Urgent: Support needed for captured Denver rebels

  • Posted on: 21 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://denverabc.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/urgent-support-needed-for-capt... Anarchist Black Cross</a>

Tonight was the third annual Denver march against police terrorism. The march was attacked early on, as demonstrators and police contested control of the streets. Demonstrators fought to hold ground, and a brief but brutal street fight erupted. The crowd then marched, mostly on the sidewalk, to downtown, and then joined the massive crowds on 16th Street Mall who had gathered for the annual Zombie crawl. Throughout the night both crowds merged and joined, and proceeded to harass the police for most of the night. All-in-all there were at least 8 arrests and several injuries. We need funds to help bond our comrades out! Please consider donating to us to help us get our folks out!

https://www.wepay.com/donations/denver-anarchist-black-cross</td><td><img title="The streets!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/cameraboy_wheat.jpg"></td><...


DABC reports via twitter that 6 have been bailed out, two had court this morning, and that more updates will be posted as they come.

At 8 arrests this is the single largest amount of arrests at an anti-police demonstration organized by anarchists or allies in three years.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a bunch of cops that thought that they were in control of a situation suddenly finding themselves surrounded by crowd of hundreds of angry zombies

I look forward to a report-back soon?
Denver is super legit. Actually, the Midwest in general is rad.

C'mon, Denver is like Rocky Mountain West, it's not Mid anything.


At one point, some of the costumed zombies began encouraging protesters to "do something" as police monitored the situation.

lol zombie crawl is more action-ready than North American Anarchists. Being true to their nature, after hearing the words do something, they thought it meant knock a newspaper box over. Whens the last time Anarchists in America successfully broke police lines? 1970s? lmao. Yall are a joke. Black power.

if only most of the protesters were anarchists. But yeah it was actually pretty much a failure, kicked off the street.

fuck power

"Whens the last time Anarchists in America successfully broke police lines? 1970s?"

Not only is that definitely not true, it's also a very bizarre metric of how effective we are in the streets.

Prove it. I'm not saying it's a metric of how effective your movement is, but how come insurrectionists that believe actions of revolt inspire general resistance can only come up with shit like news paper boxes and paint-bombs? Alls im sayin is, commit to organizing the community and stop glorifying some watered down militant shit. A 5 page romantic essay on a paint-bomb and a pebble going through a window is a fuckin joke. The only place in North America where I saw Anarchists hold it down and own the streets is Montreal. You cant "whos streets, our streets" then run or freezeup when you reach police lines. This is why I'll stay away. I aint down with getting beat up/arrested for some exaggerated tales of "insurrection". Im down with what you all believe and shit, and am interested in anarchy but dont expect to see me on the streets. The NGOS are safer, n at least they dont fuckin lie about how hard they (dont) ride.


I'm sorry, who were the people smashing up banks and corporate shops on May Day and who were the people fighting police, flipping cop cars, and setting fires after the woodcarver was killed in Seattle? Though the report backs are often lame, I remind you that the internet is not serious business.

Not all actions are reported on the internet. I'm sorry you live in an area where people don't walk the walk, but hell I'd roll with the insurrectionists on my block any day. Don't let the internet posts fool you, there are some legit people out there.

communique or it didn't happen

Seriously who escalates tactics more in the street than anarchists?

"yall are a joke. Black Power"

Ha Ha...that made my day. You, the wisecracking black nationalist, won my anarcho-heart this time.

"how come insurrectionists, blah blah, news paper boxes"

because "insurrectionists" are PC limpwristed hipsters.

I've got a limpwrist for you

I agree with everything cept the PC part, they may be word police, but that's not what PC means. PC is when American Schools stop "celebrating" Columbus day and start "observing" it.

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