[Video] Vanguard America Attempt to Storm Houston Anarchist Book Fair

  • Posted on: 25 September 2017
  • By: thecollective

from http://blackrosefed.org/proud-boy-storm-houston-book-fair/

HOUSTON – With chants of “Blood and Soil” about 30 fascists affiliated with Vanguard America and the Proud Boys attempted to rush the entrance of the Houston Anarchist Book Fair underway at MECA Houston community center on Sunday, September 24. The attempt occurred at 11:50am but was quickly rebuffed as the security team present locked the doors to the facility, blocking the entrance briefly but foiling the effort of the fascist groups to enter the building to intimidate and likely attack organizers and attendees.
The incident lasted roughly 20 minutes in total and no confrontations or injuries occurred as the the fascists gave up, circled the building in their trucks and left the scene according to members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra – San Antonio, who were present at the book fair tabling. Members of the Proud the Boys and Vanguard America were both involved in the violent “Unite the Right” march one month ago in Charlottesville, VA, where a participant linked to Vanguard America rammed their vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, resulting in the  death of Heather Heyer. This incident at the Houston Anarchist Book Fair occurred immediately before lunch, which suggested prior planning and knowledge of the event.
Correction: The original headline of this article incorrectly identified the group present as the “alt-right” Proud Boys groups. Members of this group may have been present but our understanding is that this was led by members of Vanguard America.
Video clip of the incident taken by a member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra – San Antonio. At this point members of Vanguard America, identified by their white polo shirts, had given up and were circling the building to leave. 

Video Playerhttp://blackrosefed.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/video-1506277361.mp4



the redneck revolts types should have shot them.

WORD. when in texas, ya know?

STFU you idiots ... Chest thumping armchair bravado is embarrassing.

Bro. chill out.

I know there's a lot of Liberal bullshit around "not engaging" the far right, but folks inside the book fair made a conscious decision not to go outside and engage them more, and I think this was a smart choice. Suffice to say that had they managed to gain entry, folks inside would have been ready for them.

Not going outside (and choosing not to engage them physically in that precise moment and place) ended the situation within a matter of 5-15 minutes? It also allowed the book fair, which they were trying to disrupt, to be able to continue. If a book fair at its best is place for people to meet, catch up, socialize, strategize, and exchange ideas, it makes a lot of sense to me that that was prioritized. I also don't feel like this decision came at the expense of a larger struggle against the far right. Escalating things with the far right at every given opportunity is not always the best option.

Had folks decided to physically drive out or fight these folks (again, they left on their own relatively quickly), there would certainly have been a good number of physical, emotional, and psychological injuries on both sides. Once again, folks inside seemed ready and willing to risk these injuries in defense of the space and one another had they managed to come in, but made a strategic decision not to escalate matters.

I know everyone fucking loves to bring up "the children", but there were small children inside and other people who may not have been able to run away or fight as easily as most, and may have been even more susceptible to injury and trauma.

If you hear Nazi and all you can think and do is "Fight fight fight fight fight fight", I appreciate your willingness, but I keep you at arms length.

I should add a few points:

If this becomes a frequent tactic of the far right, then yes, we should be ready to physically drive them away from our spaces and events.

There were police parked just down the street, which would have added a third party to situation and prolonged the event and its impact even more had folks inside engaged more.

It's a sign of the times that in addition to everything else organizers of book fairs have to deal with, they need to be prepared for the possibility of such occurrences. I think organizers did a good of that without falling into the trap of full militarization.

In general: Be ready, but don't give fascists the power of thinking they're imminent or inevitable.

Discretion > Valor and stuff.

I respect the scrappy enthusiasts (younger folks) very much too but these social-media oriented reactionary scum love to film these confrontations and beat their chests and their war drums online.

Simply locking the doors on them is definitely the smart play. Very likely their only goal was to film themselves harassing "cultural Marxists" to boost their morale after Charlottesville and a renewed recruitment campaign.

Can't help but notice how the usual anti-leftist dumbasses don't have a damned thing to say about this. What's wrong fuckheads? Is there no way for you to spin this one?

