We Are Not Targets: NYC Anarchist Action Reportback

  • Posted on: 22 October 2016
  • By: aragorn

From IGD

With another abhorrent week in NYC: the NYPD’s murder of Deborah Danner and the untimely death of Venida Browder, the mother of Kalief Browder, we, at NYC Anarchist Action, felt compelled to respond to the deep tragedies that are a common experience at the hands of the police. Hoods4Justice, a local revolutionary organization, made the call for an anti-police march in Brooklyn, starting at Barclays Center.

The NYPD had a remarkably large presence at Barclays and in the surrounding area, amassing several dozen police vans with officers positioned on several side streets and stationed in the nearby mall. Even with this outrageous police presence we marched, took the streets, and pulled off a passionate, rebellious march to the applause and affirmation of the neighbors.

As we snaked through side streets, militants erected barricades that slowed the police tail considerably. We marched through two housing projects and as chants echoed off their walls, people joined us in the action. Next, an american flag was torched and a Hillary Clinton campaign office was shouted down, with both actions incurring shocked expressions from people looking on. As we continued, more barricades were erected and soon we passed a military recruiting office which was attacked; its windows shattered.

The revolutionary anarchist movement in NYC is exceedingly gaining its confidence and our actions are becoming increasingly more bold, and significant. The seriousness of the situation in this country: where people are gunned down without repercussion, legal slavery is thriving, and urban enclaves are being routed, demands an unrelenting and powerful response. Vast neighborhood support has been crucial and beneficial to our larger growth, and as these actions increase in their virulence, the visibility of our commitment to revolutionary change becomes increasingly pivotal for the participation of those most affected by the american plantation.

Furthermore, the disengagement of peace police, liberals, and many authoritarians is creating an atmosphere where revolutionaries can and will thrive. We will continuously organize and propagate a political alternative in NYC and relentlessly fight this abolitionist struggle in the 21st century.

In struggle,

NYC Anarchist Action



"Militants erected barricades"
Like dis shit da paris commune and not some sad pathetic spasms of a previous historical era, where protests could do anything and power felt it had to be responsive to maintain it's position.
Power has the repressive technology, manpower, and ideology in place to not respond to any demands.
It don't give a fuck. Stop playing yesterday's game. Wake up to reality.
"Shouting down a Clinton office" is not something worthy of a reportback. Sad.

You say "sad" at the end of your tweet just like a Trump knockoff. Fuck you and your negativity, you aren't telling us anything useful or insightful. I'm personally glad to hear people are doing something in NYC, where @ activity has been suppressed for so long. What evidence do we have to believe you're not just a jobber troll for the NYPD, anyway? I fucking hate you and all your kind, you weakling morons who shit on things without even offering legitimate criticisms, who are insulting to those risking their freedom, who write so poorly that I can only write poorly in advance. People get stupider and more cowardly reading your tripe.

Ha, I mean "that I can only write poorly in RESPONSE." I write great in advance, actually; it's the writing in response where I sometimes choke, at least when I'm responding to NYPD pig morons.

New york is a gated police state for the rich. You are acting like its a democracy.

How so? Are you the same person who posted the longer critique because I can't see how this communique is making "demands" at all. What about this suggests a reformist method?

The nypd could have stopped everything that happened if they had wanted to. They allowed it. Think about that.

I dunno about the context in NYC but you do sound like some conspiracy nut. Dissent now impossible outside of police framework? Hums... that's one big poo to ponder upon.

You misunderstand: you can "dissent" aka disagree all you want--but try to actually do anything about it and you'll see how impossible that has become.
Nyc has one of the world's highest concentration of billionaires, and as thousands of us kill ourselves with opiods in the hinterlands because survival and dignity has become impossible, those billionaires sleep well every single night. Not one attack on them has taken place. SAD!

Yo yo yo! People who think of dissent as this same old predictable activist antics, and dare not to venture into the uncharted territories of structural sabotage or subversion are doomed to forever be submitted to police control. Still no one dressing up as business men/women to storm in the sacred towers of Babylon. Imagination, maaan! SAD!

Maybe the misunderstanding is that
you're projecting total non-sequiturs on to others because of your own feelings of powerlessness?

For instance, being this pedantic to hardened street-fighters would be pretty silly. You seem to think you're preaching to clueless hippies but have no way of discerning which group this is.

As I said, there's nothing reformist here and the notion that cops allow a certain amount of minor dissent as a pressure release doesn't mean that they can't lose control of those dynamics, they often do.

The concept that you or these people are "hardened street fighters" is the delusion you need to be awoken from.
That idea came across in the reportback, yet the actions described are pathetic, tired, and pointless. Real "hardened street fighters" would know that. People deluding themselves that that is what they are in their own minds would not realize such an obvious point.

"...loss of control..."
When has an anarchist protest ever led to a loss of control by the pigs????
Stop trying to take credit for the recent revolts of black people to lical police murders.

Greece 2008 and every week when I'm at FNB and someone's like "don't drink that soup like it's a beverage" and i tip my cup like "kill the cop in your head"

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