What is new with Little Black Cart – Early 2012

  • Posted on: 20 February 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://lbc.anarchyplanet.org/2012/02/19/what-is-new-with-little-black-ca... Blog</a>

These are active times at LBC Headquarters. We have transformed our project from a part-time, do-as-we-may, casual distribution project into a full time, agile distribution AND publishing project. We did this with the announcement of <a href="http://lbcbooks.com/">LBC Books</a> and our first three published titles.

These titles include the already released <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Occupy-Everything.html">Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement</a> (edited by Aragorn!), the brand new <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Queer-UltraViolence.html">Queer Ultraviolence: A Bash Back! Anthology</a> (edited by Fray Baroque and Tegan Eanelli), and the collected Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages (upcoming any day now).</td><td><img title="All snarky hate to books, and everything they stand for" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2010/lbclogo.jpg"></td></tr></ta...
<h2>Occupy Everything</h2>
Anarchists have been part of Occupy since before it was even clearly a movement. This is a book where anarchists, in their own words, express how and why they engaged in Occupy, what methods they used, and how to evaluate the success of Occupy on anarchist terms.

<img src="http://littleblackcart.com/images/P/occupy_everything.jpg" alt="" />

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Occupy-Everything.html">Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement</a> (edited by Aragorn!)
<h2>Queer Ultraviolence</h2>
This is a Bash Back! anthology. It takes a peek at the radical Queer tendency and/or (non)organization from 2007 to 2011.

<em>We view queer as the blurring of sexual and gender identities. Queer is the refusal of fixed identities. It is a war on all identity. In line with the Bash Back! tendency, for the uses of this anthology queer is trans because the gender binary is inherently oppressive. We acknowledge that society ensures Queer is an oppressed identity. Anti-Queer oppression is the systematic violence that people who fall outside of traditional sexual or gender categories encounter.</em>

<img src="http://littleblackcart.com/images/P/queer_ultraviolence.jpg" alt="" />

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Queer-UltraViolence.html">Queer Ultraviolence: A Bash Back! Anthology</a> (edited by Fray Baroque and Tegan Eanelli)
Learn More: <a href="http://ardentpress.org/bashback/">Ardent Press - queer ultraviolence</a>

<strong>Did we mention that we finally received the second edition of <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Til-the-Clock-Stops.html">Til the Clock Stops</a> by Ardent Press?</strong> We should have.

<em>The texts you are about to read have been collected here in order to tell a story for those of us living in this moment. It is not a story of a new politics nor of a single authorial group, but rather of a position, a position that has spread beyond its origins, and which is being elaborated here and there, there where we dream it most violently, here where we feel ourselves so deperately alone. It is our intention that, read together, they will coalesce for you with ease and clarity.</em>

<img src="http://littleblackcart.com/images/P/til_the_clock_stops_2011.jpg" alt="" />

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Til-the-Clock-Stops.html">Til the Clock Stops: crime opacity insurrection</a>

Today we announce our next title (March 2012) which is a reprint of a long out of print title from the <em>other</em> anarchist LBC, the Libertarian Book Club, New York City's oldest continuously active anarchist institution, founded by Jewish and Italian exiles from fascist Europe in 1946. The book is called Freedom - My Dream and is the autobiography of Enrico Arrigoni (aka Frank Brand) an Italian-born anarchist <strong>illegalist</strong> who lived during some of the most exciting times in Europe of the past century. He was active against communists and fascists before, during, and after wars, news correspondent in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, and was staunch in his beliefs from beginning to end. This autobiography, the story of a life of resistance to church and state, bullshit and fascism, is full of adventure and heart, stories well told from a life rich with adventure, near escapes, good friends, and better enemies.

Along with publishing new titles we are also happy to add to our roster a couple new anarchist publications including the newest issues of <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/product.php?productid=17851">the Sovereign Self</a>, Wolfi Landstreicher's <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/product.php?productid=17847">My Own</a>, the newest <a>Communicating Vessels</a>, and the newest in Communization theory <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Communization-and-its-Discontents.html">Commu... and its Discontents</a> (a collection of essays) and <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Sic-1.html">Sic</a> (the International Journal of Communization and the latest (very beautiful) <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/product.php?productid=17838">Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies</a>.

