Update on San Francisco Repression

  • Posted on: 11 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Here is a brief outline of actions and associated repression from the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD). This is being written as a way to share the way the escalation of repression has manifested itself here and to then follow it to its logical conclusion of how we can continue to attacks and evade the consequences set forth by The State.

APRIL 30TH 2012, Anti-Gentrification Action, Mission District, Delores Park:
On April 30th 100+ people coalesced in a shadowy area of Delores Park, which borders The Mission, Noe Valley and Castro Districts. The call-out had been made about 2-3 weeks prior as a pre-May Day action to attack the decades-underway Gentrification Project of San Francisco's politicians and their best buddies, private capital.

Only a few cops were present: a couple of cruisers and 1 or 2 motorcycles. Little did they know..</td><td><img title="that the world ended that day. Since then, all the good people have ascended." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/bugonwind.jpg"></td></tr></...

The march danced its way out of Delores Park and into The Mission chanting: Kill The Cops, Burn The Prisons, T-E-R-R-O-R-ISM! After less than a block an SFPD cruiser has been attacked with paint bombs and spray paint. Many small, independent, boutique, yuppie restaurants, art galleries and other businesses were summarily attacked with metal pipes yielding shattered windows, paint bombs to windows and facades, spray paint, markers, and chairs, tables and a-frame signs picked-up and thrown into the windows of restaurants (the latter of which definitely sowed 'terror' into the hearts of their patrons as they jumped from their window seats post-haste and grouped into the back of the establishments).

SFPD was unprepared and impotent to do anything but watch with horror as the capital they protect daily was broken and smashed and fucked-up.

All ended with no related arrests.

SEPTEMBER 21ST 2012, Anti-Police Action, Mission District, Delores Park:
On this date, at around 8PM, an SFPD Gang Task Force (GTF) officer shoots a 22 year-old as he runs away, claiming he was a 'gang member' and 'turned to shoot back with a TEC9, semi-auomatic handgun with an extended clip. Sadly, this man was unable to pump hot lead into the SFPD officer before he himself was hit.

At around 10PM, seemingly out of nowhere but in relation to the 2-hour earlier SFPD gang task force shooting, a black-clad group spontaneously coalesced and began marching toward the Mission Police Station. As they passed the station one began to beat on the station's windows with a hammer. Another scrawled in paint on the front doors: KILLERS.

SFPD was once again caught completely off-guard. There had been no pre-emptive public call-out for this action like there had been for April 30th. The march continued around the mission chanting, sadly, with no further destruction. SFPD did however get 'up and running' noticeably quicker than on April 30th, corralling 3-5 arrest-wagons, 2-3 K-9 SUV's, 5-6 cruisers and, once the marched stopped, 2 battalions of riot police lined at the 16th/Mission BART station taking verbal assaults and pleadings from the few liberals in the group trying to convince them of their 1st amendment rights.

All ended with no related arrests.

SEPTEMBER 22ND 2012, Anti-Police Action, Mission District, Delores Park:
Following on the heels of the night before, some form of informal semi-public call-out occurred to meet-up in Delores Park and march again on the issue of of the SFPD GTF shooting. Yuppie establishments were once again hit with flying chairs, a-frames, tables and paint bombs. As we rounded the corner of the Mission Police Station it became clear that they were strategically catching-up to the string of previous attacks and had a 2 battalions of riot police lined up in front of the police station to attempt to protect it from the onslaught of angry minds with hammers. They were partially successful. The kept the hammers from the windows but yielded to 40oz beers thrown at their faces, thrown hammers and a barrage of paint bombs. The march continued and was from then on followed by 3-4 arrest-wagons, 3-4 SUV K-9 units, 5-6 motorcycles, and at least 1 walking riot police battalion. Even with this repressive presence, a Wells Fargo and US Bank branches had their windows demolished.

It is worth noting, they cared deeply to protect their police station but seemed either impotent or disinterested in engaging with the uncontrollables to protect private business.

All ended with no related arrests

OCTOBER 5TH, Citizen & Business Community Meeting w/ SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, Mission District:
Business owners, yuppies et al cry and whine indignantly about the string of black bloc vandalism and plead with the Chief to arrest on-site these great vagabonds of the spirit (RN). To which the Chief responds 'these people are dangerous and our officers might get hurt.'

