[Video] Athens Warzone: Anarchists smash one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe

  • Posted on: 17 July 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsXCq4qpbO4

Athens, Greece: Anger and Rage followed the court’s rejection of Irianna's appeal for her 13 years jail sentence to be suspended on 18 July 2017, an order for imprisonment solely based on an almost non-existent partial DNA sample, that according to the judges proved that she belonged to a radical anarchist group.

A protest callled during the night of the same day at Monastiraki where hunreds of people took part, quickly turned into a riot, leading too the destruction of one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe, namely Ermou St.

The real reason that Irianna, a 29 years old academic, has been convicted in the first place was that before she was even accused by the police, she stood by her partner, when he was accused of being a member of that urban guerrilla group. Despite the fact that her partner was later found innocent of all charges, the Athens Court of Appeal retaliated against her for her loyalty to him, and in essence criminalized her social relations.

According to this absurd legal judgment, anyone can be blamed and condemned for anything. You just have to be friends with someone, who is a friend of someone else and so forth...

"They're not crazy. Madness is an alibi. They take an arbitrary decision while hiding behind their anonymity and position".

The five-member Court of Appeal dismissed Herianas' application for suspension of her sentence on the basis of a grotesque statement, that if she was released she would be likely to commit offenses! Offenses based on the "discovery" of a DNA sample, so small that it could belong to many others, that even the official state experts admit to. While at the same time the same judges release from prison until their trial, murderers, neo Nazi killers and drug dealers, thus proving that above all what the greek justice system ultimately seems to consider a crime, is having fellow or friendly relations with anarchists.



Anarchists are always just one more broken window away from utopia.

either that, or they know that imposing economic consequences on the ruling class when they kidnap one of our comrades into the prison system is an effective method of collective self-defense. you smug asshole.

Agreed - s/he's a smug asshole, clearly just one more clichéd put-down away from disappearing up what s/he is.

But maybe some other tactics could also be used on top of this excellent attack on luxury shops, which seems to be the only tactic being used by Athens anarchists; in fact, the next day, there was also a small riot there - with a burning car, and some large wheely bin barricades, the air hanging heavy with the exquisite perfume of tear gas.........
And, by the way, I can confirm that this street is the equivalent of Regent Street in London (where I'm from - not sure of a US equivalent), frequented by ruling class and middle class alike, though obviously poorer sections of Athens go there as well, if only to do some window shopping ( what the anarchists in this video were doing also).

I've heard that anarchists from that region do lots of other things too? Perhaps you're getting a bit lost in the spectacle? Those militants don't cease to exist after the moment of attack.

"Economic consequences"? ROTFLMAO!!! What "economic consequences" did the court, judges, or police face? You know, the VERY PEOPLE responsible for kidnapping and sentencing Herianas in the first place? Your logic is that of ITS. Lash out indiscriminately, and claim glorious victory! Yeah, that'll teach those cops and judges! Stick it to the man! Hilariously pathetic.

Your smashism doesn't even create economic consequences for the luxury shops....who all have insurance.

In other words...totally ineffective. But then, we've all known this for decades. That's why we're not any closer to anarchy now than we were 150 years ago. Anarchists are still in kindergarten.

At this point, your argument is so terrible I'm convinced you're trolling. Obvious difference between ITS and this would be target selection ... Which should be obvious, which makes you either an idiot or a troll.

What a fucktard. There is no difference between target selection. "Let's smash stuff" isn't a target, moron. And if you haven't even addressed my argument, so you're in no position to conclude it's "terrible".

Still can't defend your useless, ineffective, do-nothing tactics?

For all your chest thumping bravado, boy do you ever look stupid now.

So a troll then. Alrighty!

So you still don't have a defense of useless tactics then? Alrighty!

I'm not required to address a terrible argument, as per the rules of argument, you can't just make vague claims and then demand that they be disproven. However, that IS how bad faith rhetoric works ;)

" we're not any closer to anarchy now than we were 150 years ago" is a useless and arrogant dismissal which could equally be used to shrug off every attempt at attacking capitalist social relations over the last 150 years - Paris 1871, Russia 1905 and 1917, Kronstadt 1921, Spain '36, Germany '53, Hungary '56, France '68, etc. etc. could also be dismissed in your impotent attempts at "critique" as "totally ineffective". But even if there's a tendency to fetishise smashing and looting without considering other tactics also, smashing and looting has to be a part of such movements, along with occupations, assemblies, wildcat strikes, and loads of other things. Even from the safety of writing on a keyboard you have not added to any analysis that could help us get "closer to anarchy now". The superiority of the impotent intellectual, who "proves" his/her radicality by sneering at anything that doesn't meet up to his/her expectations of the perfect struggle .

" we're not any closer to anarchy now than we were 150 years ago" is a useless and arrogant dismissal which could equally be used to shrug off every attempt at attacking capitalist social relations over the last 150 years -"

And yet, still remains a true statement.

"Even from the safety of writing on a keyboard you have not added to any analysis that could help us get "closer to anarchy now".

Tu Quoque is an informal logical fallacy, and does not make my assertion that we are not any closer to anarchy then we were 150 years ago any less true.

And I have not suggested or implied your strawman of a "perfect struggle" either.

Until you and I actually get really angry and serious, and start dealing DIRECTLY with the PEOPLE inflicting authority, nothing is going to change. I'm hoping that deep down inside, you already know this.

