please see mail regulations here, and note that Denver ABC has already sent a package of envelopes, paper, and stamps. http://www.denvergov.org/Portals/327/documents/ALLOWABLE%20MAIL%20ITEMS.pdf

2) Write a letter to Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey and demand that the charges against Amelia be dropped immediately!
Denver DA Mitch Morrissey
201 W. Colfax #801
Denver, CO 80202
Or call him at: 720-913-9000

3) Donate to Amelia’s phone fund.
Send checks or money orders made out to P&L Printing to:
Denver ABC
2727 W. 27th Ave Unit D
Denver, CO 80211

4) Keep checking the Denver ABC blog at denverabc.wordpress.com for updates, or follow us at twitter, through our user name, DenverABC.

Case Background

On Friday May 6th, over one hundred people, mostly young, poor, and angry, took to the streets in defiance of the Denver Police Department. They participated in a march, called to confront “police terror” in the Denver Metro area. Specifically, they marched to remember the deaths of Marvin Booker and Oleg Gidenko, two people murdered by area police departments in the last year.

As the the march ended, a small firework was set off in the street. Police used this act as a justification to chase one alleged participant down an alley, where she was tackled and beaten by police. This person would later be identified as Amelia Nicol, a 20 year old Colorado resident. She now faces outlandish charges including attempted murder.

We call on all people to support Amelia as she fights these attempts at intimidation and repression, and the police’s broader attack on social movements in Denver.

Marvin Booker, a homeless street preacher, died at the hands of five sheriff’s deputies in the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center in downtown Denver on July 9, 2010. He was tackled, beaten, placed into chokeholds, tazed, and kicked. He eventually succumbed to the officers’ brutal attack. He was murdered for refusing to leave his shoes in the booking area of the jail.

Oleg Gidenko was shot in the head by Aurora Police Officers. Oleg was in a truck with several friends. They had been hanging out, allegedly drinking in the truck while it was parked in a lonely industrial park in Aurora. Aurora Police Officers approached the truck, armed, supposedly because they suspected the occupants of breaking into cars in the area. As the police aimed their weapons at the truck, one officer shot Oleg in the head. Another occupant, Yevgeniy Straystar. was also shot, but would survive. With two occupants, including the driver, shot and a passenger trying to hide on the floor of the truck as it took repeated fire from police officers, the truck lurched forward, bumping into one of the officers. This action, though it took place after the firing had started, and after Oleg was dead, was used as the justification for the shooting.

Many other high profile cases of police terror have been documented in the metro area over the last year, including the beating of whole families, rape and child molestation, and mishandling of evidence. Few, if any, officers are ever punished.

On May 6th, the fourth in a series of marches was held to show direct opposition to the police terror plaguing the metro area. For several hours the crowd snaked through downtown and the arts district. The police response to this fourth march was much heavier than previous marches, and riot police flanked the march for a good portion of the route. Despite the heavy police presence and attempts at intimidation, Amelia would end up being the only arrest during the march.

On Thursday May 12th, news agencies across the metro area reported that Amelia would be charged with a host of felonies and misdemeanors, including two counts of attempted murder of a police officer, criminal arson, possession and use of explosives, and inciting a riot. Police alleged she threw the firework, only now in the news reports the firework had become a “molotov cocktail”, or in some news reports, an “improvised explosive.” The small green firework now became a dangerous implement of attempted murder of two police officers. Amelia is now confined to a jail cell in the Denver County Jail, held on a $50,000 bond.

Just days previous, on Monday May 9th, Denver Mayor Guillermo Vidal announced that the deputies implicated in the death of Marvin Booker would face no discipline for their use of force. This announcement came after months of public outcry in response to a September 2010 decision by District Attorney Mitch Morrissey to not file any criminal charges in response to Marvin’s murder.

The charges now being filed against Amelia are a slap in the face to every person that struggles for justice. The City of Denver has made it clear that the life of a black street preacher is worth less than the relative comfort of several police officers that may have been scared by a small firework. Murderers with badges receive no criminal charges, while a young woman who allegedly attended a protest to hold those officers accountable now faces over 90 years in prison.

We must rally to support Amelia! The Denver Anarchist Black Cross calls on all justice and freedom loving people to mobilize for the defense of Amelia in the face of these atrocious criminal charges.


SO HARD. Anyone who doesn't support her is a fucking coward.