OCTOBER 6th 2012, Anti-Colonialist/Imperialist/Capitalist Action, Financial District, Justin Herman Plaza:
Even as San Francisco is booming with myriad events on this insanely busy weekend, SFPD came prepared. 2-3 battalions of riot police, 8-12 bicycle cops, 4-8 motorcycle cops and 10-12 dirt-bike cops in riot gear.

Shortly after leaving Justin Herman Plaza in the Financial District, 2-3 battalions of riot police guard the private businesses on the left-side of the march. The focus of this event seems to be on SFPD. People are not busting many windows (a few, starbucks and a few posh cars) but launching paint bomb assaults on the riot police. After less than 20 minutes of being popped with paint bombs SFPD, due to what seems like either the fall of a bicycle cop into the bloc or his attempt to grab someone, turns into police beat-down leading to 20 arrests, including some felony battery on an officer charges, as well as their finding backpacks filled with bags of paint with rocks (?), flares, ice picks and other common tools-of-the-trade.

OCTOBER 10TH, 2012, World Homeless Action Day, Mission/Castro Districts, Delores Park:
SFPD is now taking this continuing string of actions very seriously. The Mission Police Station is per-emptively blocked off with 2-3 arrest-wagons, an empty MUNI city bus and a few cruisers. Just outside of Delores Park on 19th Street is a string of 6-8 arrest-wagons (some of these belonging to the SF Sherrifs, not SFPD), 3-4 K-9 SUV's, numerous cruisers, 2 battalions of riot police. There are also 6-8 motorcycle police. In the park itself there are about 12-14 US Park Service officers on foot. After a closer look, there are 10-12 on-foot plainclothes officers at the top of the hill by the statue. They would not have been noticed had it not been for a slip that showed the bottom of ones badge and gun.

The Homes Not Jails rally ends and the march ensues toward the Castro District where the group plans to open a 5+ year vacant space for an open-occupation. All goes as planned up to the point of the raid of the open-occupation.

4-6 of the same plainclothes officers from the park hang-out by the front door of the occupation site, looking grungy and low-brow enough to fit in. As the group of riot cops sprint for the front door the 4-6 plainclothes immediately run to the front door and begin pushing those close-enough inside and simultaneously pushing those far-enough away back from interfering with the raid. The raid ends with 2-3 people in the hospital from beatings or attempts to evade them as well as with 20 arrested.

Historically, that is over the past 20 years, SFPD and SF District Attorney's treats Homes Not Jails building takeovers as legitimate political demonstrations against the false-scarcity of homes and poverty, usually raiding them the following morning and issuing cite-and-release misdemeanor trespassing for those caught inside (which are almost never even used unless someone gets caught on another crime). However, with the previous string of actions creating the current climate of repression in SF, ALL 20 arrested received felony burglary, felony conspiracy and felony vandalism. Its not likely they will all stick, however, it is indicative of how they are viewing and treating all forms of action where people attempt to maintain anonymity via face coverings.

This is a semi-conclusion because it is only a partial of my own - you and your companions are left to discuss and find your own conclusions and act on them.

A momentum has been started and has been flowing. Like a pebble in the very early stage of our flow, the momentum has been mildly diverted. New channels of finding each other and communicating and coalescing that create spontaneous moments of rupture which leave SFPD as impotent as they were on April 30th 2012 are needed. We had 3 solid actions, 2 of which with significant property destruction and 1 of those with a heavy police presence, and absolutely no arrests. We must find ways to re-create those moments, to keep them alive and generalized. The war must be made concrete and visible during rupture and fade back into the facade upon completion, until such a day when the rupture never ends and all clocks are stopped.


The only thing the All-Entertainment, All-the-Time brigade have prove with their ongoing clown antics is that this shit is irrelevant to anyone outside of their Planck-scale ideological coccoon.

The people who got arrested after the stupid event Saturday deserve support -- but not the solidarity of equals in a common valid effort, but the pity that should be offered to the addled and the weak.

