Vancouver Anti- Gentrification Action

  • Posted on: 19 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Last night an Italian yuppie restaurant had several of its windows liberated.
This action was done is solidarity with all those fighting gentrification in Vancouver,the Cleveland 4,Grand Jury Resisters and Anti-Capitalist Comrades everywhere.

You can’t stop us.

Yuppies you can dine in hell. (A)</td><td><img title="Do you mean you took out the windows and ran off with them? Did you release them into the wild?" src=""></td></tr></tabl...


see these mothafucka's gonna have several windows broke, mke step it up

Last night I liberated 40ozs of king cobra from its bourgeois, luxury-condo-of-a-bottle. Then I liberated the bottle all over the ground.

-The troliberatariat.

Fucking guid... I mean yuppies.

Seriously, you delete me calling this comment "Dumb!" but don't delete the trolling implication of racism? What are you doing?

if your comment just said dumb, then maybe it was deleted because one word comments don't say enough to say anything?
one word comments are usually worse than useless?

just a guess.

It was probably deleted because the moderators are in the mood to intervene on how we (anarchists) like to comment here. This site is better when it is proud to be the 4chan of anarchy than to be ashamed of it.

I also wrote a blog post in response to this thread's moderation.

Keating Like a Motherfucker!

"I quickly thought up some nasty responses to challenge their understanding of moderation as well as continuing _for the next several hours_ to post my above comment. "

"Given that the response was formal sounding and not a response to someone that has been a participant and contributor for years, from being a moderator for Anarchist news dot org and other websites worker owns, to writing sporadically an occasional essay to writing substantial comments when others write baby-talk trolling to finally being one of the most interesting trollers on Anarchist news dot org, I figured I’d lambast the entire process until I am spoken to as a friend or associate and not this formal bullshit. This may not be something that is important to worker, but it is important to me."

You, sir, are a rockstar poster and a true hero to the cause. Thank you for dedicating countless hours to your top-serious trolling efforts.

Im steppin in here, 10/10 IGTT!!

so that is who keating is!! but i think it is some issue about the specific word 'motherfucker' 'mutha' on the grounds of its sexist patriarchal connotations. why not fatherfucker? maybe in a matriarchal society, or maybe just how the taboo-ness of subject matter like incest continues to be a forbidden distasteful topic. I luv my mum btw but would never,,,, ewww, don't think about it, take the whole construct away sort of response,,,

"Motherfucker" is a black American word for "Slave master who raped my slave mother. I am a slave, my mom is a slave and that man is a motherfucker."

I wasn't aware of the word's origin, in a way it still has relevance today, well, in a metaphysical sense at least, as gentrification. Well, it's not the taboo factor then as I suspected.

It probably connects well in history with a word you call someone that you would love to beat the shit out of.

The word has changed meaning through time as a term of endearment with your closest friends. "Get me a hug motherfucker." To mean I love you, but not too much.

Like Lenny Bruce said diffuse a words power to control behavior, but we all have our favourite derisive terms, maybe in the modern era the direction is away from reference to genitalia, orifices and sexual acts and has become more refined in a bland sort of way. Compare the force of say--
'You exploitive capitalist yuppy who cares nothing for the suffering and alienation of the masses I'm going to sue you'


'You fucking yuppy motherfucking scum I'm gonna beat the shit outta you for all the fucking misery you bring down on me die you asshole'

Quite a different feeling, I prefer the second, despite Lenny's pacifist desires.

I'd have to strongly agree with this. Anarchists without strong histories in the left are often aghast at how anarchists with strong histories in the left embrace its views on language, when there are many ways of using and interpreting language that break from a victim's viewpoint. It is the victim's viewpoint that the loudest voices of anarchy are stuck on. I don't see why we must speak for or as a victim.

While one may see diffusion of language as one manner of using curse words, I see an aesthetic in strong curse words that can be twisted and molded to become an instrument of power. It is a form of art and it affects the behavior of people. The inflection of language can twist a phrase in both extreme hilarity and extreme hatred.

To bring this back to this action, they could've chosen more creative words to express it. Liberating windows is kind of funny. A continued exaggeration along these same lines, perhaps suggesting the windows were enslaved by the restaurant, could've drew the image better in people's minds that the windows were set free with shattered.

To bring this back to the comment moderation, people that lack a nuanced sense of humor probably should just let short comments ride. The short phrase comment moderation hasn't been enforced in months and when it is, it is done for a brief enough period that the intervention isn't welcome, isn't consistent and doesn't appreciate how we've evolved our understandings of each other. To where someone can say "like a motherfucker" and know that means "to break something small, but make it sound like a really awesome thing just happened". We say "like a motherfucker" with love and with a dash of mockery.

Afterall, it isn't like these guys shot up a car full of police officers. Now that isn't "like a motherfucker", that is real motherfucker. If someone calls something "dumb", whatever, but if they call it "Keating" now that really means something and should be said. Anyways, I doubt the moderators even care. They have their own design for how comments should happen here and can't imagine that the whatever community is more amorphous and builds up its strength better without interventions. Save the comment deletions for enemies, we aren't slaves to how the left views the world. We are not victims and we don't need to see the world through their glasses nor limit our language based on fearing the inevitable offense. We are anarchists! We are offensive!

His Starchiness is offended

A diet that consists predominantly of rice leads to the use of opium and narcotics, just as a diet that consists predominantly of potatoes leads to the use of liquor. But it also has subtler effects that include ways of thinking that have narcotic effects. This agrees with the fact that those who promote narcotic ways of thinking and feelings, like some Indian gurus, praise a diet that is entirely vegetarian and would like to impose that as a law upon the masses. In this way they want to create and increase the need that they are in a position to satisfy

- Frederick Nietche, Dietacian and Substance Abuser Conselor

you take a bite of that burger or a sip of your favorite cola?

I wonder how replies could be stupider.
Is it anarchistnews' role to publish crap?
What tiny % is in any way related to anarchy?
What very high % is offensive, juvenile nonsense?

This is one of the most hilarious comments i've ever read on here.

Get over yourself old man. @ news is the spectacle, consumed by the anarchist masses. I finally get the point of the troletariat. Don't like it? Then get your ass in the street and do something real for fuck's sake. How ridiculous it is to fret over the level of discourse posted by anonymous users on some stupid website. This website is slightly better than worthless, although even that point is debatable.

Yes, much rather the raw savage tearing of flesh around a camp fire than the crass plastic beverly hills hysterical etiquette anytime.

Lol, they're lucky they pulled this in Vancouver. If they tried this in Kansas City, they'd end up in a car trunk down by the river.

Or pizza place in Brooklyn, wacked with concrete overcoat.

or in the hudson river sleeping with the fishes

Let's terminate this ridiculous thread. In Timbuktu under a sand dune, OK?

WTC 1 and 2 had 43600 windows. Now they have none.

does that mean that Bush and Cheney are the ultimate anarchists?

I tell ya... I'm sure that was shithead Richard Perle when we changed clothes at the end of the riot! He threw ten fucking molotovs at his own offices!

Leave the Italians alone. Don't you think they've been through enough? First being called wops and not included in the white race, and now this? Shame on you. Check your privilege.

Broken windows cannot be a strategy in itself. this is stupid and I doubt it's gonna lead the movement anywhere better than in even more isolation and marginality.

What about stink-bombing the place? With the rotten fish technique, or butyric acid? Could be several times more effective than giving job to the hasty windows repair service company.

Yuppies can't dine in hell because hell doesn't exist.

Guess it's a Catch 22.

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