Could it be that reactionary street gangs are a legitimate phenomenon that requires serious attention? Maybe Antifa isn't just "liberal hand wringing" after all.

"circled the building in their trucks" They come into the garage often in their shiny urban cowboy pickups, they've never handled a wrench in their whole lives, a pushover for even an armchair liberal. What happened to the good ol' boys who could wrestle a gator with one hand tied behind their back?

no one who is skeptical of antifa is saying that violent gangs of white supremacists (etc) don't exist, and aren't a threat to us and our friends and others (although how much a threat is open to debate and question, surely? oops, no questioning i guess). the question is how much more of a threat they are now, and what those who are organizing against them are NOT doing, as there is limited time and attention in a day. also what the consequences are of appealing to a lowest common denominator (much as anti-cops action), and the effect that has on our ideas and actions ("our" referring to anarchists, as i hope is obvious).

First of all, yes, that crap gets said or implied with regularity in the comment threads on this site you're posting on.

Secondly, your main argument seems to imply that radicals have some kind of mandate or obligation to be doing certain types of work, which is bizarre. I've been doing Antifa shit because of immediate threats in my area, a sort of triage. I've also spent countless hours doing other things, it's my decision to make.

This is a murky critique, implying that "the radicals" or "the anarchists" should be doing this instead of that. How could such a vague statement have any worth? It would be completely different from one context to the next.

is what antifa doing more important than what they'd be doing otherwise? obviously that varies, but the question of getting distracted by an urgent call out that is (let's say) only actually urgent half the time, is worth looking into, no?
i'm not saying radicals have any mandate except to keep checking that what we're doing is actually the most relevant/effective thing.
ps: i disagree it gets said all the time. i agree it gets interpreted as being said, frequently.

Come off it, this place is always at least latently hostile to everything "leftist" including the Antifa tendency. I'm not emotionally invested, just spend a lot of time here when I'm bored at work.

Anyway, probably the only real answer to your extremely vague question would be "it depends" which is why I'm arguing it wasn't a very good question.

In my city, the anarchists were mostly doing reading circles and hosting music events until their space got targeted by reactionary scum.

Then they freaked out but still didn't do much. Then I started talking to different people who were capable of actually organizing some Antifa shit. So that's why your question seems ridiculous to me.

S'cuse me buddy, not the anon above you, but you seem to have a hard time computing the distinction between being anti-Left (like the usual trolls here are) and being critical of the Left. The two positions are present on this site yet they aren't into bed together.

Even by defining myself as anarcho-nihilist individualist, there ARE ideas at least expressed and promoted by radical Leftists that I agree with, yes, and even some stuff I've actively contributed to put into practice over the last few years... even if that meant cooperating with judgemental "SJW" types. Just that their practices don't tie with these pretty much. For the radically progressive paradigms that have been promoted for the last few decades to be fulfilled (ASSUMING THESE PEOPLE PROMOTING THEM HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THEIR REALIZATIONS, of course), you-we need a clear, decisive commitment to change relationships radically, to create new ones that not only can't be recuperated by the dominant system, but make humans have more respectful and lively relations with themselves and the rest.

Like I wouldn't have any problem with commies if they would be into practicing communism. But what they do, how they relate to each other and others outside of their circles... it's got little to do with the commune. Elitism goes in a way opposite to egalitarianism. Closed affinity groups only reproduce hierarchies and especially oligarchic old patterns that are hindering any effort to deeper social change. There are few radical Leftists I respect for pushing it beyond the bullshit social walls.

People like Jaggi Singh for instance do that. But that's a few out of hundreds of cultist maniacs and petty HItlers. I guess it takes people who have a personal experience of what it is to be part of some underprivileged "minority" to understand the true meaning of solidarity... Beyond that, it just becomes some bullshit brand of representation politics. We're far from the Landauer dogma that many Leftists used to be about. Most socialists and commies have become actually regressives, evne worse regressives than some right-wingers, without noticing.

An intellectual who is criticial of the Left and starts comments with "scuse me buddy"... that's why I come to @news

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