We Can Block the Wall!

A Call to Create a Real National Emergency for Trump

via crimethinc.

Trump has announced that he will declare a state of emergency to fund his border wall. The proposed wall and additional security measures will be devastating for migrants and border communities. During the last shutdown, federal employees and federal contractors were forced to work without pay or to scrape by on furlough, while people relying on government assistance were forced to seek out limited community alternatives and refugees were trapped in bureaucratic limbo. Make no mistake—a grassroots movement ended the shutdown. Trump gave in only when air traffic controllers and flight attendants stopped clocking in and airlines across the east coast began to close down.

We refuse to choose between Trump’s openly racist wall and the Democrats’ implicitly racist “smart border.” The differences between Trump’s border wall and a soft-power smart wall are minor variations on the same deadly theme. We will block the border wall. We choose another way: freedom of movement, solidarity, and mutual aid. We can combat Trump’s policies that greet asylum seeking families with tear gas at the southern border, that leave Haitian people to die in boats coming to the United States and 58,000 Haitians in legal limbo, and that criminalize whole communities. We will uplift the inspiring work by black and brown migrant support organizers like the UndocuBlack Network, Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project, NorCal Resist, and more, who defend black and brown migrant communities most targeted by ICE harassment, deportation and the police. Together, we can defend refugees, migrants, and government workers. We can re-imagine community safety, and support federal workers and communities under attack. We can demonstrate through solidarity and mutual aid that we can build a world without borders or state violence.

On February 15, we call for a movement from below. It is time to act courageously—together. We need a bold, positive vision of the future in contrast to Trump’s white supremacist fantasy. We need to create a world in which people can move freely, where families can find refuge from danger, and communities are brave enough to welcome newcomers and create a shared sense of belonging. Where refugees now encounter hostile border guards, where black immigrants face the dual threats of deportation and incarceration, they should find communities coming together to welcome them with food and shelter. Where federal workers and contractors find themselves unable to pay their bills, they should find communities acting in solidarity to meet their immediate needs.

  1. We call for a “Block the Wall” mobilization on February 19 and 20 against the border wall and against the state of emergency. We can march, take over public space, and organize sick-outs in the nation’s capital. We can block every ICE detention center, field office, and ICE contractor around the country with the occupation of the public space around the facilities. Each of these offices are maintained by working class people in support staff, couriers, cleaning crews, tech services, and social workers. We invite all of these workers to call in sick and join the occupations on the sidewalks and streets.

  2. We call for the organization of mutual aid to support the federal workers and subcontractors who remain uncompensated for 34 days of unpaid labor, and to support those who rely on government assistance. We call for cooperation to pool and distribute resources immediately to ease the daily struggles of those most affected. We commit to taking care of one another as the state gambles with the lives of millions.

  3. We call for direct support for migrants and border struggles. There are multiple initiatives already demonstrating hospitality to migrants and physically defying the border that separates the United States from Mexico, from autonomous kitchens in Tijuana to indigenous-led anti-border camps in Texas. We will build the capacity to undermine the border, welcome refugees, and demonstrate that free movement can be beautiful, safe, and beneficial for all—so long as the police and la migra stay out of the way.

Share your marches, actions, and mutual aid initiatives with the hashtag #BlockTheWall, or tweet updates to @BlockTheWall on twitter or BlockTheWall123 on Instagram

In solidarity,

Resist This
202 Antifascists
Central Ohio Street Medic Collective
Haymaker Gym
The Breakaway Social Center
Black Queer & Intersectional Collective

Please endorse and circulate this statement! To add your endorsement, email us.

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"Support federal workers" this is NOT anarchist!!!! Its not even CLOSE! The poverty of analysis is staggering

