We Are Made of St(a)r Stuff - Statement by Leah-Lynn Plante

  • Posted on: 10 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://leahxvx.tumblr.com/post/33298924637">Leah's Tumblr</a>

On the morning of July 25th, 2012, my life was turned upside down in a matter of hours. FBI agents from around Washington and Oregon and Joint Terrorism Task Force agents from Washington busted down the front door of my house with a battering ram, handcuffed my house mates and me at gunpoint, and held us hostage in our backyard while they read us a search warrant and ransacked our home. They said it was in connection to May Day vandalism that occurred in Seattle, Washington earlier this year. However, we suspected that this was not really about broken windows. As if they had taken pointers from Orwell’s 1984, they took books, artwork and other various literature as “evidence” as well as many other personal belongings even though they seemed to know that nobody there was even in Seattle on May Day. While we know that knowledge is powerful, we suspected that nobody used rolled up copies of the Stumptown Wobbly to commit property damage. We saw this for what it was. They are trying to investigate anarchists and persecute them for their beliefs. This is a fishing expedition. This is a witch hunt. Since then, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, we have learned that this Grand jury was convened on March 2nd, 2012, two months before the May Day vandalism even took place.</td><td><img title="You are not isolated." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/leah.jpg"></td></tr></table>
I was served a subpoena to testify before a Grand Jury on August 2nd, a week later. I hastily packed my life up into boxes, got rid of almost all of my personal belongings in preparation of incarceration. I was dismissed that day after refusing to testify and re-subpoenaed for August 30th, which was pushed back to September 13th. In that time I did a lot of self care, got my affairs in order and got advice from other people who have either resisted Grand Juries, gone to prison or both. I returned to the Grand Jury on September 13th where I was granted immunity. When you are granted immunity, you lose your right to remain silent and can be thrown into prison for civil contempt. Between consulting with my attorney and an hour long recess, I narrowly avoided a contempt hearing simply because they ran out of time. I was dismissed and was told I would receive my 4th subpoena. I walked out of the courthouse just in time to witness Matthew Kyle Duran, my fellow resister, being taken away to prison in a police van. It broke my heart to watch them kidnap an amazing and strong person and take him away from his friends and loved ones. Katherine “Kteeo” Olejnik has met a similar fate for refusing to testify on September 27th. Right now, Matt and Kteeo are both sitting in prison cells for doing nothing but remaining silent. I have nothing but love and admiration for them both and I know that thousands of others feel the same. On the drive home that night my brain felt like it was short circuiting. A few days later, I received notice that my next subpoena was for October 10th. They also notified my lawyer that they were preparing for a contempt hearing.

Court dates aside, my life has been a roller coaster. Thanks to unrelated events, I have suffered with severe depression and PTSD for many years. These are now much worse and new things trigger me. For a while after the raid, I was in a constant state of panic and I could barely eat. Every time someone knocked on the door, every time I heard any sort of loud sound in my house, my heart sank and I thought “they’ve come for me.” To the day of this writing, I haven’t slept a full night since that cold July morning thanks to nausea inducing anxiety that wakes me up between 4:00 and 7:00 every single morning. After a couple months, the initial panic has faded into grim acceptance. Despite my mental health issues, I never once considered co-operation and never would. It is against everything I believe in. On my right arm I have a tattoo reading “strive to survive causing least suffering possible.” This is something I live by every single day and will continue to live by whether I am in a cage or not.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to all those who have shown us support and solidarity, especially our friends, partners and loved ones. We will all get through this together. I know I am a broken record with the following sentiment, but I feel like it’s worth repeating. They want us to feel isolated, alone and scared. I know that even though Kteeo has been held in what is essentially solitary confinement, she does not feel alone. I know that Matt does not feel alone. I know that I will not feel alone. When they try to mercilessly gut communities, we do not scatter, we grow stronger, we thrive. I view this State repression like this: The State thinks it is a black hole that can destroy whatever it wants. In reality, it is much more like a stellar nursery, wherein it unintentionally creates new, strong anarchist stars.

