Verde: new UK anarchist distro & press

  • Posted on: 14 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Verde</a>

Verde is a publishing project of a few friends who want to circulate radical books that we’ve been inspired by. It’s all not-for-profit and non-commercial in nature. We don’t imagine that we’re ever going to be a big publisher, even in anarchist standards, but we’re looking forward to printing and distributing. We have a few plans for our own book releases that we’re working on, as well as our pamphlets. Most of the books we carry are cheaper and easier to order online direct from the publisher, but this project, as we’ve already stated, isn’t about economics, it’s about developing affinity and exchange, through producing critical reading material and spreading it around where it is rare. Find our stuff in occupied spaces and from ourselves! </td><td><img title="Friends!" src=""></td></tr>...


Praise god, Praise the state who gives us our daily bread, praise Lenin, praise Stalin, praise Goebbels, praise anarchy!!!

no stop


if you want us to care, maybe you should tell us what you intend to publish, or at least what kinds of thing you're interested in?

Books, in general, are awesome. But if lack of funds is an issue, why a bookstore & printing press in the age of the internet?

Why not disseminate the tomes digitally? And if one is copyrighted, scan and digitize it, then distribute it. Many anarchists are poor and can't afford textbooks or any printed texts. Get with the 21st century.

Maybe everyone doesnt want to totally destroy their eyes by age 30 or interface with a computer constantly. Just a thought

ugh, don't remind me...

and maybe some people like to be handed a book recommendation instead of just ignoring every stupid hyperlink to a digital file sent their way. and taking a PDF on a road trip sucks super hard.

And because in this new, wondrous, digital age, printing is easier than ever...

because white whine

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