From Society of the Spectacle:
The fact that anarchists have seen the goal of proletarian revolution as immediately present rep- resents both the strength and the weakness of collectivist anarchist struggles (the only forms of anarchism that can be taken seriously — the pretensions of the individualist forms of anarchism have always been ludicrous). From the historical thought of modern class struggles collectivist anarchism retains only the conclusion, and its constant harping on this conclusion is accompa- nied by a deliberate indifference to any consideration of methods. Its critique of political struggle has thus remained abstract, while its commitment to economic struggle has been channeled to- ward the mirage of a definitive solution that will supposedly be achieved by a single blow on this terrain, on the day of the general strike or the insurrection. The anarchists have saddled them- selves with fulfilling an ideal. Anarchism remains a merely ideological negation of the state and of class society — the very social conditions which in their turn foster separate ideologies. It is the ideology of pure freedom, an ideology that puts everything on the same level and loses any conception of the “historical evil” (the negation at work within history). This fusion of all partial demands into a single all-encompassing demand has given anarchism the merit of representing the rejection of existing conditions in the name of the whole of life rather than from the stand- point of some particular critical specialization; but the fact that this fusion has been envisaged only in the absolute, in accordance with individual whim and in advance of any practical actual- ization, has doomed anarchism to an all too obvious incoherence. Anarchism responds to each particular struggle by repeating and reapplying the same simple and all-embracing lesson, be- cause this lesson has from the beginning been considered the be-all and end-all of the movement. This is reflected in Bakunin’s 1873 letter of resignation from the Jura Federation: “During the past nine years the International has developed more than enough ideas to save the world, if ideas alone could save it, and I challenge anyone to come up with a new one. It’s no longer the time for ideas, it’s time for actions.” This perspective undoubtedly retains proletarian historical thought’s recognition that ideas must be put into practice, but it abandons the historical terrain by assum- ing that the appropriate forms for this transition to practice have already been discovered and will never change.

I wonder which is more spectacle, between the hinged collectivist liberal struggle demonstrated above, and the pretend, "digital" bonfires of online circle jerks led by a clique of notorious pedants. It's two very different planes, which may be equally delusional, unless I got evidence of the opposite...

Call in this Sunday then and find out. I would love to hear your challenges, if you can muster something more substantial than being a spectator with incoherent potshots.

Oh come on. The gay book fair nihilists are just begging for anyone to call and face them. yawn.

i think you will find this excerpt further illustrates the relevance of your selection, 15:19.

Appendix 3, Thesis P.

(Bizzzzz, Buzzzzzz)
That buzzing noise means something, and the only reason for making a buzzing-noise that I know of is because you're a bee! And the only reason for being a bee is to make honey! And the only reason for making honey is so I can eat it.
And so Winnie the Pooh climbed the honey tree. He climbed and he climbed and he climbed, and as he climbed he hummed a little hum.
And I call it my rumbly and my tumbly song.
Yes, and it went something like this:
Hum dum de dum, hum dum de dum,
I'm so rumbly in my tumbly,
Time to munch an early luncheon,
Hum de dum dum dum
Oh I wouldn't climb this tree
If a Pooh flew like a bee,
But I wouldn't be a bear then
So I guess I wouldn't care then!
Bears love honey and I'm a Pooh bear
So I do care, so I'll climb there,
I'm so rumbly in my tumbly,
Time for something, for something... sweet... to eat!
If only I hadn't... You see, what I meant to do... It all comes, I suppose of... liking honey so much. Oh, bother.

link pls

*attempting to accomodate framing to an hyperstatutory recursive logic "honeypot" within the archetype of confabulory subtextual forms (in this iteration, "Winnie the Poo"). Will not report on it you must instead transliterate diffuse, non-lineated elective concepts.*

Why didn't anarchistnews upload the CWC story about anarchist polyamory drama? It's much better than this.

Honestly I bet this wasn't written by crimethinc people. I bet it was written by people from the other groups they're working with here. They're generally pretty consistent as anarchists, but they do work with anarchists on the more liberal end sometimes. Personally I think that's not the worst thing ever.

This is just not their best work, but whatever.

apparently crimethinc agreed with this trash enough to publish it under their name and sign on to it, so i'm not sure what you're talking about

also, anyone can submit to this site, anon, how about you upload that other article?

I assume this is the part you're mad about:

"We call for the organization of mutual aid to support the federal workers and subcontractors who remain uncompensated for 34 days of unpaid labor, and to support those who rely on government assistance."

You can bet everyone who does something for the federal government besides mop the floors and take out the trash is being compensated. So I guess you're saying that if some cleaning staff at a federal building or national park are being stiffed, fuck'em? That's your position, right? That's it's not anarchist to say they should be paid?

Just making sure I get this right.

CrimethInc/Ocasio-Cortez, running on the 2024 Democratic ticket!

more anarcho-liberalism, which is basically 99% of american "anarchists" just basic bitch liberals

"let's march and be the revolution"

goddamn pathetic

When you have view as improbable as mine you learn to put things in perspective. Anarchism started off as a radical branch of liberalism and the continuing neo-classical anarchist tradition I think could still play a role in making the world preferable.

