[Video] Become Ungovernable

  • Posted on: 28 January 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Video compilation of anarchist street activity in 2017 throughout the so-called United States.

In solidarity with the J20 defendants.



I would humbly suggest that this video was about six minutes too long. I would also like to challenge anarchists to come up with new and divergent formats for their end of the year wrap up videos. Right now, I can be pretty sure that if I follow a link I am going to get graffiti, black bloc, postering, black bloc, graffiti, postering, graffiti, black block, ad nauseum. Shit is cool once (for about 4 minutes), but when the wrap up from Sweden looks like the wrap up from Russia looks like the wrap up from the US looks like the wrap up from Finland looks like the wrap up from Chile looks like the wrap up from Indonesia we should probably stop, because it is boring, formulaic, and unanarchic.

Great editing though, is that available through the interweb?\

"Shit is cool once" <---- Maybe you're consuming too much media and not doing enough? This isn't supposed to quicken your pulse if you're over it. It's supposed to spread these basic, easily reproducible ideas to newer folks.

Listen now... Our goal is to create an anarchist society, so we need a State to hold it together. And for this we need conformity, as you can't have reified institutional forms to make a State without conformism and cultist rituals. Okaaayyyy... it may not be the best idea but that's the way to do it. So shut up and follow, or else.

YEH ! Compulsory lobotomies for complex social dichotomies !

While sure there are a few anarchist graffiti/riot videos coming out of different countries that are fairly similar to each other, very few of them are ever an 'annual roundup'.

Thing is though, those videos you are criticizing are a very specific genre, the anarchist graffiti video. All genre videos set certain stylistic conventions. They are generally produced by local anarchist graffiti crews showcasing their work, sometimes they mix it up with a bit of riot porn.

It's a bit like complaining that too many sci-fi films are set in space.

And while I'd tend to agree that the video is too long, it is actually a pretty standard length for a graff video, if you check out graffiti videos on youtube (there are countless) a good portion of them are 10-15 minutes long.

Certainly it would be better if a wider variety of anarchist films were produced, but that's hardly the fault of the anarchist graff crews that actually put out video content, it's the fault of others such as yourself who are not producing "less generic" video work of your own.

The real distinction here is making a video that's even slightly "anarchist" and the amount of complaining that "anarchists" will do about how you did that. Maybe the Star Wars neckbeards are more annoying? Nah ...

yeah I want to see a montage that includes a ladle dipping into like warm beans at a fnb meal.

In slow motion!

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