Vancouver, BC: Community Policing Centre Attacked. Solidarity with Grand Jury Defiance

  • Posted on: 14 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Glass etch cream was thrown all over the front windows of the Community Policing Centre on Commercial Drive on the night of September 13th in solidarity with those resisting the Grand Jury in Seattle.
Solidarity with the Silent.
In Silence We Roar! (A)

PS: Although these windows apparently aren't breakable, etch cream does the trick.</td><td><img title="an end to all your windows!" src=""></td></tr><...


"Although these windows apparently aren't breakable, etch cream does the trick."


Let this serve as the epitaph of the anarchist movement.

(For seriously tho, thx for the solidarity. Mad <3. I'll leave now, I know I'm too posi to troll around these here parts.)

Real prolz woulda just walked up to the fucking building unmasked in broad daylight and smashed the windows out with their fists, then after brushing themselves off, would have walked away like nothin happened.

I'm feeling generous today so I'll give this action a tier 2 rating, but only because the grand jury resisters are so fucking hard as shit.

Yeah unmasked and not submitting to paranoia, I like that! In other words raw truth!

"It is true that the State is not a window, but neither is it just an abstract concept."

(quoted from No Action Is Sufficient Unto Itself.. -

It would seem damaging windows has a direct effect on the cpc's operations - from forcing them to exist in a tent for months, transferring from their previous location, to a fundraising drive requesting neighbourhood residents to donate cell phones because the insurance company would no longer cover the cost of replacement.

whatevs trolls.

That is a pretty interesting article about the police windows. Even breaking windows can tangible effect the normal functioning of the police.

The breaking of the Community Police Staion windows on the 'Drive happens at least once a year. There's no sign it has affected cops in any way, except provide a morning chuckle. But it helps the local economy with extra work for window installers and glass wholesalers. In addition to broken windows, there's several ATMs to repair as well. Oh and someone has to clean off and repaint walls from grafitti. In fact, thanks to anarchists, capitalism is humming along quite well in Vancouver.

O yes, quite correct; in fact all acts of resistance are futile and support the dominant order.
Thanks, cop. Your domestication is complete.

But you, you fail to see the valid point made above, are a totally free and undomesticated creature.

Cool ideology, bro.

Consider the title of the best film about anti-WTO Seattle 1999: "Breaking the Spell."
The spell of domination, of course. Acts of resistance start there and open out on a possible world of revolt.

The unasked and thus unanswered question is: *for whom* is the spell broken? Obviously the spell was broken in advance for those who smashed the windows, and it may have been broken for the people who watched it happen as it happened. But everyone else? Was the spell broken for them, too?

If window breaking (or any other transgression) is spell breaking at all (not assuming it is, just saying _if_,) then it's clear that the moment one realizes a window should be broken is _not_ the moment the spell is broken; the actual moment of transgression is. So, no, the spell was not necessarily broken for the smashers before they smashed.

And your "unasked" question has in fact been asked in innumerable places by anarchists and answers have been explored and debated. Just because it didn't happen right here on this thread doesn't mean it didn't happen, noob.

Good response, except for the last word, where you *try* to insult me. (Sigh.) What is it with you people? Can't you express yourself without *lame attempts* at insults?

As for this -- "And your "unasked" question has in fact been asked in innumerable places by anarchists and answers have been explored and debated." -- it's called *begging the question.* Instead of trying to insult me, you might have ventured to provide one of those "answers" you mentioned. Unless that was a bluff and you really don't have an answer at all!

If you don't want to be insulted try not saying idiotic things. I don't have to jump through the hoops because you don't know something. If you honestly just want an answer just ask the fucking question and drop the pompous "the unasked and thus answered question" like your dropping some wise insight.

I know you were bluffing. Ha! I've got five aces and all you've got is a pair of jack offs.

Waah, people are the internet are mean to me!

^ Cop. ^

A feature of anonymous posting: easily posting in defense of your own dumb point as if you were someone else. "You didn't understand my valid point, which I myself validate...."

A feature of paranoia: you think all the posts that disagree with you come from the same source, *when in fact they don't.*

ha ha, you're still doing it.

Get help, you need it.

why don't you help me?

why don't you help yourself?

SAME THING!!!!!!!!

Let's make some math out of this, unfortunately using metaphysical concepts in the process.


POLICE lose: money to repair window, illusion of being "untouchable", illusion of operating unopposed, possibly the use of the damaged space (temporarily) if damages are severe enough.

BANK loses: money to repair ATMs, money that would have been extracted via ATMs (fees for ATM usage, deposits of money), respectable and reliable appearance that attracts and appeases customers.

WINDOW REPAIR COMPANY gains: money to repair window.

GLASS COMPANY gains: money from purchased glass.

ATM REPAIR COMPANY gains: money to repair ATM.

Important institutions which play a large role in the everyday reproduction of capitalism in peoples' lives (POLICE, BANK) lose money and metaphysical currency (respect, trust) needed to operate smoothly.

Unimportant institutions which play very little role in peoples' lives outside very specific contexts (COMPANIES) gain money.

A-TEAM gains small victory in propaganda, disrupting everyday reproduction of capitalism, gaining experience in clandestine action, possibly inspiring further action against capitalist institutions via displaying the ease of attack.

Potential criticism - judging only by this communique, this action wasn't articulated to anyone outside of

do all solidarity actions have to be illegal?

If not, I'd like to report that I ate a sandwich in solidarity today. Keep the momentum going! Chips and dip tonight! (but it is kinda hard to eat with this mask on!)

I would like to break your fingers in solidarity with the people who have to read your comments.

seriously, fuck you.

-one of the PNW @'s

Hey PCNW, tell your friends to stop blaming everything on the internet they don't like on me. Little hysterical. Thanks a bunch. Sorry about what you people are going through.

Why are windows? Do anarchists troll the same way every time? Do police comment okay? Is Victoria the only place that's going to do? How much prole could the prole stroller stroll if the prole stroller could prole stroll?

Don't listen to them, Vancouver!
Signals of Disorder!
<3 from Vancouver-er currently not in the rain.

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