What's hard about this besides the State's reaction? She allegedly set off a firework during the course of a march - the same thing that a few months ago occurred during a march in Portland, resulting in random assaults and the arrests of 12 people, on charges ranging from offensive littering to assaulting a police officer. On the one hand, I'd like to say that if you're going to face these kinds of charges, you might as well do something that warrants them and actually do serious damage to the physical apparatus of the State. On the other hand, it's clear that no one probably anticipated this kind of reaction, which it seems is becoming coming place among police forces who can't tolerate even symbolic challenges to their control. As such we should be thinking critically of how we should be engaging - which isn't to say that Amelia doesn't deserve support. Obviously we should be supporting any comrade who's been singled out by the State for persecution in this way. But at the same time we should be examining the times and places in which we choose to strike. And yet still I don't mean to argue for pushing resistance further underground, but more for trying to recognize and create those moments when things can be pushed further, rather than trying to force them when conditions aren't favorable. We should be engaging the enemy on our terms, not theirs.

i understand being critical of certain actions but this person isnt doing the usual crybaby american method. absolute refusal with the state is awesome to see, especially when reasons like these ones are given.

what is sad is to see anarchists begin to grovel with the state and talk about free speech and rights, as if these things even existed. the position being articulated here is one that understands that the desires of this person and the desires of the state are irreducible and cannot coexist.

i am in full support of this person.

It's not simply a matter of "If you're going to face these charges, you should do something that warrants them."

First of all, no one expects these charges and mad fireworks are thrown in mad marches lately. Secondly, in regards to all the crazy charges like attempted murder and the like, this will never ever hold up in court for setting off a firework. If a molotov actually WAS thrown, the prosecution would have a better argument.

Moreover, the ONLY way you get to a point where doing something like this is considered nothing by the state and only more serious things even get charges is by attacking the state as much as possible in every way. The only way forward is struggle, duh.

I wouldn't have so much trust in the court. I agree that its highly unlikely for those charges to stick, but not impossible...

"Let's see, I'm going to face attempted murder charges today, so I'll ____ instead of ____"

Fuck you. You're a fucking idiot. First of all, you're insinuating that Amelia had anything to do with the firework. There is no evidence to support that. (Not that it matters if she did.) Second, wringing your hands after the fact is easy, but actually engaging in effective street battles with the police is completely different. Throwing a firework is clever and would startle the cops, so props to whoever took the initiative of doing it. Your analysis makes no sense. Remove the keyboard from your computer and throw it away!

to me, what's interesting is not what she allegedly did that got her arrested and facing murder charges but rather how she's handling the situation. i wish that more of us felt supported and strong enough to say fuck you to the state, when they want us to grovel and scramble for bail. i don't want to compare her choices to others who do ask to be bailed/bonded out, or take pleas, or what have you; no one should have to face imprisonment and isolation. but this is the first time i've heard of an anarchist in the north american context refusing to play the state's game. it sounds like she is engaging the enemy on her terms.

Walter is so fucking hard. He should also be supported.

Walter's legal strategy and militant history are impressive, but he apparently comes from a very "hardline" background and has said some fucked up shit about a woman's right to choose and queer folks: http://denverabc.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/a-explanation-of-why-dabc-has-...

He then released an essay saying he was not homophobic and actually identified as a bi-sexual, but as of now it has been removed from his website. People can make their own decisions or whatever, but Walter weirded out and confused a lot of people in Denver that were looking to support him.

Walter claims that an ex-partner of his hijacked the Youtube account that left those nasty messages. He has also been more than willing to discuss these things with DABC if they were to have an open discussion instead of trying to demonize him.

DABC tried repeatedly to have a conversation with him... read the letter he wrote back. He didn't want to have a conversation, he asked us to destroy his letters and not contact him any further. We have not tried to demonize him, in fact, we took a principled stand of only posting his letter, and then letting it die there. Other folks have called him out on similar behavior, and all he has done is ignored the contents of his own letter.

You say in the blog post that you are being transparent, yet you failed to post the letter that you wrote him regarding these issues. It seems to me like you never made an attempt to confirm whether or not he even posted the youtube comments, but have instead taken this as fact and criticized him for views that he may not even have.

When I wrote to him about this months after it all happened, he was still unclear as to what DABC was alleging he had done wrong. It's hard to have a "conversation" about these things when it's unclear what one is even being blamed of doing and can't figure it out because they're in a fucking jail cell.

being a fucking psycho helps her out too... damn if you people really knew amy... hahaha

"On the one hand, I'd like to say that if you're going to face these kinds of charges, you might as well do something that warrants them and actually do serious damage to the physical apparatus of the State."

ummmm kind of a falacy here....nicol didn't have any "choice" on whether or not to face these kinds of charges. it dont work that way. we do things (or not), and sometimes the state pops us for it and gives us ridiculous charges. its actually a really common strategy for the proesuction and the cops, even when they know the charges wont stick, as its a good way to get people to preemtively agree to plea bargain, or even snitch.

so given the fact that we have no real control over we re actually charged with, it makes little sense to argue that we "might as well do something that warrants them." besides, there is no activity, period, that "warrants' our friends being stolen from us.

none of this, of course, goes to say we shouldnt be smart, careful, and act at times when its appropriate and offer the least likelihood of arrest to ourselves or our friends. but that s not relevant to this situation --- this is just a shitty situation where the Denver PD is trying to squelch a growing tendency of hatred and organizing towards the police among anarchist, youth, and people of color.



denver has been seriously throwing shit on the board lately, seems like some great people are really generalizing struggle out there and getting some great actions organizing and building shit.

that's off the hook, no coast like no coast.