If you are into back issues of your favorite magazines...

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Fifth-Estate/">Fifth Estate</a>
<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Ker-Bloom/">Ker-bloom</a>
<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Anarchy-A-Journal-of-Desire-Armed/">Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed</a>
<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/325-9.html">325</a>
<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Green-Anarchy/">Green Anarchy</a>

We are also just about to release the new version of <a href="http://theanvilreview.org/">The Anvil Review</a> (March 2012). If you haven't checked out the Anvil it is a source of review essays on popular and anarchist culture. The new issue will include reflections on Black Flags &amp; Windmills, Firefly, Motorhead, Anathem, working class art, and the Cynics.

<a href="http://lbc.anarchyplanet.org/files/2012/02/anvil3.jpg"><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-101" title="anvil3" src="http://lbc.anarchyplanet.org/files/2012/02/anvil3-239x300.jpg" alt="" width="239" height="300" /></a>
<h2>Upcoming Events</h2>
You can learn about speakers published by LBC related projects (like Anvil, Ardent, or LBC Books) at <a href="http://lbc.anarchyplanet.org/events/">the LBC Events Page</a>.

February 20th - <a href="http://www.facebook.com/events/341277505902889/">Queer Ultraviolence</a> launch party @ Station 40 (SF, CA)

February 21th - <a href="http://www.facebook.com/events/151825334934761/">Queer resistance in the age of austerity </a>with editors of Queer Ultraviolence in Davis CA

February 25th -<a href="https://www.facebook.com/events/329068733810873/"> Occupy Everything release party</a> @ the Holdout (Oakland, CA)

February 26th - <a href="http://marxistlibr.org/">Occupy Everything</a> discussion @ Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library (Oakland, CA)

<h2>Become an accomplice</h2>

<li>If you are interested in what LBC Books is publishing or what Little Black Cart is distributing consider becoming an <a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Little-Black-Cart-Accomplice.html">LBC Accomplice</a>. </li>
<li>If you are interested in starting a distro with LBC material <a href="mailto:aragorn@lbcbooks.com">drop us a line</a>.</li>


no snarky alt-text THIS IS BULLSHIT

Dear lbc, please pay an accomplished designer to make your books not hideous. You can't keep getting away with this. For fucks sake people are buying these!

Yeah, then we can give you shit about paying a designer.

Queer ultraviolence has a good cover. The occupy cover is okayish (the original pamphlet it comes from was better).

Queer ultraviolence has an okay cover. Til the clock stops has a decent cover. None of them are good.

oh geez they all look fine..

No, they don't.

Ouchy dat huwts


Also, there's a qualitative difference in graphic files intended for web use (for example the 72 dpi res of the forementioned book cover) and graphic files intended for real time print.

On the otherhand, perhaps you ain't got any love for modernism. That's fair. But I think both till the clock stops & queer ulta violence are effective designs

effectively ugly as shit

Don't you dare give me that "modernist" BS. This design isn't modernist, or post-modernist. This is someone trying to break rules they don't understand in the first place.


Also, I'm talking about the INSIDE in addition to the outside.

what rules are those? can you explain your criticisms rather than just saying "those look bad!" i'll admit that the guts of the occupy book are pretty poorly designed. i haven't seen queer ultraviolence yet. but the covers look fine. indeed they're much more appealing than most book covers, including those by commercial presses.

stop having this conversation. its embarrassingz

No, they're not.

"indeed they're much more appealing than most book covers, including those by commercial presses."

ha ha are you kidding me?

these, like the ardent books, are so so ugly. but whatever, it doesn't really matter and lots of anarchists have been publishing ugly as shit material for years without seemingly care. look at the venomous butterfly catalog for instance. its not like non-anarchists or people who dont shop at anarchist bookfairs are going to read these anyway.

Fuck it. I'll get in it.
As the designer of Queer Ultraviolence, I'm curious what stands out to you as ugly? I'm really open to constructive criticism, because I'm a self-taught designer. A poster named Emergence or something has been really helpful in this way in past. I ask because I'm interested in contributing to making anarchist artifacts from this period beautiful, and I take this task seriously.

