Warrior Up: Techniques for sabotaging capitalist infrastructure and extractive industries

  • Posted on: 7 December 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

"The question is no longer one of theory, but of practice: How to blockade the flows of capitalism as to halt ecological degradation and human exploitation? It may end with generalised social war, but it begins with groups of friends. Hand in hand, bands of friends can co-ordinate to halt the flow of commodities and carbon. Flexing their muscles, perhaps just first for an hour. Then a day. Then a month. The goal: forever." - Introduction to the Apocalypse

Warriorup.noblogs.org is a research project open to any anonymous input, turning an eye towards the infrastructures and extractive industries that the capitalist economy depends upon - how they function, and how they are vulnerable to direct action.

This project is inspired by the infrastructural sabotage carried out by indigenous warriors in the territory dominated by the Canadian state during land and water defense in the last decades. We want to be a resource for anarchists and other rebels carrying out actions against the economy of death - how can we make these actions more effective, safe, creative, and reproducible?

We need the help of all the brilliant troublemakers in the international anarchist space to make this resource more relevant and comprehensive. Please email us texts that have appeared in guides or communiques (or more obscure sources, like industry literature or counter-insurgency manuals) that can help us to better contribute to taking down the mega-machine. Translation of material that isn’t yet in English would be very appreciated - we can translate from French or Spanish if you direct us towards the texts.

The ‘Infrastructure’ page lists actions and research categorized by target (road, pipeline, electricity, rail, fiber-optic and communication infrastructures). The ‘Arson and Sabotage’ page lists techniques, and is also categorized by target (cars, buildings, heavy machinery). The ‘Guides’ page collects publications on arson, sabotage, blockades, security, and warrior fieldcraft. The 'Maps' page lists infrastructure and extractive industry mapping projects.

Once the project is more comprehensive, we will release a zine containing the most relevant content.

warriorupthrowdown (at) riseup (dot) net



Warrior Up! The worst show on television!

this is lit, props

FFS, use VPNs and TOR kids hahaha

If you're using TOR then there is no need for a VPN. infact public/commercial VPN's are not considered secure by anyone. If you can't use tor then you'd be better off setting up your own ssh tunnels + proxychains tbh.

Anews needs to stop banning tor nodes though, it's pathetic af.

That happens because hostile actors use TOR nodes to stage DDOS and other attacks on the site from those IPs. Sorry not sorry.

Who're now the biggest population on the nets, but

It's also very worthy for Thecollective to note how very often when I'm posting through Orfox for Android, there'll some spam posts following. This could be related to the app itself in combination with bad Tor nodes, since I never seen this happening in the Tor Browser (under Linux). Many Android apps are poorly-developed/maintained and that's why people should stick to stable, non-SystemD Linux distros for anything requiring a level of security.

This isn't saying there's no intentional DDoS... there must be, coming from Left and Right, on both meaning of the words.

'That happens because hostile actors use TOR nodes to stage DDOS and other attacks on the site from those IPs. Sorry not sorry.'

I disagree, using tor nodes for DDOS is just infecient, i doubt it would be affective against most hosting services that are setup well enough. you're far more likely to be DDOS'd by IoT botnets these days... I'm glad you have not blacklisted them all, it's just a pain to ./tor start/stop until i find one that works.

Just a thought, why don't anarchists own botnets? seems like they could be potentially useful to us.

Thanks tips! My point was a more general one about the sketch-factor of a site that compiles how-to-fuck-shit-up manuals. For those of us who aren't as tech savvy as you, sketchy clicks yo!

Agreed in general. i just thought i'd clarify as people who don't know what they're doing or make bad choices can cause themselves more harm than good with a bad VPN (probably most of them tbh) .

We really need a general push to get people within our communities and extended networks onto darknets, both through TOR and i2p.

Story foam + gosaline and maybe with a spoon of acotene spice makes perfect weekend cocktail parties at the yuppie loft!

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