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The War Resisters' International

I tried to join this org a while ago, but, I never heard back from them. I'm not really sure what I would do, and, so, I can see why. Does anyone know more about them. Michael Randle, who jointly co-ordinated their protests against the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia, once helped double agent George Blake escape from prison, which is notable. They seem pretty alright, all things considered. I've read Bart de Ligt, who was a member. I actually don't know that I agree with his critique of Pacifist concessions to the Second World War, as much as I admire his resolve. I think that you have to make a pledge to join. I like the pledge, but, wonder if my own Pacifist concessions wouldn't be out of keeping with their modus operandi.

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You could campaign by

You could campaign by yourself around the issue around of the male-only Selective (military) Service deemed as unconstitutional, which means women also would now be required to sign up once they turn 18. The suggested spin being, of course, that no one should be required to sign up.

I could be interested in that

I could be interested in that. I'm kind of suprised that I don't know this, but, to what degree was the "draft" revoked in the 70s and how does that all play out now? I do remember registering for the Selective Service System. I might have refused to, now, but, I didn't think that that was possible in high school.

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