I do not look forward to what inevitably awaits me today, but I accept it. I ask that people continue to support us throughout this process by writing us letters, sending us books, donating and spreading awareness.

My convictions are unwavering and will not be shaken by their harassment. Today is October 10th, 2012 and I am ready to go to prison.

Love and solidarity to all those who resist,

Forever in silence.

Leah-Lynn Plante

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"my life was turned upside down"

ugh, internet

Mad love.

ok, so it's pretty frustrating that people seem to be missing the fact that there are TWO types of grand juries. One which is a grand jury called to investigate a certain instance or alleged crime. Another kind of grand jury is the standard one, it's convened and then it investigates any crimes that come up that the prosecutor is interested in during its term (6 OR 18 months, but there can be extensions). grand juries are happening all the time to investigate racketeering, tax evasion, etc.

I don't think people have any basis for saying this GJ is not about may day, in fact I think it is. I think that the grand jury was convened on march 2nd, and it was an 18 month gj, which is standard. Then federal crimes happened on May Day, and since a gj's point is to investigate federal crimes, they started investigating may day. not that hard to understand. Also once they realized the scale of the may day investigation the prosecutor got the GJ extended (which they can in increments of 6 months) to march 2014, which makes it two years instead of 18 months.

This isn't to say the state won't use this gj to gather any other information they can about other anarchist activities, but the court house was attacked on may day, attacking federal property is a federal crime, therefore gj investigation on the federal crime that occurred.

This GJ is most likely very much about may day, and I think that should be acknowledged rather then brushed off.

so are you saying that you think the grand jury was convened two months before may day in anticipation of crimes being committed on may day? or that it was convened for the fuck of it, then may day happened, and they were like, oh, let's investigate that, good thing we have this grand jury going?

you misunderstood what i said. standard grand juries exist for a specific amount of time 6 or 18 months (though they can get extensions) And during the time they exist they investigate ANY FEDERAL CRIMES that occur during that period. A federal crime occurred on may 1st, which falls within the the existence of that grand jury. Thats why probably why they are investigating it

Most grand juries do not investigate one alleged crime, they investigate several. I bet this GJ is also investigating tax evasion cases, racketeering, etc. etc. etc.

"Most grand juries do not investigate one alleged crime, they investigate several. I bet this GJ is also investigating tax evasion cases, racketeering, etc. etc. etc."

Sauce?? I've never heard of this in all my research on grand juries.

This is the one thing this commenter is saying that is definitely true.

There are two types of grand juries--investigative grand juries and special grand juries. Most anarchist popular belief is about special grand juries, which are convened specifically to investigate one thing. Investigative grand juries, which are far more common, are just called for a period of 18 months (in the federal system) and investigate whatever the prosecutor throws at them, which can be more than one thing at once or in succession.

The way I explain this in trainings is by saying "saying they called a grand jury is like saying they called a doorknob--they're always there." At any given time one might be investigating anarchists, tax evasion and a Mafia case, and a month later they might have finished two of them, still be investigating anarchists, and working on a murder and a drug conspiracy.

Thus this commenter is correct that even if an investigative grand jury is convened In March, they might not be investigating anarchists in May; however, we do not know if it is an investigative or a special grand jury, and my impression is that this commenter's impression could be wrong.

I'll sign this one,
Ian C.

Ugh, pushed the button too fast.

That last paragraph was supposed to say "Thus this commenter is correct that even if an investigative grand jury is convened In March, they might not be investigating anarchists until May; however, if this is the case we don't know for sure when they would have started investigating anarchists. We also do not know if it is an investigative or a special grand jury, which is significant, and my impression is that this commenter's impression could be wrong."

Don't believe the cops and the media, y'all. They lie. And speculating about this stuff is dangerous.

