URGENT - Pre-May Day Police Raids in New York City

  • Posted on: 30 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>This morning around 6:30am at least two houses were raided by NYPD detectives. In both cases, the cops used the pretext of spurious arrest warrants to gain access to apartments of local anarchists. The warrants were for individuals unconnected to those homes, but allowed cops access to one and apparently justified them forcibly breaking into another.

After entering the apartments the police searched them, intimidated the residents, and ran their identification. In one of the instances, an anarchist organizer was taken into a separate room and interrogated by detectives about past actions and upcoming plans for May Day.

It awaits to be seen if more houses were subject to raids this morning. Regardless, this 'preemptive strike' by the NYPD was clearly a coordinated effort to intimidate local organizers and fish for information.</td><td><img title="I'd love a writeup of exactly what the legal justification was here, not cuz I want the details but knowing all the ways they justify their shit could be useful to us all" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/club_girl.jpg"></td></tr></...
This news comes on top of reports that over the past weeks hundreds of cops have been drilling on Randall's Island in anticipation of May Day. Those in the NYC area should be aware of these pig tactics and take any necessary precautions in the hours leading up to tomorrow's activities.

If there was any doubt how seriously the pigs are taking our efforts then those doubts can be put to bed. But if they think that intimidation and harassment can stop us, they have another thing coming.

Tomorrow they won't be raiding innocent individuals in their beds, they will be up against tens of thousands of angry New Yorkers who have had enough of their bullshit.

May Day means no work. May Day means no shopping or housework. And May Day means revenge.

-Some Brooklyn Anarchists


They'll undoubtedly come up with pure, genuine baloney accusations, then probably admit it was all related to May Day. Or not even care justifying it.

You're in the US, get guns while you still can. Shit's really getting real over there, and not in the way we'd like to...

Or they will claim it's completely unrelated. Not unusual.


At least one more anarchist house has been invaded as of this afternoon using the same tactics and pretenses. It is possible that NYC could see a bunch more raids tomorrow morning in an effort to neutralize opposition.

Stay safe, folks!

sleep under the bridges, and in the tunnels!

seriously though, it might be a good idea to just stay someplace they won't know to look if you think you could be hit...

A friend's or relative's place, it has worked before. Although sadly it won't save your apartment.

There has now been a confirmed fourth apartment that was visited this morning without being let in (door was locked so we don't know how they got in) and they searched the place and ID'd all the folks they could find.

above is link to some leaked NYPD intel on mayday

When you realize that the police in the United States have been born and bred, militarized and culturally crafted to be completely different than average people it becomes really scary.

bred and crafted, completely different? huh?

grilled cheeze

We had a pre may day event in Tempe, AZ yesterday, the logo for the Tempe PD's tactical unit is this:


Definitely a must see...

How'd that event go?

extremely well. Not enough time to do a full write up on it but in short:

Garden was built
Tempe PD looked completely silly
Good community connections were made
Two 7 year olds painted on a no trespassing sign with water soluble paint and were detained by storm trooper cops....seriously.

100 or so people came throughout the day.
Two obvious police showed up at a bar that night where @'s hangout and left pretty quickly
A lot of lulz, really all in all just a good day

professor taken into custody this afternoon for refusing to allow cops into her classroom. unannounced police "visits" reported in at least one other nyc college today.

more info please?
this is completely unacceptable. if this is confirmed, it would be completely unconscionable for any professor to hold classes tomorrow, or until the issue is resolved (sic).

Agreed, if someone can get this information out I am sure people would want to spread it

Sounds like a false arrest to me - and a good object lesson for her students. Cops who act like Gestapo should be treated like Gestapo.

Anyone hear of raids outside of NYC?

ball so hard motherfuckers wanna find me, roll up behind me...

There are 34,500 "uniformed" pigs in the nypd according to their website. It is reasonable to assume there are hundreds if not thousands more un-uniformed infiltrators and professional snitches, FBI, DEA...

