Vegan Bunnies Deconstruct Gender

From El LIbertario, translated by Anarchist News

Peruvian anarchist artist and their urban art deconstruct topics of gender

by Sergio Jiménez

The Peruvian artist Vegan Bunnies uses urban art to 'deconstruct' topics of gender, at the same time she tries to deconstruct herself day after day because she doesn't consider that she is perfect, nor is she looking for perfection, instead she 'improves constantly'.

Vegan Bunnies talked to the press about her participation in the 'Urban Art' exposition in the city of Logroño, that can be visited until the next August 23 and in which this artist painted a mural in one of the walls of the exposition.

Bunnies underlines that expositions such as this, dedicated to women in urban art, give 'more strength to women, that were almost always present in museums and galleries as the muse, but there are also artists and creators among them'.

'We're not only mothers and housewives, there's still people who still believe in schemes like that of the family formed by one woman and one man, and we have to seize these times to raise our voice', she affirms.

This graffiti artist remarks 'woman, in general, has always been invisibilized in everything: this has been seen since the beginning of the feminist struggle, with simple basic rights that they could not exercise and, even then, with all the time that has passed, we see it even in the language'.

The work that is signed by Vegan Bunnies speaks as much of personal daily situations, with the visualization of her depression, as well as situations of her fellow women, through messages that, although not always written out, are present in her drawings.

She tells that she began to make urban art some eight years ago in Barcelona, where she did 'anarchist paintings', from then she went on to make posters and one day, while she drew on a piece of paper, she asked herself why not portray her creation on the street, that 'broke with the aesthetic that the anarchist movement is accustomed to'.

'Anarchism motivated me, its way of expressing itself in the streets always interested me a lot and, when one has an interest in something, the world takes care of taking you to see those things, it was something natural', she emphasizes.

The mural that Vegan Bunnies painted for 'Urban Art' is based on 'very recent events' represented through her recurring characters, a couple of little bunnies, with which she tries to make visible 'current situations' that affect society on the daily.

The center of this piece is protagonized by a girl of color that throws a cactus, a reference to Banksy's graffiti, in which a boy carries out the same gesture with a bouquet of flowers, she specifies.

'If I had to throw a plant, it would be a cactus, because of the rage that I feel towards all the unjust things that happen', emphasizes this creator, who adds that her mural references social revolt, discrimination, gender equality, veganism, feminism and the transexual flag.

With respect to how she defines her art, she points out that she makes what 'springs from her' and what carries 'the pure and hard sentiment from the streets', be it 'painting a graffiti as vandalism or making the prettiest mural in the whole world', because 'you can't limit what the heart and mind demands'.

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I think they're a bunch of liberal bougies too. Could be related to ID pols n shit, but gotta double-check!

Hi , I doble check for you directly , how can you talk about me if you have never met me , and even meeting me you would never get to know me , still you talk in plural so you clearly don’t know what the all meaning of what I do say . A bunch ? Of liberal boogies ? Clearly something bothers you and I’m sorry it does , but for respect to people is not nice to say things you don’t even know . And you just think , and also as I say you don’t know me so that is the sad part , st

Is your next step to get into art galleries and government-funded legal street art, maybe? Looking forward to live large in your communal artist loft? Sorry, but you people are nothing but statistics that are helpful for studying the spread of urban gentrification.

Being a person if much harder. It requires rejecting all these nice identities you're using to play dress-up with. But good luck pursuing that, if ever interested!

Thanks for the wall art, tho an image is still just an image, made of paint and sometimes paper. Or a screen.

Sad, indeed. As you know, the image... it's what separates us, more than brings us together. Didja ever read from Situationists!?

Is so sad you are so angry and expecting me to feel bad for what I do , and yet still putting words in my mouth or my work , but it seems that nothing that I do will make you happy , but not existing or just existing that way you think art or my art should exist , I can’t really try to explain who I am to. A person that believes in someone in
Not , and Also , I’ll say it again you don’t know a bit of me and how I started and maybe how did I get in here , also you don’t know if I leave in a loft with artist , and no I would not like that I would love to be able to have a place for my self , to have a bit o money that I can make so I don’t have to worry about my safety .and by your arguments I guess you just live in the mountains with a house you build with your hands of rests of things , and you just borrow a phone or computer to write , and also don’t eat meat , and makes clothes with things on the forest , in the most pure way , I image you are this person that you think you can point on a person and tell them they are doing all wrong . I believe a make mistakes and I don’t know how to do the exactly right way , I’m no one to tell you that my way is the right way , yet I don’t believe your is ,
I’m quite a hater my self but of Injustice and how we are with animals and other persons , yet , I’ll never understand how some people can’t put their hate into doing things to make somehow a difference, doing what ever they love , with out hurting someone . Again I’m sure I make mistakes and take some bad decisions but if I see I do them I hope and can take back things ,
Saying being a person is much harder like you are the only one that knows what that feels also is not fair to all the people trying to do their best in this fuckeduo society, so the only thing that I see is that for a reason you hate me or what I do or don’t like it , and the end we are free to have our own feelings , but not think is sad cause you don’t know nothing about me , and you just feel like trying to me me feel bad , and congratulations you do , cause I care and try to care about community and helping one an other and it’s just sad for me too , to see this level of hate .
So you got what you wanted to make me feel bad , but I’m still going to do and work to do what I love in the best way I can , no stoping .
And just a little thing I squat for several years I don’t hang in artis things , I don’t kiss asses and try to get in the art world or step on eveyone to get were I want , I try my best to be a respectful person , and no I don’t want to share a loft or artist , I’m quite a lonely person , and I won’t stop speaking loud for what I am or believe or fight for .
And yes as you say sad I dead
Stay safe

* sad indeed

Don't worry Vegan bunny, don't listen to the haters and philistines, I love your murals and you♡♡♡

I love the last mural, I am inbetween the white and black entities in a menage a trois for gender and race nihilism.

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