Let's not do the government's work for them.

Can you cite a few examples of when public, anonymous speculation has been dangerous?

I just read this question our loud to my 11-year-old, and she was like "Umm...every court case that's ever happened?"

And that was a pretty good answer, so I'll stick with that.

That answer is vague, unspecific, and not helpful.

what the feds do in cases like this is shake up a bee hive, they hope to get everyone buzzing and then use these buzzings (speculations) to decide what kinds of things they should look into. the blog about this GJ has an explicit statement about speculating. it doesn't matter if you are doing it anonymously from behind a keyboard or in a public square. don't do it.

also, it is true, nara is a badass.

What is the difference between "buzzing" and communicating? The scary thing about this situation is the incredible sense of isolation, fracture, and silence that comes over the space as a result of the State's activity. The reason why I think you have to be specific here (which this is not) is because if you are not you accomplish the very same chilling effect you are claiming is the providence of the State in the first place.

What are the approved subjects of discussion in this new regime of "non speculation"? Or should we all just shut our mouths until you say so?

Here's the thing: anonymous comments made publicly where anyone can see them on a site notorious for trolling and assumed to monitored by the cops is not a good means of "communication." If you want to talk to your friends by all means do it. But if you consider this non-community your friend group you have bigger problems to address before I'll explain even further than others already have bothered to why speculation is harmful. Use your fucking head.

Nara is a badass.

you dude, are terrible at effective communication. if you want to make a point you don't have to use the "everybody bow down and thank me for speaking" tone. shit. i'm guessing your imaginary friends find you really annoying 900% of the time.

FTA: "thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, we have learned that this Grand jury was convened on March 2nd, 2012, two months before the May Day vandalism even took place."

Generally speaking, we view causality as chronological.

Asked about the most recent hearings, Williams commented:

“Leah’s transcript confirms my and others’ suspicions that the reason for my subpoena being dropped is that I am a target of the grand jury investigation. I applaud Leah in staying strong through a process that has been terrifying and has uprooted her life. I am not discouraged by the disclosure of our acquaintance as it is clearly evident by the pictures we took with the ever charming Clyde, the mini-dachshund, accompanying our statement of intention to resist the Grand Jury. I am encouraged by her statement of future intentions and am happy to stand alongside her any time as an enemy of the state.”


is this related to the post you're replying to, or did you just hit the wrong reply button?

well, you also misunderstood what i said, read above. Your comment is not applicable to this situation because we have absolutely NO INFO that this is a specially convened GJ.

Do you actually personally have any information about this? Because if you don't you should really STFU. Speculation is not helpful at all.

Please don't speculate on what this special GJ is or isn't about. It is not a good practice of our culture of security to speculate on these matters.

One could easily give ideas to agents and prosecutors about what to investigate. One could easily give a false sense of security ie. spread the rumour that this special GJ is not about xxxxx or yyyyy when there is no way to reliably verify or falsify such claims. At best non-falsifiable rumour drains energy; at worst it is snitching.

Rather than speculate or spread rumour it is best to spread awareness and knowable information about the special GJ. Make yourself safe in all ways foreseeable. Encrypt your hard dive, audit written journals/correspondence, use Tor, quietly and securely dispose of anything even remotely incriminating, etc. Educate yourself and others about the necessity to remain silent when an agent knocks. Continue your involvement in projects. Support those subpoenaed in every way you can materially and emotionally.

Much more than securing indictments and eventual convictions these agents and prosecutors seek to curb resistance. Show Leah, Matt, and KateeO that their resistance to questioning hurries your resistance to reality. Now is the time to attack.

Security culture
Digital Security
Full disk encryption
Tor browser
Dealing with agents
GJ literature
Attack / counter-forensics

I agree, but it's not speculation when it's what cops said to people, and what the police reports show, and what the media has been reporting. Clearly this GJ is in some way about May Day.