I fully support Amelia and hope everyone rallies to her aid.

To all the apologists out there who say " She didn't know that...." "Anarchists don't choose what charges will be laid..." "How could she have known...."

Where the hell have you people been living? Trumped up charges have been the State's modus operandi for 150 years. The seriousness of charges and the sentence lengths have gone in and out of fashion over that time. This is nothing new. For the past ten years or so the State has gotten more repressive again. Jeff Luers got 22 years for setting an SUV on fire. The same sentence could have just as easily been against someone else setting a cop car on fire at a protest (like at Toronto's G20).

To suggest that anarchists have no way of knowing what the State's reaction will be, or that minor infractions of the law that are trumped up is cause for surprise or outrage is so utterly absurd, so beyond rationality that only North American anarchists could get away with such naive and childish pretense.

Sorry, but if you are an anarchist living in 2011, and taking part in any kind of public demo anywhere, you have to assume and be prepared for the worst, including being gunned down (as rare as the latter might seem). If you so much as litter, expect to have the book thrown at you. We've known this for a long time now. Seriously, get a fucking grip.

There are really no excuses for ignorance anymore. Which means the time for protest is over. It's a dead end tactic. If you really want to create some sort of effect upon the State, you have to become armed and militant. Of course, this is suicide unless you have the numbers. Which in turn means the immediate strategy should be on outreach in order to acquire the numbers. Failing that, like the above poster said, if you're going to face these type of charges for minor infractions at a demo (and you should know by now you are) then might as well do something that actually warrants them.

No one has said "Wait, cops will charge you with outlandish shit? Who could have predicted?!"

I can see the outreach for your "armed and militant" future-campaign: "Do you want to shoot cops? Come to our meeting! We'll discuss how to get guns, and when we'll rally to use them!"

Great plan. There won't be any pig infiltrators at THAT meeting. We meet in the streets. We find our affinity by battling pigs. We build an armed and militant movement, by instigating and furthering existing social conflict. By arguing against action, you're doing the cops' work. You're attempting to squash militancy, not build it. You're derailing a conversation that should be about supporting Amelia, into inane babble that makes no sense. Shut up.

AH my good friend commenter....you once again totally missed the point...The reason i pointed out that cops often give highly trumped up charges, or charges that dont remotely reflect what actually took place, is precisely how it undermines that assertion that we "might as well do something that actually warrants them." Surely you can follow the logic here?

Your suggestion that we just all get over protest and get "armed and militant" is charming in a childish sort of way; regardless, unless you re actually suggesting we do NOTHING but spectacular armed whatevers, then people will continue to get thrown ridiculous charges for relatively minor shit.

Your argument that, beacuse the state is charging minor shit with heavy charges anyway we should only do heavy shit, is ridiculous. This is some childllike thinking. It is at best stupid and distracting, at worst highly destructive to a strategy of growth and escalation that actually seems to have some real potential.

You are absolutely right that we MUST engage 'the enemy' on OUR OWN TERMS, not theirs!!

and anyone who does is just a small immature child who doesnt see the world clearly but through the eyes of a child unloved by their parents... oh wait im talking about amy now!

Can someone post a list of denver anarchist blogs/newsites? Is there a Denver website like pugetsoundanarchists.org? Or do people mostly use indymedia?

someone cooking bacon?

learn to google

itbreaks.wordpress.com (probably shut down by pigs: http://colorado.indymedia.org/node/8115)


This story will be featured on this week's podcast. Here's last week. "Wake Up, God Dammit!": http://allpowertothepositive.podomatic.com/entry/2011-05-30T12_30_39-07_00

Amelia Nicol looks like a dude

cool. go androgyny.

next time you are tackled and roughed up by pigs who later accuse you of trying to murder them we will see how good you look.

bahahahaha she did that to herself you fucktard

haha she looks just like her bro now kinda funny I wonder if when she looks in a mirror she thinks its him and fuckes herself up more

Fucking Lunatics is all you people are I know Amy from Highschool she comes from a family with history of being fucked up in the head I watched her beat the fuck out of her brother (who admittedly no one liked, but that doesnt make it ok) for no reason. its sad to see that she has come to this but you fucking anarchists are only making shit worse