Just the 34,500 statistic alone means there are more than twice as many pigs in NYC than the total human population of the huge county where I live.

NYC anarchists: why u live there? I respect your ability to survive in the hornets nest, so to speak, but jeezy christ what a nightmare of a place that is.

everywhere is a nightmare.

Not to get so off topic but a TON are traffic police.

15,000-17,000 folks is a big county? Where, Wyoming? ;]
But yeah, New York is indeed the belly of the beast.

I imagine they probably meant geographically big. ;-P

i agree, new york truly is a hell on earth. worst place i've ever been

the whole world is the worst place I've ever been.

this is a diagram of nyc 'pros and cons'

fuckin pigs
/ \
/ \
/ \
v. stupid drama _______ no wild nature, ever

oh shit that was going to be a triangle but it did not work sorry everyone

Epic fail. But now I'm curious. Mock it up in paint and upload it to imgur. Link me.

I mean like really it was just going to be a basic triangle, I'm not sure that would be worth it. just hit up your local realm of forms and look under 'triangle' and you'll see what I mean. not that exiting

It appears that newfag cannot, in fact, triforce.

I don't know what those terms mean but I was just trying to share my ideas ok

It's a 4chan joke meme.

okay that is alright but I take little interest in such things and besides must make haste seeing as I have dates and appointments

Insert Martin Niemöller's poem here.

calling cops pigs is a real disservice to our pig brothers and sisters!

...because the first million fucking times i've seen someone make this point i suddenly stopped thinking of cops when i watched pigs rolling around in shit, decided swine and pig should no longer be insults, and found myself falling in love with an animal you probably wouldn't give two shits about if people didn't eat them. stop calling people chickens, turkeys, whales, and cows while were at it yeah?

- George Orwell (maybe rolling in my grave, but not in shit)

1934 – Burmese Days
1935 – A Clergyman's Daughter
1936 – Keep the Aspidistra Flying
1939 – Coming Up for Air
1945 – Animal Farm
1949 – Nineteen Eighty-Four
Books based on personal experiences
While the substance of many of Orwell's novels, particularly Burmese Days, is drawn from his personal experiences, the following are works presented as narrative documentaries, rather than being fictionalised.
1933 – Down and Out in Paris and London
1937 – The Road to Wigan Pier
1938 – Homage to Catalonia

For all you bobo hipsters that have no actual stake in the project of communism except whatever theory you read lately in a book I suggest you read "Down and Out in Paris and London." Orwell does a great job describing what it is to be the working poor and the economically and socially excluded, both.

shut up george orwell is a straight up fuckin bore and nobody has any obligation to read whatever stupid book you happen to be proud of having read

cry moar

personally I never cry sorry

that actually is a good book, it wont make you cool or anything though

luckily I'm already cool but -

which book are you saying is good? I liked 1984 and homage to catalonia. I thought keep the aspidistra flying and down and out were both quite bad. I think orwell was a decent writer but I don't agree with the idea that it's necessarily more important to read him than to read theory books. I can think of plenty of books that are more exciting, useful, and relevant to our situation. I don't really think that makes me a 'bobo hipster', I think it just means that my intellectual slash political project is not exactly the same as that of the person who wants me to read orwell so much.

if they have no stake, they must be lumpen, so it's into the death camps for them. all hail the dictatorship of the proletariat('s representatives)!


Free juicer? Where!

I hope you guys fight back and don't just let them drag you off.

I hope they get away to fight tmw.