Hey, and while we're at it, tell us the the meaning behind your "Afghanistan Will Win" bannner. Take all the space you need, a.nd spare your readers the Rod-McKuen-type poetry

Also, the self-indulgent, unintelligible temper-tantrum episodes being bragged about here can't be conflated with the credible efforts of Homes Not Jails.

It's not the same species of animal -- not by a long shot.

Kevin Keating, folks!

Sure, and a riducio ad absurdum has been reached when Keating sounds better than you...

blah blah blah blah why can't you kids just be quiet and vote like good, loyal Americans?!

Justin Bieber, folks!!!

Is this really Keating??? Homes not Jails hates him too (those that know or know about him)


So I suppose that meaning you know what "Afghanistan Will Win" means?

I'm not Keating. I'm not a friend of Keating (well, that's easy 'cause he has no friends)

It is pretty pathetic when the Black Bloc can be rolled BY an old mission drunk...

Dude, you have mental problems. We all do in some way I guess, but yours seem to be compulsively debilitating. You really, truly sound like a fucking lunatic, repeating this shit over and over. I guess you keep coming back here because this is the only place that people acknowledge your existence. Sad and pathetic. Get a life.

Keating gonna Keat

You should stick to in-flight wine criticism, KK.


whereas language like "planck-scale ideological coccoon" is immediately accessible and relevant to the proles that matter.

Imagine how amazingly fucking sweet a "KEATING WILL WIN" banner would be. Pls make this happen, Bay Area folks.


A battalion is comprised of up to 600 or more soldiers, you may be referring to a platoon, which is about 30 people, but that also seems unlikely for the actions you describe. nice recap otherwise comrade...

Thanks Sarg, over and out.

well actually on Saturday 2200 police were assigned to the protest

Really? At Justin Herman Plaza I only saw a dozen on bikes tagging along behind your 'let's get our clueless self-indulgent asses arrested' event. Looks like your adolescent delusions of grandeur as a piss-poor substitute for credible sustained subversive action has even bled into your math skills.

What about your "AFGHANISTAN WILL WIN" banner? Not too proud of that, huh?

Your resistance only makes my penis harder, Keating!

I am not Keating and "Afghanistan Will Win" is the slogan of fucking nationalists. What is the excuse for it?

I don't even think there's a single Afghani who wants to "win" whatever-the-fuck Taliban, the Northern Alliance and the US are fighting over.

Hey rambo, chill with the armchair general shit, I was in the military and know that but I also know that for police the level of organization is different so think about it before you wanna spout something from your rotc class next time - D

IDEA:attack something else besides Misson district.

the sunset?

actually the mission district seems to be the safest place. all of the arrests have occurred outside of the mission district

black bloc is becoming the spectacle in the bay. is there anything else y'all can be doing? i love the smashy, but why don't we give er a break for a min? how bout some grocery store expropriations and neighborhood BBQ's and more criminality in everydaylife. i think the spontaneous marches in response to police murders are good. however the others are starting to get a lil old ey?

anyways, good luck y;all. you are an inspiration nonetheless and i have nothing but love for you all.

fvuckin dvumb abss lviberal pviece ovf svshit,,,, 8ball

If you do one thing, you can't do other things!

That's not what he said.

"he said"

why do you default to the male gender, you fucking manarchist?


If you love someone, criticize the fuck out of them so they can be better.

It is especially necessary here folks...

You forgot to mention that in both cases where there mass arrests (October 6th and October 10th) the fucking pigs released booking sheets with mug shots to the bourgeois press, which they breathless posted with slanderous headlines attacking our comrades. The comment sections on these new websites reveals how depraved and fucked in the head most people are.

If anyone has any question about whether or not corporate media serves the purposes of supporting the state this should answer your questions.

Fuck the pigs. Fuck the media.

I feel that all of these actions are important. Just because one actions has arrests or puts the people participating in it vulnerable to arrest doesn't mean they are any less important in the larger picture of diversity of tactics. There are many anarchy cool kids who praise one type of action but will talk shit about what groups like 'Homes not Jails' does and I have seen these same people run with their tails stuck between their legs when the going gets tough at many actions including Occupy Oakland. There are alot of folks who have networks and talk big talk but when it comes down to taking a risk they get scared and run, I know many of them. To say that we need only surprise actions akin to the April 30th action would be limiting our scope and keeping ourselves isolated. As someone who recently got out of jail for one of these actions I feel that their are alot of cowards out there hiding behind theory and bravado who have NEVER participated in groups like Homes not jails in the first place (or if they have only as a passing judging observation). Talk and articles are cheap and alot of yall never put your asses on the line.

