West Coast Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist March: Call to Action for Oct 6 - SF

  • Posted on: 6 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Columbus Day 2012 marks the 520 year anniversary of the genocidal and ecocidal project of Empire building and colonial expansion that began with the conquistador invasion of this continent and continues to this day through the daily violence and exploitation of global capitalism.

It also marks the 20 year anniversary of the first American Black Bloc which disrupted the 1992 Columbus Day Parade in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood.</td><td><img title="it's not been a great 520 years, but the next 520 are sure to be better. right?" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/lionbutterfly.jpg"></td></t...
This year during Columbus Day weekend, a West Coast Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist convergence is being organized in San Francisco. As a contribution to this effort, we are calling for friends and comrades to gather at 2pm on Saturday, October 6 for a rowdy march through the heart of the city's financial district.

We will honor the memories of all those who fought back and resisted the onslaught of empire over the past five centuries by unleashing the power of our own resistance in the very heart of capitalism on the West Coast. We are proud to stand in solidarity with others whose fierce struggles continue to hold off the machinery of domination and exploitation.

We draw inspiration from the countless struggles of indigenous resistance to capitalist projects of development and expansion: from the mountains of Black Mesa, where elders fiercely protect their way of life in the shadow of a coal mine, to the rebel autonomous municipality of Chéran in Michoacán, México where both the repressive forces of the state and the drug cartels have been expelled while loggers infringing upon indigenous territory have been chased off communal lands, to the far north of Canada where indigenous peoples block roads and disrupt plans for expanding resource extraction while students and radicals in Montreal riot outside the gates of the Plan du Nord summit. These brave fighters motivate us to spread the fires of resistance in the ongoing struggles against colonialism and capitalism.

It is also fitting that October 7 marks the 11 year anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, another brutal example of colonial domination's recent manifestations. We invite all those who stand in opposition to Empire and in solidarity with the struggles of the Afghan people to join us on this march.

The Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist March will gather at Justin Herman Plaza for a rally at 2pm and the march will begin at 3pm sharp. Stay tuned for additional details and ways to get involved.

This action is part of the Decolonize the New World 2012: West Coast Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist Convergence in San Francisco during Columbus Day weekend. The convergence is being called for by Decolonize and Anti-Capitalist comrades in the Pacific Northwest and Bay Area.

For more information please visit www.decolonizethenewworld.noblogs.org

<a href="http://decolonizethenewworld.noblogs.org/files/2012/09/anticap5.gif"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-41" title="anticap5" src="http://decolonizethenewworld.noblogs.org/files/2012/09/anticap5.gif" alt="" width="327" height="330" /></a>


anti-colonialism, ey? fucking leftists!

meaningless comment, eh? fucking trolls!

I'll second that, only because this is stupid troll rather than smart troll.

actually i was serious, leftist. go snuggle up with chairman bob or shining path you fucking anti-imperialist/colonialist leftoid!

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it's true... 'coz anarchists are supposed to be supporting invasive empires and further colonization of the continent. And everyone who's got a problm with some corporation destroying a natural area or stealing land from natives is a dirty leftist!

...'coz I sais so!

What... The Queen an the Church are authoritarian institutions? Go away, libuhrull!!!

Silly troll your subjectivity is but a manifestation of yer petty bourgeois class outlook.

I did not know the first American Blac Bloc was in SF. Neat.

It wasn't.

Anybody got sources for this "first American black bloc" claim?

In the image it says one of the first. In the call-out it says the first. I think it was just an honest mistake. Im pretty sure the first black bloc, at least notable one, was the gulf war black bloc in washington dc. However the one in SF was incredibly militant, complete with barricades and cops fleeing molotov throwers.

thanks for clearly that up in a non-asshole fashion. cheers.

The actual first attempt at creating a black bloc explicitly modeled on the German example happened in SF in 1984. It had three participants, and all three were arrested for wearing masks and motorcycle helmets.


1 minute is all it takes to break the fuck out of spectacle.

yeah, so post this on facebook!

no thank you.

At fucking last.... someone finally understood, damnit. Takes just 1-2 bullets to get the effet of several riots.

You first.

Question: Is there a physical manifestation such as a parade or celebration to oppose that day in SF? Maybe other calls that mention the resistance to Columbus day in Denver during the anti-glob days from anarchos that went on for years? Is there any on the ground community organizing for this? Meetings?

- A very interested west coast anarchist

yes yes yes yes. stay tuned for details. this is just the beginning.
-interested that you are interested

the parade is actually the day after this march.

The ‘Declaration of Genocide’ was actually in 1455, which would make it the 557th anniversary.

