What is new with Little Black Cart - Spring 2012

  • Posted on: 9 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://lbc.anarchyplanet.org/2012/04/09/what-is-new-with-little-black-ca... blog</a>

One book a month. This was the quiet goal we set ourselves upon for 2012 and, so far, it has been working.

Now that the book is dead, anarchy is a relic of history, and the end of history is upon us it is the perfect time to make anarchist books about the end of this world and the start of ours. This is our task and so far at least the words are there. At least we have the words.

Little Black Cart Books & Distro 2012 (http://lbcbooks.com & http://littleblackcart.com)</td><td><img title="Pretty ironic for this to come right after the demand to commodity ourselves. LBC is dumb." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2010/lbclogo.jpg"></td></tr></ta...
<h2>Theory of Bloom</h2>

<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Hurley_(translator)">Robert Hurley</a> has made the formerly opaque theoretical text from the Tiqqun journal #1 available for a new audience. This book establishes a new theoretical trinity, along with the Spectacle and Biopower we now have the FINAL EMERGENCE OF THE ORIGINARY. We have Bloom.

<blockquote>Bloom is the man who has become so thoroughly conjoined with his alienation that it would be absurd to try and separate them.</blockquote>
-page 20

<img src="http://littleblackcart.com/images/P/theory_of_bloom.jpg" width="300">

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Theory-of-Bloom.html">Theory of Bloom</a> - by Tiqqun
<em>LBC Books</em>

<h2>Freedom - My Dream</h2>

This book is the adventure-story-of-a-life of Enrico Arrigoni (aka Frank Brand) an Italian anarchist whose character, humility, humor, and love of life jumps off every page. This book was originally published by the Libertarian Book Club (which Enrico co-founded) and has been updated to make it more legible to a modern reader.

<img src="http://littleblackcart.com/images/P/freedom%20my%20dream.jpg" width="300" />

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Freedom-My-Dream.html">Freedom: my dream</a> by Enrico Arrigoni
<em>Ardent Press</em>

<h2>Queer Ultraviolence - A Bash Back Anthology</h2>

<blockquote>Through collections of essays, communiqués, narratives, images, and interviews, this anthology hopes to account for what Bash Back! was and what happened to it. We have included a number of actions, theories, and other essays that were not explicitly or implicitly related to Bash Back! as a name. In this context, if we do not recognize the actions of related tendencies and publications, then we fail to tell the complete history of Bash Back! as a network and as a tendency.</blockquote>
<strong>-From the Introduction</strong>

<blockquote>A mob of gay terrorists</blockquote>
<strong>-Bill O’Reilly</strong>

<img src="http://littleblackcart.com/images/P/queer_ultraviolence.jpg" width="300" />

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Queer-UltraViolence.html">Queer Ultraviolence: A Bash Back! Anthology</a> (edited by Fray Baroque and Tegan Eanelli)
Learn More:<a href="http://ardentpress.org/bashback/">Ardent Press - queer ultraviolence</a>
<em>Ardent Press</em>

<h2>Occupy Everything</h2>

Before the Occupy Movement and the so-called "99%" there were anarchists occupying schools, homes, factories, and parks. We used to call it squatting, now we call it occupying. Same struggle--against property values, against the enclosure of the commons, against the idea that sharing is a crime--but now more people have joined us.

<img src="http://littleblackcart.com/images/P/occupy_everything.jpg" width="300" />

<a href="http://littleblackcart.com/Occupy-Everything.html">Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement</a> (edited by Aragorn!)
<em>LBC Books</em>

<h2>Coming later this year</h2>

<li><strong>Uncivilized: The best of Green Anarchy</strong> - The best material from the now defunct magazine from Eugene, OR</li>
<li><strong>Anarchy 101</strong> - An approachable, crowd-sourced introduction to anarchist ideas.</li>
<li><strong>Several Journals</strong> - Several new journals extending anarchist theory& practice into new arenas.</li>

<h2>New Material from our friends</h2>

<strong>Modern Slavery</strong> - Issue 1 of Modern Slavery: the libertarian critique of civilization.
http://littleblackcart.com/product.php?productid=17866 (CAL Press)
<strong>Lawless</strong> - Issue 1 of a manual for War (from the Bay).
<strong>Daggers, Rifles, and Dynamite</strong> - Anarchist Terrorism in 19th Century Europe.
http://littleblackcart.com/product.php?productid=17869 (Black Powder Press)
<strong>Origins of the 1%: the bronze age</strong> - A new Zerzan pamphlet on the origins of stratification.
http://littleblackcart.com/product.php?productid=17868 (Left Bank Publishing)
<strong>The Anvil Review #3</strong> - http://littleblackcart.com/product.php?productid=17856 (The Anvil Review)

<h2>We will be near you</h2>

<li>NYC @ Bookfair - April 14th & 15th</li>
<li>Midwest tour 2012 (email for details</li>
<li>Montreal Bookfair - May 19th & 20th</li>

<h2>We are...</h2>
<strong>Little Black Cart</strong>
PO Box 3920 Berkeley CA 94703

Our mission is the total transformation of society into one that is stateless and classless, a society of mutual aid, voluntary cooperation, and the liberation of desire. We call this mission anarchy, but also accept it being called anarchism, (anti-state) communism, anti-authoritarianism, or not naming it at all (the mission that must not be named). This goal is not immediately forthcoming, and many of our efforts haven't been particularly rewarding. Therefore we spend our time doing things that increase the quantity and quality of an understanding of our mission, of what we truly desire, even if we aren't entirely sure how to directly achieve it. We know what we want but not how to get there. In this spirit we offer a selection of things, meaningless on their own, but in a context (social, historical, genealogical) that have been meaningful for each of us. Even though we are fully aware of contradiction of our participation in commodity culture, the spectacle, and even plain old petit-bourgeoisie capitalism, we maintain a resolve that this is worth doing. Why? Because the context of interacting with other inquisitive people, with each other, and with others involved in the project of social transformation, is the closest we have come to such a society.


we will be near you

my body is ready

i am so near your body

feel me

keep up the good work, you are all doing awesome!!!!

yalls stuntin' so goddamn hard


"Bloom is the man who has become so thoroughly conjoined with his alienation that it would be absurd to try and separate them."

what a great quote.

plus, Uncivilized is gonna be sick.


If you knew the real story. . . you'd be even angrier.

Let's hear it.


Worker is totally right though, this just screams of irony. Plus, Aragorn! does all the things. All. The. Things. Fuck that guy, Worker for anarchy president.

Do you do any of the things?

Can't. A! does them all so there's none left. It's a very serious issue.

This is a very serious issue.

to worker: I'm pretty sure you mean 'the demand to commodify ourselves', because you can't commodity anything.

That shit is pixelated dawg.

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