But yes, I totally agree that no one should speculate about anything else that hasn't already essentially been admitted by the pigs.

Uh, you're believing the cops and the media. Bad idea jeans.

The police lie! The media lie!

Don't hate the media. Become the media.

Don't hate the police. Become the police.

That's too hard for us!

THIS! Thank you!

And I'm glad the Conspiracy Tour is still useful to people. :)

--someone who went on it

it wasn't.

-- a hater that loves you

Someone doesn't like puppets.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Noise demo tonight@ 7pm in Atlanta. Meet at woodruff park and march to atlanta city detention center.

We will be reading this as well as other statements out loud.

Please come and bring friends.

Long live anarchy

*Long live manarchy

just when i thought the world was getting smaller with my toaster and my steel-belted radio and i wont' say anything.... noise demo in ATL is like "im a human being goddamit"

Yes, he shall forever live in our memories.

love to all of you fine people

But yeah much respect. They think jail and prison will make us weaker but it will only make us stronger physically and mentally for most anarchists. Solidarity and love <3

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.

Leah was taken into custody a short while ago. Check http://www.freeleah.org for updates.

Damn this is really fucked up. Are we gona need anarchists gangs in prison to protect our selves from other gangs? Coming from a person who has been to jail and know what it's like on the inside, I say we need something like that BIG TIME because our efforts on the outs keep lending us all to the same destination JAIL/PRISON!


apparently anarchists are the most organized sect in greek prisons. thats why (legend has it) the pig that killed Alexandros had his ass whooped twice while he was in jail.

"apparently anarchists are the most organized sect in greek prisons" Is that a fact? Well I would like to see something of an anarchist brotherhood for male inmates and sisterhood for female in the United States but we are not as involved in crime as your everyday American criminals. I wonder how Greek Anarchists managed to pull that one off? She doesn't belong in jail. Hella fucked up. :-(

no one "belongs" in jail. regarding greece they have a much lower incarceration rate than the USA and a lot more anarchists.

In fact, the entire world has a much lower incarceration rate than the US.

Free-est country in the world, woo, USA USA USA

His name is Korkoneas. Damiano Bolano a kid from CCF attacked him once.

"Are we gona need anarchists gangs in prison to protect our selves from other gangs?"

Yes. Without question. Questions of how to do this without letting it slide into the hierarchical exploitative mode of other "gangs" is something we all need to start considering and talking about before too long.

Start by accumulating tobacco, or would this be manipulating the demand-supply ratio of the prison economic exchange rate and lead to revolution between the smokers and the tobacco brokers? How would the guards quell the revolution, maybe by flooding the exercise yards with cheap imported tobaccos? Hmmm?



Leah-Lynn Plante #42611-086
FDC SeaTac
PO Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

And the anarchist response is....noise demos! Pathetic. I guess this isn't really war after all. It's just a game. Capitalism just 'sucks', it's not a brutal oppressive ideology. People become 'political prisoners' not hostages. The call is for 'solidarity' not plans to break them out.

No wonder we're not any closer to anarchy than we were 150 years ago.

Don't forget about banner drops... anarchists drop hella banners these days.

plans to break them out... yeah, that mostly stopped being possible in the 1970s. the prison system is a lot different now than it was during the age of heroic prison escapes. if you don't have an army with rocket launcher you should STFU

Time now for the dawning of the age of psychic prison breaks, YEH! All illusionists, hypnotists, magicians and escapologists assemble at the prison walls near you at dawn, YEH!! A new paradigm has begun!! Mind over matter YEH!! Even if it makes you smile in solitary confinement, just imagine,,,,

And those who claim to be against authority but who can't or won't take up arms to do anything truly effective about it should STFU.

Brave internet warrior wishes social war was REAL WAR! Brave, brave, self-sacrificing internet warrior. A real hero.