“ROMANUS PONTIFEX, JANUARY 8, 1455 -- " ... [W]e bestow suitable favors and special graces on those Catholic kings and princes, ... athletes and intrepid champions of the Christian faith ... to invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed, and ... to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery, and to apply and appropriate ... possessions, and goods, and to convert them to ... their use and profit ... "

The following excerpt from Wikipedia describes how this Papal Bull became the current and still-standing legal [bullshit] basis for colonial government ‘ownership’ of the land;

“The Papal bull Romanus Pontifex of 1455 has served as the basis of legal arguments for taking Native American lands by "discovery", and continues to do so today. The logic of the rights of conquest and discovery were followed in all western nations including those that never recognised papal authority. This continued under the Americans after they established the United States. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the 1823 case Johnson v. M'Intosh that as a result of European discovery of lands not owned by Christians, the ownership and rights to the lands went from the original European conquerors to the Americans by treaties made with the European conquerors; the Native Americans had no say in these discoveries or treaties, nor any rights as non-Christians to the right of title to the land. They only had the right to occupancy in their native lands, as long as permitted by Europeans and their successors to remain there. Since "discovery gave an exclusive right to extinguish the Indian title of occupancy either by purchase or by conquest", they could and would be kicked off the land at any time the Americans felt the need to do so. This is and has served as the basis for federal Indian law since 1823

This decision was upheld in the 1831 case Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, giving Georgia authority to extend state laws over Cherokees within the state, and famously describing Native American tribes as "domestic dependent nations." This decision was modified in Worcester v. Georgia, which stated that the U.S. federal government, and not individual states, had authority in Indian affairs, but it maintained the loss of right to title upon discovery by Europeans.

In recent years, Native American groups including the Taíno and Onondaga have called on the Vatican to revoke the bulls of 1452, 1455, and 1493.

The Haudenosaunee countered the papal bulls with the Two Row Wampum conditionally accepting the bulls stating through the two row wampum "You say that you are our Father and I am your Son We will not be like Father and Son, but like Brothers. This wampum belt confirms our words. '. Neither of us will make compulsory laws or interfere in the internal affairs of the other. Neither of us will try to steer the other's vessel." This forming a perpetual reservation of sovereignty and interest on the Americas.”


the idea behind the above post is that more people may join in 'decolonization' if they can more clearly see the flawed [rotten] foundations of sovereigntism/capitalism aka 'colonialism' aka 'Western democracy'.

why would federal law base its original 'property ownership' on 'discovery' which makes no sense since people were already living on the land; i.e. it was only a 'discovery' to europeans, therefore the indigenous people were not eligible to obtain title to the lands they were living on. why would federal law bother to write up and put on the law books such contrived drivel? ... because the law does not want to disillusion the 'believers' in the goodness and rightness of the sovereigntist/capitalist state by overtly acknowledging that the law that is the 'primary operative' is 'might makes right'.

'might makes right' persists as the real basis of sovereigntist-capitalist 'democracy'. the law provides a cover of seeming respectability/fairness that serves to keep the little guys down while the big guys mop up. it will put jean valjean in prison for stealing a loaf of bread, but do nothing to the monopoly land owner whose fences and guards on the perimeter of his wheat fields hold back starving masses. as lao tzu observed;

"The more laws and restrictions there are,the poorer people become.The sharper men’s weapons,the more trouble in the land."

and as chuang tzu added;

"A poor man must swing for stealing a belt buckle, But if a rich man steals a whole state He is acclaimed as statesman of the year."

"Disorder..... Chaos.......Anarchyyy


emile, are you starting to infuse your theory with emotion?!

i don’t know why you think i am coming from ‘theory’. i am deconstructing theory as Mach was [he called scientific theories ‘economies of thought’], and trying to point out that all of these institutions that we ‘hate’ [this emotion of ‘hate’ comes from being the target of abusive behaviour by the institutions] are based on theory, ... theory that is couched in the ‘what things-in-themselves do’ world view.

lao tzu and chuang tzu were also pissed off with the ‘theory-fielding institutions’ of their day that sought to legislate human behaviour based on the Fiktional concept of ‘things-in-themselves’ and ‘what things do’.

it does get irritating and emotions do rise when people we may have proxied power to are continuously trying out their theory on us while we can't get out from underneath them.

Excellent comment. Ummm didn't Romanus Pontifex have a wife called Buttox Incontinentus?

you are confused. Buttox Incontinentus was the wife of Biggus Diccus...who was also known as Romanus Plentifux.

holy shit. E.M.I.L.E made a joke! we're reaching singu-hil-arity

"Stop moving here" - Mac Dre

500 years of unsuccessful resistance -- encore! Encore! And, goody goody, in this consistent spirit a commemoration of a demo in 1992 that only a few leftists paid any attention to.

You should efinately have more celebrations of demos that nobody paid attention to.

Next on the Station 40 -- "Uncompromisingly and righeously sticking it to The Man by avioding hot water, soap and the laundromat."

the support group for confused, witless, embittered ramblers whom no one pays any attention to is right down the hall, friend.

one of the cons of having no moderators is having to deal with witless comments all day on anarchistnews

"the support group for confused, witless, embittered ramblers whom no one pays any attention..."

The motto of the mighty subculture weenie vector anarchistnews.org!



This event is spreading on many websites on google. good or bad?

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