Vancouver Solidarity Smash Up in Solidarity with Arrested Comerdes in the Bay

  • Posted on: 8 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Last night we decided to celebrate colonization aka Thanksgiving by smashing half of CIBC's windows. This was done in solidarity with arrested comrades in the Bay.

This small act of solidarity is only a fraction of what we are capable of.

Vancouver sees no borders.

The Bay is Vancouver. Your struggle is our struggle. </td><td><img title="Solidarity is half. Unity is all!" src=""></td></tr></ta...





Comerdes, but women!

Is it really wise to promote this on the internet?

Or to use violence as a tactic at all?

Regardless of the violence used against you, are you not just conforming to the actions of the oppressors?

transparent troll

learn to do it right

I was arguing against the the event. It's not trolling. That's disagreement.

Trolling is shutting me down without any reason.

"Conforming to the actions of your oppressors"? Do you understand that this isn't a game or a political issue, but a fucking war? If you want to take a moral highroad and feel all just and fuzzy inside, then you are enabling the enemy - and thus a collaborator. That's an excellent reason for you to shut the fuck up, IMHO.

I agree with the last statement. Not enough people take social war seriously. It's by-product of white privilege in society and some of them see that when you bring it to their attention. But with some people it will never matter and they will always ridicule you for your actions because their privilege is more important to them than your freedom.

-Break a window and they call you a juvenile delinquent like your some immature little kid just throwing a temper tantrum who should just get over it.

-Shoot a cop and they plaster your face all over the news as worse man of the year "cop killer".

-Throw bomb in a building and they call you an Al Qaeda Terrorist. But

-But partake in "the illusion" AKA "the rigged American political system" and you're on the right track.

See the level of manipulation that goes on in our heads by our masters? This needs to stop. It isn't good that we are all so easily controlled to this level. I mean its pathetic and dehumanizing. It makes you feel absolutely hopeless for not doing anything.

We don't even know the extent to which we are all being screwed and controlled on so many levels to accept that we are being screwed as the norm as if not fighting back was the normal thing to do and if being abused was normal and submitting to the abuse is normal. What a sick fucking society we live in.

The level of control everyone is under and refusal to break out of the cycle is tantamount to an extreme mental illness.

This just boils inside of me everyday. Just another reason to add to the list reasons for burning down this society down to see it gone permanently when it all starts falling apart at the seams. I'll look back as say god, I hated every minute of it. False utopia that was more like hell if I can describe it.

so, what you're saying here is that we should ally ourselves with al qaeda? i don't know about that, isn't that kind of leftist?

Nice strawman....

Maybe I don't believe in war. War is force. Force is not anarchy. Force is the tool of oppressors.

Persuasion, avoidance, and peaceful disobedience are the tools of the non-violent.

Yeah ... but you equate nonviolence and anarchy which is odd because so much of anarchist history is defined by violence.

The "tool of the oppressors"...

Again, the same Gandhi rhetoric.

Oppressors take whatever tools are effective to dominate and eventually eradicate any threatening dissent. It's the sweet old "byzantine" rule. Or Machiavelli's "State Reason".

i.e. there are no such things as tools of the oppressors. No tools are partisan. Oppression is made of oppressors, victims and the relation between both. The tools are what facilitate the relation, or destroy it, along with the few measly oppressors.

So turn the guns back on the oppressors.

*rolls eyes* Because a fucking window can feel pain, right?

And no matter how much detail and work you put into a piece IN ALL ITS SIMPLICITY, the message will always fly over certain peoples heads.

I"m just non violent. I don't know why you guys promote violence. That's anti-anarchy to me.

There's no war. It's one-sided violence by the state. Why would you want to participate in that violence?

So I don't fight back with fists because I don't believe in force.

Force is anti-anarchy. Force is the tool of government. I don't understand your justifications or viewing "this" whatever "this" is, as war.

oh look, its this argument again.

Doesn't appear to be an argument ... more like this gentle soul is owning the fact that it lacks the tools to argue in the first place.

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