The anlibs as I see it are the various anarchists who have political economy schemes. For me this is part of an over all strategy of liberty and anarchy in the context of leviathan. I would only ask that they try to be organization and exchange neutral and at least try to focus on constructing is discourse that plays to the values of free labour as much as possible.

Idk I’m all down with saying fuck the wall and everything else 45/the American state are doing and I do hope people will do their best to stop it....obviously. It does seem tho that potus is doing what he does best as far as making everything about him and setting everyone’s agenda, and now even crimethinc is dancing to his tune. It doesn’t seem awfully strategic to me (unless you’re a liberal-left politician, as most of the comments suggest)

A physical wall is a much better outcome than the surveillance border democrats are proposing. A wall is a potent symbol that people won't forget about, with tinges of East Germany. It's not like it's gonna stop anyone, anyway. Democrats always want to take shitty right wing ideas and make them actually effective.

yeah, yet they’re both not mutually exclusive. but at least building the wall might bankrupt the government, or at least leave less funding for other things, and trigger a few more spectacular shutdowns in the meantime. not looking forward to either, nor like what’s currently in place, just a potential silver lining.

"but at least building the wall might bankrupt the government," 13:12

The US federal government cannot go bankrupt, since it creates its own sovereign currency.

oh well : (

"The US federal government cannot go bankrupt, since it creates its own sovereign currency."

It doesn't. Constitutionally yes, but in the real world a private institution was legally assigned to print the currency (which ain't sovereign since the early 20th century), with interest rates it is fixing on its own. But beyond that detail, yes, the US govt has unlimited credit, theoretically.

what if they built the wall out of dollars, would they go bankrupt then? or what if they built it out of quatum computers computing the derivatives that make money on the stock market, would they go bankrupt then?!!!


Bankrupt is a word and concept which should be extinguished along with the institutions which formulate it.

i am in my room. it’s awful. do you know how many times i’ve refreshed the page waiting for a reply?

So I think it's time you go have a walk outside. A long walk. Are there decent parks in your area? Riversides? Backstreets of big NA cities can be stimulating too.

The Fed is not a private institution. It is overseen by the US government. The President appoints the Federal Reserve Chair, and Congress must approve the appointment. Congress can also alter statutes governing the Fed. It also works closely with the Treasury Department, which is an executive branch of the federal government. It's the Treasury Department that actually does the printing of money, and The Fed decides how much money the Treasury needs to print. It then regulates the money supply through policy instruments like setting interest rates or depositing credit into all the banks within the federal reserve system.

While the Fed is not a private institution, it is also not a government institution. It is a semi-independent agency from government in that it runs its own affairs and makes its own daily decisions which do not have to be approved by Congress or any elected official (except for emergency loans). It funds itself through investments, both domestic and foreign.

The US government cannot go bankrupt because it creates its own currency and any debt is owed to itself.

The ‘virtual border’ (borders are always virtual as boundaries and actual as zones of surveillance!) would never not have been necessary in the whole stupid project, for the simple reason it isn’t physically possible to build a wall on the terrain without staggering geoengineering, plus people will always go over or under them. It’s part of what makes it so grotesquely funny to be fighting what’s literally on the level of a child’s idea: ‘building a wall between the us and mexico’ makes as much sense as ‘digging a hole to china’ and the whole ensuing debate is a perfect illustration of how right and left function as the classic +/- poles of a battery. Now in edgy retrofuturist iterations of fascism and socialism... I hope yesterday’s steampunk boosters are feeling like the assholes they are.

Stop personalizing the state please. It’s like the superficial analysis of US antifa has been absorbed by the entire US anarchist milieu. It’s not Trumps wall. It’s capitalist civilization as usual doing its thing.

your mom is the personalization of the state

WOW, these walls are REALLY XENOPHOBIC constructs. You've heard of the Chinese Wall right? Well I just came back from a vacation in China and I didn't see one Mexican the whole 10 days I was over there !

*Whispering* Mommy dearest, I have a delicate proposal to make, share your opiod suppositories with me

ook ook...i’ll try those opiod suppositories, stop pushing them!!!

All the things they call for in this thing would be nice.

CrimethInc. is right to boost it.

I would have written something else, if I wrote something at all (which I wouldn't, because I'm Canadian). Most likely I wouldn't have written "support the federal workers".

Y'all will find any reason to hate on CrimethInc. though, it's boring.

