Warzone Free Online Zine Distro Launched

  • Posted on: 4 October 2017
  • By: thecollective

via insurrectionnewsworldwide

Warzone Distro was started in 2013 with the vision of providing free, accessible reading material related to animal liberation, earth liberation, straight edge/radical sobriety, and insurrectionary anarchism. It has existed offline, tabling free zines mostly in Chicago at punk shows, anarchist bookfairs, fests and community events. With the intentions of further expanding access to reading material from this distro this site was created (September 2017).

The name “Warzone Distro” comes from the acknowledgement that the totality of capitalist industrial society – including the logic of control and domination, learned submission and the misery of its daily reproduction (i.e wage slavery) – is warfare against all living beings. Therefore, every space dominated by industrial society is a war zone in constant conflict with freedom. With the understanding of consumer life as interwoven warfare, a sense of urgency is maintained, encouraging attack here and now rather than waiting for when the “time is ripe”.

Access their new site here



The dream of the 90s is alive in Chicago, apparently

This site looks like it has great potential I just started reading a zine from there.

Gender Nihilism: An Anti-Manifesto
"The liberal feminist says “I am a woman” and by that means that they are
spiritually, ontologically, metaphysically, genetically, or
any other modes of “essentially” a woman. The gender
nihilist says “I am a woman” and means that they are
located within a certain position in a matrix of power
which constitutes them as such."

"I have dreamed a dream...but now that dream has gone from me." -Morpheus

Gender isn't in the nihilist vocabulary dude,,,,,,

That zine sounds terrible...

The latter just sounds like a fancier way to say exactly what the former says. "Anti-essentialist" in principle, but not necessarily in effect.

Idk, I mean I'll actually give it a read and see what's up, but the quote you pulled up isn't promising. Sounds to me like boring old Leftism, just wrapped up in a different, "nihilist" packaging.

i clicked on the "Gender, Sex & Relationship Anarchy" section and i have to say i am impressed. the other sections are pretty good too.

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