We have less then two months...

  • Posted on: 27 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Many years ago the Mayans invented an ingenious time/calender system. This master calender had many precisely accurate cycles and one master cycle. The master cycle ends when all cycles end, to begin again. The end of the master cycle is enormously rare. We live in amazing, historical time not just for humans, but for the entire earth, solar system and universe. The end of this master cycle is on December 21, 2012... Which is in less the two months... The Mayans did not believe the world would end in 2012, they believed in the emergence of a different type of civilization on earth. I believe this new society will be one of harmony and Anarchy!

HOW WILL THIS COME ABOUT?</td><td><img title="" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/truthmayancalander.jpg"></t...
I do not wish to focus on the United States, but that is where I believe it will begin. The U.S. is the biggest political, cultural and economic force in the world, the president being the leader of this global tyranny. On morning of November 7 the world will discover that Mitt Romney won the presidential election. Radicals be happy that he is destine to win. I believe that the victory of Romney will bring about a massive Revolt, starting in the United States. You think this wont happen? It will happen, because it has scientifically been predicted to happen, the feds' know, they have been planning, if you have been doing your home-work, you should know. Almost all governmental branches have been buying massive amounts of ammo, weapons, armor and other tools of authoritarianism. The feds' and NOAA have bought millions of hallow-tip bullets, why hallow-tip? To kill. The pacification effect Obama has had on the population is numbing, He has enacted the NDAA, uses drone-warfare, the police state is growing and so is the military, and prison industrial complexes. People actually think that because he is a "Democrat" that he cares about the people... Mitt Romney is a hypo-capitalist, social conservative and a authoritarian on a scale greater then even Obama. When George Bush won the presidential election in 2000 and re-elected in 2004 there were protests bigger than any in history.

Ready for this? Here is the twist: Obama will win the popular vote, but Romney will win the electoral votes, winning the election, This will split the country in two. Under Romney's deliberate tyranny people will be under massive oppression and economic hardship. This will create immense revolutionary capability that will spread world-wide.

LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT OTHER COUNTRIES WHO HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THE INCOMING DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY AS WE KNOW IT: The Bolivian government has realized what will come for the world, starting on December 21. http://tinyurl.com/9bjvz9o They are kicking the biggest leech in the world out of their area, in solidarity with revolution. They explain that they are kicking Coca-Cola out of Bolivia because they acknowledge the coming collapse. Switzerland, this is truly scary: http://tinyurl.com/9za7sqj Switzerland is preparing for north-African and European street fighting, civil war and genocide by sending troops to strategic areas. Also by declaring that Switzerland is a safe zone.

Thousands of years of oppression and resistance will culminate, starting on December 21, 2012. The lid on the pot of boiling water WILL be blown off, violently. Because of the Euro crisis and the introduction of a new Authoritarian North American regime, there will be global civil war. There is no avoiding it, there will be no reform, we must physically confront the global governments. Prepare for collapse now, we must fight through this to be pioneer's of a brave new world that is based on respect for the commune and the Earth.





NPR was talking about the likelihood of an opposite scenario - Romney winning the popular vote and Obama winning the electoral college. (you know you listen to NPR)

"Almost all governmental branches have been buying massive amounts of ammo, weapons, armor and other tools of authoritarianism."

This is evidence of a massive conspiracy. WHAT ARE THEY, MURDERERS?!?

NOOOOOO!!! All they've been doing in the MIddle-East over the past 11 years was to help the poor and the hungry, and defend the poppies from terrorists!

You just don't know how to hyperlink do you, here you go for now:


less THAN. for fucks sake.

We have less, then two months from now . . .


IGTT 8/10

spelling errors gave you away, brah.

"Hallow-tip bullets" was my personal fav

was my fav part too

Author: fuck the mods, they changed the tags, changed the title and put a very ignorant picture. The mayan calender cannot end its infinite.

Author: besides the "less then" parts there werent really any errors

oh come on, nobody is dumb enough to believe that

this thing has more grammatical and spelling errors than a fucking 8ball comment

i'm voting for deep green resistance.

Although I'm against apocalyptic thinking in general I like this piece because it's inspiring and there might be some truth to it. Maybe there will be a radical reaction to a Romney win and no more Obama doldrums. There have been plenty of assholes elected to office without causing a global conflagration. I think the most you'll ever see is some riots here and there.

But... rioting for Obama? This is retarded, reactionary and anti-anarchist.

Of course, there are bigger chances to have an all-out WW3 is Romney gets into office, but Obama being a Two-Face President, there's as much doom to expect from him too.

"Also by declaring that Switzerland is a safe zone."

Not for so long. As soon as insurgents decide to move away from their alienating neighborhoods and bring the shit up to where it all came from, they'll realize a lot of the fat cats have major interests going on in Switzerland. Especially by Lake Geneva. That, if Russia doesn't drops a few bombs on that storefront of a country.

The filthy capitalists are better off taking their money and run off some distant island by now... as shit is gonna be hitting the fan soon.

Maya Angelou.

Ok, that's the punchline, gimme a joke now.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is buying "hallow-tip" rounds? What kind of dastardly scientific madness are they up to now?

A global shutdown of the economy is the only chance we have to turn it all around. When the music stops, there will be ahead of the tunnel and all we'll have to do is walk there. End civ now!

Edit, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel when it all comes crashing to down.

but but but... think of the workers!!!

And what about Worker!

Seriously, the "economy" is just a product of a deeper system that relies on techno-industrial development. Shutdown the infrastructure and you thereby force a shutdown of the economy. of course, mass strikes are still one of the most powerful anti-system weapons, one that can be carried by the masses... but how to pull the trigger, without putting masses of people into yet another relation of authority/dependency towards the State?

There is no such thing as magic. If you wanna bring down the system, you gotta first unplug the goddamn machine. That's because there's no "Reset" button to it.

...otherwise show it to me, I looked for it and couldn't find.


Why going through such irrelevant (and obviously nonviolent) agencies? For the same reason the oil and food costs have been sky-rocketing over the past few years, and the US has fallen into a near-Martial Law. That's a new way of building up to a major war (world war, or all-out civil war, I'm not certain), by dodging congressional oversight and all the messy bureaucracy.

Hopefully Kevin Keatings bald ass will go out along with civilization. You hear me Keating??? Ya reflective headed bastard

why is Kevin Keating so important? Why does his name keep coming up on this website. Who is Kevin Keating?

I'm pretty sure he invented the hot pocket. cheesey explosion of goodness. tastes like anti-state communism mixed with egotistical assholery

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