Until you and I actually get really angry and serious, and start dealing DIRECTLY with the PEOPLE inflicting authority, nothing is going to change. : things change all the time for those who struggle against dominant social relations in their daily lives....In fact, you reduce every struggle to the final one - when we finally get to hang the biggest capitalist gangsters from the lampposts. But the history of class struggle teaches us lessons more than just dealing DIRECTLY with the PEOPLE inflicting authority and the development of the welfare state and its dismantling is part of the recuperation and repression of class struggle. So is the development of recuperative culture. And consumerism. It's typical reductionism, typical dogma, typical building walls of absolute truth, to find one answer to everything and dismiss all the other attempts to find answers.

...we do not confront the world in a doctrinaire way with a new principle: Here is the truth, kneel down before it! ...We do not say to the world: Cease your struggles, they are foolish; we will give you the true slogan of struggle. We merely show the world what it is really fighting for, and consciousness is something that it has to acquire, even if it does not want to.

Class Class clASS.

When will people learn that the French Revolutionary model and arguably ALL revolutionary models have nothing to do with anarchy. You will always have a Robispierre that rises.

I own 50 stores and you sound like my kind of guy. I sell hand made custom fit children's clothing and we are opening a new store in the Toronto area. We could use someone like you to measure the sizes. I'm sure you are both friendly and trustworthy. Yeah, class, class, class, I hated school so I started a business. Is Robispierre a Jew? Sounds Jew-ish.

Monastiraki is hardly the rich people's consumer hotspot. There's this street with plenty of corporate stores, but it's more like middle class. The radicals I've seen over there had little sense of socio-geography. They'll especially avoid doing stuff in the neighborhood next door (Kolonaki) where bourgeois power is actually concentrated. The State doesn't need to build up a security fence on this side of Exarkhia... it's already well-founded in the warped minds of many elite anarchists.

The fuck are you splitting hairs over which exact demographic of upper middle class consumers? We can clearly see a concentration of yuppie boutiques and corporate franchises in the video. Who the hell are you to tell these folks about target selection? STFU windbag.

The owners of those corporate slave-product markets are not middle class. They are the ruling class, and they are who was attacked in this action.

They weren't personally attacked, and their insurance covered everything. So how exactly was the ruling class "attacked"?

Why footlocker? Where are they gonna buy their adidas now?

From the street markets or from the dumpsters. Duh.

Yup, riot and riot some more. It does help to know that rioting isn't that interesting or powerful. It is impotent posturing. Keep trashing your own country and begging for loans from Germany. That's about as revolutionary as it gets. Making Germans work for you. I own 50 stores and I have insurance for everyone of them. So lol, I'd like to see you try to take even little ole me out. Riots can't even put down one little business?

They never work hard enough for the Greek.

But have you even tried rioting?! Definitely fun, possibly also a way for the margins of society to exert political influence.

it's cheaper and there's more adrenaline than lazer tag

Don't forget the sweet, sweet looting! You know how food cooked over an open fire tastes better when you're camping? Looting is like that, times a thousand!

Whether it's Saddam's palace or the corner store, looting puts joy in my heart

...begging for loans from Germany. ... Making Germans work for you.

One can hardly expect anything more from a bourgeois who owns 50 stores and thrives on exploitation to repeat anything other than the dominant lies about the world used to justify intensified misery, but this is obviously utter bullshit.

Actually, the myth that since 2010 the “European taxpayers” have been financing the “lazy Greeks” who live “beyond their means” thanks to loans provided by the EU member-states, the IMF and the ECB, has been very popular and widespread. If, however, we take a look at the way the structure of the Greek sovereign debt has been changed since 2009, we may arrive at completely different conclusions. In 2009, the Greek debt was mainly at the hands of French and German banks that benefited both from the high interest rates of the Greek bonds and the political guarantee that a EU member-state cannot default. The exposure of the French banks was $78bn, while the German banks held Greek bonds worth of $45bn. By 2014, thanks to the initial 2010 bail out programme which consisted of bilateral loans given to Greece by the other EU member-states, and the PSI agreement and the EFSF mechanism that followed, the toxic exposure of the banking institutions had been drastically reduced (e.g. to only $1.8bn for the French banks and $13.5bn for the German ones), and likewise their actual losses. As the banks’ bail-out cost has been distributed across member-states, the latter have increased their share to newly created Greek debt. Even countries with initially very low levels of private exposure to Greek debt, like Italy and Spain, now hold Greek debt worth of €10 and €6.7bn, respectively. However, apart from the initial bilateral loans to Greece which totaled €52.9bn, no Eurozone taxpayers’ money was sent to Greece or anywhere else again as, by the time the second bail-out programme came into play, the Eurozone had put in place the EFSF, its own bail-out fund, which was backed only by guarantee commitments from member states. The EFSF raised money by issuing bonds, so the “European taxpayer” has a liability only in the event of default of any of the fund’s investments.[3]

To sum up: the Greek “bail-out” was in fact a massive bail-out of the French and German banks paid by the European proletarians of the South on the whole but it was presented under the disguise of “solidarity” to the “profligate and work-shy” Greeks shown by this imaginary creature, the “European taxpayers”. Besides, only 8-11% of the money given to Greece so far has been used to cover the needs of the state budget. The rest of it went back to lenders and banks, fuelling the fictitious capital bubble based on sovereign debt speculation.

- from here: http://dialectical-delinquents.com/articles/war-politics/60-days-older-a...

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