Update on Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain and Coordinated Rebellion at Mansfield Correctional

  • Posted on: 1 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://seanswain.org">Sean Swain</a>

We have just received confirmation that between the night of Wednesday, September 19th and Monday, September 24th, Sean was held in a suicide cell in the medical wing of the prison, despite the fact that he is not in any way a suicide risk. Apparently the prison maintains a special cell behind the medical department to be used as punishment for inmates: “torture cell number 112.”

This cell does not have a bed, just a concrete floor that Sean was forced to sleep on. The cell had no heat and Sean did not shower, have access to incoming mail, pen, paper or any of his belongings. He also did not eat for two days.

Please take a few moments to call the prison (see numbers below) and ask them about their treatment of Sean and the prison’s use of suicide cells as a form of punishment for inmates who are not suicidal. These calls and the resulting pressure really does help Sean, if you were wondering. They are most likely the reason Sean was moved from the suicide cell.</td><td><img title="This world is held together by bullies" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/catglamor.jpg"></td></tr></...
Sean is now being held in “normal” segregation pending an investigation that now involves the Ohio State Patrol (which has jurisdiction over criminal investigations within the ODRC).

Apparently, these trumped up charges are somehow related to the recent uprising at Mansfield Correctional on Wednesday, September 19th in which guards used fire hoses to quell the rebellion. Inmates calling themselves “The Army of the Twelve Monkeys,” powered by anger sweeping through the prison over the negative impact of the recent privatization of the prison commissary, have created mayhem throughout the institution.

Despite the fact that Sean does not seem to have been involved in the riot, it seems like the prison is attempting to pin Sean as the “leader” of this movement. This is most likely based solely on the fact that Sean, as a prolific writer and harsh critic of prisons, recently penned a critique of the new privatization plan.

Called JPay, the new system requires friends, families and supporters to send money orders to a private corporation in Hollywood, Florida, rather than directly to the ODRC as in the past. In addition, JPay takes a chunk of the money as a “service fee.” The only people allowed to put money on an inmate’s books are those on their visitation list.

Please take a minute to send a letter, article, some paper (up to 5 blank sheets per envelope) or a couple embossed envelopes to Sean. He could really use our encouragement and support right now, as well as the impact it has on the prison to see a targeted inmate receiving a ton of mail.

Solidarity means attack!


Anarchists can show solidarity with political prisoners by building not preparing for the "FINAL BATTLE" on the outs.


What do you mean huh? do you not get it?

I guess you don't see attack the system on the outs as having anything to do with attacking the system on the inside as well.

Have you ever been to jail? Maybe that's why you don't get it.

Actually your phrasing was and is obtuse. That's why the huh. Sean Swain rules. Send him a letter.

Everything looks obtuse when you're not looking at the bigger picture. Social war on the outs can change the destiny of political prisoners including the ones on the outs serving probation who are skating on this ice and banned from being arrested at demonstrations let alone direct actions.

Letters are great but being a political prisoner at one point my self I can tell you that seeing people revolt on the outside on TV in a disobedient manner in disregard of all law and order made me feel a lot better than one letter of "HELLO, you don't know me but I heard about your arrest and I'm in there with you" The feeling of seeing revolt on TV while being locked up gives you the feeling that there is hope for freedom and that people actually care and have not forgotten about you and the cause for total liberation.

It's a powerful feeling. Letters of solidarity were great but if there was a riot everyday on TV, i wouldn't have had to watch nothing but basketball all day/night long while trying to read with everyone hollering over a ball going through a stupid hoop. Political prisoners in a county jail is not the same as political prisons in the pen.

What is the point of conflict if it is nothing more than a small flashmob that lasts for a few hours and disappears into alleyways? I mean what the hell is that? ? ? ? Why don't people go into some planning with a little patience but with also little bit of persistence and conviction?

It would have been a little more on point if you responded with " yeah you know what, that's a very good point, we need to do a lot more than just lend our moral support to people who are political prisoners especially ones who are accused of organizing a riot.

Punishment for organizing that really? and nobody is even thinking about organizing a riot in solidarity? REALLY? And the best we can come up with is "write him a letter"? WOW!

you could assume someone was confused by the content of what you were saying, because that's easier for you to defend, rather than your somewhat esoteric language choices, like "outs" ... but that's kinda illogical.

Outs = Boondocks?? Cos outside a prison wall is still inside an urban ghetto, no?

Invert it! Prisons are the new social networking mechanism.

No way, bro, World of Warcraft.

clueless bullies run the world! yeah!

You're right now is the time to storm the Bastille. There bullets are no match for our torches and pitchforks!

You know "final battle", Armageddon, good vs evil, the end of history, the triumph of good, utopia, delusions of grandeur, you know, moraldandyism.

What's Sean's address/contact info?

========="You know "final battle", Armageddon, good vs evil, the end of history, the triumph of good, utopia, delusions of grandeur, you know, moraldandyism."=========



thin ice*

Where is "here" exactly? Got an address or a GPS location?

There will be no final battle: if that's how you think of the world you might as well go be a Christian.

"here" is on anarchist news, where you don't belong if anarchy goes against your belief system what ever that is. If your going to try and criticize anarchism by equating strict adherence to anarchy as a religion, why are you here? are you just curious or do think you can be a part time anarchist? until reform happens and then you retire as an anarchist? remember you're the one who is a sociopath who thinks discussion the final battle is delusional. The reason why the final battle hasn't happened is because people like you and there are all too many who have a bad/wrong attitude. If you have no hope then why not give up and stop coming here just to bring other people down who actually try to build a connection. No one is gona feel connected to you. and if you don't want that connection to begin with then you are just sabotaging and that makes you nothing but a TROLL. There's a nice bank on L street for you to sabotage. Why not go over there and stop fucking with peoples heads on here?

If you are comparing being a good person with morals who adhere to the principles of anarchy to Christianity, I'd say you're right. Jesus was anarchist before the word had a detailed definition. It probably didn't even exist but I can assure you if he were alive today he would be an anarchist. Let's see, he believe in giving to the poor and healing the afflicted and and was very keen to using violence/direct action against property of the merchants/capitalists in the holy temple. And guess what? He was eventually executed. and guess who did it? THE STATE!!!!

If you're against revolt) YOU DON'T BELONG ON ANARCHIST NEWS because you can't be neutral in this situation. You either are a reformist or are a revolutionary. The be against violence is to accept defeat and a refusal to fight back and it also means you do not desire to remove the social order but make life easier for it by doing nothing. There are only 2 sides good and evil. Violence and your inaction to counter it in the name of protecting greed is a violent act in and of it self.

There can be no anarchy with out a final battle unless you thing shaming the powerful into submission will show them the light. Guess you haven't really thought this through and are not that developed in your thinking and beliefs. You need more time. The clock ticks against you.

Maybe you should switch to decaf.

more sacrifice, more future! less pleasure, less presence!

Sean Swain
ManCI 243-205
PO BOX 788
Mansfield OH 44901

I don't see why everyone is so upset. If you don't want to go to jail, don't break the law. It's simple. Laws exist for a reason.

-DJ and LK

Wheres the address/phone number?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The decaf comment made me lol. Thank you.

Sean Swain #243-205
PO Box 788
Mansfield, OH 44901

For information about numbers to call at the prison and for all other information on Sean, check out seanswain.org.


If worker keeps posting pictures of cute cats, I am no longer going to be able to focus on the articles.

Negate articles, affirm cuteness!

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