I'm pessimistic, too, and this doesn't speak to me. But... who cares? It's clearly an intervention in a different sort of space than the one I'm involved in. An activist-y, left-y, intersectional-y space that obviously can feed into a very pro-institutional, Democrat version of America sort of project. And within that space, this is exactly counter to Ocasio-Cortez-style project. Y'all got bad reading comprehension if you think otherwise.

i dunno dude, as much as it might be boring to hate, it's also boring to have written something like this, or to call it "right" to have issued it

disrupting the inauguration would have been nice too, but it didn't happen, and mostly what resulted was a lot of people being arrested and a big legal battle that ate up a lot of people's time and money (crimethinc confirming that they're only a parody of themselves afterwards by calling it a victory)

this probably isn't going to do that - tbh it's probably not going to do much of anything beyond some small-scale protests - but i think it's fine to criticize crimethinc for playing the space you're talking about or calling for yet another fight that anarchists are both unprepared for and unable to do much in beyond get arrested or feed into said institutional projects that have much more political acumen and power than they do. it's also worth slapping them around a little for using slippery language like "grassroots movement" to describe what ended the shutdown (a choice of language that gets readers puffed up like they have some clear way of intervening in what's likely going to be a protracted legal battle likely ending after Trump is out of office) rather than the reality that sickouts and strike threats by workers in key industries not being paid was the only thing that managed to do anything substantial to open the government again.

It's not so much an issue of "any reason" as hassling crimethinc (or at least the people reading this thread who like this statement) for doing what they seem to always do

I'm a bit grumpy and feel roused to defend CT, as sometimes happens.

I think that, like, from the perspective of criticizing the copy, as with "grassroots movement", sure.

It's the anti-movement thing that annoys me. Like, I get not being into social-revolutionary anarchism, and being interested in other shit. I am also down for critiques of activism, pretenses to nation-wide organizing, participation in a broad left, etc. But what I see, with the perennial anti-CrimethInc. thing (also anti-Submedia and anti-IGD), doesn't qualify for that. It's just shitting on the whole thing, usually from some politically prescriptive place, i.e. you should do what we do, which has nothing to do with social movements.

Like, to the clown saying "what anarchists should find Ocasio-Cortez relevant enough to respond to", the answer is clearly, "anarchists involved in spaces that include people who might vote for a lefty candidate." And if the next thing is, they SHOULDN'T be involved in those spaces, then, well, okay. That's not that useful, I don't think.

Anyway, I don't mourn what CrimethInc. has become, and I don't long for the good old days - which is partly what I think this is about. Similar to how I hated Against Me! for a while, cuz I felt invested in the music they put out, and got mad when they went anti-anar.

But, like, CT is not anti-anar, they're just on a social-revolutionary tip, which is, umm, MAYBE annoying sometimes, MAYBE has led to some nonsense, but nothing that warrants this constant stream of shit talk on this site. And I'm happy to have them picking fights in that space with the tank drivers and the electioneers.

It's nice to have you back here, shadowsmoke, well at least more openly. But "movement" in NA tends to be used as a referent for what is actually a non-movement. Movement refers to people activating in more or less organized, or coordinated way at least, towards some common goal, or over common interests of beliefs. Which is the biggest reason it feels like talking about a spook when using that word. A movement is dead -if it ever lived- when it relies on a bunch of bureaucrats issuing declarations, analysis and reports, or publishing essentially spectacular material that doesn't connect with any ongoing dynamic. Like it's totally dumb to be talking about any "student movement", today, when referring to anything else than invisible masses of students working, moving around, consuming and partying like robots, as this is the reality of their movement. There sure is, on the other hand, the sociological reality of a "student protest movement" that's been going on and off through the years.

So it's not "anti-movement", it is just social pragmatism. You can't say something is alive when it's not even there.

As for the movements that are there... didja ever read Jacques Camatte?

Nothing to say.

I like your point here, and basically agree with you, but it's sort of a semantic argument. That's just not the way that I use the word "movement".

So, for instance, I would say that there is a "student movement" in Québec, as well as a "labour movement" across Canada. Both of these movements are lethargic, and seized up by bureaucratization, but they are still movements. I don't consider them "dead". Obviously, they can't die, because they never lived; it is metaphorical language to call them dead or alive (and obviously, the term "movement", which I use in a less metaphorical way now, almost certainly has its origins in metaphorical phrasing). Instead, with my conception, which I would argue is a useful conception, the metaphor of death doesn't convey what is going on as effectively as metaphors of lethargy, paralysis, sleep, or illness (like a cancer of bureaucrats) might do instead. But the point is, there is still cellular activity in the body (with the use of the term "body" being, once again, a metaphor).

