Video essay with uk subs: Spanish Miners Battle Police Over Austerity / a call out for Global Solidarity

  • Posted on: 13 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" International</a>

VIDEO ESSAY: Spanish miners in the northwestern provinces of Asturias and Leon, armed with homemade rockets and slingshots, have been battling police in protest against government cuts, including a slashing of subsidies in their industry. (July 9)

Void Network express solidarity to the struggles of people all around this planet against austerity measures, against exploitation, against misery for a life with dignity, Global Solidarity, Real Equality and Total Freedom</td><td><img title="Bang bang" src=""></td>...

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While I applaud the effort, I question the effectiveness of their projectiles. How effective are they against Riot Police?

Seem pretty effective at keeping them at bay. A downgrade from rocket launchers, but impressive nonetheless. When's the last time YOUR local anarchist community popped out something as effective or more effective?

@news: where attacking cops with d.i.y. bazookas is not radical enuf

i just want to know how it's done

they should have been attacking other miners for not prioritizing identity politics

Miners? More like MANers! Check yr priv.

Miners? More like MANners! Excuse yourself before leaving the table.

Bottle rocket and PVC pipe.

but but but HOW??? derp.

I think they are modified fireworks. Anyway, they look pretty tame, like smoke bombs.

Actually they are pretty effective in destroying riot vans that the cops using. They knop svar they are doing.

They got destructive explosive capacity? What they do it with... ANFOs, dust bombs? I was looking forward to that stuff for my 8th birthday surprise in the kitchen! Makes a silly joke...

Not as good as newspaper boxes.

We're humble workers, we only want to defend our rights

We only want to defend our jobs

These miners are fighting for the status quo, but the anti-authoritarian/anti-capitalism sentiment is there. And it would be interesting if other sectors, like education, joined them in the street-fighting.

All struggles starts out like that. The interesting thing is not what they start out as, But what they can become. Its not about what they say they want, but what they are doing. Dialectics comrade.

yer a scavenger

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