I'm not sure how you can even compare the Queen Ultraviolence book to the Venomous Butterfly Catalog. Care to elaborate?

I looked over the link from above, but I don't think it really made a point--for me at least. Yeah, there's some good book cover design there. That's inspiring. But there's also a lot of mediocre crap, and design that is genre specific and may not be as useful as a model for anarchist theory or whatever. I like that Alain De Boltain book cover, but a lot of the novels remind of me of David Carson, and grunge stuff that I don't have the palate for.

that one is actually the best. miami colors, and what is the thing there - like an escaped zipper tied to a exploding cotton ball, but whatever...the occupy one looks like a poster, and just maybe isn't my taste; i don't like the crumbly effect, the title in white AND black, and the subtitle and editor name are too big and there are too many words everywhere and too many widths of fonts and etc. it's "confusing"...til the clock stops is so terrible it's funny. looks like it was designed by a blind hipster living in a closet with only an apple computer in the year 2006. hope that helps...

Nah dude, CHARLOTTE colors! Teal and Purp, bruh! And it's a pepper spray canister doing a violence...

I can't believe you could be so cruel to the Till The Clock Stops design. I mean, i think it's charm is precisely that it looks that way! The captured hipster used the minimal tools necessary to achieve and effective beautiful communication-object. It's simple, Helvetica, Cyan, Magenta, and Black. And, they go the extra mile by putting an expo on the cover. Hella negative space, proper grid. The blind hipster triumphs!

But thanks for the help on the escaped zipper.

it looks like a ugly parody dude

“and what is the thing there - like an escaped zipper tied to a exploding cotton ball, but whatever...”

I'm sorry, but that is just fucken hilarious.

Hey I think it's cool that you're taking that seriously and being open to criticism, and it's too bad that this medium lends itself to so much lazy bitchiness. I'm a self-taught designer too, so I can't give informed criticism the way emergence can, but

I don't think any of those covers are bad. They all basically have Helvetica type in two or three different sizes. It's clear that the designer was paying attention to the grid, but I'm not sure it's always used effectively. The negative space in the Til the Clock Stops design feels arbitrary. The way this works in the queer ultraviolence cover is more successful because it sets up kind of an odd/interesting diagonal.

Actually, my main beef with these covers is that the colors are not very nice. I can't really justify my feeling this way, but it does sound like other people agree? The orange on Occupy Everything is okay, but boring, the purple and teal on queer ultraviolence are actively unpleasant to my eyes. I don't want to look at those colors next to each other. And to me the pink on tan of Til the Clock Stops is very nice but the blue fucks that up for some reason.

I can think of plenty of worse covers.

I'm not a designer so I can't explain to you why they're ugly in some objective designer's terms. Except that the colors are really terrible, and if you didn't notice that I would suggest you maybe just don't have an eye for design. I don't think I do either, but when I walk into a bookstore, books hardly ever catch my eye in a way where I think, wow, that's an ugly cover. But almost all ardent and lbc books do. (almost, because species being is actually an attractive book and nihilist communism looks okay. the rest are really bad, almost always especially the colors.)

It's cool that you are a self-taught designer, I guess, but if you don't see what's ugly about that cover maybe you should try teaching yourself something else.

they're probably great books, people sure like their design though. i'm a self taught designer too, it's not as easy as it seems. i'd help for free if you wanna hit me up, man. ***Marillionfan8-8

the covers for queer ultraviolence and occupy are alright, the til the clock stops one is pretty bad. They all look like they are supposed to be posters, not book covers.

Excited about the just announced title. I'd consider getting Occupy Everything and Queer Ultraviolence, but I will buy Enrico's book, no bones about it.

You should also give a free police officers tooth with every book purchase.

Vaguely retarded teenage girls on tumblr could design better covers

vaguely retarded teenage girls on tumblr could design better critique.

Vaguely retarded commenters on anews call snide remarks "critique"

retardedly vague posters online don't get jokes.

vague jokes online get retarded

You can't be vaguely retarded. I think you meant to say "slightly" or "barely," maybe?

its not poltically correct, but the hot girl comes off vaguely retarded somehow.
you know like how every highschool had that one chick who was hot,yet mentally ill also.
must be all that mindless walking around with that loopy look on her face




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