It might seem fuckin kool to do the no fuckin workin for 1 fuckin day of the year except some fuckin christian holiday or what the fuckin capitalist fuckin bosses think they can fuckin squeeze outta the total slavery and profit theyve fuckin made out of our fuckin backbreaking or mindnumbing fuckin labour they fuckin impose on us,,,yeah us unprivileged and marginalized fuckin class which they fuckin relegated us into, And these fuckers have got everyone fuckin conned, hah,,,they fuckin got you voting for their increase of power,,,animal fuckin farm and the barn = the fuckin state/god symbiotic fuckin relationship, executive and fucking moral 2 pronged fucki9n fork, stirner, hah,,,you have your fuckin narrow stereotyped opinion about me already,,,didn't think some fuckin aggro would be fuckin capable of reading him, noooo,,,,I read more fuckin theory and fuckin concepts, why I had that shit goin through my head when I was fuckin 12, most fuckin people just never fuckin get it, they're fuckin sheep, they even frightened of kissing someone thneir own fuckin sex, the fuckin uptight fuckin morons,,,them being anarchists is like the odds of a fuckin camel being pushed through the fuckin eye of a needle, thats how fuckin dense they are, I've read every fuckin philosopher,,,,even fuckin shakespeare was a fuckin philosopher of a type,,,AND this fuckin 1 dasy off try fuckin doing that shit for 365 days of the fuckin year and just be your own fuckin bossss, take and eat what is vacant and fuckin recompensate yourself for the mega tons of blood they have fuckin spilt for their fuckin state,,,at least you wont be a fuckin accomplice to their filthy fuckin system,,they just meak fuckin christian morons,,,AND the don't fuckin approve of 2 samesex having it off like what the fuck is that fuckin moral all fuckin about jesus was fuckin gay, we're all fuckin gay but only the fucked up war mongers want us to kill eachother for their fuckin god fuck that shit 8ball

we should blow up a bridge in OHio

Only self-proclaimed anarchists are capable of that.


WTF! Is that some 'fuck' in fuckin approval or what the fuck is your mono-fuckin-syllabic word meant to fuckin mean? 8ball


I don't know about everyone else, but I actually fucking love this.

Your literary qualities are even better than your intelligence. Your command of the language is awesome. I predict you’ll go far.

thankyou very fuckin much I read alot and I,m aware of this fuckin fact thankin fuckin you very fuckin much!!And have you heard about this fuckin emotional intelligence it seems this fuckin preceeds your own fuckin literary fuckin talents hey hah!?8ball

Truman Capote once said about Jack Kerouac: that isn't writing, it's typing.

Well that IS fuckin correct!,,,AND you must fuckin add in the fuckin context of also being fuckin drunk whilst fuckin typing a stream of fucking cerebral catholic fucking guilt, ol Jack I feel was against same sex fuckin sex,,,these little fuckin nuances are fucking important hah,,,any other fuckin comment?8ball

I fuckin forgot that I like fuckin bein shit faced fuckin drunk when I fuckin write my fuckin rants,,,when I'm fuckin by my fuckin self I fuckin eat fuckin pizza with fuckin sausage fuckin on it,,,anarchists should fuckin stop panderin to the fuckin vegan fuckin left and stop pretendin to be fuckin better for fuckin around with fuckin politics,,,occupy is fuckin dead and anarchy fuckin destruction is the fuckin future so get fucked you fuckin fucks,,,8ball

Who the fuck are you think its fuckin smart impersonating someone that is 1 fucked up attitude Ill put smartass like you in fucking hospital yeah fuck u I aint drunk like my fuckin mom is!!8ball

Fuck you you fuckin smart ass fuck thinkin you can fuckin impersonate me,,I will fuckin drink you under the fuckin table and beat you with the fuckin beer bottles when I'm fuckin done while pourin fuckin beer down your fuckin dad's shorts,,hahahaha!!8ball

The ol impersonate the impersonator fuckin trick,,,Im 1 ahead of you AND FUCK YOU youre off topic hah,,,I got a lift to take fuckin bye for now!!8ball

And you shouldn't limit your activities to some pre-announced "day" - to be effective it's got to be frequent and unannounced. Deceive them, make them hit at you where you aren't and strike them from where they don't expect you. Bait them without mercy, yank the tiger's tail, but don't wait for the tiger's claws.

aaaand the "big protest" ritual model shows its fundamental weakness for the jillionth time

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