Just saying what needs to be said, and calling the farce of noise demos for what they are. Apparently, people being kidnapped and terrorized at gunpoint is fine with you and calls for no more than a noise demo, protest, or banner drop. When this is questioned, you turnaround and shoot the messenger. Typical spineless anarchist.

Dude ... you're here commenting instead of locking and loading ... yes? Mirror mirror on the wall ... etc

Saying capitalism sucks is more accurate than calling it an ideology. Capitalist social relationships can exist equally well in societies ruled by liberal, Leninist, fascist, free market neo-liberal or social-democratic ideologies, so you can't really call it an ideology; on the other hand, it does definitely suck.

What a pantload. Free market neoliberal societies have never existed, even though libertarians wish they would. Lennist societies are not capitalist. Liberal and social democratic societies are essentially the same (capitalist).

Thinking capitalism merely 'sucks' is the problem. When people are being kidnapped and terrorized at gunpoint, something more is called for.

The ruling ideology of this society is definitely free market neoliberalism. I'm actually writing this from the UK, and it's true here, but it's even truer of the US. All the basic features of capitalism continued to exist in the Soviet Union, Mao's China, and their satellites - hell, recognising this shit is a big part of why I'm an anarchist - and capitalism does definitely suck. And there's nothing new about people being terrorised at gunpoint - the state has always been based on violence. That's what makes it the state. Something more is indeed called for, but that "something" is the total destruction of all the relationships and processes that cause all of us to keep recreating capitalism every single day, not heroic acts of martyrdom from a few self-sacrificing activists. The Weather Underground happened. The Angry Brigade happened. Capitalism continued to exist. It also continued to suck.

You clearly have no clue what capitalism is then. Free market neoliberalism may be the ideological rallying cry of the UK, USA and other Western nations but it's not the actual existing practice. The amount of government subsidies, investment in the economy and regualtion is not even close to resembling any kind of free market model. The Soviet Union was not capitalist, (i.e. individual or group ownership of the means of production) nor was Mao's China. They were state communist. Try take a basic course in economics before posting such ignorance.

Nobody said anything about the newness of being terrorized at gunpoint. You won't achieve the goal of "total destruction of of all relationships and processes that cause all of us to keep recreating capitalism every single day" by protesting. If you think so, you know even less about social change than you do about economics. It proves you have no idea what we are up against.

A few self sacrificing activists is exactly what I'm not advocating. It takes numbers, for without numbers we are nothing. To get numbers we need to appeal to people. Yet all I hear is how "we don't care what the public thinks" or "We're not trying to convince anybody of anything", etc. What a joke. Until the numbers are there we can't do anything that will make a significant difference. Once there's enough activists with cajones, breaking people out of prison will be one of the first things that'll need doing. Capitalism isn't going away without a blood bath. Until and unless that sober fact penetrates your thick skull, nothing you do will be effective. I suspect deep down inside you already know this.

Mocking or pooh-poohing the very idea of breaking people out of prison is just whistling past the graveyard.

Some of us here have already passed through the projected guilt of failing to manifest the insurrection years ago. You know, the stage of acknowledging your powerlessness where you blame everybody else around you ...

Oh shut the fuck up, your psychobabble went out of fashion decades ago.

Have fun prancing around at your noise demos, and keep telling yourself it's an effective strategy.

So much love to all the silent ones. Stay strong!

March tonight in solidarity with Leah, Matt, and KteeO; and against the prison society! 8:30pm at SE 35th and Taylor in Portland. Bring friends.

my heart goes out to you and your brother and sister in soliderity i plan on sending zines and letters

1000 people in Greece, and Spain clashed with the state when they got this news. Yet nothing on the homefront? I'd talk shit but being in Canada I will also be raped by the fascist overlords you all seem welcoming with inaction down there.

what is the music in this video?

at the end I mean

I don't agree with all your views (Though we do share many!) but, that said, I just wanted to say that I admire your courage! You are an inspiration!

Much love from England.

Crust goddess much? What a cutie!!!!!

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