Anyway, with respect to the actual topic of the article, it is probably rhetorical fuzziness to speak of a singular movement across the whole U.S. in this case, and I'd concede that happily. But I do think you've got some sort of broad overlapping movement thing that is anti-border, anti-white supremacy, pro-commoning, and not explicitly into anything I think is stupid - and this movement appears to have been up to some stuff these last few years (because I assume that some of these reports I sometimes read of occupations at ICE sites in Portland and Atlanta or wherever refer to real things that actually happened). So it seems to me that this movement is even, in fact, a bit less institutionalized/lethargic than the aforementioned Québec student and Canadian labour movements. I think it is indeed alive, that it is indeed there, and that this is hardly a situation where people are just issuing statements to no one.

Your comment about "social pragmatism" is completely impenetrable.

I never read Jacques Camatte.

Except there was no earlier time when the student movement wasn't in the bureaucrats pockets. Have you ever been a student union exec? I was. Even when it's carried for "good" reasons that connect to real issues, the student bureaucracies -both the formal and the less formal- are those setting up the stage, initiating the dance.

But my point was also that these movements are not needed, and reliance upon The Movement is in itself a source of political alienation. People can do shit on their own -no matter the numbers, it's a question of quality not quantity!- and find ways to let others know about it if deemed necessary. That is the true character of anarchist insurgency, imo.

Camatte was one of the rare instances of a Marxist theorist who ended up realizing that the dead horse of marxist theory is no longer "alive", but is rather part of capitalist society's merry go-round. This happened during the 20th century. Earlier in the U.S. and Europe and later in Canada. There were wildcat worker strikes back in the '70s in eastern Canada, and they were focused on resisting the State integration of the labor unions. The "workers" are active (and aggressive) agents of the capital. You appear to be an essay addict, I don't get how you didn't read from him already, but that's one of the most important essays to read if you're into that plane of sociology of resistance.

And stop thinking about "penetrating", for the love of... lol I hope you don't need a puppet theater to explain you what pragmatism is, even in the context of analyzing social dynamics. Also it is not to be confused with that other thing, political realism.

wow, lol. i've never seen this movie, looks fun. thanks!

I wasn't talking about "true anarchist insurgency", I was talking about something else. Your critique of The Movement, I might even share.

When some people start relying on a imagined Movement, as in an imagined community, well, they put their individual ways and solutions in the closet, i.e. they tend to deprecate personal insight, creativity and initiative, in favor of cohesion and conformity with the larger group's policies and culture.

This is where the Movement can become a form of external regulation.

But here I ain't talking so much about living, active movements, such as the current teachers movement in the U.S., which appears to be starting to get students involved too. I was more referring to that passive conceptual ghost, like the "student movement" in Quebec, that's been pretty dead for a few years yet remains a kind of artifact in the rhetoric/worldview of some leftists. I do get there's a will to make it a kind of permanent entity, tho I ain't sure that's the best way to transfer it to newer generations of students.

So be sure not to plug that Anal Intruder on the 220V tho. ;0)

You're right that there would be less criticism if we hadn't read their texts from years past, but using the name crimethinc for an article that they themselves preemptively tore to shreds in "Your Politics are Boring as Fuck" very much invites this. Obviously all long term projects will evolve and change, but what's the utility in using the same name for two projects that directly oppose each other?

Here's the rub, for me. The ecstatic potentiality of situationist-adjacent crimethinc has been replaced by the implicit embrace of the shame, exclusion, and enclosure of The Struggle. This is exactly why young misfits and outcasts are more enchanted by the alt-right than antifa-style anarchists. Those weirdos are the sorts of people I'm interested in hearing from and working with. This kind of article won't exactly turn the tide there. There's nothing here that's distinguishable from a particularly woke corporate twitter account. It's the grey logic of the possible.

You say, "There's nothing here that's distinguishable from a particularly woke corporate twitter account."

That's funny, and certainly your best point, although still not actually true, because there is something distinguishable (which, again, makes me want to mention reading comprehension). Basically, a "particularly woke corporate Twitter account" wouldn't call for collective criminal action, which the authors do with this call, though admittedly in oblique terms.

I'm not saying that's anarchy or whatever, but it's a difference.

Anyway, I said "the authors" up there because, well, this is not "CrimethInc." writing this. Obviously some people who feel they can speak for CrimethInc. have signed off on it, and allowed it to be put on the website, but what I'm seeing here is crimethinc.com (and other CT social media accounts) being used as a communication platform. Let me just say that, personally, I find something like this (which, I repeat, isn't my thing) being communicated on CT less objectionable than, I don't know, Maldicion Extremista being crossposted on @news. But we can differ on this sort of thing, that's fine.