This is a pretty solid round up. I think it is strategically important to think through the increasing limitations of head-on collisions with the police. There are enough comrades in the bay that it is well within our capacity to amass somewhere entirely by surprise, do whatever we want and get away. this was proven as far back as May 1st 2009, and the capacity in the bay has grown exponentially since then. The only questions are of coordination. April 30 was brilliant, but its clear that with the improving response time and escalating brutality, SFPD is increasingly prepared to deal with a situation like that. the new strategy against HNJ is particularly unsettling as it is a dramatic change from the plateau they were at for years. Anyways, we need to up the level of surprise and try out some new fields of play.



April 30th in San Francisco's Mission District: What could have been a perfectly useful episode of mass property destruction in opposition to the galloping gentrification of the city's once-overwhelmingly working class Mission District contributes absolutely nothing on this score -- Zilch! Zip! Zed! Zero! Ningun! Nada! -- as this event decomposes, after the fact, into an adolescent nocturnal emmission of totally forgetable irrelevance.

Having nothing to say, they say nothing at all, and with this make a hunter-gatherer-style gift of the propaganda initiative to the capitalist class. With this, the mysterious implacable masked window-breakers reveal themselves to be Attention-Deficit-Disorder sufferers, who do what they do solely to reinforce juvunile subcultural delusions of grandeur and, as loyal products of the core ethos of American-style consumer capitalism, to keep themselves entertained.

Later defining themselves as "anti-civilization," this event's apparent authors heroically accomplish their abject failure with regard to April 30th by abolishing the use of language in fact if not in theory.

Sept. 21 - Sept. 22: Once again in San Francisco's Mission District: Offering themselves an opportunity to redeem their abject social-ineptitude motivated failure in relation to the April 30th events, the masked entertainment-seekers generously refrain from doing so.

Two nights of minor-league acting-out take place, and leave not a single window demolished on any of eight obvious worthy targets along what 'Vanity Fair' recently described as the hippest corridor in America, Valencia Street.

Oct. 6th: Always exploring new frontiers in self-indulgent esoteric ridiculousness, our smashy-smashy guys stage yet another event, unintelligible to anybody other than their fellow multiple-hours-a-day-on-Facebook "anti-colonialists," demanding that evil Whitey self-evict from the Western Hemisphere after 510 years of unrighteous occupation -- give Tenochtitlan back to the Aztecs, NOW!

This episode succeeds only in getting a flock of hapless youth beaten by cops, collared and now facing multiple felony charges.

No critical reflection on the practical and theoreticial dead-end of these entertainment events results. Instead they offer mighty sheep-bleating about how 'The Man' is down-pressing them...

As Max Crosby said in his article about the abject failure that happened with April 30th, a society gets the dissidents it deserves...

"as Max Crosby said in his" Max Crosby being the psuedonym keating used to write his latest boring rant.

This is so funny! Kevin Keating, is posting several times in one article, posing as multiple posters and is citing the psuedonym he used for another piece as if it is not his own.

yeah ... when exactly does narcissism become mental illness?

Trivia: if the black bloc in the bay is 'irrelevant' and 'socially-inept', what does that make the lonely old man whose sole activity is to talk about it on the internet under various pseudonyms?

'yet another event[/article], unintelligible to anybody other than their fellow multiple-hours-a-day-on-Facebook "anti-colonialists"...'

... projection, much?

1. Your insulting, childish tone makes it hard to imagine there's anything of value in your critique.

2. Despite that, I've reflected on it--and there isn't.

You're basically one more voice attempting to delegitimize those who get out of hand. It's unclear what good could possibly come of your efforts here (you don't seem to be interested in advancing a coherent alternative program, and even if you did, I'm guessing it would be hopelessly reactionary compared to the efforts you critique), but it's easy to tell whom they benefit.


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