Verdicts in for the Genoa 10: guilty

  • Posted on: 15 July 2012
  • By: worker

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The Italian High Court confirmed on Friday 13th July the sentences for the 10 activists on trial for crimes of “devastation and looting” during the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. While some of the sentences have been slightly reduced, all 10 activists have been declared guilty of devastation and looting crimes against private property.

Five of the defendants have been granted right to appeal against other related charges, and their cases will be re-examined by the judges. The other five have seen all appeals rejected and are going to be imprisoned within the next few days; the first, Alberto Funaro, a historical editor of the activist radio Radio Onda Rossa, entered Rebibbia prison in Rome the day after the sentence, but is likely to be transferred soon.</td><td><img title="The world is going to be remade, not reconditioned. All its would-be renovators are powerless to stop this. If these experts do not under-stand me, so much the better; I certainly have no desire to understand
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Once again the media and the “political world” have almost universally reacted positively to the sentences, commenting in particular on the clemency of the judges who have decided to reduce some of the sentences by a few months. According to some, justice has finally been done and there has been equal punishment for the police forces guilty of violence and brutality, and for the “violent” protesters.

Funny though: the police forces who stormed into the Diaz school battering sleeping people are still on the loose, with a slight possibility of losing their jobs, their bosses have been acquitted of all charges and promoted; in the meantime, ten people who did nothing but damage cars and shop windows and never harmed anyone are going to spend in some cases 14 years of their lives in jail. As usual, the Italian justice system clearly shows who it serves.

Elena Giuliani, Carlo’s sister, commented on the sentence: “It wasn’t enough that they judged his murder a lawful murder. After 11 years, they still had to take more lives. And they were not the lives of those who killed, tortured, battered, or the lives of those who ordered the beatings and covered them up. Once again, they took the lives of our comrades”.

In detail, here are the sentences:

Alberto Funaro, 10 years (already in jail)
Ines Morasca, 6 years and 6 months
Marina Cugnaschi, 12 years and 3 months (already in jail)
Vincenzo Vecchi, 13 years
Francesco Puglisi, 14 years

The following are out on bail and waiting for appeals on related charges:

Carlo Arculeo, 8 years
Carlo Cuccomarino, 8 years
Luca Finotti, 10 years and 9 months
Dario Ursino, 7 years
Antonino Valguarnera, 8 years

Watch for more detailed info and addresses to write to them.


Holy fuck, that's a lot of jail time...
Idk about them, but for me anything above a decade is "break loose or die trying" territory; getting that for property destruction was something I would have thought to be insanity by anyone's definition.

I'm with you man, FUCK THAT! I'm going down fighting, never will they take me prisoner or anything like that, thats a cowardly act to sit back and let them take you and lock you up like a animal and shit. Fight to the end!

They did teach you what the word "undercover" meant at the academy, didn't they?

2 of the 10 sentenced can't be found right now

did these court cases take 11 years? or is someone posting something old?

This is so sad.

(practically, the highest prison sentence is 15 years that were turned into 14 years with a reduction of 1 year)

Two untraceable:
According to this source, Francesco and Vincenzo (two of the ‘definitely’ condemned to 13 and 15 years’ imprisonment, respectively, as mentioned here) have made themselves unavailable to authorities at the moment — on July 15th, the public prosecutor’s office of Genoa issued detention orders against both of them.

Gosh... the arrogance of this State is going berserk. This "State Reason" at its worst...

But now anarchists are being pushed to becoming suicide bombers, 'coz, you know... what's life worth if it is to spend years of it in a max security jail just for rioting, 10 years ago? Insanity ensues.

The Italian state is so fucked in the head. Like a mafia thug on bath salts. Batshit paranoid like it has a guilty conscience.

I want to say the Olga cell has the State still shaking, but then pamphlets over the last few years show this is 'normal' behavior. Long live all of those that rebel and fight in Italy. Chaos is just around the corner...

Long live the spirits of Bonanno, and those of Severino Di Giovanni, Bresci, and the Galleanisti of the past!

Strength comrades! Torch the cages and meet us in the streets!


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