Vancouver Anarchist Soloidarity

  • Posted on: 17 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On August 17, 2012, a group of anarchists converged on the corner of Georgia and Richards in the heart of the downtown vancouver cluster fuck of consumerism for a banner drop they will not soon forget. The banner read “FUCK THE FBI (A)(E)”, and along with the banner flew down four hundred of leaflets explaining the action to bystanders and future comrades. This is only a minuscule action in solidarity with grand jury resisters, the Cleveland 4 and all imprisoned anarchists worldwide. We will continue our fight for Total Freedom.

photos: title="I would consider relaxing in such situation as resulted from Total Freedom. I would fail." src=""></td></tr></ta...


fbi just visited me yesterday at my apartment. they asked about an upcoming trip. i said i dont know nothing about nothing. then i asked if i was being detained. they said no. then i asked, since i wasnt answering any questions, was i being detained for that? they again said no. i shut the door.

in short, fuck the fbi.


Also-- the title is ironically apt in its misspelling. Solo is right. We are living under the most effecient. Effective, debilitating totalitarian fascist regime ever created. You never hear of real resistance, only news to confuse and propagandize you with. We should commit collective suicide jonestown style on the national mall.

edwardsville, illinois.

if theres no newspaper boxes in the street, i dont care!

sounds like it might be about meth.

No, on the national mall.

no, thats where the fbi visited. edwardsville, illinois.

There is no way I'm mass suiciding in Edwardseville, Illnois.

If you end up there by accident with a large group it will come automatically.

Maybe if you weren't so fucking careless the fbi wouldn't be knocking on your door. If I get a knock, I am coming for your ass.

What sort of clothes do they wear, is it suits and ties like hollywood shows them, or casual? Just wondering if they're all still anal with suits and polished black shoes and shit,,,,

they've visited me in for real actual hawaiian shirts, suits, polo shirts, and liberal-casual sporty activewear.

Thanks for the info. Ummm, you seem to be popular with them, no, no wait, I'm not inferring anything such as that you're friends with them, but rather that maybe you're just a very suspicious dangerous person, possibly a serial killer, a political extremist, or maybe you work at Starbucks opposite thier headquarters, sorry.

I'd trade 5000 liberal occupiers for 10 suspicious extremist serial killers who work at the starbucks near the FBI headquarters. Shit would get real.

liberal-casual sporty activewear.......

did you shut the door, or did you guys shoot the shit about old times, have a couple drinks, and talk about which stupid kids you could trick into becoming domestic terrorists?

so you're just going to leave the misspelling in the title, worker? hilarious.

"a banner drop they will not soon forget" = DEATHBLOW!!!!

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