Anyway, with respect to what CT really is, beyond this matter of boosting things on its webspace and signing off on shit, I don't think that there are "two projects that directly oppose each other" under the same name. CT always did social-revolutionary sorts of shit, as far as I remember, and I believe there is still just as much potential for the lifestylist nonsense we loved and cherished to keep happening, if only someone would write that shit. You could submit an article about gay saunas, and if it was good, they'd probably publish that shit!

So I wanted to say, in addition, regarding the "young misfits and outcasts" who are "more enchanted by the alt-right than antifa-style anarchists."

You surely know that you're talking about white people, right? Save for the odd Chinese dude or Persian fella that wants to join the Proud Boys, people of colour don't get enchanted by the alt-right, whereas there are at least as many people of colour doing the antifa thing as you'd find in any other anarchist or "radical politics" scene in North America.

Anyway, that aside, in the place where I'm living right now (not Montréal!), among the folks who're doing the antifa thing around here (which annoys the fuck out of me mostly, don't get me wrong), there's actually a pretty large collection of "young misfits and outcasts", whereas the local fashy fucks that they face off with every weekend are mostly 40 and up. It seems to me, too, that most of the people who do internet-based alt-right shit, and then get doxxed (which is why I hear about them), are professionals people born in the '80s, i.e. older than I am, and not exactly "misfits and outcasts".

Maybe they were beat up when they were in high school, though.

Were you even in DC? I'm not sure your account of what happened at the inauguration resembles anything I've heard from anybody who was there. If you drew your conclusions about it just from reading comments here, well, duh, no wonder you're still dumb.

Sorry, this comment is directed at the person who wasn't in DC for the inauguration but is talking shit on crimethinc. and everyone who went there. Fucking armchair anews commenters. NOTHING IS MORE BORING DULL AND WRONG THAN YOU

I'm confused about why an anarchist would find Ocasio-Cortez relevant enough to counter. It's is a trap. When you engage with that shit, you've already lost.

obviously trumps wall is a complete joke, even mentioning it at this point to spur any sort of political/community activism is giving more force to trumps trolling than he deserves.

If trump built a wall across the US/Mexico border, americans would enter easily as they always have, and it would not stop the flow of immigration into the united states. If racists want to further isolate themselves, then they would need to build a dome around the united states that went about a few hundred feet underground. Me and my friend were laughing the other day about the possibility of hiring space-military contractors to build a wall that goes into space to prevent immigration. I'm still laughing to myself about that.

I'm too cynical to care that trump wants to waste $6 billion in "our" tax dollars on a fucking wall, lol

you see, no money is wasted because, as we learned in this thread, of the Fed, nitrogen cycle, and thermodynamics

What the fuck happened to you? Where did your anarchy go? Why do you sound more and more like a communist, trying to organize the masses? You are SO boring now. You are losing support everywhere...

Like me they'll block you on twitter with that attitude;)

No one serious in the alt-right/dissident right/white nationalist network takes the wall seriously anymore, nor do any of them think Trump is a "white supremacist" or that he and his administration were ever serious about slowing down or stopping immigration. For some reason, CrimethInc. and IGD do. What does that say about their analysis?

If the wall is built, it will be a partial wall that will continue to push people deep into the more isolated and dangerous deserts on the border. I don't think anyone at crimethinc or IGD expects a full wall.

Then theres the idea of politicized identity. When the newscycle talks about immigration and walls, it empowers people to be shitty. Same as when the bathroom bills are debated and trans people start getting harassed.

I doubt IGD and crimethinc think that the wall is about the wall.

It's actually helped the open/anti-borders position. Before Trump it was just libertarian spectrum and anarchist ideology that took an open/anti-borders stance. The greater left, IDPol and non alike, are now taking a pro open borders position. Trump has actually HELPED not hurt things. Before Trump the Sanders soc-dem controlled borders position was the dominant position within the left, now, because of evil orange man they're now saying that the ole' Sanders position(also people like Angela Nagle) is problematic. While I look at this somewhat cynically, given that it took a binary position to change position on borders, I'm glad that there are more people that are pro-open borders then ever.

in terms of understanding why buereaucracy and technology don't make life any more simple and meaningful, and in fact do the opposite. Clarity of understanding tends to help those wither away, and little withering away of mental clutter is a victory.

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