We need a strong anarchist media alliance

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The recent erasure of anarchist spaces from corporate platforms shows we need a strong anarchist media alliance

We can't keep expecting platforms owned by far-right billionaires to stay honest. Anarchists are the biggest threat to any capitalist, so of course they're going to shut us down at every opportunity.

Crimethinc / It'sgoingdown / Anarchistnews / sub.media / Unicornriot / Anarchists Worldwide / 325 / A-Infos / AMW English / ROAR Magazine / mastodon.social / littleblackcart / AKPress / theanarchistlibrary and raddle.me are all incredibly important anarchist projects that each serve a different purpose, but they can't continue to exist in a vacuum while the social media behemoths are busy closing ranks to ensure all our efforts are stifled.

Every one of our projects is wholly dependent on corporate platforms for promotion and growth. The capitalists who own those corporate platforms are making it crystal clear to us that they're no longer going to tolerate us radicalizing their users against them. They'll continue to erase any anarchist, anti-capitalist or anti-fascist project that grows enough on their platforms to pose a threat to the established order.

Here on raddle, we try to promote and support other anarchist platforms as much as possible. Our sidebar here links to all the anarchist news outlets and we regularly discuss anarchist podcasts, book fairs and events. We've always encouraged anarchists to use our platform to grow their own platforms. But it's not a one-way street. There needs to be a concerted effort between all the aforementioned anarchist venues to amplify each other's voices. Cross promotion is the only thing that will keep us all alive and kicking. If we all work together it will benefit all of us. If raddle thrives, sub.media thrives and if sub.media thrives, theanarchistlibrary thrives.

We need to lean on each other now that we can no longer rely on individually promoting our platforms on corporate media. Every anarchist site should be prominently linking to and working with every other anarchist site to help the entire anarchist network thrive. We need each other now more than ever.

If you work with one of the other anarchist platforms, I'd love to hear your suggestions for achieving better integration of the anarchist web.

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anarchistnews itself is attempting to be non-sectarian, even if its efforts are hampered by so many people jockeying for popularity. where's the line between valuing non-sectarianist projects and what ziq is saying here?

Support totally-not-anarchist media like ROAR Mag and IGD because you have to, if you wanna be "anarchist", duh!

Wtf drug is Ziq on? Same Revolution Coke commies are snorting? I heard coke's been a huge market for intel agencies and their sub-contractors...

One can look with sympathy and pity at a small child who's crying when the waves wash away their sandcastle.
Soon they learn to build with detachment, keeping the playfulness.
Then they may even find it fun to kick the sandcastle, giggling while their friends or parents are still helping to build it.
After that they might learn that that's not a nice thing to do to friends. By then hopefully they also know better than to try to help them dam up the shore with a hand-built mound made of sand.
Children can also find it fun to talk to each other through two cups linked with a string.
After a while the game becomes boring to them and they to do something else.

ziq is taking a lot for granted if he thinks IGD will link to his website. /illegalism is the busiest forum on raddle. i can't see that going down well with the respectable ecelebs

Platforms facilitate connections between people who appear alike – at least in the eyes of machines – networked via keywords, tags, search terms and semiotic footprint, but what they produce is no more than a cloud of voices.

This culture was powered by machines that were hastily and inexpertly constructed. Today there is a stricter division between the clear and dark net. Platforms have improved their capacity to selectively hide one kind of belief from another and to some degree our hyperactive, depressive minds simply grew tired. Anarchism is just one LARP among an index of thousands – you can be an e-boy, trad wife, an unconditional accelerationist or left communist – but you should know these personalities will become thought experiments for people who would never consider them in earnest. As the 2010s drew to a close, the popularity of political compass cosplay and ideological scenario planning took a central role in the production of identities online. It may be anarchists today but it could be eco fascists, anarcho primitivists or neo-monarchists tomorrow. After a brief moment of revolutionary speculation induced by the pandemic, the reality that we are a captive audience for a new range of web platforms is now settling in. The longer you accept an uncanny mode of being in society as the ultimate truth the harder it becomes to undo it. After our own year in the basement will it be possible to return to the world from before?

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